Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 05

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My wife Amanda, my best friend Dimitri, and I were laughing hysterically as we walked through the front door of his apartment.

“I can’t believe you let Philip do that to you!” Dimitri exclaimed in disbelief. “Licking spaghetti sauce off your body while you were tied up was hot, I’ll be honest. But having him jerk off on the food and then feeding it to you? Shit, Amanda! I mean, come on!” *Referring to events in Chapter 3*.

Amanda was blushing, making her freckles look even darker than usual against her naturally tan skin. “Well, it WAS sort of my idea,” she confessed, embarrassed.

“Hey, blowing your boss with his secretary standing there was pretty awesome, too,” I chimed in proudly. “It took mad skills not to get caught!” *Referring to events in Chapter 2*.

My wife turned around and playfully punched me in the shoulder. “Like you complain when I put YOUR dick in my mouth!”

It had been 7 days since I had set up a gangbang for Amanda in our own home *referring to events in Chapter 1*. The experience was still fresh in everyone’s minds, and it had opened up an appetite that we had all, on some level, known existed, but was now at the forefront of our sexual awareness.

My wonderful wife had turned the tables on me that night, and talked the same men into gangbanging me, too. As a reward, she had offered herself to each of them, one day a week for an entire month! Undoubtedly, she was benefitting from the arrangement. The first week was just about to end, and she had fucked or blown almost every one of them.


“Check this out,” I said, showing Dimitri my cell phone. “She texted me pics each night.” I had pulled up the picture of Amanda with her wrists bound behind her back with her own bra, and her naked body smeared with red spaghetti sauce.

Dimitri stared at it. “I would’ve licked your body clean, too” he murmured to my wife.

“…and here she is blowing Jansen in the locker room…*referring to events in Chapter 4*.” I swiped the screen. Dimitri gawked at the picture of Amanda sucking the big man’s huge cock, looked up at her, then turned back to my phone. She laughed at his reaction. “…and, finally, Amanda and Glenn *referring to events in Chapter 2*. Don’t they look like quite the happy couple?”

Dimitri nodded. “Figures you’d sleep with your boss first, Amanda. Maybe he’ll give you that raise, after all!”

“Shut up, jerk!” It was my friend’s turn to get playfully slugged by my wife. “And for the record, I DID get that raise!”

He chuckled, and was still staring at the pictures on my phone when Amanda and I looked at each other. I gave her a grave nod behind Dimitri’s back, and the corners on her lips curled into a sly smile.

“Yo, dude,” I said. “Mind if I get something to drink?”

“No problem. You know where I keep everything.”

I grinned tightly at my wife before heading into the kitchen, glancing at my watch. I opened Dimitri’s refrigerator, took out a can of beer, and opened it. I took a long drink, leaned back against the kitchen counter, and waited patiently. After a few more swigs, I looked at my watch again. Almost 5 minutes had passed… more than enough time. With a developing hard-on, I anxiously left the kitchen.

Amanda and Dimitri were still standing where I had left them, right inside the front door. But they were now making out like 2 dogs in heat. Dimitri had my wife pinned against the wall, the sounds of their lips smacking and heavy breathing oddly loud in his quiet apartment. He slipped his hands up her shirt and groped her pear-shaped breasts while she was undid his pants.

My mouth watered as I watched my wife and best friend.

Amanda beamed me a smile. “Sorry, babe. We couldn’t wait, and got things started without you.”

“God, I want you,” Dimitri said hoarsely to her, a secret that had been poorly kept for years. He turned to look at me. “I want you both. Again.”

I chugged the rest of my beer before placing the empty can on a nearby table. Amanda and Dimitri each extended an arm towards me as they held each other. I quickly approached and embraced them.

“My favorite boys,” Amanda purred. We all leaned in and shared a three-way kiss, holding one another tightly as our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I could discern both of their distinct tastes on my lips.

Amanda stepped back, and Dimitri and I started to undress her. I pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra; Dimitri gently slid her pants down her legs, and admired her panties for a moment before pulling them off, too. Amanda laughed inwardly, remembering that he done the same thing on the night of the gangbang.

“My turn,” she countered in a low voice. She finished undoing Dimitri’s pants and helped him with his shirt as he stepped out of them. I was completed hard by the time my wife turned her attention to me and took my clothes off. Then she led us both by our hands into the living room, where she sat us down on the couch next to each other.

“Hmmm, I wonder Betturkey which of you is going to last longer?” My wife pondered aloud as she knelt between us and began stroking our cocks.

Dimitri and I reclined and stretched our arms along the back of the couch. Amanda turned to my best friend first and kissed the tip of his erection. Then she swiveled her head and did the same to me. Back and forth she went: sucking on his cockhead then mine; licking up and down the entirety length of our shafts; twisted her head to suck our balls as she stroked us. Back and forth, she went, attentively.

As my wife worked on us, Dimitri and I shyly looked at each other. We hadn’t spoken about our intimate moment together since it happened *referring to events in Chapter 1*, and there was palpable sexual tension between us. I wanted to say something to him now, but words failed me.

Luckily, my best friend took the first step. He slowly leaned towards me. With that, my lips met his, and we kissed, sending a wonderful feeling that coursed through my entire body and pulsed so hard into my cock that even my wife noticed as she sucked on it. Amanda murmured her approval as she deepthroated me. Dimitri’s dick was free, so I reached over to play with it.

“I’ve been anxious all week for tonight,” I said to my wife and best friend.

Dimitri simply nodded and smiled.

We kissed again, and this time Amanda had his cock in her mouth. We each maintained our positions for a long moment before my wife looked up at us from her knees, and smirked.

“Lay down both of you. Heads opposite of each other.” Her voice was quiet, but with command that left no doubt who was in charge.

Dimitri and I grinned at each other. Whatever idea my wife had in her head, we knew we were going to enjoy it immensely, so we obeyed without hesitation. Our legs scissored each other as we lay at opposite ends.

Amanda ushered our bodies closer together until our stiff erections were flush against each other. The underside of Dimitri’s shaft was warm and smooth, and it felt absolutely electric against my own.

“That feels, really, REALLY good,” I intoned softly.

Dimitri sighed in agreement.

Amanda wrapped one manicured hand around our cocks and began stroking us off simultaneously. “Looks like I get two for the price of one today!” She chuckled as Dimitri and I both moaned. Feeling his manhood and her hands both on me sent lightning bolts between my legs.

Amanda then released her grasp on us, separated our stiff members with her hands, and alternated sucking us once more. She left a messy trail of wetness each time she turned away from one to service the other. Once our dicks were sufficiently covered in ooze, Amanda started rubbing them together as if she were attempting to start a fire with 2 wooden sticks.

“That’s perfect, Mandy,” I said to her. “Rub them together faster…that’s right…I want to feel his cock all over mine.”

“Fuck, that’s great! Why are you both so good to me?” Our friend said longingly from his side of the couch.

Amanda didn’t respond, she merely grinned as she felt our penises somehow growing, and watched as our skin darkened into an angry purplish color with bulging veins. Then without warning, she took us into one hand again near the base of our shafts, opened her jaws wide, and brought her head down fast, cramming us into her mouth.

Neither of us could keep quiet or still as my wife ravenously tried to swallow us. We both moaned and bolted upright, but Amanda’s palms flew to our chests, and she pushed us back down.

Dimitri and I were fully engorged, so Amanda could barely take us into her throat. But that didn’t discourage. She wiggled her head, gulped, and sputtered as she attempted to deepthroat us simultaneously.

“That’s it, Amanda. You can do it,” our friend encouraged her. “Ohhh…fuck, that feels amazing! Show us how wide you can open that pretty mouth of yours.”

Unfortunately, as much as she tried, Amanda just couldn’t accomplish the feat. She popped our erections out of her mouth with a melodramatic sigh, and giggled. Undeterred, Amanda threw me a crooked smile. By the look on her face, I knew she had something new in mind. But what could top her taking my best and I into her mouth, and blowing us together?

Amanda backed away slightly, but remained on her knees. She then ushered Dimitri into a sitting position, and blew him while I watched enviously. Before she got him off, however, she turned to me once more.

“Why don’t you come down here and help me with your best friend?”

I suddenly felt very hungry as I slid off the edge of the couch and joined Amanda at Dimitri’s feet. She took his erection in her hand and pointed it at my face. Licking my lips, I leaned forward, took my best friend’s cockhead into my mouth, and sucked. He immediately moaned and squirmed, and I instantly tasted precum saltiness in my mouth.

My wife leaned back and watched me Betturkey Giriş administer oral sex to our friend. She waited until I bobbed my head on his dick several times before yanking it away. Amanda then took Dimitri into her mouth and deepthroated him several times before offering his slathered cock back to me.

“Fuck! Oh god,” Dimitri rejoiced in a strangled voice.

I sucked him back into my mouth and pressed my head forward. I knew I’d never be able to deepthroat as expertly as my wife, but I was going to damn well try. Amanda voiced her encouragement as I impaled my throat on Dimitri’s schlong. I couldn’t help but think back to the night of the gangbang, when she coached me through my first ever blowjob *referring to events in Chapter 1*.

“I love sharing cock with you,” she whispered sweetly in my ear.” My cock stiffened and it was my turn to moan in approval with my mouth full. I actually took my friend about three-quarters of the way down my throat, which made me fairly proud! I felt spit and precum trickling out of my mouth and down my chin, but I didn’t care.

Finally, I had to pull back, gulping for air. Before I could swallow, Amanda kissed me, licked my chin clean, and greedily spooned the residue out of my mouth with her tongue. We swallowed together.

“Come on, babe,” she said to me. “Let’s enjoy him together.”

Amanda pulled Dimitri up to his feet as I looked on curiously. What did she have planned now? My wife remained on her knees facing me as she started licking her side of Dimitri’s erection. I followed her lead and began nibbling on the other half like it was corn on the cob.

“Jeezus, that feels incredible! Holy shit!” Dimitri’s hands flew to the top of our heads as he thrusted his hips back and forth, sliding his cock between our mouths as my wife and I stared at each other.

As our friend continued to use us for his pleasure, his hands gradually slid behind our heads. Gently, he pressed our faces together, heightening the friction of our lips against his moving shaft. Dimitri’s skin was angry red, and I could see his cockhead dripping out of the corner of my eye. I had to admit, sharing my best friend’s cock with my wife was a wonderful feeling.

I was still hungry for cock, but suddenly I wanted to turn our attention to Amanda. I stood up and pushed Dimitri back onto the couch. Then I pulled my wife up to her feet, and backed her down onto our friend, careful to line up his throbbing hard-on with her moist pussy. I placed my hands on Amanda’s shoulders and pushed down, and she squealed in delight as her vagina completely engulfed his cock. Dimitri then reached around her body and cupped her breasts, pulling her close to him so that she was leaning fully against his chest.

Amanda exhaled sharply. She snuggled against him and rolled her hips slightly, expanding the depths of his penetration. Dimitri fondled her breasts for a moment before he began pumping his hips up into her.

I stood back and stroked myself, admiring the sight of my best friend fucking my wife in a reverse cowgirl position. But it was too unbearable to merely watch from the sidelines. With a guttural growl, I climbed onto the couch next to them and roughly turned Amanda’s head to face me. I kissed her fiercely before hissing at her, “You’re going to suck my cock like it was Dimitri’s.”

“Shit, dude!” my befriend best exclaimed.

Amanda’s eyes lit up as took me completely into her mouth with one quick gulp. She proceeded to give me the sloppiest and wildest blowjob she ever had as she rode Dimitri. Her head was swiveling on her neck, and her hair was flailing in the air. I nearly lost it when she started to roll her tongue all over my shaft. Amanda murmured onto me and gargled. I ran my palm all over her face, smearing wetness on her and making her mascara run, giving her a wonderfully slutty look.

I began to face-fuck her earnestly as Dimitri continued to pummel her pussy.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time,” I grunted to Dimitri as we double-penetrated my wife. “There’s no one else I’d rather share Mandy with.”

I slid one hand down to Amanda’s chest, politely pushing my friend’s hand away from her breast to grope and squeeze it while he continued to play with her other one. She moaned and murmured into my hardness as she slurped me.

Amanda knew the key to a great blowjob was lubrication, so there was a copious amount of fluid pouring down her chin. It trickled down her body, funneling between her tits and running over her shaved clit. Even Dimtri’s cock began to glisten with it as it pumped in and out of her pussy.

I playfully rubbed some that had pooled into her bellybutton, then reached further down to massage her clit. Amanda murmured even louder and writhed under our combined onslaught. Holding her head between both hands again, I gently stepped off the couch, keeping her throat planted on my shaft, and positioned myself that I was standing in front of Dimitri Betturkey Güncel Giriş with Amanda bent between us.

“I gotta admit,” Dimitri puffed, “every day I dream about spit-roasting Amanda with you.” He was holding onto her hips now as he fucked her from behind. Every time he thrusted into her, he’d push Amanda deeper onto my cock. And every time I shoved myself further down her throat, I’d rock her onto his cock. It was an obscene game that we played.

I balled my wife’s long-hair into a rough ponytail with one hand as I reached under her to continue fondling her tits. “Spank her, man. She loves it, don’t you, Mandy? Huh? Isn’t that what you begged the other guys to do to you?”

Amanda sputtered an intelligible response that was quickly drowned out by the sharp sound of Dimitri’s open palm slapping her ass. She began to bounce her body back and forth between us.

Sucking my cock hard like a vacuum, Amanda reached around me and suddenly shoved the tip of her finger into my ass. The move caught me off-guard and I jumped, swearing at the sudden intrusion. But she knew I loved it, and began drilling me relentlessly at the same speed as we double-penetrated her. My hole burned wonderfully, and I knew I would need Dimitri’s dick in there before long.

“Dude, I’m gonna cum in your wife’s pussy! Do you hear me, man? I’m gonna explode!” Dimitri’s voice with frantic and wild.

I felt my own cock starting to surge. “Do it! Let’s fill her up together!”

“Oh god, yes!” I couldn’t tell if that was an affirmation or a verbal reaction to ejaculating into my hot wife. At any rate, Dimitri began shooting cum into Amanda’s pussy a split second before I unloaded into her mouth. She drove her thumb deep into my ass and held it there as she swallowed as quickly as I blasted into her mouth.

Dimitri and I were both moaning and howling as we deposited our semen into my wife. Once we were spent, Dimitri rolled out from underneath her and she collapsed onto the couch.

But we weren’t through yet. I kneeled between her legs again, and pulled Amanda forward by her ankles so that she sat at the very edge. I peered closely at her beautiful pussy as it oozed with my best friend’s spunk. Then I pressed my face against her and began to greedily consume my best friend’s cum out of my wife’s body.

Amanda gasped as my lips and tongue moved all over her still-sensitive clit. She opened her mouth wide at Dimitri, showing him the mouthful of cum that she had been saving. My friend didn’t need any prompting. He mashed his lips against hers, and they began passing my cum back and forth with their tongues.

My wife’s body was essentially devoid of any cum by the time Dimitri and I were finished. She leaned back on the couch with a sigh, breathing heavily. We were all exhausted, to say the least. My friend and I sat on either side of her, laying our heads on her shoulder.

“That was divine,” Amanda said dreamily. “Mmm…my boys…” Her eyes were closed and she was obviously still fantasizing about multiple penises. “We should’ve done this a long time ago.”

“God knows I would’ve said yes,” Dimitri said. Then he looked at me. “I think you’re screwed, bro. Your wife will never be satisfied with just one cock ever again!”

All of us laughed, and Dimitri and I nestled against Amanda’s toned body. We sandwiched her for a while without speaking, merely enjoying each other’s company, and being warm and naked. I closed my eyes, savoring the warmth emanating from their bodies and the feel of skin-on-skin.

I began stroking Amanda’s inner thigh gently, and as I opened my eyes, I noticed Dimitri was touching her, too. I looked at him across Amanda’s body, and smiled. Then we both leaned forward and kissed each other in front of my wife. She ran her fingers through our hair and kept our faces pressed together as I locked lips with my best friend and wrested with his tongue. Then, very delicately, she separated us, guiding our faces towards her breasts.

Amanda’s nipples were engorged and as erect as I had ever seen them. Keeping her hands on the back of our heads, we began to suckle her.

“Ahhh… that feels so perfect…”

As I continued to suck and pull on her nipple, I reached down as slipped 2 fingers into her pussy. Although I had eaten most of Dimitri’s cum from her vagina, it she was still wet enough that my fingers slid in rather easily. Dimitri brought his hand between her legs, too, and rubbed her clit.

“Oh, god, don’t stop. Keep doing that!”

We gradually became rougher with Amanda, sucking harder on her nipples and tweaking them, pulling on them with our mouths and fingers. At the same time, I felt her pussy loosening and getting wet again as I furiously fucked her with 3 fingers. Dimitri was strumming her hardened clit like a guitar string. We ramped up our pace on her.

My wife was trapped between us once more, and, by the sounds of her moans, loving it all the same. She tried to cross her legs to prolong the moment, but Dimitri and pried them apart to keep lecherously working her over.

Amanda’s entire body suddenly began to quiver as her head rolled back. “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” She repeated the words over and over, and faster and faster, with her voice quickly rising into a shrill crescendo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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