Sister Dials the Wrong Number Ch. 05

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This is the fifth and final part of a brother/sister incest story. I strongly suggest you read parts 1-4 before consuming this part. If you have already done so then welcome back and enjoy. A big thanks to Loansum for editing.


To say I was shocked was a major understatement. There I was laying on the bed my face between my sister’s thighs while she ate out her best friend, Michelle’s pussy as Michelle sucked my cock. That wasn’t the part that shocked me, even though it would have 2 days ago. The thing that shocked me was that my parents were standing in the doorway looking at us enjoy each other on their bed. They were supposed to be on a week-long second honeymoon and it was only day two.

I quickly dove for the thin sheet and tried to cover myself up but had no success with the 2 teenage girls laying on them.

“Mom, Dad, what are you doing home,” Ashley squealed.

Mom only laughed. She was apparently not angry at the situation in front of her.

“Well there is a bad storm in the Bahamas so we decided to come home and spend some time with our kids. But it looks like our kids are a little busy,” she said.

Our parents were certainly dressed for vacation. I slowly took in the whole situation around me. Dad was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts but it was mom that took all my focus. There she was standing in the doorway with a big smile on her face in one of the smallest sundresses I had ever seen. Her long smooth legs were on full display as the dress fell to just mid-thigh. I found myself wondering how I couldn’t see her panties. My eyes slowly moved up the floral print dress and fell on the deep v between her full breasts. She looked braless and a little larger than Ashley; I guessed a large C cup probably.

I took in mom’s beautiful face that looked like it belonged to a 30 year old not a woman who was in her 40’s. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. I truly admired my mother for the first time until I felt Michelle move from beside me. I looked over and watched her walk completely naked up to my dad who was smiling at her.

“Welcome home, sir,” she said.

Michelle didn’t wait for a reply before sliding her arms around my dad’s neck and kissing him passionately. Their tongues were quickly exploring one another’s mouth. I watched my dad’s hands reach around and cup Michelle’s firm little ass; the same ass I had just been running my own hands over not 10 minutes earlier. I was in mental overload at this point and wondering what I didn’t know. I wondered why mom wasn’t yelling at them. Then I realized mom wasn’t even standing next to dad anymore.

I then looked over to see my sister sitting on the edge of the bed her legs spread and mom standing between them kissing her daughter deeply. I was amazed as I watched her kiss our mom with a mouth that had just been cleaning out Michelle’s pussy. Her lips must have been covered with my cum and Michelle’s sweet juices. Their hands were roaming over each other as they kissed like long time lovers. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and my cock, which had grown soft, was quickly growing back to full strength. I must have had an extremely confused look on my face because when my mom looked at me she laughed playfully.

“Oh honey, you have some catching up to do,” she said with a sexy grin.

I just sat there not knowing what to say but my mom seemed to know exactly what was going through my head. She smiled at me knowingly as she spoke to Ashley.

“Honey, why don’t you and Michelle keep your dad busy while I get your brother up to speed.”

Ashley giggled and kissed mom again before sliding off the bed. My eyes followed her body as she moved over to dad, kissing him just like Michele had. I then realized gaziantep sahibe escort bayan that Michelle was below Ashley and already had my dad’s hard cock between her lips. I was in disbelief at this point as I felt mom put her hand on my cheek and turn my face to hers.

Mom had the sweetest most caring smile on her face and I couldn’t help but smile back at her as she said, “How are you doing honey?”

I opened my mouth but no words came out. There was just too much going on in my head to put into words at this point. Mom once again seemed to understand and laughed sweetly.

“What I’m thinking is you’ve spent the last 2 days fucking your sexy sister and her sexy little friend. I’m sure you’re doing great.” This comment brought a little bigger smile to my face; amazed that mom wasn’t going crazy right now.

Mom softly placed her hand on my bare thigh which sent shock waves through my cock making my cock tense up even more.

“Well I suppose it’s time you found out about all of this,” mom said watching my reaction.

My eyes were locked on hers and I felt hypnotized by her words.

“Your sister has introduced your dad and me to a whole new way to have a loving family. We were hoping you would join us and I guess your sister was in a real hurry. She has been talking about wanting your cock for the last 2 months now.”

“But what would you want with your old mom after you just had those two sexy teens,” she asked.

This statement quickly brought me out of my daze as I quickly looked at her.

“Oh mom, you are just as sexy as them. Hell, you’re probably sexier,” I said with a smile on my face.

I couldn’t believe I just said that. As my eyes went wide, they also betrayed me. My gaze slowly slid down taking in the deep cleavage of my own mother’s firm breasts in the small sundress.

“Oh honey, that’s so sweet of you to say,” she replied as she followed my eyes. Thenin a more sultry tone said, “You like them huh?”

I didn’t figure I needed to be anything but honest at this point and replied, “Yeah mom, they look great. I don’t know why I haven’t been staring at them for years.”

“Because before yesterday you didn’t know you could have them,” she said with a laugh in her voice. “And for that compliment I think you earned the chance to really see them,” she said reaching behind her. She smoothly untied the knot behind her neck. The dress fell down her body, bunching at her waist, and revealing a pair of beautiful full tits to me. They had just the slightest hint of sag to them but any woman would have been proud to have the tits that were on display for me.

Mom wanted to push the envelope now and I could see the look of lust starting to build in her eyes as she looked down at my now throbbing cock.

“Oh baby, my little boy isn’t so little anymore is he,” she said as she reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock so I would have no doubt what she meant. This brought out a moan and sent a tingle up my spine. Mom slowly started to stroke me as my eyes met hers.

“Now honey do you want to show your mommy all the naughty things you and your sister have been doing the last 2 days,” she said.

“But what about dad,” I smiled at her but still had a small bit of reservation.

“That’s sweet of you to worry but I think he’s being well taken care of,” she told me. I followed her gaze to see both Ashley and Michelle on their knees alternating between sucking dad’s cock and his balls and obviously doing a good job because dad’s head was tipped back and his eyes closed.

Mom started to pump me a little faster at that point.

“Mmmm I could go for some nice cock in my mouth right now too and oh look I have şahinbey escort bayan one right here,” she said playfully before slowly sinking down to her knees making sure to drag her heavy breasts against my throbbing member. I watched closely just taking it all in as my own mother lowered her lips to my cock and kissed the head; getting a taste of the pre-cum that was seeping out. She didn’t hesitate as she opened her lips and slid them over my swollen head. Her hand was still on the base of my cock jerking me as she pressed her lips lower and lower onto me. I could very quickly tell where Ashley had learned to give a blowjob.

Mom skillfully sucked and jerked my cock driving me wild as I moaned out my pleasure. She found the perfect pace to keep me right on the edge of complete pleasure but not causing me to cum. She sucked me deep into her mouth until I felt it hit the back of her throat. I expected her to pull back but instead I felt her swallow and my swollen cock head slid down my own mother’s throat. She had taken me completely into her mouth and I was in heaven. She held me there for nearly thirty seconds before pulling all the way off of me and taking a deep breath.

“There are a few things your sister hasn’t mastered yet, but that’s what mommies are for,” she said with a big smile on her face.

Mom then rose up and smiled at me. She shimmied her way out of the little sundress and was standing there in front of me in just a pair of the tiniest little panties I had ever seen. The sides were string and the little patch of cloth that covered her pussy was a red material that was nearly completely sheer leaving no doubt that she was completely hairless. I knew it was my time to act. I didn’t delay as I reached up and pulled the tiny little strings down her hips revealing my mother’s pussy to me for the first time; it looked amazing.

I quickly dove right in running my tongue up her slit finding it wet. Her juices were sweet. This elicited a moan from up above me and I took that as encouragement. My hands wrapped around her body, cupping her ass as I slid my tongue past her pussy lips and into her sweet cunt. I slide my tongue as deep as I could then slowly brought it back dragging the tip along her inner walls licking up all the juice I could. Mom moaned out more and more as I started to slide my tongue back and forth deep into her pussy. She put her hands on my shoulders bracing herself as I tongue fucked her over and over. I loved the taste of her. I was soon treated to several even louder moans. My mouth flooded with her juices as her orgasm took over her body. I didn’t slow down one bit and kept licking up as much as I could. My lips were coated with her juices.

Mom pulled my face back and smiled down at me.

“Mmmm, fuck baby you are good at that. You will be doing that again many times but now I need you to fuck mommy.”

Now that was a request I knew I couldn’t deny and I stood up taking a hold of mom’s hips and picking her up slightly before laying her back on the bed. She let out another happy laugh as I laid her back. But the laugh was soon replaced with a soft growl as I slide my throbbing cock between her legs; rubbing it against her thighs.

“Get that monster inside me baby. I need to feel you fill me up,” she moaned out throatily.

My cock head slid slowly against her pussy lips and I knew I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pushed forward, sliding my swollen cock deep into her amazing tight pussy. I held myself deep inside her and kissed her deeply. Our tongues were sliding against each other as I rocked my hips pushing deep inside my mother’s hot pussy. My cock felt like it fit perfectly inside her.

A loud moan suddenly broke my concentration and şahinbey bayan escort I looked up to see Ashley on her hands and knees on the floor with dad behind her. He was fucking her hard while Michelle lay on the floor below them getting more of Ashley’s expert pussy eating skills. Mom squeezed my ass and I looked at her and she was smiling devilishly.

“Don’t lose focus Brad, you have your mother’s hot cunt wrapped around your cock you better take full advantage of that. Fuck it good and hard,” she told him.

I smiled down at her knowing it was best not to disobey my mother. I slid my hips back slowly, enjoying the feel of her pussy wrapping me tight and not wanting to let me go. I then slid forward as I felt mom’s legs wrap around me. As I sunk all the way back in, mom’s legs tightened around me even more. I started to slide in and out of her only able to slide about half way back before the grip of mom’s athletic legs stopped me. I quickly settled into a smooth rhythm, fucking her deep and hard. Over and over I thrust into her, going faster and harder with each thrust. Our bodies started to crash together as we fucked with a whole new level of passion. Moans filled the room as the two teenage girls took care of dad and I fucked mom hard and deep. After all the times I had cum in the last 2 days I knew I could last. So I fucked mom, plowing into her pussy harder and harder. The bed rocked under us in our incestuous fuck.

I looked down at mom and she met my eyes with another devilish smile.

“Ohhh fuck baby, I want you to take me from behind,” she moaned.

I didn’t need to be told twice and I quickly slid out of my mother and she rolled over getting on her hands and knees. My cock was only out of her for a few seconds before I was back inside her pussy my hands on her fit ass holding her hips tight. She rocked back into me with every single thrust, causing our bodies to slap together.

Mom was moaning loudly and it got the attention of dad and the girls.

“Well I know what your mom needs now,” he said as the 2 girls smiled, knowing what he meant. They detached themselves from his cock and feel into a 69 on the floor which I watched while I pounded into mom over and over. Dad moved over to us his cock rock hard sticking out. He moved in front of mom and she quickly inhaled his cock. She used the motion of my thrusts to rock herself back and forth as she sucked him energetically. Dad and I looked at each other and we each had a knowing smile.

“You’re going to enjoy the cock hungry women in this family,” he told me. I just smiled knowing that I had no doubt he was right.

Ashley and Michelle climbed up from the floor then and walked over to us. Ashley kissed me deeply which Michelle did the same to dad. They both lay under mom, each taking a nipple between their lips. Mom was now the center of attention for the whole family as I fucked her pussy, dad fucked her mouth, and the girls played with her tits. After several more minutes of thrusting Ashley moved up next to me and reached underneath squeezing my balls and putting her lips to my ear.

“Do it. Fill mom up with that yummy cum, bro,” she told me.

I was just about to erupt at that point. With Ashley masterfully massaging my balls, I went over the edge. I let out a loud moan and dad did the same as we came at the same time; flooding mom’s mouth and pussy with cum. Our orgasms caused mom to cum too; her pussy massaging my cock causing even more cum to spill out into her pussy.

We then all collapsed onto the bed exhausted. I was lying with mom on my left, Ashley on my right, then Michelle and dad on the other end. We all lay there just catching our breath and enjoying the post sex mellow.

Mom then lifted herself up on her side and said, “Michelle will you be spending the night?”

“I don’t think I can say no to that, I want another try at Brad’s cock anyway,” she said.

“What am I, just a chunk of meat to you,” I replied.

“Yep a nice hard long chunk of meat,” Ashley said laughing.

I laughed and lay back contented knowing my world was changed forever and that things couldn’t be better.

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