Simon and Julia at the Mall

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Big Tits

Julia had suggested an afternoon of window shopping for her and Simon to get to know each other better. Simon had called at the house as the sun started to warm and they drove through the morning streets with the car sparkling in the clear, bright light. The sun shone through the windows, warming the leather of the seats and the wood of the old dashboard. Simon tilted the small apex window open to let the air move and Julia’s fringe tumbled in the breeze above her sunglasses.

She turned from the window and her lips spread in a broad maraschino red smile as she caught him looking. Flushing and swallowing he turned his eyes back to the road and together they drove through the narrow cobbled streets.

They arrived in the cool dark of a concrete carpark and turned through its middle before pulling into a clear space where they could open both doors with ease. Simon jumped out quickly. Walking to the rear of the car and round to her. Julia took her time gathering the thin strap of her brown leather shoulder bag and opened the door wide, stepping each foot out in turn. Her back curved up and out from under the roof of the car giving him a long view of dark hair, sunglasses, her broad red smile and a hanging gap between her breasts.

She wore a summer sun playsuit in black with large blue flowers that sat high on her leg and gathered around the tops of her arms. Her legs reached out of the car and she rose above them, the movement of her hips and thighs pulled the material higher, bunching a little between her legs and giving away the curve of her rear. The long glide of her smooth skin distracted him again and he followed the line of her calves and ankles as they disappeared into soft, dusty grey ankleboots.

She laughed as she caught him at it again, but pulled him close and kissed him deep. He caught himself starting to rise and pulled away raising his head and laughing, “Hey, don’t start something you’re not going to finish” he admonished. “Why wouldn’t I finish?” She replied checking her hip into his crotch. Her pony tail bobbed up as her chin went down with a smile and she moved past. Her small frame moved away in front of him, a gentle straight back neatening at her waist and curving out into her hips and the small bunched muscle of her behind. She felt his gaze this time and he was unable to disguise his attention. She was teasing him and he knew, but they were swimming in each other today. Building confidence in themselves and learning to trust in each other a little more.

He caught her up at the glass doors and followed her through. Linking her arm with his, she smiled up into his face as he grinned back.

“Where shall we start?” She whispered.

“I’m not sure”, he replied “anything you’re comfortable with?”

They walked out into the bright lights and open floor of the mall and she leaned into him.

“Hmmm clothes maybe? – dresses, maybe something short and clingy?”

“Sounds good, but…”

“But what? But as in bottom?”

“No, not but – although.”

“Ah. Although. As in – although you would like my butt in something short and clingy, there is something else you wish to discuss?”

“Yes, although I would very much like to see your butt in something short and clingy, I would also like to express an appreciation, or a strong interest in, what footwear might be involved? If that might be forgiven?”

Her mouth made a circle in faux shock and her eyes creased at the sides as she smiled behind her dark glasses,

“Forgiven? Oh, I think you’ll find I can be pretty flexible over a good pair of shoes. However, any forgiveness you might want, may require a little begging first.”


“Oh. You know the sort of thing. Supplicating one’s self before a great queen. Down on your knees, head bowed to the ground before her throne. Perhaps she’s wearing nothing but the shoes in question. You know, just to make the point. Maybe a little nice jewellery, just to keep up the image.”

His eyes had become a little glassy and he seemed to drift off.

She smirked up into his face.

“That was easy, but don’t disappear just yet! First we need the clothes!”

“Okay okay! First the clothes, sure.”

“After all. You can’t just force me to parade around for you in nothing but a pair of heels, can you?

“I can’t?”

“Just for your own amusement? Wouldn’t that be very selfish?”



“I think on balance, I may have given too much away too soon.”

“Ha ha! Too late now, I have sensitive information and it will be used to my greatest advantage.”

“You have to give me something back though. You can’t just leave me defenceless.”

“I do not have to do any such thing. However, I will. Just not quite yet. Now enough talk! choose the shop where we can start.”

They looked around the bright open floor. Turning away from a large slow department store, they both eyed a smaller place with louder music and dimmer lights. They looked at each other and with the Yalova Escort slightest nod moved off arm in arm.

Walking in the door, Julia slipped from him and moved ahead. She dipped quickly between the racks, scanning for something suitable. As they worked their way to the back, her hands touched on likely items for him to choose and he watched her closely. But he rejected each with a smile. The colours were too loud and the designs too hard, these were clothes to protect yourself from the world and they wanted something easier and more welcoming for each other.

“Something a little softer.”

She paused briefly and changed tack, running fingers across soft knitted skirts and delicate floating tops, passing on each without looking up. She stopped at a headless model in a short ivory coloured dress. The topmost material in the layers of the dress was slightly transparent and pleated all the way round like a lampshade. It swayed lightly as she moved past. Dropping directly from the curve of the breasts at the front, the hem fell loosely to the middle of the thigh and lightly drifted back and forth over the skin. It barely touched at the rear as it draped from the back of the shoulders. A crochet of cotton lay across the upper chest and draped around an open neck leaving collar bones exposed. Short, gathered sleeves concealed the very tops of the arms. The store had partnered the dress with glossy patent red heels that covered the toes, above a shallow platform that led up a steep heel to a double strap at the ankle.

They were the same shade of glossy red as Julia’s lips.

She looked from the dress to Simon who had reached out to touch the fabric, “This one?”

He nodded.

She looked down, mocking him with her consideration, “Perhaps the shoes as well?”

He looked at her, “Yes. Maybe.”

His face flushed as he turned away to look up and around. She grinned at his discomfort and went to the rack lifting the two smallest sizes.

Holding them up to her body she said, “It’s perfect. Though definitely not for a breezy day.”

The shoes were held in rows on a shelf nearby. She selected the size four from the far end and moved to his side.

“What sort of style would sir care to see next?” She asked.

His head was already swimming slightly, but he knew she wanted him to be specific. He was starting to appreciate that his discomfort was adding more than a little to her enjoyment so far. Leaning in to her ear he pushed a little more authority into his voice and very quietly confirmed dress number two.

“Tight. Please.”

“Humm. Tight you say?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Tightish?”, “Or perhaps even, ‘Very’ tight?”

“‘Very’ please. ‘Very’, ‘Tight’.”

She flushed a little herself now and her breath seemed to flutter in her throat. She smiled and grinned as he beamed bashfully back at her and followed her around, they were both enjoying it all.

They spoke quietly when they did, only for each other. Her breath curled around his lobe and teased the hairs behind his ear as she said “I know just the thing.”

Her jaw moved lightly to one side and looking him in the eye she passed him the dresses and shoes. “This way.”

She was more comfortable now. Moving through the racks like an animal through a garden forest. Carefully and without disruption, but also without any fear of danger. Settling on one particular rail she sorted through it at speed and pulled out a hanger of dark blue material. It was smooth and satined, put together from horizontal ribbons of elastic material. The colour was deep and absorbed the light as it turned away from the viewer, but where it sat flat to the eye it reflected a high sheen of dark blue. It draped from the hanger like an old discarded skin. The front was cut straight across the chest but the straps over the shoulders dove down deep to the rear before the sides pulled in and met again. Where it reached the base on the back, it barely began before it stopped again at the top of what would be the wearers very exposed legs.

“No comments please, now one more.”

With the pair of red heels in one hand and dresses over his arm he moved forward. Here the choices were a little less formal and he stopped at a long t-shirt. It was a pale pink cotton with black border at the hem, round neck and arms. A black stylised panda face winked from the center of the chest.

“Ok. Cute. Now we can try them out. Would you like to see me try them on?”

“I would like, but won’t they have rules about that?”

“Yes, yes they do you can’t come in. But I can show you at the door if you wait?”

“Only if it’s quiet. I don’t want everyone staring at us.”

As they walked over they could see that there were already a few boyfriends and partners hanging around. Julia laughed and she balked at the thought of exhibiting herself to them all, so they hung back together.

“Disappointing, but I have another idea. Don’t wait around here on me. Go over to the Yalova Escort Bayan cafe and get a coffee and I’ll catch up.”

He walked over to the stall ordered an espresso and glass of water then went to sit. He wanted to be able to see her come out and chose a seat facing the entrance of the shop, with his back to a glass balcony. Looking over his shoulder he viewed the people moving on the main floor below. Hundreds of voices floated up, the noise reflecting off the stone floors and glass. His mind filled up with her and the conversations in the shop, but his phone buzzed at his breast before it could take him away.

Taking it out he could see Julia had messaged.

– sorry we couldn’t do this in person 🙂 but hope this will help

– dress number one,

– hey, also, what do pandas do?

Below was a frozen image of her face smiling. She had removed her sunglasses and her brown eyes were big and round as they peered into the lens. Tapping on the image she started to move. She winked and mouthed ‘hi’ and he realised she was in the changing room. He jumped as he realised what she was up to and quickly checked he was not overlooked. He paused the playback for a moment as he hesitated, then being sure no-one was paying any attention he turned off the volume and pressed play again.

She didn’t speak but held up her index finger and mouthed ‘number one’. Turning the camera to the hangers she focused first on the panda dress, then she turned to the full length mirror where he could see she still wore the sundress from earlier. She turned left and right as if modelling or performing a magic trick, then reached out to the screen. The image then cut and her hand moved away to reveal her change to the panda dress. She moved a little slower back and forth this time and took in the full length of the mirror. The boots were as before and her legs still bare. The black hem lay across the middle of her thighs but the stretch of the fabric pulled it up as she turned. He could make out the curve of her hips and her soft shallow belly. The light on the pink cotton let him see the movement in her behind as she shifted weight from foot to foot. She turned to face the lens, the panda now sat smug in the middle of soft high breasts, between two long hard nipples that simply took all his attention away.

Where had she hidden them before? He swiped back to the start and played it again realising there was no outline of any underwear around her bust, across her hips or anywhere else. She had nothing on underneath the dress. She blew a kiss and then reached again for the camera to end the show.

He now had a message asking

– you like?


– 🙂 ok very good! number two then!

The t-shirted Julia had disappeared. The camera shot was from above as she held it high in her right hand. Her left hand was round the back of her head holding up her hair. She raised her chin looking into the camera. The framing was of her face and cleavage but not much else. Her breasts were bound tight together and seemed to pop up towards him. She slowly brought the camera down and around, opening up the view down her body. Where previously there was a girlish soft pink, now there was a sharp sleek image that flashed like a fish. Moving gently but slowly as if in a warm languid current. The neck line was low. So low it cut straight across the top of her nipples and no more. Her breasts coddled in this tight nest were framed by two perpendicular straps as they snaked up their sides and over her shoulders. Her arms were bare and with her elbows in the air as they were, her breasts lifted up to the light. The ribbons of the dress pulled in her waist and flattened her abdomen from the tip of one hip bone to the other. She turned slightly to allow the camera to see the mirror behind. The lights above lit her up. Every crease of her back in high relief. The straps of the dress met the body again under her arms, but her back was naked from the nape of her neck down to where the cleft of her behind began. Five strips of material wrapped around her pelvis and wove into one another in the middle of her behind. A flat delta of dark shadow below the edge of the dress pointed up her rear from the tops of her legs. Her calves were high as she stood on the balls of her feet. She steadied the camera at the view of her back and let go of her hair.

It unfolded like a nut brown splash down her shoulder blades and the ends flicked at her rear.

The scene paused for a moment then stopped. The whole scene had played in only a few seconds, but every one was now lodged in his mind. His pupils were dilated and still fixed on the screen when a voice crashed in and said, “excuse me”.

He made no outward movement as his heart lept into his mouth and his vision tunnelled. Just for a second he could do nothing.

“Your coffee?”, a tray moved in to the table with a scrape, “Here you go, enjoy”.

He stayed still but his vision widened and he started Escort Yalova to take in the waiter and his order, “Thank you. Sorry. Different world there”.

“No worries, wherever it was must have been good. Let me know if you want anything”

“Ok, sure, I will”

Julia – you’ll have to imagine it with the right shoes for now, but don’t get too distracted! Dress number three! (I tried both sizes but have gone for the smaller one you will see).

She was good on her promise, or threat, from earlier and the video started with the shoes. She began with a shot straight down and allowed the phone to focus on the toes of her shoes. She stood with two gleaming red almond shapes side by side and pointing straight ahead. They looked as if they could be made from the sauce of a strawberry tart, sticky and liquid, sweet red sugar. The camera moved now, down towards the shoes then turned, out to the side, where her feet reflected in the mirror side on. Here he was able to make out the detail. Close up, the straps around her ankle each had their own gleaming chrome fastener. The skin of the top of her foot sat proud of the low red sides, sloping down until toes slipped under the leather below. The ball of the foot sat up off the floor, on a low platform that swept away, up the inside of the arch of each foot. The strawberry sugar heel dripped from the end of her leg like it had never touched the ground.

She lifted up the camera again keeping it trained on the shoes. As she stood up, the camera was at her waist and she turned one knee into the other. Her right foot lifted onto its toe and the long heel flicked into the air.

She took a step back. Lifting the phone higher up to her right shoulder she focused on her image in the mirror. She panned gently up and back, always keeping the shoes in shot. First ankles, then knees, then up her thighs. Her legs carried on and no dress was in sight. Did she even have the dress on? Was she wearing anything else?

It was very high. The smaller size looked even more dangerous than the one on the model. The hem of the dress drifted into view now. Like a cloud at the top of a hill, or the vapour in the tops of rainforest trees. Her left arm at her side and her hips pushed forward. But the pleated fabric fell straight down from above, giving nothing away. Nothing until the curve of her breasts flattened the pleating and hid the edge of her arm. The front of the dress smoothed and spread over her chest. But the smooth curve of her breasts contrasted sharply, with the points of hard nipples that tented the fabric. They shaped the front of the dress without apology and would draw attention at any dinner party. He started to question what occasion this dress was intended for. The two long lines of folded fabric fell and blended with the pleated material to the hem at her thighs. She tracked up still further with the phone, her chest politely hidden by a crochet that could do nothing to disguise the two intruders below. Her neck above was slim and soft, reaching up to a somewhat falsely innocent looking, blank expression from Julia. She made her lips small and eyes wide, large lashes batting comically below her heavy dark fringe.

She couldn’t hold it for long knowing he was watching. She bowed forward as her eyes creased and she let out a big silent laugh.

Smiling in wonder as her show came to an end, he raised his head to find she was already there in front of him, standing at the table. She leaned forward and beamed with silent glee, mouth and eyes open wide in delighted shock. Her waist hid at the back of a chair and her arms lay tight down her sides, hands bunching at her rear.

“Ok? Did you like it? Tell me!”

He gaped back at her, “You looked amazing! I think the waiter may have caught me out though, we might never speak again, but I am keeping these forever.”

“Hee” She said as her shoulders went up in delight. “You’re welcome.” She sat down sliding her bag off her shoulder.

“How did you know to do all that? You had camera angles, lights, everything!”

“Evening class in German cinema,” she laughed. “Don’t you dare show that to anyone!”

“I never will I promise.”

She was back in her original sundress and boots. Twisting the neck off a bottle of water, she pulled at the cap and brought it up to her lips eyeing him over the top.

“What was your favourite bit then? What most caught your attention?”

“You did” he said without hesitation. “You light me up”.

She leaned in to his face and whispered, “Flattery I like, but if I asked again would it be the shoes? I wanted you to like them?”

“All of it had my attention including the shoes, every moment. But there were a couple of specific points that may have stood out for ‘special attention’?”

She smiled and her head wobbled in response. Her eyes stayed steady on his as a wry turn came at the side of her mouth, “‘Special attention’. I see. I confess it was a little warm in there. The points you refer to may have needed a bit of persuasion. However, big glass mirrors in shops can fortunately be quite cool to the touch.”

He went quite still, but kept on looking at her. Something heavy creeped at his hip.

Her voice dropped very quietly “Are you good to keep going?”

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