Silky Adventures #03

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Adventures of Silky
– Who Blue?

Adventures of Silky


should be read first

Well, I sure am learning fast. In less than a week I’ve gone from innocent to lust crazed hottie… at least, I’ve seen a cock, made it cum, had my first orgasm (nice!) and both had my pussy licked and licked Jessica’s.

But all I know about blow jobs is that they involve mouths and cocks. I, like, understand the idea, but don’t know the mechanics. But George, my trainer, is going to fix that.

“You did good eating Jessie, Silky.” Praise for my licking skills! “I have to tell you the truth, you passed a big test.”

“A test?”

“Yes, I set you up. I bought that crap car, made Jessica wear the skank make-up and clothes, and instructed her to be a constant total bitch to you. Did she do that?” George asked.

“I’ll say! She was, like, a total harridan. But I like her more now, because you can’t lick the pussy of your enemy.”

“What I wanted was to see if you would be kind or nasty. You did well. In the middle of the first pussy licking you ever had, you still thought about her. That’s important to me.” George smiled, and said “You’re going to fit in well here. Now, are you ready for a blow job?”

“I’m here to learn, sir.” And I saluted like a Marine… somewhat ineffective, in that I was naked, my red hair a mess, my eye shadow smeared, and my untrimmed red fire crotch was wet and dripping.

“Well, we’re going to do a classic blow job. Kneel down on this pillow,” he commanded.

I obeyed.

He stepped up so that his swollen cock was right in my face. “Now, do this like you did with your hand, move your head, lick it, whatever seems good. I’ll guide you.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied, an eager student.

So I gently kissed the taunt purple head. Then I tentatively licked the underside of it, and I felt him tremble. Good so far. I leaned a little more, opened my mouth, and let the glans slide over my lips. Cocks are smoother than tongues, and bigger. Now I had it in my mouth, and I sort of tongued it while I slid it in and out of my mouth. George seemed to be happy, he was breathing hard.

Then I pulled back, and took his meat in my little hand. I bent my head, and began to glide my tongue up and down his shaft, but not to the head. He groaned. I started kissing and nibbling along the shaft, and finally slid back up and took it in my mouth again.

“You’re great, Silky, you’re a natural,” he sighed.

I experimented with seeing how much I could get in my mouth, and found that if I was careful I didn’t gag and could really get his rigid shaft down my throat. I skated back from that, şişli escort and focused on just licking right under the head. Since I had a free hand, I cupped my left breast and began to squeeze my nipple. I was getting really turned on with the power I held with one orifice. I would have touched my own pussy, but George had sternly warned me of the dangers of masturbation. I had to depend on others to make me cum.

George really liked my oral ministrations more than the deep throat, and as I skimmed his delicious abergine plum, he made a hasty trusting and rewarded my worship with a glorious ejaculation of hot joy juice in my face. I was able to get most of it in my mouth, and ow, don’t get it in your eye, it burns. I blinked away the salt, stared into his eyes, and smiled wickedly as I slurped up the last gobs, and rimed my mouth with cum.

“Fantastic. I didn’t have to show you anything!” I beamed with pleasure at his praise.

“Thanks. You’ve been, like, so kind to teach me all this stuff. I would be like lost without you,” I replied.

“I think you’re ready for the big time, Silk. Are you ready to fuck?” He was very serious.

I, like, swallowed his cum load to hide my anxiety, and nodded my head. “I’m ready” I said.

“First you have to get me ready again. I really emptied the old sac with that great blow job. Why don’t you two girls kiss each other, while I watch?”

I had already picked up that a lot of George’s lust was like, in his head, and he really wanted to see images that aroused him. Apparently two teen girls naked together did the job.

Jessica patted the bed beside her, and I jumped to her side. “Forgive me for being such a bitch before?” she asked.

“Of course, you were following orders.” I kissed her as I said this, and she responded enthusiastically. Since she had cleaned up, we were able to concentrate on the non-verbal oral communication, so to speak. Non-verbal if you excuse the moans and gasps.

Jess’s hand touched me between my legs, and I quickly mirrored her action. The moist warmth of her cunt lips was pleasing to my fingers, and I slid one in like an oiled cat. She responded, and soon our fingers were thrusting more than our tongues, as we fought to breathe.

A loud slap broke our reverie, and Jess jerked her hand away, and pulled away from my probing digits. George had popped her ass hard; I could see the red imprint of his fingers. “I just wanted ya’ll to play a little. No cumming for either of you yet.”

I petulantly sighed.

Following directions, I was rapidly rolled over on my stomach, spread across the bed sideways, with Jess at my hands and George at my rear. His bed is made to be exactly the height of his pubic bone, so my legs sorta dangled. Jessie moved my arms down to my sides, and then clicked a hand cuff around my left wrist, stretched the chain across my back, and captured my other hand.

“Hey, I’m doing this on my own, you don’t have to cuff me!” I protested.

“Sorry, Silk, these are the rules,” Jessica whispered in my ear.

George put his hands on my hips; I could feel the tip of his re-invigorated penis at my puffy little labia. “Now, Silky, it’s important to me that you do this willingly. If you want to give me your cherry, I’d love it, but you can walk away. What do you want?”

“Fuck me!” I gasped.

He didn’t wait for reconsideration. His cock started sliding into my very wet and ready hole, and I felt myself strain to accommodate him. But it felt so good. So good, God, so good. Further and further he pushed into my virgin cunt, and my space wrapped around his hardness in bliss. I had expected all this pain shit, but there was none. I guess I was so horny by then, and so wet, that he could have driven a truck into the tunnel without any speed bumps. His balls whacked my pussy, and I knew he was all the way in.

Then the horror of feeling him pull back, only to feel the joy of him shoving into me again. This was way better than fingers! My quim skated along his shaft as his head plowed in and then sucked out. My insides seemed to wax and wane with his movement, and the whole world was there between my legs.

Jessica started kissing my neck, and as glorious as that was, it was almost a distraction. All I could feel was cock in pussy, dick in cunt, penis in vagina. In, out, in out, balls smacking a tempo that rose and rose. I don’t know how long he fucked me, I’m sure it wasn’t hours, but he hit a spot inside me like no one had ever done before.

I was overwhelmed with a massive orgasm, and felt like I had flown away. I guess George shot a load in me, I sort of felt something, but I was sooo gone I didn’t care. Why doesn’t everyone do this all the time?

After a while, I realized Jess was sucking a hickey on my neck. I took a deep breath, and sighed. “That was amazing! Is it always that good?” I asked.

“Well, I’ll do my best,” said George. “Jess, clean her up now, and then come to the great room.” I thought, like, THIS is a great room.

I meekly followed Jess into the bathroom, minus the un-needed cuffs, and learned to my surprise that George had an immense shower, with a bed in it. Not with sheets, but like a table, kinda. She led me to this, and told me to lie back on it, which I did. There were like a thousand shower heads in there, and water shot from every direction. It was so cool!

First off, she pulled a box from a shelf below the bed, and took out a disposable douche.

“George insists that we always use these,” she said. “It’s strawberry flavored.”

So that’s where the taste originated!!

Jessica climbed up beside me. We snuggled like babies in a fountain of youth, painted with warm water, totally relaxed. Somehow we wound up kissing a little, and then a lot more. Almost immediately she climbed on top of me, and we began to 69.

I have to say that in the future, I will get on top. The one underneath gets almost drowned, and if the top humps too hard you can’t get any air. Plus, I’m not crazy about having my nose in her asshole. I have no other experience to compare, but her ass had a piquant odor that was different from her juices. I’ve never smelled my own anus, so I don’t know, but I think turn about works better. It’s hard to focus on what’s she’s doing to me and what I’m doing to her at the same time. She solved my little problem by rotating till we were face to face, and lavishing my own juices all over my lips.

She pushed my legs apart, and began to rub her pussy against my flaming bush. I could like being on the bottom here, because I could, like, breathe. Slowly she polished my pouty lips with hers, top and bottom. Slowly her clit began to bump against mine. And not so slowly, I began to hump back against her. The pleasure was intense. Her nipples swayed into mine, and each collision was better than the last. Her hot cunt juice mixed with mine, as we mashed and ground against one another at a rapidly accelerating pace.

Just when I was on the edge of cumming, my slit was flooded with a cascade of hot fluid. All between my labia, over my clit, dribbling down the crack of my ass, poured this freshet of oh-so-hot water. I screamed and spasmed, holding Jess tight against my crotch with my feet as I churned in orgasm.

As I began to inhale once more, and knew where I was, I stared into an impish smile two inches above me.

“Good, huh?” She asked.

“OMG. What did you do to me?” I blurted.

“I peed on you. Figured it would get you over the edge.” Smirkey slut!

“You peed on me? I came because you urinated on my pussy?” I was shocked beyond belief.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it, and figured I’d try it when I got the chance. It worked!” She was so full of herself.

Well, I had a lot to think about. I had gone from innocent angel to a woman who gives blow jobs, licks pussy, gets fucked, and now came in a lesbian love-fest with a golden shower! Time this girl slept for about a week and tried to keep her panties on for a least a day or two.

More later, ya’ll.

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