Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 02

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After I’d masturbated in the shower, imagining that I was having sex with my daughter’s friend Shawna, I felt ashamed. In spite of the fact that I nearly scrubbed myself raw…trying to wash away the dirt of guilt, as I stood, dressing in front of the mirror…I felt like an asshole.

How could I have done such a wicked thing? How could I have thought about Shawna…who was like a daughter to me…that way?

Yes, I knew that Shawna had left her panties next to her on the couch. I knew that her sleep shirt had not quite covered her bare bottom as she walked in front of me.

Still, those were not excuses. I’d thought of sweet young Shawna in a manner unbefitting and I berated myself for it. I would not do that again.

“Daddy?” I heard my daughter, Lisa, call from downstairs.

“Hey honey!” I called back from my room, fixing the last buttons on my shirt.

“I’m fixin’ dinner daddy! What do you want?”

“Anything’s fine honey!” I answered.

I felt so deeply ashamed of myself. And my daughter’s sweet, innocent voice only served to remind me of what a dog I was.

After dressing, I came downstairs. My daughter was in the kitchen. “I’m making your favorite, daddy,” she said, “pasta.”

Shawna, now changed into jeans and a t-shirt sat at the table in the dining room, with her nose buried in a book.

“Have a nice shower dad?” she giggled slightly, eyeing me over the top of the book.

I winced.

“Oh, I..uh…yes…” I said, almost stammering. I looked away.

“Dinner will be done in a minute,” my daughter said, coming out to greet me.

Hugging her, I stepped back. At 18, she had become a beautiful young woman. Both Lisa and Shawna had grown into beautiful girls. They’d done well I school and both of them were getting top grades at college.

I was so very proud of both my daughter and her best friend, my second “daughter.”

“Sit down daddy,” Lisa said, “I’ll get dinner.”

With that, I pulled out a chair and sat at the table opposite Shawna.

She smiled at me.

I felt dirty again, then pushed it away hoping she didn’t notice.

Lisa brought the food to the table and sat down at the end of it, as we all fixed out plates and dug in to eat.

The food made me feel better. Maybe I was just hungry. But at the back of my mind, I knew better. Regardless, I pushed it away. I didn’t often have the chance to spend quality time with my girls these days, and I wanted to enjoy it.

“So daddy,” my daughter said between mouthfuls, smiling at me. “We were thinking that you might want to come with us to the beach tomorrow.”

“Oh, well, I…” I said, not sure what to say.

“C’mon, dad,” Shawna grinned. “It’ll be fun. Plus, there’s probably gonna be some hot ladies there.”

I blushed.

“I don’t know girls,” I said. I really did have a lot to get done before we went out to celebrate their birthdays. They’d both turned 18 at school, and I wanted to make up for not being able to be there.

“Daddy…” Lisa said firmly, putting her fork down. “You work all the time. You always have ever since mom died. You don’t go out. You never have any fun. Please, come with us?”

My daughter’s eyes were so gentle, so sweet. In them, I still saw my little girl. How could I refuse?

“Okay,” I said giving in. “But don’t be embarrassed by your old man,” I chuckled.

“Stop it daddy” Lisa said. “You’re not old.”

“Yeah dad,” Shawna chimed in with a mouth full of food. A stray strand of spaghetti found its way down her chin. Noticing it, she sucked it back in with a slurping sound. Both girls giggled.

Some things never change.

During dinner, I relaxed and was nearly able to forget about my incident in the shower. Afterwards, we played several games of Yahtzee, then retired to the family room to watch a movie. With Lisa and Shawna on either side of me…I felt good. I felt normal.

It was good to have my girls around me again. I missed them so when they were gone to college.

As the movie wore on, I found myself lost in thought. My daughter was right. Since her mother died, I’d basically become a hermit of sorts. I’d spent the last ten years working constantly to provide for her. But in a way, I supposed, I’d thrown myself into my work…working two jobs, to avoid the alternative…thinking about my wife.

I had to be strong for Lisa all those years. And it was only by blessing that Shawna had become so close to us. I firmly believed that it was Shawna’s constant companionship that pulled Lisa through those early years without her mother.

I will always be grateful to Shawna for that. She’d become a second daughter to me, and I loved her like a real daughter.

I’d always thought of Lisa and Shawna as “my girls.”

“Daddy?” Lisa’s voice broke my reverie.

Opening my eyes, I focused.

“You’re falling asleep, why don’t you go to bed?”

It was true. I had nodded off. I was getting on in the years now, I thought. Both girls were young adults, and work was taking a toll on me these days.

After bidding the girls good night, I ambled up the gaziantep manken escort bayan stairs to my bedroom. It was the same room, same bed that I had shared with my wife.

Now it was just mine.

Stripping, I turned out the light and slipped beneath the covers. When my wife was alive, she always left a small nightlight on in the socket on the wall. The bulb had burned out long ago, and I never replaced it. With her gone, I didn’t need it…but could never quite bring myself to pull it out of the wall.

Turning on my side, I thought about my wife. I wondered what she’d say about the job I had done raising our daughter on my own. I wondered if she’d be happy. Thinking about how my daughter had turned out though, I was sure she would.

And she’d have been happy knowing that Shawna had been there for her all those years.

Ten years had passed since her death, and while I had somehow managed…the nights were the worst. I missed her. Brushing a tear from my eye, I turned on my side and tried to sleep.

Suddenly, the picture of Shawna in the living room, wearing her sleep shirt and knee socks reappeared in my mind’s eye. I saw her turning to face me, as the hem of her shirt rode up, revealing a quick peek between her pantiless legs.

My cock twitched under the covers.

No, I thought. I would not.

But Shawna remained, grinning wickedly at me.

“Hi dad,” she said in my mind, lifting her sleep shirt slowly to reveal her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

I now had a full erection under the blankets.

“Wanna see me naked dad?” Fantasy Shawna said sweetly, smiling at me.

No. No. “No I don’t,” I whispered aloud to the empty bedroom. I did not want to see her naked.

But…I did.

“Wanna fuck me…dad?”

No. Please, stop, I said in my head to myself.

My cock throbbed, standing upright, pressing into the softness of the covers…it felt…it felt almost like the soft folds of a young pussy around the head of it.

In my mind, Shawna lifted her shirt over her head and pulled it off.

Standing naked before me in just her knee socks, she smiled wickedly. My eyes gorged on her firm, young breasts. Capped by pink aureole, I imagined her nipples as hard little nubs…jutting away, pointy, from her chest.

Mentally, I gorged on her naked body…imagining how her trimmed pubic hair formed a neat triangle over her mound.

“Oh god Shawna,” I whispered again in the empty bedroom, reaching for my cock.

Wrapping my hand around it, I pumped my shaft slowly, quietly, lost in a filthy fantasy about my daughter’s best friend once more. I hated myself for it. But I couldn’t stop.

For the second time, I fantasized that I was fucking Shawna.

Bent over, naked except for her knee socks, I pounded her hot little box from behind as my hand kept time on my cock under the blankets. Leaning forward in my mind, I ran my tongue the length of her spine, tasting her sweet skin from the back of her waist to her neck.

With fantasy hands, I reached under her and cupped her hot firm tits, kneading them and rolling her hardened nipples between my fingers.

Then, my imagination took a different turn.

Standing again, I fucked her from behind, and slapped her bare ass cheeks hard with each thrust, turning them a cherry red as she cried out, moaning from the pain and the pleasure.

Fantasy Shawna moaned loudly, pushing back onto my cock. “Fuck me dad, oh god, fuck me,” she said, squealing as I pounded her hard and fast. She squeezed the wall of her wet vagina around my shaft.

Suddenly, I felt the orgasm building in my balls. Beneath the blankets, my cock spasmed, jumping in my fist as I came…spurting my load into the covers.

In my mind, I came inside Shawna’s tight pussy, pounding and thrusting as I grabbed her around the waist and jammed myself into her…pulling backwards onto me…making her cum, hard…her young cunt gushing as she poured her juice all over my cock

I fell asleep with my hand around my cock.

The next morning, I awoke with the covers around my ankles. I had morning wood and needed to pee.

Ambling to the toilet, I let go, feeling the relief as I urinated into the water. I really had to go badly, and the sound was louder than I had expected in the bowel.

Suddenly, I heard knock on the door.

“Dad? You awake?”

It was Shawna.

“Uhm, I’ll be right there!” I called out, wishing that my bladder would hurry up and empty itself.

The memory of what I had fantasized about the night before rushed back, and I felt like shit. God, why was I thinking about Shawna this way?

Shawna’s voice sounded clearer.

“Don’t forget dad, we’re going to the beach today.”

Apparently, she’d pushed my door open and had stuck her head inside, figuring that I was up and about. I did that sometimes, working on my computer in the morning before coming downstairs. She must have thought this was one of those times.

“Dad?” she said, sounding closer.

Shit. No, I gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan thought, trying hard to push out the last of my urine. I’d left the bathroom door open.

“Oh, oops,” Shawna said, from the other side of the wall. She’d apparently seen the open door and heard me peeing.

“Sorry dad,” she said apologetically, though she hadn’t actually seen me.

“That’s okay hun,” I said, finally finished. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

With that she was gone.

Coming back out of the bathroom, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for the beach, then slipped into my flip flops.

The girls had wanted to get an early start, and I’d figured we’d stop for breakfast on the way at a drive-through or something.

Coming down stairs, I saw that the girls were already ready. Lisa wore a pink bikini and flip flops. She also had on a white t-shirt with some logo I couldn’t read.

Shawna wore a red, tie-up bikini and flips flops. She was well-tanned and wore no t-shirt. I thought she must have used a tanning bed in the winter.

“Good morning daddy,” Lisa said, pecking me on the cheek.

“Morning dad,” Shawna flashed me a smile.

“Seriously daddy? A Hawaiian shirt?” Lisa said, sounding somewhat disdained.

Shawna giggled…I noticed her breasts jiggle slightly under her top and looked away quickly. Shawna’s bikini was much less conservative than Lisa’s, but I had no business looking at her like that. I swore not to do it again.

Picking up the basket of stuff for the beach that they had packed, Lisa made for the door with Shawna at her heels.

“I’m drivin’ dad,” Shawna said over her shoulder.

“Oh, uh, okay,” I said, surprised.

Once outside, we got into Shawna’s car. The girls in front and I in the back seat.

Shawna gunned the engine and took off. To me, it seemed liked she hadn’t looked behind us.

“Woa,” I blurted, surprised, craning my neck around to see if we were about to be rear-ended.

Both girls giggled at that.

“Oh daddy,” Lisa smiled at me.

By the time we got to the beach, I was a nervous wreck. Shawna had taken the freeway, constantly weaving between the traffic as she passed car after car.

“Shawna,” I mentioned once from the back seat. “Do you always drive like this?’

“I think you’re scaring daddy,” Lisa said, breaking into giggles.

“Don’t worry dad,” Shawna grinned at me in the rearview, “I’ll get us there okay.” Somehow, I wasn’t convinced. But amazingly, she did.

Once at the beach, we chose a spot and spread out the blankets and towels and sat down.

Lisa stripped off her t-shirt to smear suntan oil on her skin.

“Aren’t you going to take off your shirt daddy?” she said at me.

“No, I’m fine,” I smiled. I burn easily.

“Come on, dad,” Shawna goaded, “get some sun.”

With a sigh of resignation, I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. It had been a long time since I’d been in the sun…but…arguing with the two girls was like trying to knock down a brick wall with a pea shooter. It just didn’t work.

Suddenly, a stark naked woman walked by about fifteen yards in front of us. My mouth dropped open and I stared in shock and disbelief.

Noticing my condition, the girls broke into fits of laughter.

“Daddy…daddy…”Lisa managed between waves of guffaws, “it’s clothing optional here…” finally collapsing over herself. Both girls had a good laugh at my reaction.

“You brought me to a nude beach?” I said, sternly, somewhat incredulous at them. They both looked at me with that expression they gave me when they were in trouble.

“C’mon daddy,” Lisa said, dropping it a notch. “We’re adults now.”

So they were. It was hard for me to think of them that way at times. But…they were 18 now.

“You haven’t been out in so long dad,” Shawna said, backing my daughter up. “We thought you might enjoy seeing the women.” She finished with a smile that melts me every time. She does it on purpose and has since she was a little girl.

“Don’t be mad daddy,” Lisa said.

How could I be mad? My girls have always known how to work me.

“Well,” I said, resigned, “we’re here now. And you two are right. You are adults, might as well enjoy it.”

I smiled to let them know that I wasn’t angry.

“That’s the spirit dad,” Shawna smiled at me.

I relaxed on the blanket, taking in the view around me. There were a few naked people, men and women, but more of the crowd wore clothing of some sort. I guessed it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Maybe I should take off my suit,” Shawna said, rubbing suntan oil into her thigh, although her tan was already dark.

“SHAWNA!” Lisa bolted upright. “Not in front of my dad!”

I swallowed hard, shocked.

Shawna broke into laughter again, nearly falling over.

“I’m kidding!” she said through her giggles.

I remained silent, pretending I hadn’t heard that.

But I had…and for a brief moment, the picture of Shawna, sitting completely naked gaziantep masöz escort bayan on the blanket flashed through my mind. My cock stirred, and I pushed the thought away as hard and as fast as I could.

“But I could,” Shawna teased again, flashing me a smile.

“Shawna stop,” Lisa protested.

“Okay, sorry Lisa,” Shawna said, giggling again.

“Sorry dad,” she said, flashing me another smile.

I stayed silent, not knowing how to answer.

“Wanna go for a dip Lisa?” Shawna asked, making good again.

“Okay,” Lisa answered. “You comin’ daddy?’

“No honey, Imma stay here and guard the stuff,” I smiled at both of them.

With that they were up and off, headed towards the water.

Relaxing, I exhaled. The girls were something.

Shawna had always been the bolder of the two. Whenever they got into trouble, whether it was at her place or ours…Shawna was often the leader. I’d had many calls from Shawna’s parents over the years, as they’d had from me, and we’d grown pretty close, especially after my wife passed.

We had a sort of mutual agreement. They were okay with me disciplining Shawna as well, as I was okay with them metering out the discipline with Lisa when she earned it.

We felt it was good for the girls to feel like they had two families. And by the looks of how they’d turned out…it had been.

But deep inside, I felt so wrong about how I’d fantasized about Shawna…masturbating to her. I knew that I missed having a woman at my side. And Shawna had grown into a beautiful, sexy young lady. I resolved that I would stop doing that because it was no better than fantasizing about Lisa.

At my peripheral perimeter, a gorgeous, middle-aged woman appeared, approaching the blanket where I sat. She was very pretty, shoulder length dark hair and deeply tanned.

She was also stark naked.

Her large breasts swayed in front of her and I felt a stirring between my legs watching her.

“Hi,” she said, coming to a halt a few feet from me.

“Hi.” I returned.

“Nice day huh?” she smiled, friendly.

“Yes it is” I said back, making small talk.

Although the beach was clothing optional, I hadn’t actually seen a naked woman up close in many years…and my body responded automatically as my cock thickened.

I shifted positions. A fact that did not go unnoticed.

The woman smiled.

“Are those your girls?” she said, pointing towards Lisa and Shawna in the water.

“Well, one of them is, Lisa,” I said. “The other one, Shawna, is her best friend, but she’s like a daughter to me.”

“That’s wonderful,” the lady said, stepping closer. I couldn’t help but notice that she shaved…her mound was completely bald and smooth

My cock rose to full erection, pressing hard against my shorts…forming a tent at the front. Instinctively, I placed my hands over it to hide it.

The woman’s eyes fell to my crotch and she smiled again…seemingly aware of the effect that her nudity was having on me.

Just then, I spotted Shawna returning.

“Well, you have a nice day,” the naked woman said, smiling, as she turned to leave. I watched her naked ass move a moment more.

“Hey dad,” Shawna said. Plopping down on the blanket, she shook herself, sending cold droplets of water flying everywhere.

Her tanned skin was beaded with wetness, and her blonde hair stuck to her in strings.

“Where’s Lisa?” I said.

“She wanted to stay a bit…she’s talking to some guy.”

Shawna glanced at my hands over my crotch.

Nervously, I shifted, crossing my legs Indian style.

“I saw you talking to that woman,” she grinned at me. “Did you like her?”

“She was nice,” I answered, wanting to change the subject.

“She was naked huh?” Shawna pressed, giggling a bit.

I swallowed, harder than I wanted to.

“Yes, she was, but it is a clothing optional place,” I said.

Why did I feel like I was defending myself, I wondered.

“Dad?” Shawna said.

I looked up.

I had been staring at her breasts. Not at them per se, but in their general direction, lost in thought. Embarrassment filled me at what she must have been thinking.

“Can you rub some oil on my back for me?”

With that, Shawna handed me the bottle of oil and spread out on her stomach. Reaching behind her back, she untied her top and let it fall to her sides.

“Uh, I guess so…” I said. How was I supposed to react? To refuse something as perfectly normal as that would seem weird. But seeing Shawna lay out in front of me like that made me nervous. Spying the swell of her breasts from the sides as they flattened against the blanket had an effect that it shouldn’t have.

My cock was still hard from talking to the woman, and Shawna wasn’t helping matters…though she was totally unaware of it I was sure.

Asking me to rub oil on her back was an innocent thing. Why was I even having this discussion with myself in the first place?

Pouring some oil into my palm, I scooted closer, sliding on my rear so as not to have to stand up.

Gently, I rubbed it onto Shawna’s back, feeling the warmth of her skin under my fingers. Starting at her shoulder blades, I smoothed across them…then poured some more down the length of her spine and smoothed it outwards.

As I rubbed the oil into her skin, my mind drifted to the fantasy I’d had about her in the shower. I remembered how I’d pictured her standing in front of me in nothing but her knee socks, watching me masturbate.

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