Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 07

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Chapter 7

‘Home’, looked different at one o’clock in the morning. The train station was all but empty as she arrived on the last train of the night. Luckily, Uber was available and within a few minutes she was on her way.

She stood before the house and looked up and down the suburban street. No traffic. No prying eyes to notice her presence. She approached the house and lifted the planter near the front door to retrieve the hidden key. She quietly let herself in and locked the door behind her.

As she headed up the stair case, she stripped of her clothes and as she opened the door to the master bedroom, she could barely see her totally naked form in a mirror in the darkened room.

Mike lay on his side, asleep, facing the center of the bed with his back to the door, and was unaware of her presence.

Perfect, she thought to herself.

She proceeded to the opposite side of the bed, quietly lifted the sheets, and slipped beneath them. She gingerly shifted her position, as she inched closer to spoon him. Once adjacent to his warm, muscular form, she began slowly gyrating her ass, rubbing up against his cock.

“Uh, ohh, is that you princess?”

She whispered in a barely audible voice, “Yes daddy.”

“I thought you weren’t coming home until the weekend sweetie.”

“There’s no classes tomorrow so I thought I’d surprise you,” she whispered.

“What a nice surprise,” Mike said as he placed his arm around her waist and drew her to him.

“Mmmmm, daddy.”

She continued to grind her ass into his growing cock as he sleepily kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. She reached back and grabbed his swollen member and stroked him as his hand found her womanhood. As Mike played with her moist cunt, she released his hardness and raised her leg over his hip. Mike was ready. He grabbed his tool and rubbed the head back and forth along her slit, coating himself with her lubricant.

He brought himself to her entrance and inserted the tip.

“Mmmmm. Yes, daddy,” she whispered. “Fuck me. Just like this.”

Mike set up a steady rhythm and soon he was hilted in her hot, wet cunt. He stroked slowly in and out of her, his full length stretching her tight pussy with each thrust. She reached back with her arm and encircled his neck and drew him in for a wanting kiss. He reached up, took her nipple between his thumb and index finger and pinched her as his cock moved in and out of her tight, moist pit. She gasped, before resuming their kisses.

Mike reached down and began toying with her clit as he continued to fuck her slowly, and with purpose.

Within minutes, she could feel her approaching orgasm. She moaned into his mouth and her body convulsed in release.

As her orgasm waxed, and waned, and waxed again, her body drove her into Mike’s swollen member. He tightened his grip on her and his body stiffened. His pipe erupted, filling her with gaziantep minyon escort bayan hot cream, sending her into another wave of orgasm.

As they came down together, their kisses ended and she turned away, whispering, “Thank you daddy.”

Mike left himself inside her and cuddled her as they both drifted off to sleep.


Mike awakened to loss of his daughter and the sounds of the shower. As he lay there waking up to the morning sun, the shower stopped. Several minutes later a petite, tanned, beauty with long black hair and green eyes emerged, nude, from the bathroom.

“Maddy?” Mike said in disbelief. “What are you doing here? Where’s Shelly?”

“Good morning lover,” Maddy replied and kissed his forehead as she headed for the closet.

“Maddy! That was you last night? What the fuck?”

Maddy, ignored his rant and opened the closet searching for something to wear.

Mike watched as the full-grown, five foot three inch, sexy, nymph, that he’d known since childhood, slipped into one of his shirts. Her long black hair, that almost covered her beautiful, apple-bottom, ass, was now displaced by the shirt tail.

“Thanks for last night,” she said as she turned and engaged the lower two buttons. “Your cock’s a lot bigger than my dad’s and your load is a lot bigger too. It felt so warm and wonderful up inside me. I see why Shelly’s not happy unless she’s fucking you.”

Mike was speechless.

“I’m headed down stairs to make some toast and coffee. Come down when you’re ready. We should probably talk,” she said as she headed out the door.

Mike laid there and covered his face with his hands, questioning himself. Oh fuck! What have I done?

A few minutes later, a somewhat numb, Mike entered the kitchen and sat down at the table.

“Maddy, how could you do this? You let me fuck you, cum in you, all the time making me believe it was Shelly.”

“Do you want cream and sugar, Mike?” Maddy said as she brought him a cup of coffee.

“What? No. Maddy, I’m trying to talk to you.”

“So then, how about some Jelly for your English muffin, lover?

“Maddy, stop this. We’re not playing house, you and I.”

“Oh, that’s exactly what we’re doing baby. That is, until Shelly gets home. I’ve suggested a number times that we swap daddies but I didn’t actually tell her I was going to fuck you.”

“Shelly was never supposed to tell you about us.”

“Yes, she told me that after the first time she sucked your dick. Listen, we needed to talk to somebody about fucking our dads. So, we told each other. EVERYTHING! We’ve never told anyone else though.”

That last revelation gave Mike some, much needed, relief.

From somewhere within a pile of Maddy’s crumpled clothes stacked on another kitchen chair, Maddy heard her phone.”


“Speaking of Shelly,” Maddy nizip escort bayan said as she rifled the pile retrieving her phone. She read the message and quickly typed out a reply.

“She’s going to catch the 10:22 train. She’ll be here about noon.”

Mike took a long draw on his coffee as Maddy continued.

“How did you get here, how did you even get in?”

“I’ve been coming over here since I was six. You don’t think I know where you hide the key? I told Shelly my mom was visiting her sister and that my dad was alone this weekend, which he is. Since I didn’t have a class this morning, I told Shelly that I was going to come home last night. She had a mid-term, first thing this morning. Listen, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time. I’ve given you clues but nothing. Eventually, it had to come down to this.”

“But Maddy…”

“But what? You hated it? Admit it, you enjoyed it just as much as I did,” Maddy said as she leaned back against the counter across the kitchen from Mike.

“But I came in you.”

“It’s okay. I have an IUD. We both do. They were having a special at the student health center,” Maddy lied. “Listen Mike, I had fun. So did you. I really enjoyed fucking you and it WILL happen again. We could be fucking right now,” Maddy locked her gaze to Mike’s. “It was nice having you for my daddy,” she said with a sly smile.

Mike’s cock stood at full attention and throbbed. As much as he wanted to resist, his wants and needs got the best of him. Here was a beautiful young goddess with a gorgeous body, perky breasts, a tight young pussy, who had already seduced him to violate her, inseminate her, seducing him to fuck her again.

Maddy crossed the room to where Mike sat and straddled him, sitting in his lap. He looked into her slyly smiling face, her eyes beckoning him to kiss her full lips. She brought her arms around his neck and leaned into him for a kiss. Her soft, luscious lips parted and her tongue searched for his, enticing him back into her domain. She ground her pussy into his hardon and Mike surrendered.

Her nails raked the nape of his neck as their kisses deepened and her hips undulated her pussy back and forth over his manhood.

Mike disengaged from her hungry mouth and began kissing her neck.

Maddy whispered in his ear.

“Bite me Mike. Bite me like you bite your little slut daughter.”

Maddy moaned as Mike obliged her and bit her neck and sucked hard.

As Mike finished marking Maddy in conquest, she slid to her knees, parted his robe, and took him into her mouth. She sucked Mike hard and fast, her spittle drooling all over him, dripping down onto her cleavage. Mike grabbed her hair into a ponytail and used it to work his rod, gagging her with his cock. Maddy took it all in stride, swallowing him till her lips were encircling the base of his cock.

As she worked him in nurdağı escort bayan and out of her mouth, Mike reached down and unbuttoned her shirt, his shirt, and bared her tits. He pinched her nipples and her eyes watered as his cock eagerly breached her lips.

Maddy released his rod and re-straddled her new daddy. She reached back and guided him to her entrance and filled herself with his meat.

Mike thrusted into her heat, hilting himself within her. Maddy’s cunt coated him in her juices. Mike grabbed her hips, and guided her efforts. He slapped her ass and her pussy responded by tightening around him.

“Mmmmmm.” Maddy setup a slow, building rhythm as Mike latched onto her nipple.

She leaned in and picked up the pace.

Maddy whispered in his ear, “Fuck me daddy. Fuck me like you fuck Shelly. Fuck me like I am your slut daughter. Make my pussy yours, daddy.”

Mike, encouraged by Maddy’s urgings, pounded her twat, his balls slapping her ass with each stroke.

“God yes,” she continued, “just like that. Make me cum on your cock daddy.”

Mike sucked harder on her tit as he jack-hammered her.

“Oh, fuucckkkk!” Suddenly, Maddy’s thrusts became ragged, animalistic, rutting. Every muscle in her body spasmed and Mike could feel her pussy grabbing at him as she unleashed a torrent of warm flow onto his member.

Mike continued to pound her, even as her orgasm began to wane. He released her tit and slapped her ass… hard. Her cunt twitched in response.

“Did I tell you to stop cumming?” Mike hissed, and slapped her again. Mike grabbed her hair and pulled back her head, exposing his mark. Mike re-assualted her and bit her again as his rock-hard cock drilled her tiny hole.

This time, Maddy stopped breathing and said not a word but her body responded with a fresh spasm and she spent herself again.

Her quivering pussy put Mike over the edge as well. He wrapped his arms around her waist, slamming into her one last time as held the hips that could bear his child still against his sperm-laden ball sack.


Maddy was barely aware of his contracting shaft as his prick painted her cervix with rope after rope of hot semen.

Maddy relaxed, her head laying on Mike’s heaving chest. She recovered as Mike continued to ooze life into her vault.

“Thanks daddy,” she wetly kissed his ear as she whispered, “Now I will have your cum dripping out of me as Shelly and I cruise the mall together,” she said with a teasing giggle.

Mike’s grasp of her waist weakened and Maddy rose up off of him. As she did, his cock fell from her with a ‘plop’, followed by a dollop of Mike’s white jizm.

Maddy reached down and retrieved it with her tongue, smeared it across her gums, and swallowed it. Then she grabbed his spent member and cleansed it of their combined juices.

“Can’t let any go to waste daddy,” Maddy said as she kissed his, still recovering lips.

With that, Maddy grabbed her clothes and retreated to a bathroom to dress. As she returned, she found Mike, still somewhat dazed, standing at the bottom of the stairs, near front of the door.

Maddy gave him a peck on the cheek.

“We are going to have so much fun Mike,” Maddy said. Then she turned and headed out the door and down the sidewalk.

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