She Surprises Me with a Present

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The Christmas Present

It was Christmas Eve and we were watching football at a friend’s house and the game was a blowout. My Girlfriend wanted to head home as we were slated to have an evening alone with no kids. We arrived home and I was told to go sit in my favorite comfy chair in the dining room and fetch a special beer out of the fridge while she disappeared up the stairs. I found the chocolate porter and its specific glass, poured it with a perfect foamy head, and sat down awaiting what was in store for the rest of the evening. Let me tell you a little about my GF—she is 46, blonde with green eyes, 36-26-36 figure. She works out every day and has the most gorgeous ass, 36 D tits, and thin legs and ankles that just continue to turn me on to no end.

All of a sudden my GF descended the stairway in a new silk thigh high robe. In her hand was a special scarf and she was looking hungrily at the beer or my package, I couldn’t tell. I was instructed to stick out my hands and they were quickly tied tightly, and I was told to put my hands over my head. She swiftly unbuckled my jeans and out sprang my ever-hardening cock, I lifted my ass as she pulled my pants completely off and reached for her glass of craft beer. Taking a long pull on her beer she quietly grasps my cock and ran her small hands over my very hard 8 inches. She bent down and slowly started licking the crown and continued to run her tongue down my shaft, leaving traces of saliva all the way to my balls. Running her tongue around the base of my cock, she then ran her tongue up the other side and had me squirming in my chair. Parting her warm lips, she sucked the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue while bobbing her head up and down on my cock. Over and over she ran her mouth down as far as she could, feeling the head of my cock hit the very back of her throat and then back up again. Tied down I could barely take this treatment.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and reached for the stout glass and bent my cock over to the side and plunged it into the glass, wetting it in the sweet brown elixir. Placing my cock back in her mouth, she started the ritual all over again, sucking every bit of beer off my cock. Coming up for air, she pulled off my cock and repositioned Yalova Escort herself between my legs and ran her tongue down over my cock, down over my balls and swirled her tongue just under my balls in that naughty place, so close to my ass. I raised my hips as she sucked one of my tender and vulnerable balls softly into her mouth and pulled teasingly on it. Wetly switching to the other ball, she sucked that one roughly into her mouth, letting me know that she was in control.

Slowly standing up, she started to untie her silk robe for the first time to reveal the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. It was a white flower-patterned lace dress strung over her shoulders and around her perfect body in a line with the breasts completely cut out so I could feast with my eyes on her perfect 36 D tits. The flower pattern was completely see through and underneath was the tiniest thong panties, which were so small that the white patch barely concealed her sweet pussy.

I had a hard time deciding what her best features are when her beautiful eyes, sexy ass, tiny ankles or her very athletic body were being used to devour me. Hands tied I beg to be released to pull her tits into my waiting mouth. She refused, bending over to rub her hard nipple roughly across my lips, teasing me. My cock ran out of skin to expand and was like a piece of hardened steel, sticking straight up in the air.

She had her own agenda. Holding on to my rigid member, she climbed up on my lap and started rubbing it back and forth across her clit through her panties and moaned. She gently pulled her panties aside and began to impale herself on my huge cock; I can only take it like a man. She eased herself down on me, 2,3 inches and back up. Again, 2,3,4 inches and back up. I want her marvelous tits in my mouth so badly that I am willing to do anything.

Next, she lowers herself all the way down to the base of my cock. She shudders and closes her eyes, resting to allow her pussy to adjust to the size of the huge cock snuggly lodged into her wetness. She rises again and sinks all the way down, gently rubbing her clit all over me. Over and over she fucks me with a passion that is palpable. Her legs are straining to keep pace and I am doing none of the work. She FINALLY Yalova Escort Bayan offers to untie me if I am willing to take her upstairs to the bedroom and fuck her silly. Please, I beg…Untie my hands so I can get you in my mouth.

She slowly stands and unties me. Seductively, she turns around, and glances back at me, exposing for the first time the back of her lacy lingerie. It is open the length of her backside, starting as a small slit at the nape of her neck, and growing wider as it cascades over her perfect heart-shaped ass, exposing the trail of her thong as it disappears into her sweetness. One small tie holds the entire ensemble together. She slowly and deliberately walks away from me, hungrily staring right into my eyes. As she disappears up the stairs, I see the gentle subtleties of her ass that I can’t wait to run my tongue over.

When I get to the bedroom, she is waiting for me to ravage her body. Oh, how it’s my turn. I dive into her breasts, sucking, licking and pulling on her rock-hard nipples. Running my tongue around her areolas and feasting on her luscious tits. Finally, she rolls me on my back and plunges down on my hard cock, placing her hands on my chest and dangling her charms in my face. She loves to have her nipples sucked while she grinds on my hard cock.

I especially love it when I can get both of her nipples into my mouth and she raises her hips enough for me to pound my cock into her while sucking on her tits, running my hand over her gorgeous ass and snaking a wet finger around her asshole while barely inserting the tip of my finger as I continue to pummel her wet pussy. She can only take this for a minute and squirts her girl juices all over my crotch. I continue my assault on her as she moans approval and tells me not to stop.

After a few minutes, I turn her over on her back and dive between her legs to lick up all her wetness and run my tongue over her hard clit. Running my tongue back and forth, her hips buck wildly, and she presses her girl parts up against my mouth. I could suck on her pussy all night, but I know that she is going to want my hard cock to pound her. This girl loves cock and she wants it hard and warm. I’m not the first guy that ever figured out that she is into Escort Yalova a hard cock. Not a dildo, not a G-spot vibrator, not a lifelike dick even if its 10 inches.

She is in the mood to get fucked tonight and I am the lover who is going to give her more than she can handle. She spreads her legs wide and begs me to put my cock into her smoking hot pussy. I pull up on my elbows and rub my cock across her puffy lips, dragging it across her clit as she moves her hips to pull me into her. I give in and sink my cock all the way into her wet pussy, burying my cock deep inside her. Feeling her cervix touch the head of my cock, I pull all the way out and plunge back in.

I pick up the pace, as lovemaking is for another time, because she needs my hard cock and she needs it all, deep inside her even though it hurts so good. I’m hitting her clit as I continue my assault on her pussy; I don’t want to stop. My head drops to her shoulder and she starts to suck on my ear—pulling my lobe into her mouth and licking it and sucking it. She is out of control. Begging for more cock, she opens her mouth and starts to run her tongue on my neck; she knows this drives me crazy. It’s like she is sucking on another cock while I fuck the hell out of her. She leaves a trail of hickies on my neck and I just continue to pound her for all she’s worth.

She begs me to flip her over on her knees, so I can drive my cock deeply into her womb. She gets on her knees with her perfect ass in the air, as I ram her repeatedly, pounding and ramming her so hard she squirts for the second time tonight. She reaches for her vibrator while she has her face buried in a pillow and my hard cock so far inside her she can feel it in her chest. I am relentless, pounding her and feeling her soak me with girl cum flying all over as she begs me not to stop.

“Fuck me Jeffrey, don’t you stop fucking me. Oh, just like that, don’t you cum, don’t you stop…oh,oh,oh,OH,OH,OHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Fuck me Jeffrey aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I scream in a massive orgasm as she cums like crazy; I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. Eventually, I pull out and my cum cascades out of her tight pussy; we have soaked each other and are spent. I crawl between her legs and plunge my tongue into her well-fucked slit and taste our juices, mingled together. I suck everything I can into my mouth and swallow all our fluids. OH MY GOD.

Merry Christmas Honey. That’s all I want forever. Looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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