Silky’s Extreme Adventure

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Jessica, my older sister, who has blond hair and blue eyes, had them closed. The eyes, I mean. She was snoring away, flopped on her back with her little B cups rising and falling as spit bubbles popped in her lips. What she didn’t have closed was her legs. She was naked as usual when she sleeps, which she does for hours and hours, like practically all day.

I’m Silky, her beautiful younger sister who has red hair, green eyes, and tits that are way bigger. I also don’t shave off my luxuriant red pubic hair, while Jess keeps her crotch bald as an apple. Her labia were so casually exposed it was a crime. One I planned to punish!

I love Jess to death, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I never had gotten her back for sticking ice in my twat, and now it was her turn. Ever since I looked at the socorius web site and saw the patented vaginal egg inserter (the “Extreme”) I had plotted. I ordered it, and tested it three times on myself. It was tight, but it worked!

I took a fresh brown egg and gently eased it into the machine. Then I poured lube over its point and eased the smooth metal against her lips. The lower set. She slowly spread and with gentle pressure I was able to work it into her vagina. Only a little at first, and then I froze as she moved a little in her sleep, but settled back and started some lip smacking noises. Not her pussy lips, her mouth.

I pushed the glistening steel another inch and she started making sounds, like she was talking in her sleep. My heart jumped into my mouth, as I didn’t want to stop without success. After a few scary seconds, she calmed back down, and I gained another inch.

Finally, I was able to turn the screw that spread her vagina. It all had to be done without a sound, and without any sudden moves that might arouse her. Wake her up, not the other kind. Once her aperture was gaping in front of me I could see all the pretty pink stuff. It’s not smooth at all! She already smelled of sex, since she had fucked herself to sleep last night, right alongside me, but now I could smell her juices more ardently. And let me tell you, a 12 hour-past-fucked pussy can be rank.

Anyway, it went all the way in. I’ve accused her of having a big old loose butt hole because she can do anal easier than I can; now I’m really going to give her shit about having other things that are big and loose.

Finally the bomb was in place. I quickly collapsed the inserter, leaving the thin shelled ball of slimy stuff deep inside my sister’s opening. Time for part two. I leaned over and began to lick her clit, softly as a kitten’s paw. She snored on, and I increased my pressure. As I sucked her clit between my lips I felt her tense up, and then relax and spread her legs wide.

“Moring, sleepy head,” I said between licks.

“Silky, you are so bad!” She purred when she said that, though.

I spread her lips, yes those, and ran my finger along the edge. I pulled out the socorius eco-friendly vibrator with the pointed tip, an integral part of the trick, and turned it on low. She moaned as I ran it escort beşiktaş between her labia, not penetrating, just teasing.

I licked her mons, and down along each lip to her thigh, and pushed the vibe over to her clit. I figured that waking her up with all this stimulation would keep her from noticing her addition, and so far I was right.

“Silky, this is great, but I’ve got to pee.”

“Go ahead, you know I won’t mind.”

“Seriously, I don’t want to get the sheets wet — er.”

“Gonna have to change them anyway, just like every day.”

“Stop, stop, I really need to tinkle,” and she pushed me away and took the two strides it took for her giant long legs to get to the toilet.


“What! OMG! Silky!” I was running to get away, but she caught me and wrestled me unto the bed.

“Do you know how freaky it is to sit on the toilet and pee an EGG into the bowl?” She seemed sort of upset.

“An EGG! That’s rather extreme! Are you exaggerating?” I was a riot, but unfortunately I apparently gave myself away, because she didn’t believe that it had gotten there by magic.

So that’s why I was lying on the bed, tied up like a cow, wrists bound and legs tied to the spreaders. (Of course we keep spreaders by the bed, don’t you?)

“George! George! Help, she’s trying to kill me! Help!”

George is my owner. Well, he owns both of us. Not really like property, more as slaves to our own desires to please him. He was downstairs getting coffee. He likes Kopi Luwac. I think that after it’s been a turd, I don’t want it in my mouth. Neither did I want the (dirty) panties Jess was trying to stuff in my mouth so George wouldn’t hear us. If we exasperate him he has been known to whip us. Known, Hell, he’s downright familiar with it. And morning is not the best time to bother him.

“Put an EGG in my pussy! Ha! I’ll fill you up with grape jelly!”

“No, Jess, mmph, I’ll get an infection, mugh!”

“Should’ve thought of that first, Fluffy!”

Who should have thought of things first is Jessie, as she had to go to the kitchen to get the jelly, and George doesn’t like for us to take food to the bedroom.

“What have you got Jess?”

“What, this stuff?”

“Yes, that stuff.”

“It’s just some jelly… grape jelly.”

“Can you tell me why you have grape jelly in your hand, standing there totally naked?”



“It’s…uh…for Silky, yeah, she was really hungry…so I got some for her…so she could sleep a little longer,” Jess tried to lie. George doesn’t like lying.

So that’s why he accompanied her back to the bedroom. Accompanied, as in holding her arm in a way that had to be uncomfortable.

I lay there trying to look as vulnerable as possible, which wasn’t too hard. I was naked, after all, and tied and spread, remember? I also made a lot of choking noises like I couldn’t breathe with the panties in my mouth, though they actually tasted pretty good.

“What’s happening here? Jessie? Silky?” Well, I couldn’t answer, eskort istanbul damn I was practically suffocated to death. Obviously.

“She started it all,” Jessica pointed a finger like a dagger at my head. “She put an EGG in my pussy. A RAW EGG! I could have DIED from SALMONELLA!”


Hello, I can’t talk – cough, gag.

He pulled out my gag.

“Now, what?”

“She started screaming about having an egg in her twat! I think she went insane! You should probably take her to the psychiatrist right away!”

“Did she have an egg in her pussy?”

“Do I look like I would know? Am I not helplessly tied up here? How could I tell? Isn’t that a question the Teuton should answer? In fact, why am I even in this conversation? I would think that she would want to keep something so personal a deep secret.”

“Did she?”

“I never actually saw one there,” I knew my wrists were crossed.

“I don’t like you two to fight,” he said as he untied me. No grape out! “Silky, do you love Jessica?”



“Silky is my other half, I love her to pieces.”

“So what am I going to do about these….games?”

“You could hold her down while I put more eggs in her!” I exclaimed. Not a good comment.

“Do I need to whip both of you?”

I had an idea, one I thought would work. “George, I think you should do nothing. In fact, I think you should sleep in the guest room tonight, and let us have a girl’s slumber party. So we can like bond.”

“Hey, I’m good with that!” Jessica excitedly agreed. What evil plan did she have?

So we invited Charlotte and Lori and Susie, the other cheerleaders who had pulled off their pants, er, the stunt, ah, had helped us win the football game…against the Bulldogs (see Adventure ). I had also gotten their enthusiastic cooperation in the Ecology 101 lesson, where we all swore to use eco-friendly dildos.

Anyway, they were happy to come to our house. They know we’re pretend sisters. We ordered Pizzas, and had chips and dips, and I put a bowl of zucchini out in case anyone wanted one. They looked at those a little strangely, but otherwise were excited. Everybody got big hugs.

We watched a good chick-flick, so everybody was feeling happy, and then Jessica hugged me, and then she kissed me. I shared that with her for a minute, then I turned and pulled Charlotte in and kissed her nice and slow. She wasn’t expecting my tongue, but after a slight pause parted her lips and let me invade. She has very nice lips, and I got lost in the moment for awhile, just savoring the feel of her gentle skin slipping and sliding over mine. So very nice!

I finally broke the kiss, and saw Jessica in full lip lock with Lori. Would this work? Charlotte leaned over and drew Susie to her and passed the kiss on. If anything, I think she added a little to it. Then I crawled over to Lori, while Susie grabbed Jess, and soon we were in a sweet circle kiss. By the time I got to Charlotte for the third time, I had no trouble escort kağıthane putting a hand to her firm little breasts, and felt her nipples turn to rocks under my fingers. I got wet just from that, but I probably wasn’t the only one.

Jess pulled Susie’s top up over her head, and began to suck her enormous melons. Susie’s the only girl who has bigger tits than mine. From the sounds of her gasps, she found Jessie’s tongue to be even more fun there. I moved over and took the one Jess was ignoring, letting Charlotte and Lori get a nice view. I saw them kneading each other’s naked boobs, so they were in the team spirit.

Susie was moaning enough that I don’t think she noticed when we pulled off her panties, but she sure noticed when Jess got her face between her legs. Susie’s legs, not her own, she couldn’t do that to herself! I sprawled back and pulled Charlotte over to ease her britches down, and soon had my fingers in a soaking wet cunt.

She continued to suck face with Lori, now dipping down to a nipple, back to her mouth. Jess nudged Susie, and soon Susie was learning how to give me oral pleasure; from her skill, perhaps she already knew!

After we became a whirl of dripping pussies and wet faces, I pulled a dildo out of the bedside drawer. Now Charlotte was getting a love stick in her vagina while she had her little clit sucked and nibbled. She was the first to spasm into an obvious orgasm, but she only led by a nose.

I pulled the second toy out, the “Love Rider,” which is a strapless strap-on if that makes sense. It fits in me, and since I do my exercises, I can hold it tight while I fuck another girl. Charlotte seemed to be my favorite that night, as I kept going to her to push the envelope, or the labia. Push them I did, as I slid the long dong up into her aperture. Clit to clit action is so nice with a solid shaft inside both of us. She giggled that my pubes titillated her little naked skin, and that led to everyone wanting a turn with me. Whew! Lots of sweating and humping.

I took a vibe in each hand, and had the special sensation of screwing Charlotte while I reamed Lori and Susie. Very nice! Jess watched like a Worcestershire cat or something like that.

Finally I was where I wanted to be, as I lay Jessie back to take her turn. I shoved the Extreme into her sloppy wet cavity, and grabbed for an egg. Instead I got grabbed by two giant bitches that apparently were on her side! So mean! I never did anything to deserve that!

Lori and Susie held me, and Charlotte (my sweet innocent Charlotte) loaded the Extreme and Jess slid it into my tiny little gap. Then they did it again! TWO eggs in my pussy, I was about to burst! But then the really cruel part, they started tickling me! I laughed until I peed, but they didn’t stop! I struggled as they took advantage of their large size and four to one odds, and kept going. Suddenly I felt a rupture inside myself, and slimy egg white squirted out of my cunt. And some yellow, too.

After that the bed was a mess, and we decided that Jess needed egging, and then everybody either wanted to try it or got held down and then wanted to get even. We wound up in the giant shower with the table, scrubbing each other and kissing and sucking and douching….

Now I have to find something else to do to that Nordic bitch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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