Sis in Law’s Wet Party Bus Pt. 03

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“Fucking… fuck.” Thinking myself alone in the sex stinking party bus, dripping wet with my sister in law’s she-cum.

“Yeah.” The driver agreed, standing in the aisle but facing out toward the open door, without looking he picked up the roll of paper towels and tossed them to me.

“Thanks.” I almost didn’t want to clean it off, I just wanted… well I wanted to tug my dick with the intoxicating liquid, it would only take three strokes at the most. I would have if the driver wasn’t standing there, even not looking it would be weird. I started cleaning myself off, he kicked one of those little office rubbish bins down the aisle to me. Since I had to fill the silence with something I asked, “This… type of thing happen a lot?”

“Yes and no.” I thought that would be it since he went quiet for so long. Eventually he had more. “Some blowjobs, LOTS of blowjobs. Had a blowjob contest once, that was in the biggest bus we have, twenty guys getting blown by twenty gals to see who was the best cock sucker. Winner drank free the rest of the night. Some sex, usually they wait till everyone goes into wherever they are going, then slip back in the bus.” Tugging his cap up off his head as he shook it, laughing under his breath. “Never had a squirting thing happen.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.” There were splatters of the stuff even what seemed too far for Jane to have done, too fresh for the earlier squirt.

“No worries, we include a cleaning service in the fee. Won’t be me doing it. Certainly something though. I always thought it was like an urban legend. Not anymore, now I see it’s a thing. Genetic too, all three of them!” I laughed, years ago I hadn’t believed it either until the first time I’d gotten Lucy off. Like REALLY gotten her off, she’d been so embarrassed but I’d been hooked. For months afterwards she’d tried to fight it, tried to stop me at her small orgasms that I thought of as pre-orgasms. Eventually giving into to, telling me it was the difference between pleasured relief and AMAZING SCREAMING BLISS. “Thanks for the education.”

“Well, this… Sharing, swapping, exhibition stuff is all a first for me.” By then I was reaching for my clothes, my dick finally giving up in sullen deflation.

“Don’t bother with that son.” The guy said stepping down to the door. “Looks like one of the ladies is coming back to give you what you need.”

I would have asked who but didn’t know if he knew everyone’s names. My hope was that it was my wife, Jane, or hell even Dana but it was dark brown head of hair that came up the stairs after the driver had made himself scarce. Anxious brown eyes peeking up at me over the rail. Tonya! Boy did he have it wrong. I was probably about to get scolded not relieved.

“They’re gonna be in there awhile.” She said when she willed herself to come up fully into sight. My only answer was a raised eyebrow which she didn’t see since she was only taking quick glances of my cock between looking out the window. “Those pina colada things are huge.”



Or maybe not, if she’d just wanted to moodily stew somewhere she wouldn’t have waited till the Bus Driver left to come aboard. She hadn’t turned around in a huff when she saw me still naked. If Tonya was one thing she was not afraid of letting her annoyance be known. With that thought, plus her looks at my dick, I thought she had come in basically stating that we had all the time in the world. Maybe my logic was flawed, I had to face it that I was one third drunk and two thirds blue balled. It my rationale was wrong because of those things, my courage was bolstered by them.

“He’s really disgusted by you squirting?” Standing there in the aisle the oldest sister looked youthful again, her misery stripping back the years to show the woman who’d gotten married too young. Married a guy who didn’t seem to be able to come to grips with a part of the woman he supposedly şanlıurfa escort bayan cared for. I liked Gary, I’d often thought I might drink too much if I was married to Tonya. Now… I saw why she might be angry all the time. “I’m not disgusted by it.”

“No, you’re not.” She agreed, taking half a step forward, looking totally un-Tonya like as she trembled with timidity.

“I also think you’re one of Lucy’s hottest sisters.” She snorted a small laugh at my joke, getting some life to her besides despair.

“Gee thanks.” But she smiled while she said it.

“Seriously though, you’re beautiful and Gary is a fool for not appreciating your sexy form of orgasm.” We both agreed he was, I could see the normal Tonya sneer on her face. Her brown eyes landing on the spot that Dana and Gary had done something while I was lost in Jane. There was not any trace of positive emotion to it. “He did screw around with another woman. Yet there you are,” Letting my eyes play over her, she was more Lucy than Jane and that was not a bad thing at all in my book. I said the next part like the great crime it was. “Untouched.”

“And Chris fingered Lucy, sucked her nipples.” Once more a wave of jealousy rolled through me, my eye twitched, Tonya nodded, maybe knowing what would get me, maybe hoping for it. “She squirted.”

Lucy had come over to me fully dressed but way to sedate. Not horny from watching an event that had clearly turned her on, because with my wife it was either On or Off. Liked it or didn’t want to do it. Even more than that the bus driver had said “all three” when I’d fingered Lucy I’d backed off before she burst. I guess we’d talked about it but… I knew Tonya was right. The wet spots on the floor made more sense that way. Chris had fingered my wife to a gloriously wet orgasm, then come over to help his wife have the same. I did not know how to feel about that.

Or maybe, fully aware of how hypocritical it was, I was upset by it. Getting up I moved to Tonya, who started whimpering louder the closer I came. Grabbing her by her plaid blouse I pulled her further into the bus, towards the back. She came with heavy feet but no resistance. At the back I spun us around, started undoing her top. When I reached button four or five she let out a huge almost anguished sound, but otherwise nothing.

Underneath the top was a blue halter top, under that a plain white bra. That fucking annoyed me, most days Lucy did the same. Trying to layer away the signs of chubbiness when it only made them seem bulkier. Right now it was only because there was so much in the way of me getting at her. Yanking her close to me I undid her jeans with our lips hovering just a few hairbreadths apart. Her brown eyes stared right into mine as I made short work of her pants. Experienced with her equally well sized sister, I worked her them down easily. Taking hold of her much fatter ass, growling again at the full sized granny panties before slipping my fingers underneath. Her flesh was lovely soft, her plump backside even more so.

Shivering at my positive reaction to the feel of her she pushed upwards enough so that our lips touched. She kissed me. I really kissed her back, full of an angry sort of lust. Remembering all the eye rolls she’d given me. All the times she’d tried to call me out on something. The fact that she’d told Lucy she didn’t think I was right for her after I’d met her for the first time. For that last memory I swatted her ass, first one cheek and then the other.

“Ouch!” It hadn’t been that hard, not really. It was just clear she wasn’t used to that sort of roughness. It was also clear she liked it, I grinned. Yanking the shirt from her shoulders, down her arms. Mashing my lips into hers as I wrapped my arms around her, mostly just to unsnap her bra from under her halter. Both of us working to get it off of gaziantep sarışın escort bayan her, she stopped me there. “I don’t like my belly.”

With a sigh of weariness I instead concentrated on her amazing chest. She had large ones just like my Lucy. They weren’t as perky, but they were bigger and jaw droppingly beautiful. Areolas offset ovals with bright pink thimbles at their centers. Her belly was outlined by the tight halter top that she had pulled down to expose her tits. After I got those god awful underwear off her she was quite a sight. Her hips flared out from under the shirt. Thick lovely legs between which was a much less hairy pussy than I had always imagined. While it hadn’t been shaved in a while, it hadn’t been too long ago because I could see her pale pink mound through the dark sparse hair.

“Get on the seat.” Already hopping to it by my pointing finger alone.

I about said something when she got on all fours, taking a long time to get on the seat further than the edge. I thought she’d go around in a circle a few times like a cat, I knew what she was doing. I swatted her bare bottom again, which made her yelp but actually push back at my hand, instead of moving away. So I gave her another one, loving how she reacted to it. Her sexy overripe body swaying forward, then back as she readied herself for another, tits hanging all the way down to the seat. I swatted her again, then slide my fingers through her crack, over her asshole till two fingers slipped right inside her sopping snatch like there was a vacuum inside her.

“Oh my god.” The big mom was full of need and lust. I could feel it inside her, how her obviously rarely touched pussy pulsed around my fingers. Stepping forward with a growl I took hold of her tits, delighting in the feel of them while I started to steadily finger her. “Sam! Yes!”

I didn’t think I’d ever felt anything so wet. I pulled my fingers free, smearing the elder Adkins sister’s big butt with the stuff, giving her cheeks little swats before jamming my digits back in. She pushed back against it coyly. Leaning over, unable to help myself, I inhaled of another man’s wife, of another sister of my wife. I kissed then licked the delicious flesh until I reached her shoulder. Tonya turning towards me, her pleasant face full of pleasure.

I didn’t play much games with her. Mostly sliding the two digits in and out of her. Sometimes pulling them out to rub at her clit, quickly and haphazardly. I wasn’t surprised when she started to tremor. Hugging her at the hips I held her tight, dialed up my finger banging to maximum speed. Immediately the long unpleasured mom cried out, slapping at the seat. Getting even wetter as I hammered on, waiting for it, making sure she would get there.

“SAM! OH GOD YES!” She cried when I got her where she needed, wiggling my digits inside her a second more before yanking them free. “UH!” A huge wash of squirt burst from her covering my hand, she sagged at the relief. I knew it was the first in who knew how many years, no way Tonya would do this for herself. “Uhhhhhhhhh yes!” Before she got too comfy I wiggled my fingers at her clit, then ran them back in. While her cry sounded pained she pushed her pussy eagerly at the penetrating objects. I gave her a good thirty count then pulled out again, rewarded by a fresh spray. Went back again, this time there was only a light stream, she sounded much more relieved. “Oh Sam, oh god did I need that.”

“It’s not over yet.” She’d sagged right down to her stomach but actually perked up at that.

“Are you gonna… fuck me?” The once sneering bitch sister smiled hopefully at me. Grinning when I helped flip her over, dragging her lower body to the edge of her seat. She pushed up off of it, so she could see as I lined up on her. “You are! Oh god Sam! You are!”

It was insanely şehitkamil escort bayan amazing, all three sisters in one day! Fuck! Granted Lucy had been before work but it still fucking counted. It did! I slide into Tonya not so surprised at how tight she was considering how little her and Gary probably did it. Even more than the tightness was the expression on her face as I slide into her. How she back stroked on the seat, my dick TOO much for her. I didn’t let her get away, taking one of her legs, holding it to my chest, I got balls deep. Both of us puffing as we came to terms with the new level of our relationship.

“Oh god! Oh sweet god Sam!” I was in complete agreement.

I drew out of her before stabbing myself back in. She thrashed but this time instead of trying to get away she pushed herself into me. Sliding my hand up her shirt, gripping her plump belly, I held it and her leg as I fucked her harder and harder. Like her little sister she whimpered at the clear (if embarrassing) sign of affection I showed for her curvy body. It delighted me, her chubby tummy as sexy Dana or Jane’s flat ones. To me.

Sawing harder and harder I told myself to slow down, not pull a Tommy. It was super difficult, Tonya enjoying my dick was a new level of amazing. What helped was yanking myself out of her, slapping the fat head of my meat against her clit. Rubbing it around there. It felt good for both of us, but better for her by her reaction.

Which got really good when she started humping her body up at it, reached down to hold the tip against her sensitive bump. All abashed that she was basically masturbating, but seeing as she was right there embarrassment didn’t stop her. Crying out as she squirted again. By then she was shivering, I thought it was too much for her but she still rose up, captured my dick, then dropped so I sunk all the way in her. Voice quivering over the word “Oh!” continually as she stared up at me in awe.

“You can cum in me.” It was a whisper at first but after the tenth repeat it was loud enough to make out. The twentieth was louder still. “Sam, please, cum! Cum in me! Deep! Deep! Deep in me. In… my belly.”

She put her hand over mine on her stomach to let me know where she wanted it, I nodded. Huffing, covered in sweat again, unsure how I’d even lasted this long. That was no longer a problem now that I’d gotten permission, now that the idea was in my head. With her brown eyes staring hungrily up at me. The wild night full in my mind. Picking up speed my grip going harder on her leg and belly. She felt it the second I started, both of us crying out with it, her vice like innards clamping down on me.

“Cum Sam!” Dragging me down to her she kissed me but I didn’t really kiss her back as I was groaning out my pleasure. So she licked my lips, my cheeks, my ear. Ducking her head to do the same to my chest like she was a mommy animal bathing me. “Oooooooh! Cum! Yes! So much! Yes!”

“Shit Tonya! Shit, shit, shit!” Thoroughly enjoying the rather weird and lewd act of her basically cleaning me with her tongue. As soon as she saw I was aware enough though she took my mouth again, we kissed for a long long while. “Tonya, that was so good.”

“Yeah, for me too. The best… Ever.” She angled her head so I could kiss at the bare spot between the halter strap and her neck. I felt the relief and slack go out of her, tension build as she became aware of the time. “We should…”

“I know.” I pushed up, but gave her one last kiss, unable to believe this was the same woman who had haunted every family get together for all my marriage to her sister.

Somebody wooed out in the parking lot, which was not any of our group but we didn’t know that till we were half dressed. We cleaned up as quickly as possible, more quickly than thorough. About the time we were discussing if we should wait out here or go in the Bus Driver showed up. He casually informed us that somebody had bought the birthday party another round of bucket sized pina coladas that they were a quarter of the way into, so they were all staying longer. I slipped him a wad of twenties, knowing from his tone that it had been him. Smiling at Tonya who looked ready to cry at the idea that somebody else knew about her and me, maybe thinking the cash was a bribe of silence.

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