Sir Pretty Paul , The Wild Girlz

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*** Please read the short exert below before undertaking an erotic adventure! ***

Jami is not really a super hero, I just wanted to convey her extremely powerful, strapping muscular attributes with the likeness or Wonder Woman or maybe the She-Hulk so I did it with an artistic flare.

She’s the best damn beach resort spa masseuse that we’ve come across so far! Thats’s for sure! And Jami definitely does share an uncanny likeness to maybe the character “She-Hulk”, or “Wonder Woman”! She’s extremely attractive & so damn sexy too, & although her hands are ridiculously big & strong, she knows how to press her clients bodies with gentle, pleasurable force as she works through her clients bodies until they’re feeling so good, so loose while enjoying the sensually pleasurable & seductive pampering Jami happily applies, performing for our sexual pleasures using her every muscle with seemingly effortless handy-work as she grins with excitement of her own listening to the groans of pure ecstasy for over an hour on the public beach & under the umbrella, as we are always unaware of how loud we can be throughout an entire session & honestly not really giving a fuck either way.

Her skills make it all look so easy, almost effortless. Her hands & fingers are brawny looking, especially for a girl, or anyone for that matter! Big, stoutly hands move my body any which way, often clutching me gently so she can hold me in place or lift me up and carry me to the water with her solidly muscular arms easily lift me right up of my feet quickly & she carries me from the beach tent and into the warm salt water for more therapy without any noticeable strain whatsoever as her hands feel good and secure, firmly gripping me solidly, one under my butt & the other holding me upright from behind my back & waist as she proudly shows off her incredible strength to everyone at the beach, strutting and skipping as I enjoy being pampered to the point of an absolute hedonist of the highest degree, sticking out my legs and wiggling my toes in front of her lips expecting her to rub my feet and suck on my toes while I enjoy being carried & not having the drudgery of being responsible for the strenuous task of having to walk myself in the hot, dangerously jagged sand full of broken glass bear bottles & sharp ended seashells littering the entire area like and mines set by an enemy force determined to damage my soft, gorgeously delicate feet after having them rubbed with lotion so I could have nice, delicate feeling skin so its easier to get someone to rub, suck, and generally pamper them for me with their hands and mouth.

She’s Not Really a Super Hero But she’s pretty damn close!

Chapter 1: “Pisssttt … I Think She’s Getting Turned On By Our Lust For Pleasurable Decadence.”

The Girls & Sir Pretty Paul Agree to Try Out a New Beach Massage & Pamper Spa that came Highly Recommended from Racheal, a Bi-Sexual Friend that’s totally into Big, Solid, Stoutly Bodies with Serious Muscular Bulk, Whether it be Girls or Guys. (She Randomly Meets at Her Local Cross-fit Training Gym)

“Beach Bodies – Massage & Pamper Spa, I think we should pull in here,” Paul unnecessarily directs Dee on where to park her car as he sometimes plays the role of the only man in a group of girls en route to a girly spa day, which he is genuinely enthused about as much (or maybe even more) than the girls. All three friends have been gearing up for something new at the beach & some fun & relaxation in the form of a nice, lazy day laying out and being rubbed down sounds like heaven for an afternoon.

“A pleasurable, gentle massage is what I need, not like that rough, uncomfortable Tuzla Escort session we had last week! She didn’t know what she was doing!” Dee blurted out load to her self. “My neck still hurts little, it’s not cool!”

“Well, let’s try and get a drink or two before our session starts. I need a strong one,” Paul strongly declared. “I’ve still got a little bowl of weed as well if y’all want some beforehand,”

“Duh, like uh … can we like … smoke it in the car before we go to the bar,” Kassie halfway asked, already knowing what the answer to her question was.

The three went back into the car and Paul packed two bowls of some decent weed. They quickly huffed the weed down & all became uncomfortable in the hot car, itching to get out and be done with it.

They slammed down a few shots & hurriedly made they way into the beach spa just in time to see Jami, a giant of a woman & even more bulky with ripped muscles than she was tall, which is saying something as she is 6′ 2″ & towered over the three friends, including Paul who was 5′ 11″ & not short himself.

She was much wider, for lack of a more flattering term, then was Paul, who was really thin & felt little & delicate with her nearby.

“Why hello there, y’all! Mmm, you guys are really cute! That’s good for y’all since I really get intense with attractive clients & the massage is so much more fun for the both of us, unlike when an ugly, balding fat gross guy books a session!” She had a huge smile on her face & couldn’t stop making intense eye-contact with Paul as she gently, softly clinched his delicate hand as if she didn’t want to accidentally hurt him by a normal handshake. Maybe she’s just being nice Paul thought to himself. In all honesty she has thick, heavy hands and she certainly could hurt him by accident, maybe gripping it too hard and in the wrong way.

“Ohh, you take care of your hands, so soft and … delicate, to the touch I mean,” Jami tried to stop herself, not knowing if Paul would be put off by this treatment even though she really did mean it as a complement … It was already too late anyway. The cat was out of the bag.

“Well, thank you, I try to keep it smooth with lotion and I love pampering my body like so … This why I’m here, after all!” Paul replied with a smile, letting her know he doesn’t mind being the Princess for the day. Especially with her, as he loved muscles and the thought of her cooing at him, almost like a role-reversal, actually really turned him on. She did’t yet know how much.

“So, like, where are we going to do this? Is there a table? I’m ready to be rubbed,” Dee exclaimed without a touch of embarrassment. “Where’s the other masseuse?”

Jami giggled politely and took her by the hand the same as she did with Paul, overly-gently, treating Dee like she was the girl, & not Jami herself.

“Mmmm, I love your nails! That’s a sexy color,” Jami said as she lead Dee into the spa itself. “The tables are a bit high off the ground, so we would rather our clients just wait to be assisted up and on top of the table, please,” Jami said with a serious tone. “No accidents here!”

We all leaned on our respective tables for a brief minute before Jami and giant sized men returned to assist us.

“Let me demonstrate for Jay, its his first day of actually massaging clients & I’m currently training him,” She said as she steadily made her way towards Paul as if she wanted to eat him.

“Jay, pay attention! One easy motion, effortlessly, especially on a skinny girl or guy, like Mr. sexy Paul, here,” She winked and giggled. Take your hand and firmly, yet gently, grip the client underneath Gebze Escort like this and wish them up without braking a sweat! We’re the muscle massage parlor and we live up to the name!”

Jami swiftly lifted Paul like he was almost weightless in an instant. Her large right hand encompassing his narrow butt entirely, firmly holding him up right & she put her left hand behind Paul’s neck and back so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable in the least as she flexed her arms while carrying him, maybe to show Paul her assets as his cock grew instantly hard and couldn’t hind this, it was obvious to everyone in the room as they gazed upon the gladiator-looking woman gently laying Paul down on the table, easing his head and carefully propping his head up with her hand while she grabbed a pillow with her other hand and slowly placed it under Paul’s head, not releasing her holding him upright until she knew he was comfortable and not accidentally hurt by whiplash or banging his head if she unexpectedly let his head down before he was ready to himself.

“You have beautiful eyes,” She whispered in his ear, nudging her heavy arm against his rock hard, throbbing cock. “We’ll have some fun today, I promise Paul,” She whispered again, licking the inside of his ear before pulling herself back together as she was technically training Jay and everyone was watching her with intrigue.

“Oh, that looks kinda hot, I’m not gonna lie,” Dee Said, slightly jealous of Paul’s being the princess today and not her.

“Okay, get to work guys, let’s go!” Jami yelled at the two guys starring at her and me, possibly turned on accidentally by the situation unfolding between Jami & Paul.

“Ohhh, you’re really strong,” Dee said as she posed mid-air while Jay attempted to impress her & recreate the sexy vibe that Jami started with me. “Mmm, one-handed,” Dee giggled, still acting and posing for the moment as Jay slung her up on the table easily with one arm, trying to outdo Jami.

Kassie just put her ams up and Blake, a giant man, tanned and solid as well, gripped her entire waistline with both hands and eased her up on the table, then began rubbing her bare feet before he got a look from Jami to start off right and to just do a normal massage, for now at least.

Chapter 2: Let’s Bring This Party Outside

The massage was really great, but after the beginning Paul became bored with just a normal massage and closed his eyes, nearly falling asleep. “What’s a matter, honey? Doesn’t it feel good to you?” Jami asked concerned, thinking Paul was getting bored of her. “I like to party, I was really horny there and I want to have more fun like that,” Paul politely told her honestly.

“Okay, I’m gonna end the regular session and tell Jay I need to train him some more so I’d like to take you out to the beach, underneath a tent, and have Jay watch as I’ll pamper you’re every want and whim….” She whispered, again licking his ear slightly. “Here, take this, it’ll make the massage even more fun … ” She lightly kissed him on the lips as she held him up to do so, making sure Paul never had to twitch a muscle as she would do it for him. She slipped him a pill of some sort while sneaking a kiss. He took it down immediately and by the taste of it, it was a really good one!

“There, you won’t be bored in 15 minutes Paul.” She smiled as she turned around to call an end to the normal session paid for. “Time! 1-hour is up ladies, but if you’d like Jay needs to train more and I’m going to use Paul as my helper, so if you don’t mind Jay practicing his skills on you we can continue this on the beach!” She said happily, realizing Paul’s Aydınlı Escort cock grew back once again to full size and stiff as a rock like before.

“Really, hell yeah, Dee, Lets do it! I’m cool with that!” Kassie yelled half drunk.

“And let me demonstrate how to take a client down, Jay, pay attention!” She yelled as she swiftly held Paul in her arms once again, flexing her arms for him and not immediately putting him down but held him up with her right arm under his butt and her left once again behind his back to steady Paul as she walked towards the back door unannounced, still easily carrying Paul. 

“Follow me muscle heads!” She joked as she frolicked while Paul stretched his legs out and touching himself gently on the calf and then foot, then signaling to her that he wanted her to pay attention to his feet in his own privileged gesture.

“Yes sir!” She said as she kissed his toes and rubbed his feet with her free hand. “So smooth, I love them!” She laughed as she kissed his feet once again, sucking on his toes as she pressed down on his cock to feel how hard it was for herself.

Dee & Kassie followed Paul & Jami after a short moment went while they all tried to figure out where she was taking Paul and what was going to happen next.

Kassie sat, legs crossed like a good girl as she enjoyed riding one of Blakes big, broad shoulders. Dee was more involved, attempting to boss Jay about while he carried her in his arms, trying to imitate Jami to the T as he was in training after all.

“Follow us, over here!” Jami motioned to the two big bulky men, impatiently waiting on them to catch up so the fun could commence in earnest. “Hurry up, gee!”

The beach was crowded with people and Paul enjoyed being the center of attention and pampered as well, especially in public for jealous eyes to gaze upon him, pretending to not be turned on by the sight of Jami licking his toes while he comfortably sat on her shoulders and rubbed his cock against her beefy neck while he relished her services in full on ecstasy, for real.

The umbrella she brought him to was not very big, but two others were also available within 10 ft or less, so it seemed enough to accommodate them all for awhile. There was a basket, a few towels and a cooler already sitting there.

“This is my stuff, baby. How do you feel? Are you hot? Let me know if you are getting uncomfortable, baby!” She said, asking whether or not Paul could enjoy himself under the circumstances. It’s hot, but im okay for now. I need the shade though. Maybe some ice!” Paul explained as his teeth chattered away hard. Jami saw this and brought him down on the towel she had just laid out them. She made him comfortable and threw him a pillow and grabbed some ice cubes from the cooler. “Lets have some fun, okay honey,” she assured him as she sat down herself.

“Put me in your lap. I want you to softly rub my cock for me as you sit me upright bounce me up and down on your lap, so I can talk at the same time,” Paul said, laying there, waiting for her to lift him up and place him down on her lap instead of sitting there without her assistance.

“Don’t move a muscle, I’ll do it for you!” She again grabbed Paul up in her hands practically. Oh my, You’re really light, Paul! You weigh the same as a skinny girl almost,” She said as joke, but not a harmful one, rather a complement.

“Thank you, I try to preserve my girlish figure,” Paul replied sarcastically. Paul grabbed Jami’s hands and placed them around his waist. “I feel so tiny with you, but it turns me on, I like it, I love it!” Paul admitted to Jami. He placed her hand over his waist. It was big in comparison to his torso. 

“I want you to lift me up like this all the time, and surprise me as well. Its fun,” Paul said, once again sliding his well-cared for feet against Jami’s lips, signaling his wanted more attention, immediately.

“Mmmm… “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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