She Works Hard for the Money

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This is really my first attempt at writing erotica, so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you like the story, please tell me…I have plenty of ideas for Jenny Lee…not to mention a HUGE surprise later down the road. Thanks!


It’s an old story, really. Small town girl moves to the big city searching for money, fame, and of course, the big L: love.

Jenny Lee Miller was hardly nineteen when she heard the siren call of Los Angeles screaming her name. A lifetime in a small desert community had bored her; she craved change, attention, anything, really, to escape the humdrum life she existed in. Tossing her bags in her ’94 Honda, she waved goodbye to her family, heading west, her long natural blond hair flipping in the wind as she drove off, windows down, in a car with no air conditioning.

In retrospect, she realized much later, she really should have had more of a plan, something more than her “connections” to rely on. These basically amounted to a friend whose couch she could crash on, and an aspiring actor friend, plying his trade at the local coffee shop.

Billy Jean, whose parents had an obvious Michael Jackson fixation, was starting to get a little irritated after Jenny Lee had been there for three months.

“Jenny, when are you getting your own place? My couch has memory marks from you sleeping on it!”

“BJ, I just don’t know…Norm’s isn’t paying me much, hours are hard to come by, and tips are lousy…” she lamented. “I’m trying to find a better job, I swear!”

Her roommate sighed. “You know how much of a crimp you’re putting on my love life, right? Jake hasn’t been able to come over here since the time you walked in on us last month…

“Look, Jenny Lee, I told you that you were welcome here as long as you need to be, and I’m not backing away from that. I just want you to realize that life here is different than back home. It’s faster paced, bigger. You can’t just work part time as a waitress and expect to get by. You need to find a better job, make more money, and get your own place.”

“I know, I know…” Jenny Lee looked downtrodden. Billy Jean had just vocalized her fears and frustrations. She wanted to make it here, but was starting to lose hope. She had even contemplated going back home. The only thing standing in the way of that was her pride. Jenny Lee refused to admit failure. “Maybe I can find a second job…just until I find that good one! I have a lot to offer…maybe no experience, but I can learn!”

The look on Billy Jean’s face said otherwise. “Listen, honey…maybe this isn’t right for –“

“NO!” she screamed. “I won’t go back! I can’t! Everyone said I’d fail, and come crawling back. I refuse to let them be right! I’ll…I mean…fuck, I’ll go streetwalking if I have to!”

Billy Jean laughed. “Sweetie…they don’t call it that. You’d be a streetwalker if you did that. The appropriate verb is ‘hooking, and I don’t think you’re cut out for that.”

She brushed her long black hair back from her chest. “If you’re seriously contemplating that, then I think I can help you…but it’s not to be taken lightly. You remember when I left Podunk a few years ago?” Jenny Lee nodded. “The only difference between my situation and yours was a few hundred dollars more in the bank…which I burned through in less than a month.”

The blonde nodded. As she looked around the small apartment, she asked, “Then how did you get here? You’re not rich by any means, but seem to be pretty well off.”

“These.” She grabbed her large breasts, shaking them. Jenny Lee looked intently.

“I…I don’t understand…you, um, ‘hooked’?”

“No silly…a little nude modeling! See, out here, there’s always a demand for girls. Where do you think all the Internet porn comes from? There’s more to it than just Jenna Jameson and Brianna Banks. You don’t have to be a ‘name’ to make some good money. Doing a few dozen shoots gave me enough income to survive until I found a good job.”

“Just modeling?”

“Well…not for me…see, I have a slightly higher libido, and was open to the idea of some more…intense shooting. I started out on a topless site, which paid barely anything. I quickly learned that the more I was willing to do, the more I’d get paid. So, next I did some totally nude, split pussy shots, then some full hardcore, and even did a lezzy session or two…” Billy Jean’s eyes glazed over. “Renee…I wish I still had her number…”

“LEZ!?!? Oh, fuck that. I will NOT do another girl!” Jenny Lee’s pulse quickened. She couldn’t believe she was hearing any of this…let alone contemplating it. She wasn’t a virgin, but still close to it. Still, the idea…

“Relax, babe. They won’t do anything you don’t want to. You start at the bottom anyways, that’s where the ads are. Your shoot director or the cameraman will offer you more work if they think you can handle it. It’s not Playboy, to be sure, but it beats the streets.”

Jenny Lee looked down at her body. She was cute, she knew that much. Bostancı Escort The crown at the county fair beauty pageant when she was 17 was enough to convince her of that. Her breasts, while not nearly as big as her roommate’s (was she really a double D? Her bra said so…), were still pretty big on her small frame. Pulling the collar away from her shirt, looking down, she realized, perhaps for the first time, her boobs were pretty nice. A large C cup, firm and a little perky. Her pink nipples, however, she never liked: they were just a little too high on her breasts, at least compared to the other girls she saw in the locker room, not to mention long. They were bigger than erasers!



A week later, Jenny Lee found herself putting a robe on, having just finished her first photo shoot. Her panic subsided quickly, as the photographer was able to put her at ease when he told her no one would ask her to remove anything below the waist.

Jack Baxter had been surprisingly easygoing, reassuring her, giving her pointers and mild direction, but mostly allowing her to control the pace of the shoot. And much to her astonishment, this was nothing like a Lifetime movie. He wasn’t sleazy, no compliments to get what he wanted, no pushing. When her bra came off, her nipples weren’t erect from a cold studio: she was slightly turned on by the experience. It was almost as if she was undressing for a lover, rather than a complete stranger.

After she had returned to a full state of dress, Jack handed her two business cards. The first one was his: it had the URL of the website where her pictures would be published, along with a password to see the entire set. Her big fear, though, was that any Joe could hop on and see her in all her glory. She didn’t mind, too much, subscribers seeing her, but the idea of a bunch of horny teenage boys, specifically the ones back home, jumping in and getting a free show. As if he was reading her mind, Jack set her at ease once again.

“Now, this is a membership site, a paid admission, if you will. This isn’t the kind of place where you can just go and see a bunch of the pics for free, and then more if you sign up. It’s a respectable page, where only the most famous of our models are advertised. You will be prominently featured, of course, as you have new sets. We update daily, and the newest models are always on top. It would be, of course, in your best interests to do multiple sets, to increase your body of work. The more sets, the more popular you become. The webmaster pays more money for girls who get a lot of hits.”

Jenny Lee was still looking at the cards. “What about this one?”

Jack looked at it, almost hesitantly. He let out a sigh. “I’m gonna be honest with you, Jenny. The money isn’t that much, at least not on this end. has pretty much guaranteed buying my photos, as they know my skill and trust my judgment when it comes to girls. However, unless you are one of the top producers, with an immense body of work, you’re never gonna make more than a couple of hundred bucks a pop. Beyond that, if you don’t meet a quota, then they’re not going to buy any more from you.” As if to accentuate this, he peeled off two crisp hundred-dollar bills.

“That card is for Mark Spitz. He specializes in the more…there’s really no other way to put this, is there? He does hardcore shots. He’s good, he has a good eye, but he won’t put up with an amateur. The man wants a woman who will do what she’s told. Obviously, he won’t push you into a girl-on-girl scene, or anal. He won’t even expect a facial; he works out the specifics in advance with you. But you can’t be timid, you shouldn’t contact him until you’re ready.”

Jenny Lee shuddered a bit. “How…how much does he pay?”

Again, he sighed. “It can be as much as a thousand, depending on what you’re willing to do. He insists on at least a small portfolio with a minimum of half a dozen other shoots, at least one of which HAS to be totally nude. He also doesn’t pay in advance, but he’s always good for the money. Only time I’ve ever heard a complaint was when this crack ho he shot claimed he quoted her more than he paid…of course, she claimed he had forged the contract.”

Jenny couldn’t believe what she said next. “Can we set up another shoot?”

***** She found herself really beginning to enjoy these sessions. She felt completely comfortable with Jack, and she was able to drop her clothes with no suggestions. She often felt herself moistening up, just thinking about how sexy she looked. She would play with her tits, starting to enjoy the sensations of pulling on her own nipples, the taste when she lifted one to her mouth to suckle herself. Jenny even felt that her nipples, while not the norm, were pretty hot. It made her stand out from all the other skinny blondes.

During one shoot, she found herself removing her white cotton panties. Without even thinking about it, she spread her legs to expose her tight pink pussy. It had been far too long Ümraniye Escort for her since there was any pleasure down there, and the minute her finger touched her cunt lips, she began to quiver. Slowly, deliberately, she moved her index finger a bit deeper.

Her breathing grew heavy as she added a second finger. She hadn’t felt this way in years, but she was getting into it fervently. Jack was snapping his camera as fast as he could, getting in as close as he could. To Jenny Lee, he wasn’t even there. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her right hand moved from holding her pussy open, to rubbing her engorged clit. The moment she put pressure on it, she exploded, her juices nearly hitting Jack’s lens.

Looking down at him, all she wanted at that moment was a cock, his cock, any cock. Luckily for Jack’s career, not to mention marriage, he had his “bag of tricks” as he called it, within arm’s reach. He handed her a medium sized, cock molded rubber dildo. Holding the base with both hands, she shoved the plastic right into her twat, letting out a lustful moan as she felt it fill her completely.

She opened her eyes, moving one hand up to her heaving tit, and looked straight at the camera. “Fuck me,” she moaned, “fuck me hard, baby….” She moaned, still looking in the camera’s eye, completely lost in lust. She would later would later wonder if this was what she’d been missing all this time…would it have always been this good?

She lifted her tit to her mouth, taking the nipple into her mouth, biting. The pain mixed with pleasure filled her body, and she came again, screaming. The cock stayed buried in her as her orgasm subsided, her body quaking. After a few moments, she slowly pulled out the rubber monster, a popping sound emanating as the air rushed to fill the gap. She looked sheepishly at Jack as she picked up her robe and walked to the changing room. He handed her two extra bills as she left.


Much to her relief, Jenny Lee’s photos weren’t the huge hit she thought they might be. In her mind, she had visions of strange, disgusting men recognizing her in the street, ogling her, and much, much worse. Still, she was getting enough hits for continued work, and it only took a few months of modeling and waiting tables to afford the down payment on a crappy little apartment in the Valley. This wasn’t The Good Life, but it was ok for her.

Until her boss found out.

“Jenny Lee, please come into my office.”

She was just reporting for her shift when Raymond approached her. She was tying her apron on as she followed him. He closed the door and sat behind his desk. Without a word, he turned the monitor on his computer. There, in front of her, was her first totally nude layout.

“We have two options, as I see them, Jenny Lee. I have a huge risk factor here, keeping you on. Customers might see this, and since you used your real name and occupation, it wouldn’t be hard to put two and two together. Might be good for business, but might create some behavior problems with the rowdier set. I can’t have that, I cannot take that risk.

“Then there’s…a second option. I don’t think I need to spell that one out for you.” Raymond had been not so much like a father to her, but a fair boss. He’d seemed nice enough, trying to work with her, help her where he could. But now, the sight of this 55 year old man, balding, looking at her with a glare of lust and a hint of evil…

She ran.


Things started to spiral downhill from there. Her meager savings was quickly depleted, and found herself in debt to numerous credit card companies. She still posed for Jack, but the site didn’t want as many sets as she wanted to give them. Jack had fronted her cash for so many shoots that he was convinced she was snorting, even expressing this concern. Breaking into tears, she told Jack about her job, her bills, all of it.

“Honey, I wish I could help you. You just aren’t a strong enough model to warrant any more sets than I have. As it is, I have six months worth of backlog on you — and I can’t afford to advance you any more money until these sell.”

She looked up at him, trying to be seductive, with tears streaming down her face. “What if I…did some special work for you?” Her bra strap hanging down her shoulder, her hips jutted to the side would have been possibly effective in other circumstances. She moved towards him, putting her hands on his broad chest. “I can do whatever you want, Jack…anything,” she whispered into his ear.

He grabbed her hand, and moved it down…to his left ring finger. Into her ear he whispered, “I appreciate the offer, but even if I wasn’t married, I don’t sleep with my models…”

He straightened up, and started to pack up his gear. “I don’t think you should call me anymore, Jenny Lee.”


Left with no other options, she hesitantly called up Mark Spitz, who promised to get her in for a shoot right away. She found herself in his office a few days later.

“Jack Ataşehir Escort Baxter sent you, eh? He’s got a good eye…but I’d like to see it for myself. Show me what you’ve got.”

As nervous as she was to be disrobing for a complete stranger, she felt a rush unlike she’d ever felt with Jack. The first few times with him, she’d been nervous, scared; after all, other than boyfriends, no man had ever seen her naked before, let alone a complete stranger. Even when she started to fuck herself for Jack, that was different: he was a friend by then. But this man, she’d never seen before. However, her lust had built up over time: like an addict, the thrill had to be bigger to match her desire. Getting totally nude in a heartbeat for this man made her cunt juice up. She dropped her voice an octave, and asked, “do you like it, baby?” She had gotten good at the act of seduction, even if she’d never really applied it.

“Nice, nice…and a natural blonde, to boot!” Mark began to rub himself lightly, his cock growing erect. “First thing you need to know…I’m only sometimes the photographer. With new girls, I’m always the first. My business, I get first crack at the crack.”

Jenny looked across at him, still naked, with a half-laugh escaping. He wasn’t an unattractive man. On the contrary, he was borderline hot. Sitting, she could see he was tall, probably around 6 foot, about 200 pounds, well built but not rippling. His brown hair was cut short, a little wavy, and a nice looking goatee, which suited his face well. He stood up and walked around her, groping her tits first, then her ass. What am I, a horse? she wondered.

“Yes, yes…no sag, well proportioned…tell me princess — “

“Jenny Lee,” she corrected.

“Jenny Lee, my apologies. Very cute name, matches the body well. So, tell me, what do you do? And I don’t mean on the outside world, sweetie.” Jenny Lee could feel his eyes all over her. Strangely, it made her wetter. She could practically feel the heat between her legs. As soon as this was over, she told herself, her battery operated boyfriend and her would have some alone time.

“Well…I’d fuck obviously…”


“I do oral…I don’t suppose I’d mind a shot in the face…maybe in my mouth too. Two guys at once would be nice, I guess.”

“Two guys…anal?”

“Ewww…” she exclaimed, not thinking. She saw the look of disappointment on Mark’s face, and quickly changed her tune. “I mean, ummm…I don’t know…I’ve never done it…it looks painful.”

Mark looked as if he was checking off a checklist in his mind. “No problem. If you want to, that’s great, no pressure…lots of actresses have lost their ass cherries on set.”

“Waitwaitwait…actress? I thought this was a web photo shoot? Mark, Jack told me –”

Mark cut her off. “When did he give you my number?”

“Umm…about 6 months ago?”

“I started doing web video last month. There’s not a lot of money in photos anymore. Which reminds me…you into girls too?”

“NO.” In truth, the idea made her excited, but the implications of doing a lesbian scene frightened her too much to think about.

“Alright, alright, just calm down babe, alright? It’s not like I’m about to throw a pussy in your mouth.” He sat down, flipping though his date book. “You can get dressed,” he said, looking. “I can set you up for a shoot on Tuesday around noon…can you be here?”

As she snapped the front clasp on her bra, she said “Can we do it now?”


In only two hours, Mark had assembled a cameraman, boom operator and a fluffer. He adjusted the lights himself, and instructed Jenny Lee to do her own makeup. As he was sitting in his director’s chair, getting a wet, slow blowjob from a flat-chested redhead, she walked up to him.

“Umm, Mark? Is there a script, or a costume I should be wearing?”

“Not all porno’s have all that, doll. Stop a second honey, I don’t want to cum,” he said to the redhead. She got up to have a cigarette. “A lot of the time, its just a man, a woman and a bed. That’s what this is. No time for scripts or scenes, just the basics here. I sell to a number of sites, so it doesn’t have to be all pro and shit. This isn’t Bang Bus or My Sister’s Friend, at least, not this time.” Those sites meant nothing to her, but she nodded anyway. “Although, this will only pay about a grand, give or take a hundred. Is that ok? It’s not too late to back out.” His mouth said this, but his tone suggested the next words would be but it is if you ever want to work for me.

In fact, her nerves barely came into this. A grand, she thought. That’s my back rent in one shot!

“Yeah, sure, lets go!”



It started out slowly. Mark wanted to get an establishing shot of her masturbating. He stood out of the camera’s view, slowly pulling on his semi-erect cock. Jenny Lee’s eyes rolled back in her head as she laid naked, spread eagle on the bed. Her pussy was well trimmed, a nice triangle of hair over a pink set of aching lips. Her fat nipples stood proudly up from her chest, jutting forth ever so slightly. Per Mark’s instructions, she had left the bra on, with her tits pulled out over the top for effect. It made them seem bigger than they were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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