Since You Asked Nicely

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It had been a while since we’d seen each other and we were both going crazy from the lack of physicality. My mind raced constantly about what I’d do to you when we finally did see each other again. We couldn’t bare the distance, so I flew you out to see me for a week. After a good few days of fucking our brains out and me primarily being in control, you came to me saying you were feeling like having a day where you were totally in control of me and I had to do anything you said. You said you thought another contract was in order. I agreed knowing full well what the last contract consisted of, and this one was hardly any different. We signed it, and my day of servitude to you began.

One of your stipulations was that I was to be naked the whole day. Slaves don’t need clothes, you said. Another stipulation was that I was only allowed to cum or have access to my dick if you gave me permission, so I was made to wear a chastity cage, which you quite enjoyed teasing me with. You flaunted your body at every chance you could to make it as torturous as possible for me. Putting your tits in my face, shaking your ass for me, making me smell your pussy and Bycasino ass, making yourself cum with the wand while I watch but am not allowed to touch with your feet nearly covering my face, sitting on my face until I make you cum with only my tongue, teasing my cock inside the cage and asking how badly I wanted out of the cage and what I’d do for you to get out, etc…

After a while you told me you had decided you were going to let me cum, but only if I followed all of your directions without question. If I failed to do so, you said I’d be lucky if you were nice enough to simply put me back in the cage as you tapped the cage with the blade your knife that you’d threatened my cock with in the past. At this point I was so worked up I agreed without a second thought, and you released me from my prison but I was still forbidden from touching it until you said so. You told me that you were going to lie down on your stomach and that the Queen would like her slave to show appreciation to the Queen for letting her out of the cage by worshipping her royal ass. I started by kissing each cheek over and over until you turned around, grabbing Bycasino giriş me under my chin and saying “Perhaps I should have been more clear. I want you to worship my assHOLE, slave. And remember no matter what happens, you agreed to do whatever I said. Your mouth wrote that check and I intend to make you cash it.”

I parted your cheeks and began kissing and lapping away while telling you how beautiful you are, how good you taste and smell, and how much I love worshipping your beautiful behind. I became greedy for your ass, needing more and more and so I started to fuck it with my tongue. I stuck it as far up there as I could, every little moan you let out only making me want to dive deeper. This must have went on for at least 30 minutes when you started to complain that laying on your stomach was beginning to make it hurt. You were enjoying my eagerness back there far too much to let that ruin your fun though, so you told me that if you needed to release some gas that I’d better just keep going – or better yet open my mouth and take it so that you don’t have to smell it yourself.

A few minutes go by and you Bycasino deneme bonusu groan and tell me to open up, one is coming. You push and you push and there’s nothing, until finally you tell me “O-oh, no..ha well things just got interesting, slave. I want you to put your mouth around my asshole and stick your tongue up my ass.” I do as I’m told and I eventually encounter the tip of something. I freeze up a bit and you notice me stop digging for a second. “Feel that, slave? I think all the pushing must have made me need to do a little more than expel some gas… You wouldn’t mind terribly if I needed to take a shit, would you? Ah, who am I kidding. I’m the Queen and you agreed to be my slave, so I know you’d love to just open your mouth right now and let me use your mouth as my toilet. Why don’t you go get the chair and lie down on the floor underneath it for me? And be quick about it. Your Queen needs to go and I don’t like to be kept waiting.” I make my way under the chair and as you’re settling into position with your ass directly above my mouth, you tell me to beg for it.

“Please, Queen.”

“Please what, slave?”

“Please shit in my mouth.”

“Since you asked nicely. You are allowed to cum when I am fully done and not a second sooner. After you cum you may spit whatever you have in your mouth into the toilet, clean yourself up a bit, and then lick my ass clean. Now get ready, it’s coming…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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