Show , Tell – Valentine’s Day Glory

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When Beth woke up that morning, a Thursday in late January, a thought popped into her head. It came out of nowhere, nothing to do with a dream or anything that she’d rationally or irrationally contemplated… a random thought….

“I like the taste of men’s cum.”

With school that day, second graders numbering twenty seven, an unusually large class owing to her superlative teaching skills, as well as her consummate oral proficiency, she pondered this newfound belief.

And how did she choose to justify this conviction?

Easy… she gave the school principal a blow job.

That’s what I meant when I said that she brought to the job, “… her consummate oral proficiency.”

She and Allen had been having a, “kind of,” affair for the past eight months.

She told me about this discovery when I took her to dinner that following Saturday night. After listening to her describe her most recent tryst, I had to ask, “Is this appetite for semen a new discovery or is it a long held belief?”

She laughed and admitted, “Well, I guess it’s just something that I’ve recently realized… like on Thursday morning!”

“Because of Allen?”

“No silly,” another smile, “because of you. Before I met you I’d only given two men… well one man and one boy, blowjobs where I swallowed their cum. My first boyfriend and my husband… and my boyfriend only came in my mouth once and my husband… maybe twenty times in all the years we’ve been together. I could eat your cum all day long and love it and I find that I like sucking other men off too. There’s something about the way men move and sound, the way they react when I hold them in my mouth and then suck every drop out of them. It’s… I just like everything about it.”

“Well, I guess maybe I should help you out in that regard, maybe get you to expand your base of experiences” I offered.

“Oh, you’re already doing a good job at that,” she laughed again, “but having new experiences is always fun too.”

After dinner we went to Federal Hill for dessert and coffee and then to, “The G Spot.” There, we had a drink, talked to people we’d met previously and then to a guy who’d been showing a lot of interest in Beth… but hadn’t gotten the nerve to go any further than flirting. With all of this talk about blow jobs and swallowing cum… she had him on the dance floor as soon as we went upstairs, where their dancing led to her grouping him… which quickly ended whatever inhibitions he’d needed to overcome, the two of them finding an empty corner where he fucked her standing up.

I got very satisfying “car sex” on our way back to our rendezvous site, with her reminding me that, “… Valentine’s Day is two weeks so…”

I promised to take her out to celebrate the holiday.

However, her admission about her appetite for semen had titillated me and had me thinking about it the next day.

So I did a little online research.

When I picked her up for a, “belated,” Valentine’s Day celebration, four days after the holiday … I had a plan.

I guess she did too.

As soon as she got into the car, she leaned across the center console and kissed me, her tongue into my mouth, bringing with it the taste of something slightly thick and salty. When I gave her a questioning look she smiled and showed me a piece of plastic wrap, the gooey remains of some sort of creamy paste stuck all over it, which she’d been holding in her hand.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Allen’s cum,” she answered cheerfully.

I guess my look of confusion said it all!

“Last time baby, when I was telling you how I liked the taste of cum…,” she confessed, “I thought I’d let you experience it too. Does it taste different than yours?”

“I’m afraid I’ve never tasted mine… except for whatever remains in your mouth after you’ve gotten me off. And what made you think I’d want Allen’s cum in my mouth?”

Smiling now… “Remember when we were first talking about me having sex with strangers… you were giving me all the “logical” reasons why it would be a good idea… and then I asked you, as a way to point out your selfish logic, “What if I wanted you to give another man a blowjob… would you do it?” and you immediately answered, “Of course.” Well, I wanted to find out how you’d react to me spiting Allen’s cum in your mouth?”

Shrugging, I asked, “And…?”

Climbing up on the center console, she hugged me fiercely and said, “And you were telling me the truth.”

What choice did I have… given the circumstances?

The drive into the city was highlighted by a telling of her dalliance with Allen that afternoon, him fucking her in his office and then her later scooping his cum out of herself, wiping it onto the Saran Wrap she’d brought with her.

“Getting it out took a lot longer that it took him to put it in,” she recounted.

Allen had proved to be far less of a Lothario than she had hoped, his celebrity outweighed by his performance. Seemingly happily married, he’d arrived at the elementary school with a reputation altyazı porno as a womanizer and almost immediately fell into a, “rebound” affair with one of the staff, her husband caught cheating less than three months into their marriage. Once that ended, he started to hit on Beth, making her think he’d be a “Super Stud.” While he’d turned out to be a “Super Dud,” she still did enjoy his constant “chase” and the fact that she could get him off very quickly.

I’d helped get their affair started and still enjoyed her recounting of their sexual, mostly, misadventures.

Earlier in the week I’d gone to Miko’s, our favorite little clothing and sex toy store, where I bought her a sexy little mini skirt and sheer blouse set, along with a nice pair of platform shoes.

That outfit, I hoped, was for her to wear… after….

Since it was a Valentine’s Day date, she’d picked a very revealing red mini dress to wear to dinner, a romantic French restaurant where she’d exposed herself on numerous previous visits. Everyone from the owner and head chef down to the dish washers had cruised our table to catch a peek of whatever she was exposing at the moment. And as had been the case since our initial visit, she’d earned dessert and an after dinner drink for us, “On the house,” with the casual manner in which she shown herself off.

From there I drove to a business called, “The Rabbit Hole,” which billed itself as, “THE destination for adventurous men and women!” They advertised all manner of items to “enhance” the sexual experiences of individuals and couples. They also advertised a large choice of “Peep Shows,” “XXX Video Booths,” and “More!”

Located south of the city, I found it in an area of mostly abandoned factory building, the store itself pretty nondescript and the parking lot almost full.

“What’s this?” she asked, as we got out of the car, after she’d changed into the clothes that I’d supplied.

“A place I read about,” I answered, “a somewhere else where we might be able to find interesting things.”

The inside looked like the outside, the floors, walls and display cases shabby and dirty looking. They did have a large assortment of all that had been promised, at least the assortments of sex toys, videos and fetish paraphernalia.

What I didn’t see, however, was evidence of “Peep Shows,” “Video Booths,” or “More?”

I also didn’t see anywhere near enough men to account for the number of cars in the parking lot?

What men we did see… were following Beth around like “Puppy Dogs,” all waiting for her to expose some more of herself, her breasts completely visible through the sheer top.

Their reward came when she bent at the waist to pick a video off a lower shelf, her ass and pussy immediately on display.

Then I saw a man emerge through a doorway at the far end of the room… and I figured that was where they were hiding what I’d brought Beth to experience.

I let her peruse the items around us, a battery powered “Bullet” vibrator catching her eye while I watched the “Mystery” doorway.

I’d seen three more men come out, all disheveled in some manner or another.

I moved her in that direction and was about to open the door when another guy appeared, holding the door open for us.

He then turned around and followed us down the set of stairs… into even dingier surroundings.

The room wasn’t very large, the walls mostly lined with video booths, the middle of the room filled with the “Peep Show” cubicles and then another, larger booth against the far wall by itself.

Everything that we could see… was painted a dull black.

There was a line of men that ran from the nearest “Peep Show” door to the bottom of the stairs. But when the men turned and saw Beth, it was like a “parting of the Red Sea!”

Everyone move one way or another to let us pass.

Several of the men who’d been following us around upstairs, came down behind us.

“What’s this?” she asked again.

“Something new,” I answered.

“Where are… why aren’t there any other women in this line?”

“Because the women are inside those booths,” as I pointed at the doors in the middle of the room.

“What are they doing in there?” confusion written all over her face.

“Peep Shows,” as I looked toward the back of the room, “I’ll explain after.”

The men in line were a motley looking crew, mostly older, more than a few dressed shabbily. Some of the younger guys, 30’s or 40’s, were wearing work clothes, their pants and shirts dirty from their jobs and work they’d been doing. The rest were in jeans and sweatshirts.

After looking around I led her toward the back of the room, some of the men who’d been in line for the “Peep Shows” following us.

Getting to the door on the front of the larger booth, I could see that it was buckled, the doorknob missing, replaced by a thin rope used to pull it open.

I never hesitated.

Pulling it open, I held it as she walked past me, that same puzzled look on her face.

Looking amatör porno back at the crowd behind me… I smiled and pulled the door shut.

The inside was even dingier and dirtier than the outside, a single light bulb hanging from the open ceiling above our heads. Two stools sat inside the cubical, four six inch diameter holes cut into the walls, two on each side, the edges lined with duct tape. They were all about two and a half feet off the floor, sets of eye holes a couple of feet above the larger holes.

Looking around, studying her surroundings, she looked at me and for the third time asked, “What is this?” confusion still clouding her face.

Wrapping the rope around a peg on the door jam to keep it, somewhat, closed and secure, I turned and took her in my arms. After kissing her I said, “This is what is called a, “Glory Hole.”

“A Glory Hole? Why is it called a Glory Hole?”

Before I could explain, there were shuffling noises and the sound of doors opening and closing from behind the walls on either side of us.

She looked at me… still expecting an answer to her question.

That was when the first shriveled penis came through the wall on our right. It was quickly followed by two more, almost identical penises from the left. Eyes could be seen looking at us in the eye holes.

Now she looked at me, a mix of befuddlement and anxiety in her eyes.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around her once more, “those are for you… a chance to expand your experience with good tasting cum.”

After a long pause, the look of confusion and anxiety turned to… anger?

“You want me to…”

Cutting her off, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. You told me you liked the taste of cum and when I told you we needed to work on expanding your experience in that regard… you agreed. This is your chance to do that. If you aren’t interested, we walk out and that’s that.”

Looking at me, slowly shaking her head, she looked down at the three small penises and the scrotums hanging under them and… laughed!

She laughed so hard she had to sit down on one of the stools.

“What?” I asked.

Sniffling from her outburst, she saw a box of Kleenex and a box of antiseptic wipes on a small shelf in the back of the cubical.

After blowing her nose and wiping her eyes, she looked at me and said, “I’ll explain later,” and then took an antiseptic wipe and started to wipe the cock on her right. Once finished, she played with it in her hand before finally taking it into her mouth and slowly sucking on it.

Three sets of eyes flared in the eye holes.

The penis grew in her mouth and then grew even larger when she bent and started to suck on the scrotum!

In less than a minute, the guy came in her mouth… and she didn’t spill a drop.

Turning to her left, she repeated what she just done, the cock closest to the door into her mouth, while playing with the other one with her left hand. Guy number two shot his load even faster, the sights and sounds of what was going on probably over stimulating him.

By the time she’d started on the third guy, two more cocks were through the wall behind her, both of those much larger.

Guy number three lasted a good two minutes, his dick growing as she sucked him down, his balls visibly contracting as he emptied his load down her throat.

Twenty seconds after his cock disappeared… a long and thick black penis appeared in the same hole. Because she had swiveled to her right, it was now behind her and she had no idea it was there.

Guys number four and five got better service, their larger members causing Beth to become more stimulated, her efforts to swallow them joined by her efforts to pleasure herself. She was doing both of them, one and then the other, before pulling her blouse off, as she began rubbing each hard dick on her tits and then sticking it back into her mouth… where she was finally able to, one at a time, get them all the way down her throat.

That did it, first one and then the other emptying himself into her mouth.

Turning to look at me, still unaware of the BBC to her left, she asked, “How did you find out about this?”

“Like anything when it comes to you… a little research. You ask, you receive.”

Standing, she gave me a kiss, her breath and the taste of her tongue surprisingly clean considering she’d just sucked off five men in less than fifteen minutes!

It was when she turned to sit back down… that she discovered the black dick.

Since she’d taken her top off while she was pleasuring guys four and five, the eyes in the eye holes were looking her up and down, obviously impressed by what he saw, his cock now standing up. As she was contemplating the meat hanging from the hole in front of her, she turned to me and asked, “What do I do with THAT?”

Before I could respond, a deep voice from behind the wall answered, “Any fucking thing you want.”

She and I both looked animasyon porno up into the eyeholes above the cock, dark eyes flaring, the massive schlong now jumping up and down as the man behind the wall manipulated it for Beth and his own pleasure.

I thought she might start laughing again… but the look on her face showed that she was all business now.

Still standing, I turned and opened the door.

Two guys were just outside, why they hadn’t gone into the other rooms I didn’t know, but it was too late now.

“She’s done after this one guys,” I told them, leaving the door open so they could watch her.

If they were disappointed, my offer must have mollified them because neither of them walked away.

Beth, oblivious to her audience, had already started to suck on the thick cock that was now sticking even further out, his shaved scrotum hanging below. I hadn’t noticed any black men in the line when we’d walked through, so he’d either been in one the peep show or XXX video booths. And if that were the case, how did he know Beth was servicing men in the Glory Hole?

“Probably word of mouth,” answering my own question… when I had another thought. “What if he works here… and they have a surveillance system? He could have watched us come in and….”

“Take off your skirt!” a command, rather than a request, from the voice behind the wall interrupting my thought.

Beth, who’d seemed to be doing more than enough to keep his attention, was startled by the demand, pulling away from the hole and turning to look at me.

She wasn’t startled by the two men standing next to me, her concern centered on what to do?

I shrugged.

She did too, before pulling the mini skirt over her hips, letting it fall around her feet, the top next to it on the floor.

Naked, she pushed the stool to the side and knelt on the floor in front of the giant cock that was still sticking straight out of the wall in front of her. Turning her head to the right, she smiled at me… and the two guys next to me, and then went back to worshipping the phallus in front of her face, pulling on it, licking it, swallowing it and doing the same to the attached scrotum.

The guy’s moans were clearly audible from the doorway.

In spite of her undivided attention to his cock, he seemed no nearer to an orgasm then when she’d started on him… so she tried something else.

Standing, she turned her back to the wall and bent over, taking his cock and guiding it into her already soaked twat.

Both of their moans reverberated through the room, she turning to look at me, her eyes flaring.

I thought it was from the length and girth of the penis that she’d just clamped down on with her vaginal muscles… but when I heard a sigh behind me, I turned and found that the two voyeurs had grown into eight or ten, all of the men’s attention riveted on the scene in front of them.

That’s what had caught her attention.

But now she had a problem… and that was leverage.

As small as the booth was, she couldn’t reach the other side. Even bending herself completely at the waist, arms locked around her legs, she couldn’t counter the man’s thrusts, her body rocking forward… away from him, every time he rammed his dick into her from behind.

The guy on my left remedied that problem, as soon as he realized she had one!

Walking into the room, he knelt down facing her, his feet and butt braced against the other side wall, then took her hands and placed them on his shoulders.

Problem solved.

His visuals were breathtaking, her tits swaying back and forward, her face inches from his, her eyes boring into his as she became more and more excited, finally reaching forward with her right hand, grabbing his left hand and pulling it into her crotch where she finally got him to start rubbing her clit.

The black guy, watching this from behind her, started to pump her even harder, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her before jamming in all the way back inside, both of them now groaning and crying out… until he pounded both hands against the wall, his eyes disappearing… moaning long and loud as he unloaded all the way inside her….

She didn’t stop gripping and releasing his cock with her vaginal muscles until he was almost completely soft. That was when she stood, turned around and sucked him clean.

Once she’d finished that… he disappeared and she turned to the man still kneeling in front of her.

Somehow in all of this… he’d managed to take his dick out, and he was pulling on it, even as she faced him.

Without a word, she pulled him to his feet, knelt in front of him… and then sucked him off in less than thirty seconds!

“Thank you,” with a kiss on the cheek, as she pushed him out the door.

He’d never said a word, but he didn’t need to because his body language had said it all.

I reached down and picked up her clothes, allowing her a second to get dressed before moving towards the stairs.

The guy who’d stood on my right through the entire episode… was still standing there, even though I’d moved.

“He works here,” he uttered, the first words anyone had said, other than the commands issued by the black man behind the wall… which Beth had obeyed, since we’d walked into the building!

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