Sharing Cindy Chapter 34 “Cindy’s New Job and the Men She Meets There”

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Sharing Cindy

Chapter 34

“Cindy’s New Job and the Men She Meets”

Thank to the many of you who have been in contact with me through these stories. Looking back on all the fun times my wife Cindy and I have had over the years, and writing them down for others to experience, has been a very enjoyable experience for me. I can only hope that some of you have enjoyed reading these as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you all. This gives me one more way to share my wife and it’s almost as much fun as the real thing.


After working at the Harley Store for several years, Cindy was getting a little bored and decided she needed a change. I teased her that she only wanted to leave as she had worked her way through most of the guys there and was looking for fresh meat. In fact, as many of you know, when you ride with a group of bikers for a while, many times they give you a nickname. Since Cindy always seemed to be on the prowl for new cocks, they came up with the name “Hunter” for her. Yes, short for Cock-Hunter. It was always a little strange to be around everyone who knew her as Hunter, yet also a little thrilling, knowing that everyone who called her by that name, knew how much she enjoyed finding a new cock to play with.

It didn’t take long for her to find another job. She seems to be one of those women who can walk into a place and be hired on the spot. Of course, it has nothing to do that she is knockout gorgeous and has a nice set of “D’s” filling out her tops, right?

She had been hired at a company that provided mobile worksite trailers for different reasons. Some of these were for field offices at construction sites, but also temporary classrooms to schools and many other uses. The company was part of a national chain, but the local office consisted of four people in the office; the boss, two sales reps and Cindy herself to do all the administrative duties. There were also several work crews in charge of transporting the trailers and setting them up at the different job sites around town and in neighboring states.

In a future story I will tell you all about her boss Gerrard and what they did together, but for now, I believe I want to share with you Cindy’s fun she that had with one of the crew chiefs, Ron. To add to this, I will also tell you about my fun that I had with Ron’s wife, Stephanie, when she found out about her husband’s affair.

Cindy spent several months getting familiar with her job and on many occasions would tell me about all the people there. She would tell me that many of the set-up crew guys would stop in to chat with her and try to flirt with her whenever the boss was not around. She said she loved teasing these guys and would always cross her legs in her short skirts when they were around, or bend over a low filing cabinet to give them a look at her cute butt.

One guy in particular seemed to really catch her eye, and I suppose, she caught his. He would always spend a long time in the office, talking and flirting with her. She of course would tell me all about it each night and we began to use Ron as a little inspiration during sex. She said that Ron was a big guy, well over six foot tall and, from working outdoors and with all the manual labor, he apparently was very well built. She used to tell me he would come inside to get a drink, and she would stare at his sweat covered muscles and get horny. I would constantly tease her about him and she would get very wet when I mentioned how Ron probably wanted to bend her over her desk some day.

She was in charge of scheduling the crews and she knew what days Ron would be around. She always made it a point to be dressed just a little sexier on those days and each night when she would come home, she would tell me how she and he flirted and how badly she wanted to be with him. I of course was reaping the benefits and would have a wildcat on my hands on these nights.

One night she came home and as we were having dinner she looked over to me. “Do we have any plans for Friday night?” she asked. I could tell something was up.

“No,” I told her. “David asked if we wanted to go see a band or something, but nothing definite. Why?”

“Because Ron asked me what I was doing. He said that he usually goes fishing all night on Fridays during the summer and that it would be fun to have someone else go with him.” She started to get that puppydog look on her face she gets when asking to do something.

“Isn’t he married?” I asked.

“Yes, but his wife hates fishing and never goes with him.”

“Sounds like you just want to go check out his worm,” I teased.

“It better not be the size of a worm!” she laughed.

I told her it was fine with me and that I would head out partying with David while she had her fun “fishing.” Friday rolled around and I left while she was still in the shower. Of course my mind was on what sort of fun she was getting into and I guess I wasn’t into partying too much. I headed home early and waited until she got there. I fell asleep about 1:30. About 6:00 am she rolled in and had a smile on her face.

“Did you have fun?” I asked. She nodded. “Catch any fish?” She shook her head no.

She crawled into bed with me and proceeded to tell me about her night. They actually did in fact drive to the river Kağıthane Escort and Ron got out all of his fishing gear and proceeded to set up for a night of fishing. He had actually brought along some firewood and proceeded to build a nice little campfire and then opened up a cooler full of beer. He had backed his Bronco up so that they could sit on the tailgate by the fire.

They had several beers and talked for a little while, but before he could even get a line in the water, Cindy reached over and kissed him. She said that once she did, he began to grab her tight and really started to make out with her. They kissed for a long time until she hopped down off the tailgate and stood between his parted legs.

“I was kissing him and rubbing my hands all over his body. He has some great pecs and his arms are so solid. I brushed my hand across his crotch and felt that he was hard. I then rubbed my palm across it a few times and he started to moan. I looked up at him and asked him if I could see it. He told me to help myself…… I did”

She said that she undid his belt and then popped the button on his jeans. Then she slid his zipper down over the hard lump in his pants. She reached out and grabbed his jeans by the waist and started to pull them down. He rose up to allow her to pull them down over his butt and down to his knees. She then reached up and did the same to his underwear. Then she undid his boots and pulled everything completely off so that she could step back between his legs.

“You should have seen his dick spring up when I pulled his underwear down. It shot straight up in the air and swayed back and forth. It looked like it was alive!” she laughed.

“That didn’t scare you off did it? “ I joked with her.

“What do you think?” she said with a smirk on her face. “It looked so good in the firelight. His head was so full of blood it was shiny. Just like yours gets when I bring Sandy home for some fun.”

I knew just what she was saying. While I have no problem getting hard for sex, sometimes when something is extra exciting, like having Cindy and her friend Sandy together for the night, I can feel my cock get extra stiff, almost to the point of being painfully hard. And the head looks like it could explode from being so swollen.

“I decided I was going to give him the best blowjob he has ever gotten. I know he’s married and I’ll bet she doesn’t suck it anymore.”

“You’re married and you still like to suck cock” I pointed out.

“SHHHHH” she said, and placed her finger over my mouth.

“I started out just wrapping my hand around it and getting a feel of it. It was nice and thick and each time I stroked it upwards, a tiny drop of pre-cum would appear at the tip. Each time it did I leaned over and just used the tip of my tongue to lick it off. He was going crazy and I felt him start to try to pump his hips up whenever I got close to it.”

“I told him to be good and just relax, and I would make him feel real good. I then bent down and started to lick around the head for a few minutes, all the while pumping him up and down. Then I started to lick up and down the shaft of it. I could feel little hairs along the underside of it as I ran my tongue up and down. I spent several minutes licking around his balls and he really seemed to get off on that. Then, just about the time I knew he was going crazy, I took about half of it deep into my mouth and applied a little suction. He leaned back and let out a big groan.”

“That first time when I feel your mouth wrapped around me, all warm and wet is unreal, “ I told her. “There is almost nothing better than that.”

She smiled at me and continued, “I love the feeling I get when I am sucking on a guy’s dick. It makes me feel so……so in control. I feel like I have absolute power over him at that moment. “

“Knowing you could bite it off at any second, tends put us in a vulnerable spot, babe.” I said.

“I suppose. But whatever the reason, I love it. I began to give him the blowjob he could only dream about. Sloppy, but not too wet. I licked and sucked him for probably twenty minutes, stopping each time I felt him begin to pump his hips. Eventually I knew I wanted to taste his cum, so I took him in deep and really began to concentrate on getting him off. I began to pump the base of it with one hand and I reached down and tickled his balls like you taught me. I could feel him start to pump his hips again and I looked up and told him to give it to me. I then took him in deep and really sped up my fist. In a few minutes I felt his balls contract and I knew it was coming. I began to suck hard and soon he flooded my mouth with cum. I barely had a chance to swallow the first load before he shot even more. I swear he must not have cum for a month, there was so much. I kept swallowing until I felt his dick stop pulsing against my tongue. Then I pulled him out of my mouth and looked up at him with his dick against my cheek.”

“That’s just not playing fair,” I told her. “You know how sexy that is.”

“All I know is he pulled me up and kissed me hard, stuffing his tongue into my mouth. I love when a man is not afraid to kiss me after their dick was in my mouth.”

I know that is true. One guy that she had blown had refused to kiss her, saying he wasn’t going to kiss her until she brushed her teeth. Escort Bayan Needless to say, he was shown the door and lucky he didn’t get kicked in the balls on the way out.

“I know that is not all, is it? “ I asked.

“Oh no,” she smiled, “There is a lot more.”

She told me how he had returned the favor and licked her to a very nice orgasm, they then climbed up into the bed of his truck and proceeded to fuck each other’s brains out a couple of times in the night. She said she was worried that the springs on his old Bronco wouldn’t hold up. As she told me all about it, she leisurely was pumping my cock. After she told me how she had her feet braced up on the roof of the truck as he was pounding her, I could take no more and scooted up behind her and entered her from behind. After we both came, she drifted off to sleep while I got up and went about my day.

Cindy actually enjoyed being with Ron and they had several more encounters. One time she even accompanied him to Pittsburgh for two days where they had an installation of several trailers. They spent the nights in his hotel room and she told me that on the first night, he called home to talk to his wife, while Cindy was riding his cock the whole time. She loves to do naughty things like this and I am sure she tried everything in her power to mess with him and make him squirm while on the phone with his wife. Well, it must have worked…………….

I say that, because a few weeks later I received a curious phone call. She introduced herself as Stephanie and said she was the wife of a man who worked with my wife. She said she wanted to meet with me to discuss something very important.

“Uh Oh” I thought. “This is not good.”

I agreed to meet up with her at a small bar in about an hour. Cindy of course was not home so I came up with a plan. I would bring my small recorder with me and keep it in my pocket during our conversation. This way Cindy and Ron could hear exactly what his wife had to say and what she knew.

I walked into the dark little bar and noticed a cute little blonde woman, with red eyes from crying, sitting at a table. It had to be her as the only other people in the bar were three older men sitting at the bar itself. I walked over and introduced myself and sat down.

“I am sorry to have to tell you this,” she began. “But I think your wife is having an affair with my husband.”

I had to pretend to be shocked. “What? No way.” I said. “How? When?”

She went on to tell me how she had suspected him for a while. She said that he even let it slip and called her Cindy during sex one time. Ouch. Not the best way to hide an affair. She confronted him and I guess basically he spilled the beans to her. He told her everything. She went on to ask me if Cindy had ever mentioned anything about fishing or spending time in Pittsburgh. Of course I played dumb and acted like I knew nothing, the whole time replaying everything Cindy had told me in my head.

After she finished I had to play the part of the wronged husband. I went from shocked, to denial, to acceptance, to anger and then to sad. She even tried to comfort me, telling me that her bastard of a husband was going to pay, but please don’t beat him up. I thanked her for the news and told her if she needed to talk more, to let me know.

I really wasn’t expecting to hear from her again, but that Friday night I did and she asked me to meet her again at another, more lively bar. I thought that was odd, but I agreed to go. I found a table off to the side and waited for her to arrive.

When she walked in to the bar my jaw almost hit the floor. The last time we met, while she looked cute, she had that “been crying my eyes out” look and seemed kind of mousy. Tonite was a completely different story.

She was dressed in skin tight leather pants and a very low cut leopard print top. Her hair was done up and her makeup was applied to perfection. I noticed her tits bounce with each step she took, meaning there was no bra there to keep them confined. She walked….no, she strutted over to me and when she got close she had a little smirk on her face.

“Hi Stephanie. You look very nice tonite.” I wanted to say very fuckable, but I do have some manners.

“Thank you. I figured I would tease Ron before I left. I wanted him wonder where I was going and who I was with for a change. I hope he is going crazy with jealousy.” When she sat I got a quick glance down her top. Very nice.

“So what did you want to talk to me about? Did you find out more about those two?” I asked.

“Well, no, not really. I have just been thinking about how I felt when I found out he had been with another woman. I felt like crap and I wanted him to feel that way too. We have had many long talks and have already decided to work through everything, but I still feel I got the raw end of the deal here. Probably just like you feel, right Keith?”

I nodded my head and tried to sound sympathetic. If she only knew that not only did I not feel like her, but I enjoyed hearing every detail of Cindy and Ron’s fun. I reached out and took her hand to try to make her feel better.

“I also have something else to say. Please listen to me before you speak.” she said. I looked at her puzzled. “I have been thinking that in order for me and Ron to move on, we need istanbul Escort to start out on even ground here. I know this sounds silly but I think I need to sleep with another man to make it right. I thought long and hard and tried to come up with the perfect person who I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to break up my already shaky marriage. And then it came to me. Who better to do this with than the husband of the woman who slept with my man?”

I pulled back. Did I just hear her right? Is she offering to let me fuck her?

“I know, I know it sounds crazy and its probably not something you need in your life right now, but if you think about it logically, who better? We both get a chance at a little revenge on our spouses and I think inside it will make us all feel even again. That is of course if you would even do it or maybe you don’t even find me attractive?” I saw a look of panic in her eyes.

“Stephanie, of course I find you attractive. There is not a man in this place tonite who doesn’t find you attractive. I just…….well, I just don’t know what to say. I mean, I need a few minutes to think this through. And I think I need a drink. “

“I will go get us a couple of drinks while you process this all” she said as she stood up and began to head towards the bar. No doubt in my mind she did this to show off how amazing her ass looked in those leather pants. She added a little sway to her hips along the way. I watched every guy’s head turn to follow her as she made her way across the room. She was definitely trying to make up my mind for me.

“Seriously, who gets this lucky?” I thought to myself. Having a cute little blonde who is ready for some crazy revenge sex throw herself at you, it just doesn’t happen every day. The Gods were smiling upon me at that point.

She came back to the table with a couple of beers and when she sat down she asked if I had considered her proposal. I had but I wanted to see if she would try to convince me so I acted unsure.

“I don’t know. Do two wrongs really make a right?” I asked her.

She leaned way over and gave me an unobstructed view down her top. Her little cherry colored nipples were poking out and inviting my tongue to come and play. “Well, look at it this way. Even though you might not feel the need to seek out revenge against your wife, you would be helping me to repair my marriage. It would be a way to atone for your wife’s sins, and you have to have thought about ways to get back at my husband at the very least. It’s not the same as punching his lights out, but think about how it would feel, knowing you were intimate with his woman. I am going to do this with someone, and I was hoping that you would be open to the idea, but if it comes down to it, I will definitely find another man to do it if you don’t. “

She sat back and looked at me for a few moments, trying to gauge my reaction. Then, she looked down at my lap. Busted. She knew she had me. And I knew it was time to let her know I was in.

“Ok, I guess it makes sense and I can’t deny that you turn me on. When are you thinking?” I asked.

“I told Ron I probably wouldn’t be home until late, if at all tonite. So tonite works fine with me.” She crossed her legs, leaned back and bounced her heel up and down. I was beginning to think she was really enjoying this. “My wife is gone to visit her aunt this week, so tonite works fine. Where were you thinking?”

I was prepared to spring for a motel room, but she got a devilish look on her face and said “What about at your house? Since your wife is gone we could just go there.” I believe she was thinking about one more way to stick it to Cindy……by fucking her husband in her own bed. I agreed and told her to follow me in her car.

When I was in the car I called Cindy and told her what was going on. She couldn’t believe what was happening and after a moment of silence, she laughed and said that “if that is what she thinks will fix their marriage, then go ahead and fuck the shit out of her baby. Just clean the sheets before I get home.”

Did I mention how much I love this woman?

I won’t bore you with too many details of the night. I will tell you that she seemed to let loose with me and that I definitely know that she got a lot of her aggression towards her husband out. The highlight of our night was when we were stopping for a water break and she turned to me and said that she had something she wanted to try.

She told me that she had never had anal sex before and would not let Ron anywhere near her puckered little rosebud. She said it would serve him right to know that she had given her ass to me and that he had never been there nor would he ever be there. I asked if she was sure and she looked at my hardening cock and slowly nodded her head.

I spent a good twenty minutes preparing her for what was to come and by the time I eased the tip of my cock into her asshole, she was very loose and very relaxed. I proceeded to introduce her to the joys of anal sex and by the time I was close to cumming, she had reached her own orgasm and was screaming for me to “Fill my slutty ass with your cum!” Wow. This sweet shy girl I had met originally turned out to be a real true anal slut. I couldn’t wait to tell Cindy all about it.

That was the end of our encounters with Ron and Stephanie, as she made him quit the job and I believe they ended up moving away somewhere. I hope she was successful in saving her marriage, but I have doubts that she never let Ron play in her back door ever, after I saw how wild she got when I did it.

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