She Goes Both Ways Ch. 04

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Both Amanda and Adam had lost their virginities soon after their eighteenth birthdays. Coincidences? No, not really! It was quite common in the South for sons to be taken to a bordello or brothel by an older brother or an uncle soon after they were eighteen.

With girls it was different.

Many were not ‘deflowered’ until their wedding nights, something that Amanda’s mother, Florence, thought was so wrong. She had seen so many marriages ruined because the sex was wrong, either the husband being too demanding or, the bride having little interest, or skill, or simply being scared.

She had carefully planned the trip to take her daughter to Boston for her university interviews, making sure that they were invited to numerous parties and balls so that Amanda would have ample opportunities to meet men. Not just young men her age either, but older, more experienced, single men. Unlike most mothers, Florence was not concerned as to their eligibility as an appropriate husband, her interest was purely whether they would be good in bed.

It worked.

Amanda lost her virginity on the second trip and discovered in the process that she possessed a healthy sexual appetite, something she was never able to fulfil satisfactorily until her marriage.

Unlike many girls in their late teens Amanda’s loss of virginity was tender, caring unrushed and overall quite beautiful. She had been introduced to the law student by a mutual friend. They seemed to hit it off immediately and for the few remaining days of her visit to Boston they were almost inseparable. Although etiquette generally called for chaperones to be in attendance when a couple ‘walked out’ this was largely ignored by the students, post graduates and would be entrants to the universities and schools in and around Boston. Indeed so relaxed was the academic community that few of the small, but growing number of females wore hoops around the schools and colleges, with many also dispensing with corsets as well.

On their first ‘date’ they did nothing but talk and get to know each other. On their second, the next day they did more of the same but Irving held her hand as they stepped over several large puddles in a slightly flooded street. On their third, that evening, he kissed her goodnight. It was only a gentle peck on her cheek accompanied by his hand resting on her hip but the sensations they sent through her were very intense indeed.

Amanda was first kissed by a boy at her eighteenth birthday celebration at the plantation. Following that, she had been kissed by several other boys and one or two had touched her body. The boy who kissed her at her birthday party was the first and until she was with Irving Sanders in Boston, the only one who had touched her breasts. That happened some months into her nineteenth year when she and he walked into a small wood near his father’s ranch where Amanda, Adam and few more friends were spending a few days.

Although hoops and crinoline skirts were ‘de rigeur’ in formal company most country girls in the south did not wear them during the day around the house or when walking on their parent’s plantations or farms for, amongst other reasons it was simply too hot . Hence, as Amanda and Henry Smithers strolled down a narrow, high hedge-lined lane hand in hand towards the woods she was wearing a simple cotton, cornflower blue dress. She was not wearing a corset and her only garments under the dress were her chemise, drawers and white stockings. Although her breasts hadn’t yet fully developed they still wobbled and jiggled very sexily as she moved Henry thought.

Walking behind her as they passed through a narrow gap in the hedgerow he steered her towards the woods with his eyes glued on the undulating orbs of Amanda’s ass inside the thin, clinging dress. Seeing moving female flesh even under clothing was such a rare sight that Henry’s erection became complete immediately he was behind Amanda. The memory of the lip to lip kiss they had exchanged at her party just four months ago was at the forefront of his mind as he once more walked beside her holding her small, soft, cool hand. They stopped under a large oak tree and he turned towards her. Amanda turned as well. She knew what was coming, or thought she did, and her heart started to pound. She was right, for quickly he took her in his arms and once more kissed her. Quite tentative at first the kiss quickly grew in intensity. Henry moved Amanda backwards until she was pressed back against the large, round trunk of the old tree, the overhanging branches of which provided a cover from anyone walking past. Their mouths met again and this time when his tongue pressed against her lips she opened her mouth. To her inexperienced, virginal mind his tongue probing into her mouth was like she imagined a penis invading her vagina. She sighed and rolled her head from side to side as his tongue continued its exploration and hers started to examine the inside of his mouth.

He had one arm circling her waist and the other round her shoulders. It was the hand on the former that liseli porno Amanda felt moving up the side of her body. It went past her unfettered breast just, almost imperceptibly brushing the very edge of it before coming to rest nearly in her armpit with the thumb on her upper chest. That slight graze, though, to an uninitiated girl was shatteringly arousing. Amanda gasped at the surge of pleasure and they broke the kiss, but only momentarily and then her lips were once more writhing against his. Henry, emboldened by Amanda’s reaction to the kiss and encouraged by her response to his ‘accidental’ touch of her breast slowly retraced the journey of his hand. This time it moved downwards; this time his thumb was on her chest; this time the touch wasn’t imperceptible or accidental and this time his thumb pressed fully on the soft, yielding upward slope of her left breast. Amanda’s entire body jerked, but to Henry’s elation it didn’t pull away. Now he was confident and without further ado he brought his complete hand round from the side of Amanda’s body and cupped her breast squeezing it gently. She whimpered with the explosion of pleasure, excitement and desire that surged through her entire body. It became more extreme as he manipulated the mound of such delightful flesh by kneading, pressing and squeezing it.

Henry was so excited. Feeling the delights of Amanda’s breast through the thin cotton was as arousing a sensation as he had so far experienced. Of course he had caressed naked breasts, naturally he had pinched and pulled nipples and for sure he had kissed, sucked, licked and chewed the succulent flesh of women’s bosoms, but they had been on hookers. He was yet to see a ‘real’ woman naked let alone touch and caress one. Would his first he was wondering be the beautiful Miss La Salle?

Amanda was hugely aroused, far more so than when she masturbated. She was wondering whether she would be able to resist ending up in a similar condition with Henry as she did with herself when she made herself cum. Although she frequently pleasured herself by squeezing and stroking her breasts and pinching her nipples the feelings were nowhere near as strong or intense as those she was gaining from Henry’s hands, for now he was attending to both of her breasts.

Growing in confidence as much as in ambition, Henry found the buttons on the front of Amanda’s shift. They came open so easily and quickly his hand was inside. He revelled in the feeling of her bare flesh, he gloried in the sensation of touching and pulling her marvellously hardened nipple and he gasped with desire as his palm consumed the wonderful orb.

Amanda could hardly believe that such sensations, such excitement and such sheer pleasure could be gained simply by a hand touching her body. She was ecstatic and aroused and was losing control of both her body and her mind. Her breasts were filled with a searing heat, her nipples felt as though they would explode and she knew that her pantalets would be dampened by her womanly excretions.

Henry was wondering whether this was it? Whether at long, long last at the age of twenty three he was going to have sex with a woman who was not a whore or a slave. His mind could hardly take in the fact that it might well be with the delicious Miss Amanda La Salle, the girl and woman who so many boys and many older men had lusted after for years.

“Oh Amanda” he groaned. “Your breasts are so beautiful.”

Amanda had no idea what to say or do so as her body shuddered with the spasms of excruciating sexual sensations she simply sighed, groaned and closed her eyes.

Henry pulled her hard against him. Grinding his erection firmly on her pubic mound as his hand squeezed her breast he whispered.

“Madam I must have you.”

Amanda had been imagining being made love to by Henry since they had moved into the wood, but the feel of his erection scared her. It brought the fantasy of being fucked in a wood as she lost her virginity into reality. The size and feel of him and the vision of her being naked as that plunged into her was too much for her and she pushed him off.

They obviously exchanged words, but considering the circumstances Henry took it well as he realised that Miss La Salle would not be his first conquest.

For some reason, perhaps because she was in a candlelit room and not a field Amanda did not experience the same concerns when Irving Sanders pressed his full erection against her. It was on their second date when she returned to Boston with her mother a few months later. They had exchanged letters after she left Boston and slowly they had become more intimate. Thinking back some years later Amanda realised that presenting Irving with her most precious sexual gift was more a formality and inevitability than it had seemed at the time.

Then, it had been an extreme experience to have him bare her breasts, gaze adoringly yet lustfully at them and moan with sexual adoration as his mouth sucked their creamy flesh and the rubbery pinkness of her nipples. Amanda mobil porno was more relaxed with Irving than she had been with Henry, but then Henry had relaxed her to the idea of a man touching her bare breasts. He had led the way for Irving and the numerous who were to follow later. Henry had, unknowingly also laid the groundwork for Irving to take the young further.

So she had only demurred for a short time when Irving put his hand on her knee. She resisted just long enough so that he would not consider her to be easy. When those social delicacies had been satisfied, it had been so adventurous for his hand to slip up her skirt, slide inside her pantalets and rub the hairiness of her mound, to find and press on her clitoris, to slide along the wetness of her lips and be the first fingers, other than her own to invade the innards of her womanliness.

As his fingers did such arousing things to her, it had been almost unthinkably ambitious for her to press her hand against the mysterious lump in his trousers and even more so for him to undo them so she could hold the object that they both knew would soon make her a woman.

For both of them, it had been agonisingly wonderful for him to undress her and then himself so they held the other’s naked body in the candlelight of his post graduate quarters.

It had happened quickly and surprisingly easy without the blood that Amanda had feared. Not unexpectedly, Irving wasn’t able to accompany the deflowering of Miss La Salle with an orgasm that night. He did, though, on two separate later occasions during that most fulfilling trip for both of them, and for Florence of course!

A year or so later, Adam spent a week in New Orleans with his father and two of his friends, both well into their fifties. The four of them spent every night at a brothel, with Adam’s father insisting he was present to preside over his nineteen year old son’s loss of virginity.

Amanda was unable to follow up her ‘deflowering’ with regular sex until she was just over twenty when she went to boarding school in preparation for university. Adam meanwhile, was able to visit brothels regularly in Savannah and occasionally in Atlanta and New Orleans, to further his sexual education.

In addition, his father or one of his friends facilitated regular sex with unmarried slave girls, always making sure they also partook themselves. Their different and unusual sexual apprenticeships served the brother and sister well, both blossoming in the pervading atmosphere of slight decadence that surrouinded them at all times and became features of the rest of their lives to date.

Florence, their mother, hated their father, but then most people hated George La Salle, other than a couple of drinking cronies. He led his own life the way he wanted, and nobody could interfere. Being a hard line Southern slave owner, he had a strong belief in the primacy of the white man and, as owner of the slaves, believed they were his to do with as he wished.

He could sell them, work them incredibly hard, whip, beat, torture or even kill them when they did not meet his satisfaction and, when his desire went that way, he would fuck them. George did all of those things with the same single-minded determination he displayed in all aspects of his life.

Why and how he had married the libertine northerner, Florence, was a mystery to most people and as the magic of their wedding wore off, it also became a mystery to them as well. Florence, at heart initially when they met in the earlier years of the nineteenth century, and by action and proclamation now they were in the middle of the century, was a liberated lady. She believed passionately in female emancipation and most other liberal causes. That included freedom for slaves.

Indeed, their views on most topics were almost diametrically opposed.

The two children were therefore brought up in an unusual and challenging environment that affected many areas of their conditioning including, inevitably, their sexual proclivities and desires.

Even from a young age, they learned that the rumours of their father’s sexual activities were more than just talk. In particular, the siblings discovered that he regularly visited his favourite slave girls. Not surprisingly in such circumstances, their induction into sexual faithfulness was rather damaged and limited.

This was exacerbated by their mother’s behaviour and attitudes.

Whether she might have held different views and acted more ‘normally’ had she had a husband she loved, is a matter for conjecture. She lost respect, and the brief emotion she mistook for love, less than a year into their marriage. Intellectually, she placed little value on monogamy. She believed that man, in its wider sense, was innately polygamous and that the social conditioning, particularly of women, was unnecessary and a restriction on their growth as human beings, a rare way of thinking at the time.

Hence, on her visits to New Orleans, Atlanta and her old haunts in the north, she ‘practised öğrenci porno what she preached.’ Her dalliances with other men over a two or three year period illustrated just what a poor and selfish lover her husband was; another reason for her starting to despise him.

What she hadn’t realised was the effect such attitudes and activities had on her two children. At such a sexually impressionable age, it was unsurprising that their views and attitudes were formed by their parents’ behaviour.

Due to the isolation of the plantation, they had few friends to mix with. They were occasionally allowed to play with some of the slave children, or with children of similar ages when relatives or their parent’s friends visited. Otherwise, Amanda and Adam grew up very much with just themselves as company. It was as well they became good friends, for just what life would have been like if they had not was unimaginable.

Up until Adam was eighteen, with Amanda a year older, they were educated at home by a combination of their mother and a resident tutor, Mister Blount. Their strict teacher’s specialisations were English, history, geography and the arts generally with a smattering of mathematics thrown in for good measure. For the sciences he would organise visits by other tutors two or three days each month. Inevitably, this meant that the siblings’ main focus was on the arts, at the expense of the other subjects.

Whether it was due to that, or the teachings of Florence, both children grew up forming very liberal views and beliefs.

It was in 1832 that their lives changed completely. Being sent to boarding school in Charleston, South Carolina in preparation for going on to university was a completely new experience, particularly in view of the strict division between sexes, with little mixing other than at church.

As most of the pupils were from the South, many went home at weekends. It was only just over a hundred miles to Savannah and the new railroad allowed the journey to be completed in around three hours. As school finished at lunchtime each Friday, this saw them reach home at Selby for dinner, staying until teatime on the Sunday.

The school exposed very quickly the deficiencies in their earlier education and Mister Blount’s teaching methods, for they were at least a year behind the other young people most of whom had undergone more traditional, school based educations. It was clear that if they were going to attain university status, they would have to work much harder than the other students.

This put a completely different perspective on their planned two years at the school.

Unlike many of their privileged and pampered ‘southern gentry’ colleagues who only needed to turn up to gain the right to enter the universities of their choice, the reality for Adam and Amanda was quite different. It came as a considerable shock to realise they had to attain certain grades if they wished to attend northern colleges, which they both desperately wanted to do. This was in spite of them being aware that with the southern academic institutions, family, connections and appropriate financial contributions played a major part in acceptance and both of those were available to them. That is of course if they wished to go to go to a Southern university, which they mist certainly did not.

Overcome and perturbed at the restrictions on the amount of socialising available to them if they were to achieve their academic aims, they soon buckled down to a gruelling work schedule. Neither of them shirked from the requirement for work before and after their regular lessons to catch up, nor for the need to remain at the school nearly every weekend and for at least a goodly part of each school holiday during their first year.

It was during these weekends and holidays that Adam and Amanda completed another part of their education, their sexual experience! Their upbringing gave them few problems or concerns with being promiscuous, and each enjoyed several partners during their school career.

Adam quickly settled in with the other young men at the Houlding Academy. He got in with a fast running crowd who, although quite studious, found that their academic success came more from having quick minds than strong work ethics. They worked hard and played even harder.

With his extra studies that was hard for Adam, but he soon got used to only four or five hours sleep most nights and occasionally got by without any at all.

When he began to court an older married woman, Adam occasionally used a classmate’s apartment, but circumstances meant that after a couple of months, it was better to rent one of his own. After a discreet search, he found a one bedroomed, first floor apartment overlooking the harbour. It had its own entrance using an uncovered flight of stairs from a small, cobbled courtyard, which was entered from a back street, thus providing a highly discreet entrance.


The brother and sister were not able to see much of each other during the week, but at weekends and during the holidays they were free to do pretty much as they pleased. Several times they had gone out on dates with partners and they discussed incessantly their studies, their hatred of the plantation and slavery and how they could hardly wait to get to their northern universities.

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