Shaving Story Pt. 02

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The alarm was about the only thing that could have distracted us.

Ross put on his shirt and buttoned it up standing in front of me with his cock still arched and heavy just inches from my nose. The thought of that thing entering my wife was making me dizzy.

Dianna wrapped up in her robe, but underneath she only had on a bra. Her panties were still on the floor.

I grabbed my clothes then helped Judy up off the bed. She was woozy and unsteady on her feet after being teased and toyed with. And god only knows what she was thinking about Ross’s big dick and the sensations that might cause. To put it mildly, my dear shy and plain wife was unexperienced and reeling from her first sustained long series of orgasms. I had to help her dress.

After the drill, we lost track of Ross and Dianna. They must have returned to their room, so we went to ours. In seconds, Judy and I were fucking like rabbits. Both of us were jazzed from being touched and played with by this very attractive couple.

My cock was all Judy had known, at least since we were married, but I wondered if she was now either dreaming about or fearing Ross’s big cock. All these thoughts made me desire Judy more than ever, and my love making had never been more passionate.

As far as I knew, Judy seldom had orgasms when we made love. I usually spurted way too soon to keep up enough endurance to please her. To compensate, I would lick her pussy until she pulled me up to penetrate her, but I don’t know if even that had truly satisfied her. Clearly, her manual stimulation by Dianna and Ross, plus seeing Dianna’s bare pussy and Ross’s enormous member, had produced results for my wife.

After our love making, we both fell asleep, and it was the most restful and satisfying sleep.

When we woke, it was time to dress for dinner. As we approached he ship’s dining room, I wondered if we would see our new friends and what might happen that night with them. Needless to say, I was eager to see Dianna undressed again.

As we walked into the room, there were Ross and Dianna sitting a table for four with another couple. This other couple were attractive and much younger. As we walked by their table, Ross rose and greeted us.

“Judy,” he said as he hugged her, “how good to see you again so soon.”

Ross introduced us to the younger couple and said, “This is Joyce and George, and they are on their honeymoon. Can you believe it? How luck we are to meet them on their honeymoon.”

Ross paused and shook my hand, saying, “I hope we can make their time as pleasant as ours has been with you.”

My knees buckled a bit as I realized that Ross and Dianna evidently planned to do to these newlyweds what they had done to us earlier that same day. Could they possibly talk a husband into saving his new wife’s pussy on their honeymoon?

Judy and I nodded to the newlyweds, I kissed Dianna on the cheek, and we moved on to a vacant table where we dined with an elderly couple who only talked about their grandchildren and their pensions.

After dinner, Ross stood and walked over to speak with me. “Wasn’t today a grand time?” he said. “We’ll be back in port tomorrow, and here’s what I’d like you to do.”

Ross reached into his jacket pocket and handed me a business card. “Here’s is my number. Give me a call and let me know when you’d like me to fuck your wife.” He put a hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes and said, “You’d like to watch, wouldn’t you?”

With that, Ross turned and rejoined his wife and the newlyweds. I looked down at his card. It read, “Bully for You,” and had a phone and email address. Did he hand out these cards often? He obviously had one on hand for me, and maybe he had dozens more in his pocket.

As Judy and I left the dining room, we saw Ross and Dianna down the hallway welcoming their new young couple into their stateroom. Good lord, would Ross talk them in to hairless grooming, too? Would Dianna who off her perfectly smooth pussy to them? My imagination was running wild as I thought about this older couple misusing the trust of these youngsters.

Later, I found out that Ross did just that. He told me that he and Dianna told them about their wedding and the special lingerie that Dianna wore under her wedding gown. Evidently, that provided an opening, and the young couple agreed to show them the bride’s lingerie. For that, they had to go to the newlywed’s cabin, the bridal suite. In no time, the beautiful young bride was modeling her bra, panties, and stockings for this admiring older couple.

Ross said that it was easier than he imagined. As the bride showed off her lingerie, Ross explained his shaving hobby. The trust Rize Escort of youth in an older couple overcame their reluctance, and in no time Ross and Dianna had talked the bride out of her panties for an inspection of the hair situation.

This guy was amazing. Not only did he have physical stature and handsome looks, he had a way with words and a perfect partner in Dianna. She was apparently willing to help him create situations for them both to expand their sexual activities. A win-win arrangement, if ever there was one.

We were only home for a few hours when I told Judy that Ross had given me his contact information. I left his card on my dresser top and didn’t ask her about her feelings, thinking it would be best for her to make any suggestion about seeing him again. Judy can be quite reserved, and I did not want to presume how she really felt about what had happened aboard the ship.

Judy and I continued to have crazy sex for the next few days. Clearly, meeting Ross and Dianna had rekindled our passions and opened new horizons. Neither of us had though of ourselves as particularly sexually desirable, so Ross’s attention to Judy surprised her. And Dianna allowing me to see her bare pussy and then fondling me awakened feelings I thought were long gone.

Our pubic growth was showing about a week after the cruise, and I asked Judy if she would like me to shave her again or if she had thought about waxing.

Judy had the perfect solution. “Do you want to call Ross and Dianna and ask for another shave?” she asked.

“I suppose we could,” I answered as I felt my pulse increase.

That night I called Ross.

“Hello,” I said, “Is that Ross?”

“Yes,” he replied, “How are you two doing?” Then he added, “What took you so long?”

I laughed and then explained my reason for calling. Ross very calmly said, “Of course, we both would be pleased to see you again, in your home, to do this. But, this is when I will fuck your wife. You do understand?”

I hadn’t explained this clearly to Judy, but I had dreamed about watching him bull that big thing into her. “That would be fine,” I said.

“Good,” Ross replied, “When is a good night?”

We made plans, and I tried to let Judy know what Ross would do. I asked her, “Did you see Ross naked?”

She said, “Yes, I did.”

“Quite something, wasn’t it?” I asked.

“It took my breath away,” my wife said.

“He’s very large,” I said, just saying enough to tempt Judy to volunteer more of her thoughts.

“Biggest I’ve ever seen or heard of,” she said.

“He must fuck Dianna with it, don’t you think?” I asked.

“Of course he does,” Judy said.

“I wonder how it feels for her,” I said. “Do you think he can do it normally? Can a woman take all that?”

Judy looked away and said, “Will he try to put it in me?”

“Do you want him to?”

Judy turned the tables on me and asked, “Do you want him to put it into me?”

All I could do was look down and say, “I have been thinking about it.”

We left it at that until the next week when Ross and Dianna rang out doorbell.

“Hi, welcome to our home,” I said.

They entered, and we shared drinks and chatted about the cruise. That’s when I learned about the fate of the young newlyweds. Dianna actually explained what happened and how easy it had been to get the bride to display herself in her nuptial lingerie.

Since I knew what was going to happen, I felt a slight sense of dread come over me. Did I really want to surrender my wife to this raging bull? Would it change our marriage? Would Judy be the same sweet gal I always knew?

Ross snapped me out of my thoughts by saying, “Where would you like to do it?”

Judy had prepared our bed, and she led us to the bedroom as Ross brought along his little shaving kit bag.

“I shave Dianna every few days to keep her fresh and smooth,” Ross explained as Dianna sat in a chair and crossed her legs.

Ross looked at Judy and asked, “What’s the situation? Let’s look at your pussy and see.”

His words got me hard immediately. I had been anticipating this, but when he asked my wife to show him her pussy again, my cock took over my brain.

We all watched as Judy undressed. Her panties dropped to the floor.

Ross sat on the bed and took put a hand on each side of Judy’s hips. He guided her directly in front of him, with her pussy facing him only a couple of feet away.

Ross examined Judy’s private parts, leaning one way and another to get a better view. Judy has a natural gap between her legs that allowed Ross to see her lips all the way from the tippy top of her vulva opening on down. Ross reached Rize Escort Bayan over and used his thumb to stretch her slit upward, causing her little inner folds to pucker and express themselves. He used two fingers to separate her upper lips, and my wife’s little clit button exposed itself.

Ross wasted no time. He instructed Judy to lie down on the bed, asked Dianna to prepare Judy warm moist towels, then he said, “After I shave you again, I’m going to fuck you, so I’ll go ahead and get undressed.”

Judy looked a little startled at Ross’s bold words.

As Ross dropped his clothing, Dianna and I pulled our chairs up closer.

In a few moments, that giant cock was on display in my bedroom, and I was aware that I was now responsible for a what was about to happen. Like I said, my cock had taken over for my brain, and little mister ding-dong was straining like never before.

Ross looked down at my runner wife’s body, her long slender legs and tiny breasts. I wondered if he was, like an engineer before a big project, assessing the problem and thinking through alternative solutions to getting this wife fucked properly.

And, I was starting to wonder if I would get to fuck Dianna. I remembered Ross’s earlier comment that I could not do that. What did he mean?

I was soon to find out.

As Ross moved around the bedside, his enormous balls and long thick cock swung back and forth. His shaft was plump and swelling before our eyes, but it still arched outward about half way then drooped downward.

In no time, Ross completed the task of re-smoothing Judy’s mons area.

Kneeling over my wife’s legs with his cock resting between her legs and balls dragging on the sheet, Ross turned to me and said, “Take off your clothes.” Then added, “You’ll want to enjoy this, too.”

Ross twisted the other way and said to his wife, “Help him if he needs it.”

That was the last I heard him say before Ross leaned over Judy and began using his tongue to explore my wife’s pussy. In a few moments, Judy was responding with sighs of permission as she spread her legs. Ross’s cock extended, getting ready for entry.

I was now sitting naked in my bedroom’s easy chair, gently stroking my dick. Cum was oozing slowly.

I looked over at Dianna, who was in a skirt. She uncrossed her legs and pulled up her skirt, keeping her knees pressed together. When her skirt was up enough to reveal most of her legs, she smiled at me and parted her knees enough to show me pink panties. More cum kept flowing.

Ross was preparing Judy. She was well lubricated from her own juices that had started to flow as she began to climax and repeat, over and over. Ross’s tongue pulsed with busy movements over her clit, then ceased while Judy shuddered through another little orgasm. Over and over, he got her engine going and purring and finely tuned.

Like shifting gears, he moved her into higher and higher gears until she could cruise effortlessly through her repeated shuddering spells. And all of this was just the preliminaries.

I watched Dianna spread her legs wider, taunting me, as I merrily played with myself. It took an effort not to go too far and explode. As I withheld, the pressure grew and grew, and I wondered how far Dianna would go.

All of a sudden, Ross lifted my wife’s legs up into the air and folded them back over her body, pushing his target into clear view and spreading her to the max. I got out of my chair to watch.

Ross sat back on his ankles, his cock long enough to touch my wife’s pussy lips from far away. He pulsed his cock muscles to make his dick to a little dance against Judy’s pussy. She was beyond responding. Judy just lay back, gripping the sheets.

Ross moved forward, not trying to penetrate her but only to lay his log on her slit. His cock rested on top of her clit. He slowly drew his dick up and down her juicy lips, rubbing her clit at all times. Judy has been in neutral for a moment, but she quickly returned to high gear as the weight of Ross’s cock rubbed her clit.

By now, Ross’s dick was solid, like an axe handle. And so was mine, but more like the handle of a little screwdriver.

Ross lay flat on his back next to Judy, then he told her, “It’s time.”

She blinked and looked a him as her eyes came back into focus.

“I want you to do it,” he said. Then he helped Judy up to her knees and over to sit on top of him. She rested on his legs with his cock stiff against her back.

“Stand up,” he said.

Judy was wobbly, so I walked to her side and assisted her. I held her steady as she balanced then spread her legs over Ross’s mid-section.

Dianna asked, Escort Rize “Do you need help, honey?” as she took Judy’s hand on the other side. We both balanced Judy as she positioned herself. Then she slowly bent her knees until Ross’s dick engaged and split her lips slightly.

Dianna reached underneath and gripped her husband’s dick to hold it straight. As Judy descended, Dianna slid her hubby’s cock just a little until she felt the alignment was right.

Judy definitely needed our support to keep her footing as she slowly let her own weight let Ross’s cock enter her.

Her face grimaced at the first thick inch. Her pussy was expanding and needed time to adjust. Ross lay there, watching his cock disappear slowly into my wife.

Dianna tickled her hubby’s balls and shaft to add to the sensations. Then she surprised me by saying, “Go ahead, why don’t you help, too?”


“Try it,” she added.

I raised my hand to my wife’s pussy and felt how taught it was. Then I let my fingers find her slit and I felt Ross’s cock where it entered her. I think I squealed with delight.

Dianna reached over and playfully cupped my balls. Then she drew back and unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. For the first time, I saw her large tits. Her nipples were pronounced and enlarged. I was in awe watching my wife being entered by this big dick and at the same time gazing at his wife’s breasts. Her skirt came off, and all that as left were Dianna’s panties. Maybe I would get to fuck her?

Ross let Judy handle the chores for a while longer, then he flipped her onto her back again and asked Dianna and I to each hold one of her legs up and wide apart. He began his final entry.

It was easy for Ross to get back to the depth where had been. And then the labor began. I’d never seen anything like this as he struggled and pushed, then slid out all the way and reentered, over and over and over until finally he hit her limit. Judy responded to each thrust, to every inch, and to her expanded vaginal capacity. He clit was in constant contact with the top of Ross’s dick as it noodled her.

Until then, I don’t think she had ever had a climax just from penis movement, but Ross’s dong was so big that it consumed all of her delicate parts in the process of drilling.

As he pumped my wife, Ross said, “This is just the first time, and it will take some getting used to. Next time will be easier.

Next time?

Actually, that sounded fine with me as long as Dianna was part of the action. I reached out to her to touch her panties, but she backed away saying, “Naughty, naughty, mustn’t touch my pussy.”

I was a little confused but I remembered Ross’s earlier warning.

Ross told his wife, “Go ahead and make him cum.”

Dianna had me lie down on the bed next to my wife while she sat on my legs and wanked me. I had been hard for so long that I wasn’t about to cum too early, but Dianna had excellent skills, including verbally.

She said, “Look at your wife getting fucked by that big dick.”

Hearing that nudged me closer to letting my jism fly. Then she said, “Your wife will want that big cock in her again, and you’ll watch again.”

My resistance was weakening.

“If your cock was that big, then you too could fuck other men’s wives – just like your wife is getting fucked right in front of you.”

I gasped and could not longer hold back. Dianna squeezed my balls and pumped my dick until all my dribbles of spunk were gone. I stared at my wife taking that large dick as my cock pulsed its last involuntary spasms.

Dianna was wiping her hands clean as she said, “Come on honey, we’ve got to be at the church board meeting soon.”

Ross said, “Okay dear, whatever you say.” And he began his final ramming of my little wife’s pussy. It only took him about twenty more strokes to release his flow. Or, I should say jets of cum. He appeared to deliver a big load inside her, but then he withdrew his cock and lay it on Judy’s tummy as I watched jet after jet squirt out and dibbled down her side.

How was Judy doing? I couldn’t be sure. She later told me that she almost passed out from just the orgasms that continued to surge through her. She looked exhausted.

Ross and Dianna dressed and both gave Judy a kiss and hug while she still lay naked on the bed. “See you next time,” Ross said.

Then he turned to me, “Pal, you’ve got a great wife there, and I can’t wait for the next time.” He reaching into his pants pocket and pulled out another card. This one had his “Bully for You” name at the top and then the numbers one through ten along the bottom. The first number was punched out with a hole punch.

“You’ll want to save this,” he told me. After I fuck your wife ten times, you will get to fuck my wife. One for you for every ten for me. Understood?”

The bastard left us exhausted, abused, and wanting more. I should’a seen this coming from the start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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