Shannon’s House Ch. 01

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Shannon sighed. It had been a long day and she was exhausted. She just spent all day with Katie and Jason at the beach. She was so glad her sister decided to send them down to visit for a week. She rarely had company and it was nice to have someone to do things with. She was afraid they wouldn’t be happy to do anything with their aunt since they were both eighteen, and she knew how teenagers could be.

Katie and Jason were welcome guests in her home. At first she was worried because she only had one bedroom to put them in, but they didn’t mind sharing. They were brother and sister. She should have known it wouldn’t be a problem for them to sleep in the same bed.

She heard a noise and sat still to listen. It must be them, talking about what they did that day. They were still young and full of energy. They were also probably still excited. She was almost thirty and didn’t have the energy to keep up with them. She didn’t know how here sister did it. It must take everything she had to raise a pair of kids who were becoming adults.

They were such good looking kids, too. They both had their mother’s looks. Jason was so handsome. If she were fifteen years younger, she would go after him and never let him get away. And Katie was so beautiful. It was not hard to see how she could attract a man.

She heard another noise. They seemed to be moving around their room. It was pretty late and she had to get up in the morning. Shannon decided she should go and check on them, maybe ask them to be quiet. She slipped out of her bed, put on her robe, and opened her door.

Their room was just across the hall. The door was open a crack. She could only see the corner of the bed, but she could hear them talking, although she couldn’t exactly make out the words. The only light in the room was from the small night light by the bed. From inside came a familiar smell that for some reason turned her on like a switch. She pushed the door open another couple of inches and was shocked.

Katie and Jason were naked, and the dim light made their tanned skin glow. Katie, her beautiful, innocent, blonde haired niece, was on her hands and knees, her golden hair falling around her shoulders. Her brother was behind her, pushing two of his fingers into her back hole. Shannon noticed a blue tube in his other hand, and was shocked again to realize it was a lubricant. Jason was going to fuck his sister in the tail. That smell was the scent of raw sex. No wonder her body had been turned on so quickly. She grinned, despite her shock.

“Ooooh, Jason,” Katie cooed softly. “That tickles.”

“Does it tickle like this?” he said.

“Yes,” Katie giggled.

Jason was breathing hard. Katie was rubbing her nipples and pushing her butt back on her brother’s fingers. Shannon had no doubt they’d done this before. It was a mistake, she now knew, to let them share a bed together. But how could she have known they were incestuous? Dear God, she thought. Anne must not know about this.

Shannon was about to push the door open to stop them before they went too far, when she saw something that froze her in her tracks. Her nephew stood up beside the bed. He was completely naked. Shannon’s mouth fell open. His cock was enormous. It hung more than halfway to his knee and looked as thick around as her wrist.

She looked at her niece again. Katie had a hand over her pussy, rubbing with her fingers and moaning into the mattress. She was already coming. Jason was going to put that thick thing up his poor sister’s ass. How could she stand to accept something so big in such a small opening?

Shannon was frozen to her spot. Even though she knew it was wrong, she had to see them do it; she had to know. It couldn’t be possible for a petite girl like Katie to handle a cock as big as Jason’s. She wished it was her in there on that bed with her ass in the air. She would like to find out if she could handle it herself. Her hand went down to her crotch. She was wet. How long had it been since she was fucked in the tail? Not since college, she was sure.

Jason squeezed a glob from the tube of grease and smeared it all over his cock. In the light, it looked like it was carved from polished marble. Shannon’s mouth watered as she stared at it. She longed to feel it in her hands and moving between her legs. Jason put some more grease on his fingers and rubbed it into Katie’s hole.

“You ready?” he said.

“I’m ready,” Katie sighed. gaziantep kızıl escort bayan Her ass moved back and forth in a slow gyration like she was already getting fucked.

Jason got on the bed on his knees and moved behind her. Shannon had a perfect view. Katie reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart. Her shiny hole looked anxious to receive him. Jason raised his cock and touched the head to it. Katie gasped.

Shannon gasped and squeezed her hand over her mouth, hoping they hadn’t heard. They didn’t stop. Apparently they didn’t.

“Ooooh, Jason … Easy … Easy,” Katie moaned.

Jason pressed the head of his cock against her opening. It disappeared inside her and Katie groaned. Her voice was muffled by the pillow. Shannon winced in sympathy. She could imagine how much it must hurt to have that thing stretch her open, but she couldn’t imagine how good it felt once it was inside. As Katie pushed herself back to meet him and the length of his cock plunged into her body, Shannon wished it was her on that bed on her hands and knees. She wanted Jason’s cock pushing deep into her tail, too.

“Jesus, Katie,” Jason moaned. He put his hands on her hips and started to move back and forth. “You’re so tight. You were never this tight before.”

Shannon’s head spun. How long have they been doing this? she wondered. Such possibilities were difficult for her to conceive.

Katie was rubbing her pussy and moaning into the pillows. Shannon knew her ass was squeezing around Jason’s cock. She knew how it felt. She remembered the last time she got fucked in the tail and how tight her asshole got when she was cumming. It was an incredible sensation. Her niece was feeling it at that moment.

Eventually, she gave up on rubbing her pussy and clutched the sheets by her head. Jason was pounding his cock into her ass. Katie was having a beautiful orgasm, and Jason pumped her right through it. Then his body became rigid and the muscles of his body tensed. Shannon knew he was shooting his cum into her, filling Katie’s small body with it.

Shannon felt waves of pleasure pour through her own body. She had to hold the edge of the door to keep from falling over. Katie lay flat on the bed and Jason lay on top of her with his cock still wedged into her ass. They were kissing and fondling each other. Shannon didn’t stay to watch. Quietly, she stepped back across the hall, closed her door, and jumped back into bed with her fingers jammed in her pussy. She buried her face in her own pillow and moaned through her own orgasm.

Katie and Jason had glowing faces in the morning. They gave each other quick glances and smiles. Shannon pretended not to notice, although the secret was killing her. She was dying to ask Katie how it felt, to ask Jason to show her his penis. To look at them, she thought, it was difficult to believe she actually saw them having sex. If the image of them naked on the bed wasn’t so clear in her mind, she might have believed she imagined the whole thing.

Katie changed into her swimsuit, a skimpy bikini, and grabbed a towel. She wanted to go down to the beach to work on her tan before the sun got too hot. Shannon wanted to object to the bikini she wore; it was a thong back and barely contained her swollen breasts, but she bit her tongue. After what she saw them doing last night, she hardly felt it was appropriate for her to tell them anything.

Jason volunteered to wash her car, a 1966 Mustang convertible, and went out to the front yard with the hose and a bucket. Shannon stood at the window and watched him, unable to wipe the smirk from her face.

Jason removed his shirt and shoes to wash the car, her own baby. He looked like a young god. He had a surprisingly well developed, muscular body for a man who just turned eighteen, but it was the muscle in his shorts that interested her. She imagined laying back on her bed with her legs spread, watching him come toward her with that thing hanging between his legs. The thought of him pushing it into her and wrapping her legs around that chiseled body made her dizzy. She decided to be bold and do something about it.

In her bedroom, she changed into her own bikini and stood looking at herself in the mirror. She still looked good, she decided. Maybe a little more plump than when she was Katie’s age, and maybe her breasts weren’t as big as Katie’s, but she gaziantep köle escort bayan still looked good. Hopefully, she looked good enough to arouse Jason.

As she went to the kitchen and made a pitcher of lemonade, she thought she was crazy for what she was about to do. Anne would kill her if she found out she was going to seduce her son. But she had to know; she had to feel it for herself.

Shannon took the pitcher and a couple of glasses to the front porch. The wrought iron lawn chairs were close to each other; close enough, she hoped. She sat down to watch Jason. He was only wearing a pair of grey shorts. She wondered how he could keep his long penis inside it without it flopping out all the time.

He finished washing the car and walked up to the porch. His tanned skin glistened with sweat.

“Thanks for the lemonade,” Jason said as he poured a glass for himself.

“You’re welcome,” Shannon said. Jason sat in the chair beside her. He tilted his head back and drank the entire glass, then poured another.

“I love that car,” he said.

“Thank you. Do you want to drive it?”

“Sure,” Jason said.

Shannon couldn’t stand it any longer. He kept glancing at her body and she could see a bulge growing in the front of his shorts. The next question was out before she could stop it.

“Jason, do you like to fuck your sister in the tail?” Jason’s mouth dropped open and he spilled his lemonade on his shorts. Shannon laughed. Jason’s face blushed deep red and she felt sorry for embarrassing him. “You both looked like you were having a good time last night.”

“You saw us?” he asked. Shannon nodded, trying to fight back a grin. “Are you going to tell my Mom?”

Finally she laughed out loud. It was just like him to be so worried about upsetting his mother. Jason blushed again.

“No,” Shannon said, touching his knee. “I’m not going to tell your mother. Your secret is safe.” She glanced down at his leg. The end of his penis stuck out of his shorts and laid stiff across his thigh. She looked up to his face. He saw her looking down at it. She felt an awkward moment of silence between them, but did not take her hand from his thigh. Her breathing grew heavier. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She knew they were very close now. If she did this right, there would be no turning back.

“I must say, though, I was pretty shocked,” Shannon said. She could hear the waver in her voice. Her hand was trembling.

Jason looked sad. “I’m sorry we took advantage. I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

Shannon smiled. “I’m not angry at all. On the contrary …” she started, then cut herself off. She didn’t know how to tell her nephew that watching him and his sister have sex had turned her on. She glanced down at his leg. His penis was even more erect and stuck out the leg of his shorts, pushing up the front like a tent. She felt a spasm inside her. It was gorgeous.

“On the contrary, what?” Jason said.

He was gazing deep into her eyes. Shannon’s heart fluttered. He knew exactly what she was thinking and he was very cool about it. He amazed her. He seemed so timid and bashful, yet he was so sophisticated with women. Just who was seducing who?

Shannon smiled. “How many times did you two do it last night?”

Jason thought for a moment. “Three or four times.”

“I could tell how much Katie thinks of you just by how strong your room smells.”

Jason frowned. “Was it that obvious?”

“Yeah, it was that obvious,” Shannon said. They both laughed. She looked down at his leg. “That’s a nice tool you have,” she said, sipping her lemonade. She lifted her hand from his knee and closed it around the end of his penis. It was like touching one for the first time. He was burning up in her fingers. It was as hard as a rock and so thick she could barely close her hand around it. “I never had a bar of iron like this. How long is it?”

“About twelve inches.”

Shannon nearly dropped her glass of lemonade. Twelve inches, good God, she thought. She stirred in her seat. The area between her legs was warm and moist. She imagined the crotch of her bikini was probably damp. What was she getting herself into? If he tried to use a twelve inch cock on her it would probably kill her.

“I can’t imagine my little niece being able to handle anything that size.”

Jason shrugged. “Some girls have trouble gaziantep kumral escort bayan with it at first. Some get used to it, though. Katie did right away.”

Shannon put her glass down and cleared her throat. She slipped her right hand up the leg of his shorts, squeezing the shaft, and leaned close to him, lowering her voice.

“Want to fuck me in the tail, Jason? I like it that way, too.” She couldn’t believe she actually said it. Katie might have been used to taking it up her ass, but it was going to cause her a whole hell of a lot of pain, if it didn’t just kill her.

She also couldn’t believe she was coming on to her own nephew like this. Anne could never learn about this. It would kill her.

Jason licked his lips. Shannon could see the burning desire in his eyes.

“I’d like to give this tool a try,” she sighed. She didn’t wait for his reply. She looked around the neighborhood to see if anyone was watching, then leaned forward. Her hands pushed up the leg of his shorts and went around the base of his shaft. The swollen, purplish head touched her lower lip. She licked up the side of the shaft. Her lips closed around the head.

Jason groaned. His hands gripped the arms of the chair. Shannon moved her head over the end of his cock. Her jaw was stretched as wide as it would open. She moaned when she felt Jason’s cock swelling in her mouth. Her lips smacked and she slurped obscenely. She could barely fit the head in her mouth. It was like a horse’s dick. What was she getting herself into? She tilted her head up and looked into his eyes while she slid his shaft in and out between her red lips.

“I’ll do anything you want,” Jason said. His voice sounded choked.

Shannon lifted her head from his lap and licked her lips. “Let’s go to your room,” she said.

She dragged him inside to their room. The sheets on the bed were tossed aside and rumpled, a sign of what Jason and Katie had done on top of them and beneath them the night before. Shannon paused inside the door and inhaled deeply. The smell of fresh pussy juice and male cum drove her crazy with lust.

She tore off her bikini top and jumped on the rumpled, unmade bed. The sheets were still damp. She crawled on her hands and knees over the same spot her niece had been lying only hours before. Shannon tried to imagine Katie with her legs spread and her stud brother lying between them, sliding that huge cock in and out of her body. The image in her mind only made her hotter.

She rolled over and looked up at Jason. He stood at the foot of the bed, gazing down at her. She cold see the intense lust and desire in his eyes. His long, thick cock stuck out the leg of his shorts. She couldn’t believe she wanted him to put it inside her. She must be crazy, she thought as she stuck her hand down into her bikini bottom, rubbing her pussy.

Jason pushed down his shorts. His enormous penis stood straight out in front of him.

“Oh, yes,” Shannon moaned, and rubbed her pussy faster.

Jason reached up and pulled down her bikini bottoms. Her chest was heaving. She couldn’t remember feeling so anxious for a man fuck her. He moved her hand away and stuck his fingers in her pussy. Shannon moaned again.

Her eyes were transfixed by his cock. It swung between his legs like a pole as he leaned over her and she could not take her eyes off it. She wanted to feel it in her mouth, in her ass, in her pussy. She wanted to see his cum spurting from the end and she wanted to feel it gushing inside her. She wanted to know how much of it came out. He had a pair of fat, swollen balls to go with his oversized cock. She could only imagine how much semen they produced.

Jason moved on top of her and pushed her legs apart. “I never knew you were so horny, Aunt Shannon,” Jason said.

“Yeah, well, neither did I.” She was panting. She put his hands on her shoulders. Her hands and her whole body was shaking with nervous excitement. She wanted to tell him to wait, because she wasn’t sure about actually doing this. It was going to hurt way too much. He rubbed the head of his cock across her warm pussy lips and she flinched. He wasn’t going to stop, not now, and it was going to hurt like hell.

Despite her fear of the pain, Shannon was surprised by the next words that came from her mouth. “Put it in me now,” she said, her voice barely more than a breathy whisper.

“If you say so, Aunt Shannon,” Jason said. He put the head between her pussy lips and pressed forward.

“Oh, God, Jason,” she moaned as it split her open and sunk into the slippery warmth of her cunt. The pain was more intense than she anticipated. She lay under him with her mouth wide open, the pain shooting outward from the center of her body. She felt like a virgin; that was the last time she felt pain like this when she was getting fucked.

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