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I could feel his cock slide past my naked ass every time he moved by. Yes the showers were small and crowded but he had plenty of room to walk by without touching me.

We were usually the last two in there since we always did extra laps after practice. He already had an erection as soon as we walked into the shower. I was bigger than he was and could have pulverized him but somehow decided to allow him his small thrill.

We were very different guys, I Iooked like a swimmer, was six two with red hair. He was five eight and had black hair. He looked like a gymnast with wide shoulders and a muscular build. We were both on our college varsity lacrosse team.

Then came the day I hurt my back and he volunteered to rub it down while we were in the shower. All the time he worked on my back I felt his cock travel up and down the crack of my ass.

If there was a time to stop the nonsense that was the time, but again I allowed it. From then on each day he volunteered to rub my back and ran his cock over the crack of my ass.

Then came my big mistake. Well maybe it wasn’t a mistake, maybe I wanted it. What I did was lean over with my hands on the wall. I could feel his excitement. I could feel his cock begin to try to slip into my ass. I felt his cum before he managed.

He groaned and rinsed my ass of cum but he did slide a finger in me before he stepped back. As usual I pretended nothing unusual had happened.

We went to an away meet. We normally roomed together in a motel. On trips we took turns into the shower but he got in it with me that time. I did not object.

There was no room for both us and allow me to lean against the wall so he want back to just rubbing his cock on my ass. He did slide a finger in me for a while. Again I pretended nothing unusual had happened. Maybe by then it was not unusual anymore.

We made it through the prelims that day and went to dinner with the coaches and the team. There were just nineteen of us and we traveled in two passenger vans. Back at the room we did our now normal shower routine and went to bed. We were now going to bed nude.

I awoke when I felt him straddle my legs. He was giving me a rubdown, he was using an oil. I felt the oil go onto the crack of my ass then felt his hands rub it in. Then I felt his cock slowly push itself into my ass. He was all the way in before he ejaculated.

He moaned in disappointment and in ecstasy. I ignored both but almost moaned in disappointment when he withdrew from my ass. Of course we both knew I was going to let him fuck me. What I didn’t know was he wanted me to fuck him.

After he withdrew he slid in bed next to me and handed me the lubricant. I sat up and filled his ass with oil and fingerfucked him before straddling him and slowly sank my cock into his ass. I managed five strokes before my own disappointed ecstasy mimicked his. I did leave my cock in his ass until it retreated on its own.

I slid to his side and he kissed my lips. “I love you,” he said. We went to sleep on my bed.

The next morning I awoke as he was sliding his cock into my ass. He was able to take perhaps six strokes before I felt his cum in me for the second time. That morning he kept his cock in me until it slid out.

The coach knocked on our door and we yelled we were up. Well I was, I had an erection. He decided to suck me off and I filled his mouth in less than two minutes. He kissed me and I tasted cum for the first time. It was not pleasant but it was exciting.

We dressed and grabbed our bags and went to breakfast with the team. Apparently others guessed a change in our relationship. One teammate asked us if we had fucked. We nodded yes. His bright smile told us he approved and he told his partner who gifted us with his own bright smile.

We were the last two dominoes standing on our team. All the others allowed us to see their relationships from then on. The entire team and both coaches were gay.

We lost the next match and were eliminated. We decided it was too late to drive back to school so we stayed another night.

That evening after dinner we simply got on my bed and fucked each other. We lasted much longer that evening and managed a round two before going to sleep.

The following morning everyone in our van had a hand on another’s cock on the ride back. One took his seat mates cock out and sucked him off right there while we and the coach watched.

Our assistant coach was driving and our team captain was slowly masturbating him. None saw any need to be reserved so we all soon had our cocks out and a hand on our cocks. I ended up with our coach’s cock in mine. I was happy to give him a nice cum. He was happy enough to kiss my lips.

Back at school I took my new lover to my apartment and we fucked then went to his dorm room and moved him in with me. We have been lovers ever since.

We host the occasional gay orgy and I have since had other cocks in my ass but his remains my favorite, it feels like it is home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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