Shelley , Her College Professor

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Dean Davis and M. Martine Matheson

The professor awoke to the sound of running water in the shower. What an incredible evening with the auditor of his History of Sports class. She probably had another class to get to this morning, but he didn’t care.

His cock half hard and slowly growing, he made his way into the bathroom and opened the shower door. He entered and finding Shell facing away from him, cupped her sexy breasts and began nuzzling that space between her neck and shoulder that he had found last night to be her weakness.

Shell had wished with everything she had that Dr. Davis would pick up on her invitation to the shower. He had been ardent for weeks but ever since he returned from a brief vacation, had been somewhat cold and distant, and had not flirted with his prize student once. She was beginning to think she had lost her touch, or worse, that the professor had lost interest.

Apparently, he hadn’t.

“Mmm…” Shelley moaned at the professor’s touch. “Dr. Davis? What in the world are you doing?” she said, teasingly. “I have a history of the National Football League class today and the subject is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I REALLY need to go.”

“You can miss that one, Shell,” the professor said, guiding his hard cock into her pussy from behind while the couple was still standing. “It’s a short class today.”

Shell’s hands were flat on the white tile of the shower so she could brace herself for her esteemed professor, whose body sent shocks of desire through her and whose voice, whose sexy fantastic voice, she played over and over when she taped his lectures. Their first sexy, flirtatious encounter had taken place when he hired her to transcribe her tapes…but today, all she could think of was Dr. Davis’ lips on her neck, his hands gripping her waist, and the sensation of his enormous cock easing itself into her uptilted hips. Even if they did run out of hot water this would never be a cold shower.

Shelley decided against her morning class, thinking she could always get the notes Van Escort from someone else. Heck, Dr. Davis was a football fan; he could probably fill her in. And that’s just what he was doing now — filling her in, over and over again. He turned her head to kiss her and their lips met. Shelley continued to gasp and moan as the professor’s massive cock maneuvered inside her sexy pussy….”spend the weekend with me,” he whispered as he made love to his prize student…

Davis didn’t make the offer lightly. He’d had to do some rearranging of his schedule to even get this girl here in the first place. He wasn’t going to leave this to chance. Since their first embarrassed kiss, in his crowded, messy office that cold December evening, their relationship had been businesslike, but fraught with sexual tension. First hired to transcribe her classroom notes for uploading on the Net (Shelley never missed class, which was more than Davis could say for the jocks), she had proven herself quickly to be the competent, careful assistant his colleagues said she was.

Fact is, Dr. Davis hired her for another reason, too. She was hot. He’d had lots of women, all ages, colors, and sizes, but this one. She was a puzzle. Shelley never dressed provocatively, but she was sexy. She wasn’t foul mouthed, but she looked like she needed to be fucked. Rumor was among the jocks that she didn’t “put out” and there was a huge bet riding on which one would be the first to bed her. Some unsuccessful suitors started another rumor,that she was a lesbian, but Davis didn’t think so. Maybe an experimentor – shit, that’s what college was for, to make all your mistakes while living at your parents’ expense before you had to enter the real world.

After they agreed on her hourly rate, she spent many a late fall afternoon with her legs curled under her on a couch in his office, hair out of her way in a ponytail, her glasses slipping down her nose and she made careful pencil marks in the margins of his novel The Coach. Their rapport had developed to the point Van Escort Bayan where Davis entrusted Shelley with the novel, trusted that she would not reveal its subject matter. As she sipped her tea, Davis thought back to her response to a shower scene he’d written for his hero and one of his many conquests.

“Oh my God, Dr. Davis. What a hot chapter! Favorite fantasy of mine” Shelley had laughed at the time. They had both laughed. But Davis tucked the information away for what he hoped was a future encounter. His eyes were on her butt as she uncurled herself from the couch and turned to lean down to refill her teacup. Davis took the opportunity to refill his eyes with her cute little ass.

And now, here they were, months later, in his shower, him fucking her from behind…she loving it…the two playing out a favorite fantasy of both of them…”I wanna fuck those tits,” Dr. Davis said, and then I wanna play out every chapter of my book and more.”

Shelley was happy to oblige. Off went the water in the shower, but the steamy scene continued. Shelley kneeling in front of the professor, both of them dripping wet and she offered her sexy breasts to him. His cock, already hard and slick from fucking her pussy, now began to slip and slide between those breasts. Shell reached up and grabbed the shampoo bottle from the shelf and emptied a bit into her hands. She rubbed them together to create a lather and lathered the professor’s cock to provide more lubrication.”I wanna cum on these tits,” the professor said, half smiling, half moaning, ” I wanna shoot this hot cum all over you.”

How many times had Shelley awakened with the dream scene still in her mind, of being just like this on her knees in front of this gorgeous man, looking up into his eyes for permission to continue? Now he’d asked her, not a question really, but direction on what she wanted. Her hands clutched her breasts to capture Davis’s cock, and she shook her wet hair out of her eyes as she rose on her thighs to encourage and continue this intoxicating Escort Van play. “He can cum anywhere he wants to,” Shelley thought wildly, “as long as he lets me get him hard again. I don’t think either of us is making it to class….”

Out loud, Shelley could barely speak as she nodded her head, then looked down at the purple head of Davis’s huge cock between her tits. Heaven.

The ringing of Davis’s home phone followed shortly thereafter by his cell phone could mean only one thing — his secretary was looking for him because he was late to class. This happened rarely. The occasions were either car trouble, a family emergency or, only one time before, a woman. But that had been several years ago.

Now both phones were ringing again and Davis didn’t care. He was alternately fucking Shelley Martin’s tits and stepping back and stroking himself off, getting ready to shoot his load on this beautiful co-ed. The ringing of the phones ceased and Davis thought that they had given up on him. His 9:15 would be cancelled and he didn’t fucking care.

Instead, he went back to concentrating on the gorgeous woman on her knees in front of him, water still dripping from her wet hair, her eyes half closed as she reveled in the sensation of her breasts being fucked.

And then it happened. It came quickly, without warning. And suddenly her wet tits were coated with creamy liquid. But the professor wasn’t done. He corralled his cock and pointed it directly at Shelley’s face, squirting a stream of cum onto her lips….

Shelley licked her lips to savor each drop. She had to chase Davis’s cock slightly to capture it with her lips, giggling as she did out of sheer pleasure, sucking his cock into her mouth, perhaps too eagerly, she thought, judging from the wince on his face…but he was so damn hot, and she loved how much cum he served her. She eased up a little, her thumbs pressing against the underside of Davis’s cock now, massaging him and milking as much of his cum as she could get. She swallowed as much as he could pump into her wet, willing mouth.

“Miss Martin, I think you may have to stay after class to see me today,” smiled Dr. Davis, gazing at his sexy cocksucker. “And I think it will have to be a private conference.”


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