Shall We?

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So there I was, sitting in the lobby of the hotel waiting for you. As the minutes passed by I could feel the anticipation growing within. I must have looked at the clock fifty times trying to make the hands move faster. I was getting so anxious for you to get there. I had called ahead and made the arrangements for our room. A really nice room with a King size bed and a little sitting area. I couldn’t wait to get up there and play with you.

I was wearing a short black skirt with a three-quarter sleeve pink top that laced up the front. Underneath I was wearing my white lace bra and a little white lace thong. Which by this point I could feel that my thong was getting a bit moist with my little day dreams.

I turned my head to the left and I noticed you were coming through the circular door. A smile instantly came to my face and my heart started beating a bit faster. I tried not to seem too anxious to see you. So, I slowly stood up and waited for you to come to me. You greeted me with a nice hug and you said to me with that look in your eye I like so much, “Shall we?”

I said to you, “I’m more that ready!”

We hopped on the elevator and arrived to our floor. With key in hand we entered our room. I was walking in front of you and I could feel you behind me. I slowed my pace up a bit and you pressed up against my back brushing by me and walking in front of me. Your body remained in contact with mine through the whole movement. To feel you up against me sends a rush of excitement coursing through my body.

You placed your left hand on my waist and reached your other up around my neck grabbing hold of the back of my hair. Then you pulled me even closer, if that is even possible. Looking up at your face you leaned in close to me and your lips grazed mine. My mouth opened and our tongues touched, lightly at first and then things started to heat up. Your tongue probing my mouth made HER tingle. The kissing grew more intense as the minutes passed.

Our hands roamed as we explored each other’s bodies. Your hands ran down my back to cup my ass cheeks. My right leg rose up your thigh and around your leg as you pulled my hips in tighter against you. Büyükesat Escort I could feel how hard you were getting. I brought my leg down and ran my hands up under your shirt. I started to take off your shirt and you helped me. And then your hands went to my shirt and undid where it was laced up.

All I could hear was our breathing. It had become heavier and faster. Knowing that we were getting closer to what we wanted. You took off my top and then undid my bra. We stopped kissing and I was just looking up at you wondering what dirty thoughts were swirling through your mind. Your hands slid up the sides of my waist and came up around my breasts. Cupping them in your hands you started to massage them. You leaned down and started to suck on my nipples, taking them one at a time in your warm mouth as my fingers ran through your hair and around your neck. I leaned my head back and was enjoying how it felt to have you touching me in such a way that I had only dreamed about.

You stood back up slowly and our lips met again. As we were kissing your hand was on my waist and you were walking me backwards towards the sitting area. Holding me still, you lowered me to the couch that was there. As I sat down on the edge of the couch my hands ran down your sides to the top of your pants. I looked up at you and could see by the look on your face you were anticipating my next move. I reached around to undo your pants. Pulling them down your legs and then you stepped out of them. I brought my hands back up along your thighs and ran my hand across your briefs. Taking my hands I pulled them down and you stepped out of them too. I had one hand on your upper right thigh and my right hand came up your other thigh and around your cock. I sat there on the edge of the couch and started sliding my hand up and down your shaft.

I leaned forward and with my tongue just lightly licked the head of your cock. Just as I did this I heard a small quiet gasp escape from your mouth. Mmmmmm I could taste you already because you were getting wet from what my hand was doing. I slowly slid my mouth over him and was moving in unison Beşevler Escort with my hand. With my other hand I reached up and while I was sucking you I started to fondle your balls. You slid your hand around to the back of my head and were guiding me. I want you to show me how you like it. Your legs were starting to get a little shaky and I stopped and looked up at you once again.

You leaned me back and slid my skirt off of me. Then you kneeled down and slid two of your fingers just along the edge of my panties underneath. You got hold of my panties and gave them a little tug. Ohhhhh yes, there is that sensation again. Reaching your hands up to the sides of my panties you wrapped your fingers around the edge and pulled them down. As you tossed them to the side you noticed how wet they were. Looking back at me you had a sly little smile on your face and without breaking eye contact you slid your finger inside of me. I let out a little moan. To feel you touch her after wanting this for so long made me even more wet.

You continued to slide your finger in and out of me slowly and then slid it back in and started rubbing your finger against that spot deep inside me that drives me wild. I wanted to feel your tongue on her, just like I had imagined while we were kissing. You leaned forward and while your finger was still inside of me massaging that spot you took your other hand and spread her lips apart enough to expose my clit. Leaning down you licked her. Another moan came forth from my mouth. I have longed for you to lick her. Faster and faster you moved your finger and sucked at her and licked her. I could feel myself on that brink. My legs came up and I placed my feet on your shoulders. Feeling your movements down there was bringing me closer and closer. Please don’t stop now. I am right there. Oh, God, you feel so good. Suddenly, I felt a wave of sensations run through my body as you worked to catch every drop.

But, you aren’t finished with me yet. And I was hoping, because I have thought for so long about all the naughty things you might do to me. She is still so wet and you waste no time Cebeci Escort in sliding your stiff cock inside of me. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like I have fantasized about. So, as I am still laying on the edge of the couch you are thrusting in and out of me. I could feel her juices dripping down my ass. I am thinking to myself how I want to be in control for a while. So, I stop you, but only for a moment.

You looked at me a little funny wondering what I was thinking of. I stood up and we moved over to the chair. We sat down and I climbed on top of you. Starting to kiss you again, I have her right on top of you. I start to move, rubbing her up and down the side of your shaft. She is so wet and I can feel you get even harder as she moves over you. I move up just a bit and take my hand and guide you inside of my pussy. Slowly now, we start to grind together. I can feel you hitting that spot inside of me that you were rubbing earlier with your finger. We were only in this chair for only a couple of minutes when you decide you have something else in mind for me.

So you pick me up and walk me over to the bed where I slide off of you. I was feeling a little playful and crawled away from you on the bed. Looking back at you, I noticed you were smiling at my playfulness. So you climbed on the bed too. I turned around on all fours and leaned my shoulders down on the bed with my ass in the air. So, with that invitation you slid your cock inside of her. With your hands on my hips you thrust inside of me. You hear my moans and thrust harder. I reached down between my legs and start to play with my clit. You feel my body start to move back against you. I want you to fuck me harder. It is like I can’t get you deep enough inside of me.

Your finger moves and finds the little pucker of my ass and you run your finger around the outside edge. As soon as you do this I feel myself about to cum. As soon as you slide your finger inside of me you can feel my pussy tighten around your cock and she is dripping down your shaft to your balls. You continue fucking me and just as you were about to cum you asked me if you could cum on my back. I say in a low voice, “yes.” Pulling out I can feel the hot juice of your cock hit the small of my back.

This was everything I had fantasized about. I waited so long for you to fuck me and act out some of the naughty thoughts I had about you. I hope we can play again. Because there are so many other things I would like to do with you. So what do you say?? Shall we…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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