Shaving Janice

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Janice was laid out in front of him, giving Elias the biggest smile she could. Her smile was so beautiful that it nearly broke his heart.

Elias reached under the bed and pulled out the straps. He slowly tied each of Janice’s hands to the headboard, taking a minute to suck on her fingers after each hand was tied. He moved to the bottom of the bed, and did the same with her feet, wrapping the thick natural rope around each ankle. Elias sucked on each of her big toes just for a minute, long enough to watch her buck against the straps, making sure that she couldn’t get free.

They had known each other for a couple of months, but it felt like they’d known each other forever. Since meeting while standing in line at the coffee shop, they had spent nearly every day together. A lot of it in bed, with lots of time outside chasing after her beautiful blue heeler, or curled up together reading on the couch.

The sight of Janice tied to the bed was more than enough to make Elias’s dick throb. One thing he loved about her was her big hairy bush and arm pits which had just a tuft of hair. But he also had decided it was time for a change.

Elias went to the bathroom and brought back a towel, an electric trimmer, a bowl of hot water, shaving cream, and his favorite all metal razor. Janice’s eyes went wide when she saw him.

“Baby, what are you doing?!?!!?”

“I woke up this morning and nearly hacked up a hairball from all the time I’ve spent going down on you, so I decided it was time for a change.”

“Fuck, I know I said you can do anything you want to me, but I have never been shaved by another person before.”

Elias put everything down on the bedside table and leaned in, kissing her deep on her lips, tasting the tip of her tongue. He kissed down her neck, across her shoulder, and inhaled deeply at her armpit, before giving it a long lick.

Janice twisted against her bonds, but he could smell her excitement filling the room.

“Do you not want me to do it?”

“I told you that you own this body, so do what you want to it.”

“Thank you babygirl.”

Elias slid the towel underneath her tight ass. If you’d asked two months ago, he would have told you that he much preferred a thick ass and large hips, but after spending so much time with Janice, he had become addicted to her tiny ass. Any day when she would sit on his face and suffocate him with her ass was a good day as far as he was concerned.

He took the trimmer, placed a number 1 guard over it, and turned it on low. He placed the back of the head right on top of Janice’s clit for a few seconds, just enough Anadolu Yakası Escort for her eyes to light up and a small moan to escape her lips.

Elias took a long lick, from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her belly button.

“I couldn’t resist one more hairy taste.”

“It’ll grow back daddy, unless you keep shaving me.”

Elias started trimming the outside of her pussy, starting next to the right thigh crease and slowly working his way towards her slit, stopping just short of her long lips. He did the same from the left, moving even slower after noticing how Janice was rolling her eyes back, clearly enjoying the attention and the vibrations.

Elias went back to the bathroom and soaked a hand towel in hot water. He came back in to the bedroom and wrapped it tightly against her mound.

He laid down beside her to give the heat a few minutes to work its magic. Elias reached his hand up and casually placed it around her throat while they slowly made out. He released her throat and pinched both of her nipples at the same time. Janice gasped but the pleasure made her drool. Elias licked up the spit in the corners of her mouth.


“Yes babygirl?”

“I can’t wait to feel that tongue on my smooth pussy.”

Elias reached down and removed the towel. He applied a thick layer of shaving cream and started cleaning Janice up. The heat from the metal razor soaking in hot water pressed against her skin was almost enough to make Janice cum.

Elias slowly worked his way through her folds, gazing at wonder has her beautiful smooth pussy was slowly revealed to him. He took his time, moving slowly to make sure he didn’t hurt her, but also because he could tell it was driving her crazy with lust. Her pussy was swollen with desire, so puffy he couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into it.

He loosened the ropes holding her down, and had her turn over. He proceeded to shave her asshole until it was as smooth as her cunt.

He wiped her clean, removing every last spot of shaving cream and every last hair. He went back to the bathroom and grabbed another hand towel, running it under hot water against until it was heated up to body temperature.

Janice flipped back over and Elias tightened her bonds again. He placed the hot towel against her pussy to help the skin relax. It was the first time Janice had ever been shaved, and Elias wanted to make sure she was taken care of.

Janice was on the edge of an orgasm. The razor had set something off in her, and her body was electrified from the lust it brought out in her.

To Avrupa Yakası Escort keep her on the edge, Elias decided to shave each of her legs too, as slowly as possible. Short strokes up and down each leg. There wasn’t much to shave, Janice had always kept them smooth, but watching her eyes rolling around in her head, Elias wanted to keep her on the edge as long as possible.

Elias took a clean damp towel and wiped down her entire body. He used a very small wool hand cloth and dried every fold and crease of her body, slowly and with barely any pressure.

He reached into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a small bullet and a roll of gaffers tape. Janice’s mouth dropped open but before she could say anything Elias had turned the bullet on low and taped it just above the top of her slit.

Elias’s cock was raging by this point. He dipped it into her open mouth for a bit of relief, just letting the head pass her lips. He knew that if she deep throated him right now he’d probably cum in an instant and he had plans for cumming elsewhere. Janice was running her tongue all of the head of his cock, doing he best to tongue fuck his piss hole, knowing that it always made him cum fast. She was desperate to taste his cum, even though she knew that she would have to wait, since she needed something else today.

Elias pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her in the face with it a few times, leaving streaks of spit and pre-cum all over her cheeks. He leaned down and gave her a deep kiss and then licked her cheeks clean.

Janice was pulling against the ropes, trying desperately to touch herself, to get off. She loved being edged, but this was almost too much for her.



“No cumming without asking permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy. This pussy belongs to do you, and only you get to decide when it cums.”

“I love you so much baby.”

“I love you too. My body needs you.”

Elias kissed his way down her front. He spent a minute with each of her perfectly small breasts. He chewed on each thick nipple with just enough force to leave marks but not actually hurt her. Down her stomach, making out with her belly button, and each of her hip creases, Elias was driving her insane. Janice started babbling to herself, lost deep in the pleasure of her body.

Removing the towel from her pussy revealed a the puffiest, smoothest set of lips he had ever seen. Elias ran his tongue up and down each of her outer lips, just grazing her. The amount of liquid dripping out of her seemed almost impossible given how İstanbul Escort she still had not cum yet. He licked it all up, tasting every drop of her cum, swallowing it all like a man dying of thirst.

Elias knew Janice had been teased long enough.

“Count down from 50. Slowly.”

As Janice started at 50, Elias attacked her throbbing clit. He inhaled her, sucking as hard and as fast as he could. As Janice hit 20, Elias started humming with his lips locked on her clit. At 0 Janice came harder than she ever had, squirting like a fire hydrant, soaking Elias’s face and chest. He did his best to swallow what he could. He knew that if he drowned he’d die an extremely happy man.

Janice was gone, leaving her spasming body behind as she came. Elias untied her, massaged each of the places where the ropes had been. He loved the red marks they left behind, but he didn’t want to mark her permanently, at least not at her wrists and ankles. He laid down next to her and pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her, waiting for her to come back from where ever she was.

A few minutes later, Janice’s eyes fluttered open, eventually focusing on Elias. She started smiling and leaned into kiss his neck.


“Yes babygirl?”

“I think we should get married” Janice said as she pushed him on to his back and straddled his waist.

“I want to spend our lives together. Nobody makes me feel like you do, in the bedroom or in any other way.”

Janice rubbed her slit up and down his cock a few times before sliding it deep into her pussy. She was so wet and open that Elias slid all the way in on the first try.

“I also stopped taking the pill Daddy. I need you to knock me up.”

“Fuck babygirl. Let’s get married today. We can go get a license quick and there’s a tattoo shop open late for us to get our rings tattooed on. I don’t ever want to be able to take them off.”

“I need your cum Daddy. Knock me up. Think about how cute I’ll be with a big baby bump. I can’t wait to feed you my milk. Maybe my tits will squirt all over you when I cum just like my pussy.”

“It feels so good to ride you with my smooth pussy. Thank you for cleaning me up. And for taking sure care doing it. The only thing missing is your cum in my womb. Do it Daddy, push your cock against my cervix and fill up my womb.”

Janice leaned down and bit Elias on the neck hard. Elias lost it and gave Janice exactly what she wanted.

After regaining his breath, Elias asked,

“Do you want to get cleaned up? I can run us a hot bath.”

“No, I want us to smell of each other when we get married. I want your cum running down my thighs.”

Elias and Janice slowly got dressed without taking their eyes off each other. They went to the kitchen and drank huge glasses of water, before getting the dog from the yard. The got in the car and drove off to start their lives together.

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