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Everyone in this story is over the age of consent.

After being drenched by a motorist, Kane took her home. Annabella forgot to close the bathroom door and didn’t know Kane was watching as she showered and masturbated. He got under the shower after watching her cum. He took her virginity, telling her ‘he would teach her a lot more if she agreed.’

Would she?

Did he?

Sitting on the bed, licking her lips, she watched as he fisted his cock. She could see pre-cum start to glisten around his helmet. Thinking to herself, ‘What would he teach me, where would he teach me, would I enjoy what we would do?’ a million things were going around her head as she watched him.

‘Annabella, what are you thinking? Do you like watching me while I wank in front of you?’ he asked, never taking his eyes from hers. He saw her nipples distending again as her fingers found her clit. ‘Talk to me, Annabella.’

The way he said her name had her swallowing hard. She could feel her breath escaping in short gasps. Licking her lips again, she asked, ‘What kind of things would you teach me and where?’ She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock, which was growing by the second. Never would she have thought that her first sexual experience would have been as good and as exciting as it was. She could go again, but dare she say anything. He seemed to have an air about him that said he was in charge. Looking in his eyes, she could see they were full of lust, making her visibly tremble.

‘You want me to fuck you again, don’t you, Annabella?’

Nodding her head, she replied. ‘Yes.’ Looking from his cock to his eyes, her nipples began to burn and turn into hard little pebbles. Putting her fingers and thumbs over them, she began to twist and pull hard on them, her thighs opening of their own accord.

‘Sit on the edge of the bed and keep your thighs open for me if you close them, I shall tie you to the bed and punish you. Now, take your hands away from your fucking tits; I want to see everything. If I say do something, you will do it immediately, don’t hesitate, and no questions, do you understand me.’ He stood watching her every move, his eyes full of yearning and lust.

She slid to the edge of the bed, spreading her thighs for him. She could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter; her cunt was leaking profusely. She moaned as she felt the cool air hit her lit.

‘Now lean back and put your heels on the bed, then open your cunt lips with your fingers, as you pull the hood of your clit back with your thumbs and slowly masturbate yourself. I want to see your juices flowing again.’

Feeling a little anxious, she did as he asked, feeling her juices running over her fingers the more she masturbated.

‘Now rub your cunt juice over your nipples, then push your fingers in again and pull the hood of your clit back again, as I told you.’

Annabella hesitated, wondering what on earth was she getting herself into; her cunt was getting so wet, and her nipples were so hard, she couldn’t but obey him and do as he asked. Those blue eyes were penetrating right through to her very soul, making her tremble and shudder.

He saw her hesitating but let it go, as she was new to his world of sex and what he wanted to do to her and for her. He would have to give her time.

She brought her wet fingers up to her nipples again; her juices dripped over her body as she rubbed her wet fingers across her nipples. She slid her fingers down to her cunt again, opening herself up wide as she masturbated with her thumbs. She could feel her stomach tightening as she came close to cumming again. Her hips bucked, as the sensations of what she was doing, and the way Kane was watching her. Her eyes never left the size of his cock. She could see pre-cum glistening, dripping off the end of his cock, her cunt pulsating again. Her breathing was erratic.

‘Good girl, one day soon I am going to do a photoshoot of you and video us together fucking,’ he said, as he stepped nearer to her. ‘Now, let me feel your beautiful cunt pulling me in again.’ He placed her feet on his shoulders, circling her pussy lips with his helmet gently pushing in again. Then gripping her ample hips, he fucked her long and hard.

He knew she was close to cumming again, encouraging her by saying, ‘Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock, cum for your master, make me feel you as you grip my cock, tightly pulling me in.’

Listening to his deep, commanding voice and the way he spoke to her sent her over the edge again, screaming his name as she orgasmed. She felt him move his hands to her breasts, circling them as he pulled on her nipples with his fingers and thumbs, making them burn with need. It was like electric shocks shooting deep down to her core. She came like never before, even when she made herself orgasm; it was nothing compared to having Kane fuck her, and she wanted, no needed more.

The feel of his hard cock rubbing up and down her vagina walls, hitting her ‘G’ spot, left her tingling all over, but he hadn’t finished. Holding her ankles with his fingers, he held them wide, moaning. ‘I’m cumming, Annabella,’ thrusting so deep, it felt as though he was splitting her in half, letting her feet fall. He could see she was wide open as he pushed two fingers in her virgin ass, yet, she couldn’t help but cum again for him, all her creamy juices coating the length of his cock and balls.

As he pulled out, she could see her creamy cum mixed with his ejaculation dripping off the end of his cock. His eyes penetrated hers, telling her he was going to shower, then get off home. Telling her to shower and get ready, he was taking her out for dinner.

Laying on the bed, her thighs still wide, dripping cum, she just stared at him. ‘What do you mean you are taking me out to dinner. I haven’t agreed to go out with you, have I?’ Looking down from his eyes to his cock, she could see it was glistening with both of their juices, making her lick her lips. She knelt in front of him, taking his cock deep in her mouth, humming at the lovely taste, taking him deep, relishing at the taste of him. She loved the taste of cock her father had taught her well.

‘No, you haven’t agreed but, you will, won’t you. Besides, I would love to take you out for a meal and let’s face it we could both do with eating. I know I am getting hungry, so I know you must be as well but, if you keep sucking my cock like that, I am going to fuck you again.’ Taking her head in his hands, he set the rhythm, fucking her mouth and throat, till he filled her throat full of his spunk. And he saw her masturbating furiously till she also came again.

Thinking about it, she had to agree, and she was getting rather hungry, well, who wouldn’t after she had just been fucked by this very handsome man with sparkly blue eyes, that always looked like they were full of lust.

‘Ok, where are we going and, do I need to get dressed up,’ she asked as she stood up, scooping her hand to her pussy, feeling a little embarrassed, as he watched her.

‘No, no need to get dressed up, just put a nice skirt and top on. I shall be back in an hour to pick you up,’ smiling, Kane went to shower. When he had finished and dressed, when he reached the door, he turned.

‘Take your hand away from your cunt; there is no need for you to cover yourself.’ As he was closing the door, he said, ‘Put something on I can see through, and no underwear,’ then closed the door behind him, leaving her staring at the closed door. ‘Huh, go out with no underwear on; he has got to be joking,’ she thought to herself. Within the hour, she had just finished getting ready when there was a knock at her door.

Answering it, she saw a chauffer, cap under his arm, smiling at her. ‘Miss Anabella, your transport is waiting.’ She just stood there, mouth wide open, staring at him.

‘Sorry,’ she sputtered,’ I was expecting Kane.’

‘Yes, miss, Mr Taylorp is waiting in the limo.’

‘Oh,’ was all she said as she went to get her shoes, wrap and purse, then went back to the door, slipping her shoes on as she went. Looking in the mirror, she thought, ‘no underwear indeed.’ Then locked her front door behind her, letting the chauffeur take the lead.

Reaching the limo brought a reaction from her. ‘Oh my, I think there must be a mistake; the person I am expecting doesn’t have a limo.’ As she turned to leave, the door opened, and a deep, commanding voice spoke, ‘Annabella,’ followed by a hand.

Bending down so she could see who it was, she was surprised to see Kane. ‘What the, where, how,’ stumbling over her words, she closed her mouth, slipping into the back of the vehicle. Smiling, he kept hold of her hand, kissing the back of her knuckles with his full, soft lips, brushing his thumb over where he had just kissed. Looking deep into her eyes, he asked, ‘have you done as I asked.’

‘If you mean, wear something you can see through, bayan escort gaziantep yes I have.’

She showed him by pulling her wrap to the side, her nipples clearly on view. Lightly brushing his fingers over her nipples, then sucking hard on them. ‘Oh yes, very nice.’ Closing the partition between them, ‘and the panties,’ he softly said, caressing the inside of her leg, just above the knee.

‘You didn’t expect me to go out for a meal with no panties on, did you.’

‘I never say anything I don’t mean, so the answer to your question is, yes, I want you with no underwear on, now, you are wearing panties.’

Gulping, she nodded her head, not knowing what to say or do. She felt his hand slide further up her thigh. When he reached her panties, he gave her a firm look, then just nodded his head but; didn’t take his hand away. He said to his driver to keep driving till he told him otherwise.

He lifted her top above her tits, baring them to his view, his fingers sliding along her panties, finding her moist mound. Pushing his fingers in her wet cunt, he finger fucked her a couple of times, then pulled his fingers out, wiping her juice over her nipples and lips, sucking his fingers clean. Then he placed two fingers firmly on her clit; making her moan as her legs spread of their own accord, juices running free of her cunt; making her squirm, trying to close her legs together again. ‘No, Annabella, I need to see, smell and taste your arousal. Now tell me, do you want to learn more about sex? If you do. I shall teach you but, you have to do what I tell you when I tell you. You will always obey me. You don’t know my way of life. I will never hurt you or cause you any pain. I will use you, show you to my friends, who knows what will happen. When we fucked earlier, I was more than gentle with you, but that was because you were still a virgin. I will always please you, no matter what, how or where we fuck, but I can promise you, you will never regret it. I want to do things with you that will make you want more. Now straighten your clothes’ as he lowered the partition of the window.

Ten minutes later, they were seated at their table in a quiet part of the restaurant. There were quite a lot of people already sat eating. As he sat next to her, he placed his hand over hers. Shivers going through her whole body. Thoughts going through her mind of where his fingers had not long since been, watching as he caressed the back of her hand. He was looking in her eyes, seeing her emotions sweep through her. Ordering their drinks, saying to the waiter they would place their order later, the waiter then left them.

Leaning closer to her, he whispered, ‘take your panties off Annabella, now.’ She looked at him, her breathing began to escalate, he could see this and again whispering ‘now Annabella, or I shall make you stand in front of me and take them off for you.’

The look of shock on her face as she looked at him. ‘You wouldn’t dare,’ she softly said. ‘Not here in the restaurant.’

‘Don’t dare me, Annabella,’ he went to stand up, a smile crossing his face.

Grabbing his arm, she pulled him back into his seat, ‘ok, ok,’ she murmured. Slipping her hands under her skirt, she slipped her panties off, screwed them up in her hand to put in her purse.

Kane flexed his fingers, holding his hand open. ‘Give them to me,’ his eyes never left hers. Placing her lacy panties in his hand, he smiled, then brought them up to his nose. Taking a deep breath, ‘Lovely, your aroma is like sweet honeysuckle.’ Flicking his tongue out, he licked the crotch of her panties, ‘Ummmmm lovely,’ then placed them on the table between them. The look of shock on her face made him smile as he saw the pulse in her neck quicken.

‘Now, lift your skirt and spread your thighs for me; I want to see your naked pussy,’ he whispered.

Letting out a small gasp, she did as he asked, going as red as a beetroot as she turned her body slightly towards him. Watching as he leaned over to her whispering, while his fingers found her wet honeydew hole, pushing his fingers in and out of her. ‘Shhh now, not a sound. You will not cum until I tell you to cum.’ The look in his eyes was full of lust; that just made her melt. A moan escaped her lips.

She kept looking round to see if anyone was watching, but Kane kept bringing her eyes back to him as he kept up the finger fucking. They could hear her juices squelching. ‘You’re getting close Annabella, your cunt is so wet you’re pulling my fingers in. Don’t cum, hold it in, or I shall make you stand up and show everyone your naked cunt, and tell them you disobeyed and orgasmed, he murmured to her, as he pulled his fingers out, finding her clit, pressing hard on her already throbbing nub.

‘Oh my god, I’m going to cum; I don’t think I can’t stop it. Please master, let me cum, please, I’m begging you.’ Her hips bucking up to meet his fingers, she gripped the edge of the table, her legs spread wide apart, not caring who saw her naked cunt. She couldn’t hold back any longer and came hard, struggling to keep silent, her face flushed.

Taking his hand away, watching her as she watched him, sucking all her juices from off his fingers, a look of pleasure in his eyes. Looking down, he could see her bare clit, which was glistening with her arousal. She picked her napkin up, discreetly putting it on her lap so she could wipe herself.

‘Oh no, Annabella, I want to be able to see and smell your arousal.’ So, she started to press her legs together. Again, Kane just shook his head, ‘stay as you are. You are comfortable, aren’t you,’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ she whispered, ‘but, but, people will see my pussy, and I am wet through.’

‘Yes, I know, that’s how I want you,’ he said, smiling at her.

They heard someone say, ‘training another sub, Kane? must say she looks to be a good un, and that cunt of hers looks good enough to eat.’ The stranger turned to his wife, ‘on the table slut I want to taste your cunt.’

She did no more than got on the edge of the table, spreading her legs for him to use her, and use her he did. Everyone in the restaurant clapped and cheered, egging them on.

‘Good, now we can eat,’ catching the waiter’s eye, ordering their food, thinking nothing of what was happening at the table near them. Leaning nearer to her again, he said. ‘No buts Annabella, you disobeyed me, and this is part of your punishment. I want to see your cunt at all times. Just look at your nipples, how hard they look,’ gently caressing them.

Just then, a booming voice came to her, ‘Bella, my angel.’

Looking towards the voice, she cried, ‘Daddy, what are you doing here.’ Jumping up out of her seat, her skirt falling slightly, as she wrapped her arms around him, her ass on show.

He folded her in his arms. ‘Ah my Bella, my beautiful Bella, I thought I would come over to visit you, it’s been a while, so I thought, why not. So, here I am, and who is this young man?’ he asked, nodding in Kane’s direction, noticing her panties on the table, watching Kanes fingers caress the crotch. She looked at Kane, then her daddy. She told him what had happened. She noticed him glancing at her panties. Although, she left out that Kane had not long since fucked her hard, taking her virginity, and how he made her feel.

‘Well, young man, thank you for caring for my daughter; she’s one special young lady,’ he said, putting his hand on her naked ass, smiling at her as his fingers probed her star.

Standing, Kane held his hand out for her daddy to shake. ‘Your very welcome, Sir, my pleasure, I must say. I do enjoy her company, and I think she’s enjoying my company also.’ Glancing from her father to her, smiling. A twinkle in his eyes, winking at her, then back again.

‘I do enjoy his company, daddy,’ brushing her hand down the back of her skirt, realizing it was still up, her ass on show. Making her blush furiously, hoping her dad wouldn’t say anything. She saw Kane’s eyes follow where her hand went. She looked at him and saw his eyes twinkling, a smile that made her cough.

‘That’s good, sweetheart but don’t forget your old dad will you,’ his hand sliding down his crotch. ‘You look different somehow, are you, ok honey,’ he asked, rubbing her back, his hard cock pressing in her tummy, his hand still on her ass, giving it a caress and fondle but then stopped. This small gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Kane. ‘Well, my love, I will leave you two young ones to enjoy yourselves,’ kissing both her cheeks and squeezing her shoulders. Holding his hand out, he shook Kane’s hand again, saying to him, ‘make sure you take good care of my little girl, or you will have me to answer too.’

‘Yes, sir, I will; you can be assured, I shall take good care of Annabella.’

‘Ok, daddy, you take care,’ she said, kissing both his cheeks. He then turned and left them, returning to his table, she noticed, he licked his fingers, then turn back to look at her, a younger woman sat waiting for him, her legs open and no panties. As she sat down, she wondered who that woman was.

Kane took everything in he saw, noticing how close father and daughter were. But, saw a distinct change in her attitude when she saw who was with her father. ‘What’s the matter Annabella, were you not happy to see your father.’

‘Oh yes, it was lovely seeing him; it seems to be so long since I saw him last, with work and everything. I was just wondering who that woman is, who he is with, that’s all.’

‘Your face shows everything you are thinking and all your expressions. Now shall we get back to what we were doing earlier; we will talk about this later.’ Again, he leant into her, a gleam in his eyes. Parting her thighs and lifting her skirt, he could see her bare wet clit and cunt. ‘How I would love to see you naked with your thighs wide, sat at my table eating a meal with me. When dessert came, I would lay you on the table and cover you from your clit to your ass, then lick and suck it all off.’ The look in his eyes was full of passion; it took her breath away, feeling his fingers slide into her again.

‘If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum all over your hand again,’ she softly said to him, looking directly into his eyes, blushing scarlet, her breath catching as she tried to keep calm.

‘If you cum, Annabella, I shall spank you, don’t think I won’t. Then sit you on the table and suck you dry, just like that couple. There is a time you can cum, and now isn’t the time.’ Just then, the waiter arrived with their food. He pulled his wet fingers out, again sucking them clean, knowing she was watching; the waiter gave him a knowing smile.

Blushing to the root of her hair, she went to close her legs, but he put a hand on her knee, her legs widen even more for him, ‘oh no, you don’t, people can look at the beauty I have, but not touch.’ So, she tried to improvise by pulling the tablecloth over her. ‘Annabella, don’t be ashamed of your body; you have a lovely body.

They both enjoyed their meal very much, and as Kane was guiding her out, they stopped by the table where her father was sitting. ‘Hi daddy, are you enjoying your meal?’ she asked, glancing from him to the woman who was sitting close by his side, legs apart.

‘Yes, Bella, very much.’ Standing up, sucking his wet fingers, placing his open palm on her ass again, feeling how wet she was and noticed she still not wearing panties. Looking at her, he would have to ask her about this another time, but then, she is in this special restaurant, so he let it go. ‘Let me introduce you to my friend, Kimi. Kimi, this is my daughter, Annabella.’

‘Hello Kimi, nice to meet you; I hope my daddy is behaving himself.’

Oh yes, very much so, he’s such a lovely man,’ Kimi replied, a dreamy smile in her eyes. She had seen her daddy playing with Kimi’s cunt. Her daddy looked at her with a knowing smile.

Annabella felt fingers under her ass again, near her sopping wet cunt, slightly pressing. Bending, she placed a kiss on her dad’s cheek, telling him she would be in touch soon, feeling Kane’s finger push inside her, then turned to allow Kane to guide her out of the restaurant.

His limo was idling by the curb for them; he told his driver to take them straight home, sliding up close to her, closing the partition window. ‘Annabella, lean back and open your top. I’ve been aching for those nipples of yours since you climbed into the back of my limo earlier.’

She felt as though she could do no more than obey him. Opening her top, it fell past her shoulders. Leaning back, she supported the top half of her body on her elbows. She saw her hard nipples poking out for him to devour, giving a little humph as her fingers brushed against them, just the slightest touch sent tingles through her body. Taking her fingers away, he told her, ‘do not touch or do anything sexually to yourself unless I give you my permission first, or unless I tell you too. Do you understand me, Annabella?’

Lifting her skirt to her waist, he spread her thighs as wide as he could. He placed his open hands on the cheeks of her ass, pulling her up to him. His thumbs pressing on her star, doing this, opened her wide to him. He licked, pushing his tongue in and around her star, doing the same to her cunt. Pressing her clit hard between his finger and thumb, licking up her body till he reached her nipples. Taking each one in his mouth, sucking hard, flicking them with his tongue, making her scream.

‘Fuck, Annabella, you don’t know what you are doing to me. Since I saw you in the shop this morning when I asked for the ‘garden of pleasure’ book. Masturbating in the shower, I’ve had a constant hard-on for you. I am going to make you cum so hard you will be begging me to stop.’ He carried on licking and nipping at her body till he found her clit again, sucking it into his mouth, tormenting her with his ministrations, yet warning her, that she would only cum when he gave her permission to. She could feel her body start to tremble when the limo came to a halt.

Gently, pulling her top across her shoulders but leaving it open, her skirt just covering her cunt, he helped her into a sitting position, just as his driver opened the door for them. Kane got out first, holding his hand out for her to take. She slipped her tiny hand in his as she got out. Her skirt was showing she was naked underneath. But, she makes it indoors. She was glad of Kanes’ support. She knew her top and skirt were wet through, but at this moment in time, she didn’t care, as she felt him wrap his arm around her waist.

Kane led her to the lift, allowing her to enter first, following close behind, getting waft after waft of her sexual scent. ‘Take your top off, Annabella; NOW.’ The look he had in his eyes making her melt with the ferocity of his need for her. As they waited for the lift to stop on his floor, he took her panties out of his pocket, inhaling her scent, licking the crotch of her panties, then leaning into her, suckling hard on her nipples. She could see the bulge tenting in his pants, and she licked her lips.

‘You want my cock again, you enjoy sucking cock’ don’t you, Annabella,’ staring deep into her wide eyes. Suck on these, as he slid her panties into her wet cunt, then pushed them into her mouth.

Nodding her head, she sucked on her wet panties; her fingers found a nipple as she pressed hard on her clit. She wanted to cum so badly, forgetting what he had told her. She pulled and twisted her nipples as she rubbed hard on her clit. The lift lurched to a stop, bringing her back to her senses. Dropping her hands to her sides, she looked at Kane, his arms folded across his chest, his hard, throbbing cock out of his pants as he watched her.

Taking hold of her wet sticky hand, he led her to the front door. She noticed this was the only door on this floor. ‘Thank goodness we didn’t bump into anyone,’ she said very quietly, more to herself than for Kane but, hear he did. Yet he waited.

‘When we enter, I want you to remove your shoes and place them by the inside of the door, and don’t make me ask you again, Annabella, or there will be consequences. Do you understand me,’ he asked with a penetrating stare.

‘Yes, MASTER,’ emphasizing ‘Master.’

Raising an eyebrow at her, he unlocked the front door, allowing her to enter first, following close by, putting his keys, wallet and panties on a small table. Turning to her, he saw she was looking around, saying to her, ‘follow me.’

As she began to follow him, she realized. She was still wearing her shoes, so quickly slipping them off, she placed them where he had asked her to, then rushed to catch up with him. He took her into the kitchen; he put the kettle on, telling her to strip naked. He wanted to see her lovely body. She only had her skirt left to take off, but that was not the point, she said rather brashly, folding her arms under her tits, ‘do you treat all the women you know, like you have treated me tonight, or is it just me.’

Facing her, ‘no, Annabella, I don’t. They know how to behave when they are with me, no matter where we are or what we may be doing or who we are with. Now strip naked, and stay as you are with your legs spread wide and don’t move.

Annabella, do you want me to teach you what I know or not, simple as; if you do, then do as I ask, if not, I will give you a good fucking then take you home if that’s what you want. If not, I shall have my driver take you home immediately. You have ten minutes to make up your mind. When I return, you will be standing by the door; or you will be naked here waiting for me.’

He turned and left her but turned to her as he was going out the door. ‘If you decide to obey me and do as I ask, you are not to play with your tits or cunt as you did earlier in the lift, if your cunt starts juicing, I want to see it glistening and running down your inner thighs,’ then left her alone, so she could make her mind up as to what she wanted to happen.

She knew if she left now, she would have to bring herself to climax, either with her fingers or a toy, but after Kane did what he did to her earlier, that didn’t appeal to her anymore. So, she quickly stripped naked, standing where he had asked of her. She couldn’t help but tug on her nipples and push two fingers inside her, pulling them out and licking her fingers clean, moaning as she did.

What she didn’t know was, that Kane was watching her every move. After he saw her licking her cum juiced fingers, he walked back to where he had left her, in the kitchen.

‘Annabella, you naughty girl,’ he said quietly, pulling and pinching both nipples, then reaching down to her pussy, pushing his fingers in, making her groan. ‘I see that you want to learn more from me, but there was something else I asked you to do, wasn’t there! I said you were not to play with your tits or cunt, but you did both, didn’t you!’ He said, watching her.

‘How did…’ snapping her mouth shut, realizing the mistake she had just made.

‘Ah, Annabella, that is for me to know. Now your first lesson, one you must remember,’ pulling on her nipples again till they started burning, this time her juices were running freely down her thighs, and she was moaning. Cupping his open hand underneath her, he caught some of her juices, and then bade her drink. She drank greedily, licking his hand of any remaining juices.

‘When we are in the playroom, you will always call me master; you will do as I say, when I say, no questions asked, if I ask you to play with yourself for me, you will, if I tell you to fuck yourself in front of my friends, you will. No matter what I ask or say, you will do it obediently, without question or hesitation. You are never to question what I do when we are in the playroom, do you understand.’

‘Yes, master.’

‘Good girl.’ He lifted her onto the countertop with her back leaning against one of the cupboards. ‘Put your hands under your knees, and bring them to your chest, resting your feet on either side of you.’

As she was doing as he asked, he took his pants off, his cock springing free of its confined hiding place. The sight of him made her shudder as she watched his fingers enfold his cock, gently beginning to wank. A smile crossed his lips as he felt some precum drip off the end of his helmet onto his feet. he saw just how wet she was

‘Annabella, I want to see your clit, pull the hood back with your thumbs and show me, like a good sub.’

She placed both her thumbs on either side of her clit, her hard throbbing clit was on full view for him to see.

‘Good girl, now I am going to slap your cunt and clit, but you mustn’t cum. You will want to, but you must try and wait till I say you can.’

She couldn’t help but, but in, ‘you have been tormenting me all night, now let me cum.’

‘oh, don’t worry yourself, Annabella, you’re going to cum for me.’

Going to the fridge, he brought out a large cucumber. As he walked back, he lifted a bottle. I couldn’t help but giggle, saying, ‘I’m not very hungry, are you?’

‘It’s not for eating, Annabella,’ Kane said with a mischievous grin. I want to fuck you with it. Do you want me to fuck your cunt or ass; you have the choice.’

‘Urm,’ she stuttered.

‘Your cunt, I think, I want to be the first to take your virgin ass. Now hold your thighs wide for me.’ He opened the bottle and squirted some gel on, then placed it at my open cunt, gently pushing it in till it would go no further. Her breath hitched, and her eyes widened as she felt it enter her pussy, ‘Ohhhh my,’ she moaned.

Thrusting in and out with the cucumber, he wanked himself with his other hand. ‘Fuck Annabella, the sight of seeing your cunt open and close, it is pulsating for me. You’re making me want to fuck you till you can’t walk.’

He did no more than pull the cucumber out, making a popping sound as it vacated her pussy, tossing it in the trash. Then pulled her off the countertop. Holding her hand, he took her upstairs to the playroom.

As they entered his playroom, she was surprised at the array of toys he had. She watched as he went to certain drawers taking an assortment of things out. ‘Come here, Annabella.’

Her legs could barely carry her, they were trembling so much, but she obeyed him, saying quietly, ‘yes, master.’

‘Lay on the bench and spread your legs and place your hands on the bars at the sides. I am going to show you a little of my world.’ He was quick and adept when he tied her to the bench. Her wrists fastened to the bars, each ankle to her thighs. She was open to him; she tried to move but couldn’t.

‘Lovely, absolutely fucking exquisite, I am going to enjoy teaching you, Annabella.’ Pulling her to the edge, so he could see both her cunt and ass, ready for him to use.

All she could do was moan, ‘oh fuck,’ squirming, trying to get some relief, but there was none. ‘Please, Kane!’

Hearing her say his name, he slapped her, catching her inner pussy lips and clit ‘please, what sub.’

Thinking, what had she done now, then realized she had called him by his name and not master. ‘Please, master, I need to cum.’

‘Good girl. Yes, I know you do. I can see your cunt pulsating, your juices running down your thighs; believe me, Annabella, you will cum for me.’ Slipping his fingers from the crack of her ass to her clit, and back again. He could see and feel her shuddering at his touch, hearing her whimper. Taking his wet fingers from her luscious pink valley of pleasure to her ass, he then pushed two fingers into her ass.

‘Look at me, Annabella.’

When she opened her eyes, she saw his hard cock, leaking precum in front of her mouth. She then looked up into his eyes, and they were full of lust.

‘You will from now on do as I tell you when we are in here, won’t you, Annabella.’ All she could do was nod in response.

Bending down, he spread her ass cheeks, squirting some gel lube in her ass, pushing his fingers in to make sure she was well lubricated, then smeared some on a small butt plug. ‘When you feel me pressing on your ass, push your ass out for me and stay relaxed.’

She felt a slight pressure on her star; she pushed her butt out for him. She could feel something sliding deep inside, past her sphincter filling her full. When he saw her wince, he stopped. Only when she began to thrust a little did he push it in and out. Her ass full, she heard him say, ‘good girl, now I am going to fuck you hard.’

He thrust his hard, burning cock deep in her soaking wet cunt, pulling and pushing on the butt plug at the same time; she was going to cum. He slapped her ass on both cheeks. Her cunt walls gripping him, he knew she couldn’t hold out much longer.

He turned the butt plug to vibrate, which was a new sensation for her, saying to her. ‘Cum for me, Annabella, cum now for your master, cum all over my cock.’

‘Fuck Kane,’ she screamed, ‘yes.’ Then all of a sudden, it was gone, she was empty.

Hearing his name, he immediately stopped. He had pulled out of her, turning the butt plug off. Giving her a good spank with every word he spoke.

‘What is my name when we are in the playroom, Annabella.’

She was so frustrated and wound up; tears were spilling down her cheeks, she cried, ‘oh fuck, please master, I’m sorry, let me cum for you, I need to cum. Please, master, use me as you feel fit, make me your dirty slut, I’m begging you.’

When he heard this, he gave her swollen lips a sharp tap; then thrust his hard, burning cock back into her and at the same time turned the butt plug on again. ‘Now, my Annabella, cum for me, now.’ He felt the walls of her pussy grip him so tight. She pulled him right into her, knowing she would cum almost immediately.

Her whole body shook and trembled with her release; he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer either. When he felt her cumming, so did he.

‘Ahh, fuck Annabella.’

When his breathing had calmed some, he pulled out of her, looking at her trembling, pulsating cunt. ‘I want you to cum again for me Annabella, I want to see all our cum dripping out of you,’ he said, shutting the power off. Sliding his still hard cock in her ass, he fucked her hard and deep. Within a couple of minutes, she was screaming his name, cumming as she had never cum before. Screaming, wanting him to make her his slut.

When she had calmed some, he looked deep into her eyes, saying. ‘ Do you still want me to teach you what I know?’

‘Oh master, yes please, master. I think I need more, don’t you!

‘Yes, Annabella, I do.

But, I also want you to tell me what happened between you and your daddy. I saw how he caressed and touched you.

Looking at her, he saw her flush beetroot red, so he knew there was something to be told.

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