Sisters Pt. 03

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The sun warmed her skin as it climbed into the sky, Calliope sighed contently as she soaked up as much of the heat as she could. Her skin moistened from the heat and gave it a sheen. Relaxation would not come easy for the young girl as her mind raced to her sister, her lover. Their time together since Daphne had come home for spring break had been an awakening for both girls. They had discovered they were both in love with each other, and while Daphne embraced it and wanted to be with her younger sister for the rest of her life. She couldn’t believe just how much her perception of her sister had changed over just a couple of days. She couldn’t believe how happy she had been when she was with her sister. They had always been close, but this new relationship had changed that to a level she had never expected. She wriggled uncomfortably as her mind wandered to one single word she could not shake… Incest. Calliope struggled with it. ‘Incest’… the word that continued to echo in her mind. She could not, no matter how hard Daphne tried to help her get past it, she couldn’t let that word go.

I love her, I really, honestly do. But how will we ever be able to be out and open with our love? Incest is wrong, and I know it will kill mom and dad if they find out. We can never truly be together, and that breaks my heart. Her eyes began to water as she dwell on the what-ifs. Maybe I should keep my distance until she goes back to school and then I can try to move on and let her go, in that sense. Calliope wiped her eyes and picked up her phone.

Daphne stood at her window watching her beautiful sister sun bathing out by their pool. Her eyes slowly followed every curve of her young, fit body. God, she’s so sexy! I can’t wait to get her in my bed and-


“Mom!” Daphne jumped at the suddenness of her mother’s voice from across her room, “What’s up?”

“I was going to do a load of laundry, and I wanted to check if you wanted me to do your…” Her mother tilted her head questioningly.

“What?” Daphne asked.

“What’s that smell?”

“What smell?” Daphne inhaled slowly. She suddenly realized what her mom meant, she could still smell the faint scent of sex in the air.

“I-I’m not sure, it’s unusual.”

“Oh, it’s probably my perfume, I found this crazy weird scent while I was away at school.” She lied.

“I see, well, I don’t like it.” she replied matter of factually.

“Sorry, I won’t wear it at home anymore.” Daphne replied as she hurried around her room gathering clothes. She handed them to her mother with a grin.

“Thank you dear.”

“Thanks mom.”

After her mom disappeared down the hall, Daphne went back to her window to see Calliope had vanished. Damn! She sat in her chair by the window. The chair that she spilled her guts to Calliope. The chair she confessed her love for her little sister just a couple of days ago. What are we going to do? I guess I get where Cali is coming from. It IS technically incest, and I guess it’s illegal, but I do not care! I love her, I need to be with her but- Her train of thought was interrupted by her sister’s voice. Followed by another female voice that was not her mother’s. Who the hell is that? Daphne jumped out of her chair and hurried to her door, but just as she peeked down the hall, she saw her sister’s door close. Followed by laughter. Who is she with? Why didn’t she come see me?

Daphne sighed and returned to her chair. She slumped into the chair where she confessed her love for her little sister. Where Cali had accepted and reciprocated that love with a great deal of enthusiasm. The chair that has become the seat, the birthplace of their love. Soulmates, sisters and lovers. Daphne began to sob quietly. He body convulsed as sadness washed over her. They had made love several times, and spent a great deal of time together, but Calliope had questioned it time and time again. She kept throwing the word “incest” at her, which hit Daphne hard each and every time. She attempted to shake it off and just enjoy being with her little sister, but fear she might lose her just as she connected with her began to grip her tightly. Are we doing the right thing? I know my feelings are real, but why does she keep questioning it? Does she NOT love me as much as she was saying? Is she just experimenting, and is not completely serious about this? Is it already over? Daphne shook her head and took a deep breath. She heard a familiar sound coming from the hall and went to investigate it.

Daphne padded down the hall to Calliope’s door where she heard muffled voices and giggling. She continued to listen as she heard loud sighs and a few scattered moans.

“Like this?”

“Yesss… just like that.” Calliope responded to the other girl.

“You taste really good, I’m surprised it’s so good!” the first girl stated.

“Thank you Sarah, it feels really good.” Calliope panted.

Daphne turned the nob to Calliope’s room and carefully as she possibly could, and pushed it open only enough to peer in. What she observed both excited and hurt her. Calliope lay on her back, gaziantep ucuz escort bayan pinching her nipples and wriggling around as a blonde-haired girl pressed her face between Calliope’s legs, presumably performing oral sex on her. What the hell?! Why is she having sex with some girl? What happened to us? Daphne continued to watch, and soon realized her panties were getting quite wet. She subconsciously reached down and rubbed her pussy through her soaking wet underwear. She bit her lip and slid her hand inside her panties and began to rub a little quicker. Her fingers slid deftly round and round and back and forth on her slick clit.

Inside the room, Sarah slid 2 fingers in to Calliope’s pussy and began to fuck it while she licked and sucked her clit. Calliope squealed in delight and her friend worked her over with surprising expertise. Calliope reached down and laced her fingers in Sarah’s blonde hair and pulled her into her soaking wetness hard.

“Don’t stop! I-I…”

Daphne’s fingers plunged into her pussy and she drove her self to an orgasm, wanting to cum with her sister. Calliope’s back arched high off the bed as she began to climax, and Daphne’s knees buckled as she came in unison with her sister. She gasped as the climax overtook her.

“What was that?!” Sarah exclaimed as she jerked her head around toward the door, “Wasn’t the door closed before?”

Calliope still gasping for air looked toward the door and wondered if Daphne had been watching. One moment it turned her on, but at the same time she was filled with regret. Hoping she wouldn’t be hurt. Calliope sat up and grabbed a nightshirt.

“I’ll be right back” She stated as she tugged on the shirt and hurried to the door. Daphne had retreated to her room, and her chair before Calliope could see her. She paused and looked down the hall, then toward Daphne’s room. She glanced over her shoulder to see Sarah wiping her face clean of Calliope’s juices, and headed toward Daphne’s room. As she approached, she could hear Daphne quietly sobbing. Calliope felt her sorrow like a punch in the gut. She couldn’t let her sister suffer, so she entered carefully.

“Daph? You okay?”

Daphne sniffled and wiper her eyes, “I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, I can tell, and I don’t even need to see your face to know.”

“Cali, please.”

Calliope approached and sat on the window sill. Seeing her sister crying she broke down and begun crying. They sat for a few moments trying to pull themselves together, until Calliope spoke up.

“Daph? I-I’m sorry.”


“I mean, well…”

“Just forget it Cali. Go back to your friend.” Daphne replied with a bitter tone.

“No, I can’t, we need to talk about this.”

“No we don’t, it’s not me you want. I get it, it’s fine.”

“You don’t understand, Sarah is just a friend.” Calliope tried to explain through her tears.

“Sure looked like you’re more than friends.” Daphne snapped back.

“It’s all we are.” Sarah replied from the door.

“Sarah, no.” Calliope pleaded.

“Daphne, she’s being honest with you. I am not interested in your sister that way.”

“What are you talking about?” Daphne demanded.

“Well, I just started dating this girl I have been crushing on for years, and I wanted to have a clue what I was doing when we got intimate. I knew Calliope was gay, and I asked her to show me what to do. Sure, we got as little carried away, but it meant nothing.” Sarah explained.

“I am confused, Cali, why would you have sex with her with everything…” Daphne tried not to say too much.

“It’s okay Daph, Sarah knows.”

“I do, and I think it’s wonderful!” Sarah said wistfully.


“I swear I won’t say anything to anyone. I am happy for you two.” Sarah stated as she sat on the edge of the bed. “You two are lucky to have found each other. I hope to have what you two have someday.”

“What we have?”

“I told her Daph. I told her that we are in love. I know I have been doubting this with the whole ‘incest’ thing, but-“

“No buts.” Sarah interrupted.

“I am trying to work through my issues, I promise.”

“Your ‘issues’? Do you have doubts Cali?” Daphne pried.

“No no… I just meant my hangup about you and I being incestuous.” She explained as she kneel on the floor in front of her older sister. She looked into her eyes and smiled sweetly. Daphne softened to this wonderful vision. Daphne returned her smile as best as she could.

“I just wish we could get past that word. I want to be with you, and I don’t want that word to haunt you the entire time.”

“I understand, I am trying my love.” Calliope stretched up and kissed her sister.

“You guys are so cute together!” Sarah squealed, “And hot!”

Daphne and Calliope giggled as they hugged each other tightly. Daphne kissed Calliope’s ear and whispered, “She’s right you know, we are hot together.”

A chill ran up Calliope’s spine. She pulled away and looked her older sister in her eyes, gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan and bit her lip. She ran her hands around her sister’s neck and pulled her face in and kissed her passionately. Their lips parted and tongues darted out, and explored each others mouths.

Sarah slid back on the bed, pulled her shorts down and began to play with herself. “You two are so fucking hot together.”

“Oh shit, I forgot she was here.” Daphne said with a laugh.

“By all means, continue.” Sarah replied as she shoved a finger inside her pussy.

“NO problem!” Calliope replied enthusiastically, and slid down as she tugged at Daphne’s bottoms.

“Cali! I don’t know if I can do this with her here.” Daphne whispered.

“Just pretend I’m not.” Sarah replied.

Calliope pulled off Daphne’s bottoms and pushed her legs open. She looked at Daphne’s damp crotch and licked her lips. “My favorite meal!” She stated enthusiastically. She shoved her face between her sister’s legs and hungrily lips her glistening lips. Daphne gasped as her little sister’s tongue entered her and wriggled around. Daphne took her large breasts in her hands and squeezed tightly as her body filled with lust and pleasure. Meanwhile, Sarah furious rubbed her pussy while watching the sisters make love. Daphne rolled her said to the side and opened her eyes. Seeing Sarah, a beautiful young girl plunging her fingers inside herself while watching the sisters make love turned Daphne on even more and made her cum.

“Oh fuck Cali! YES!” She screamed as her body convulsed over and over. She collapsed back onto the chair and panted hard. Calliope lifted her head and looked at Sarah as she drive her self to climax as well.

“Uhhh, yes! FUCK!” Sarah squealed in delight.

“Your little friend is pretty fucking sexy Cali.” Daphne stated, her voice dripping with lust.

“Yeah, she is, but so are you sis.”

“You both are so sexy, and watching you fuck is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Sarah declared.

“How about we turn up the heat?” Daphne suggested.

“What do you mean sis?”

“This.” Daphne stood and moved to the bed. She slowly crawled over Sarah and settled face to face with her. Their breath intermingled as anticipation began to build. Calliope crawled up next to them and laid next to Sarah.

“I love this idea Daph!” Calliope said as she reached out and stroked Sarah’s chest. “She has such great tits.”

Daphne smirked and lowered her face to Sarah’s chest and flicked her tongue out and lashed Sarah’s nipple. She wrapped her lips around Sarah’s nipple and sucked gently.

“Fuck that’s hot sis! I like watching you suck her nipples.” Calliope purred as she began to rub her own body. Daphne switched to Sarah’s left nipple and she reached out and grabbed Calliope’s neck and pulled her face to Sarah’s right breast. She immediately took her nipple into her mouth.

“Oh my god!” Sarah moaned.

The sisters continued to suck on Sarah’s nipples, and Daphne slid her hand down and rubbed the blonde’s wet mound. Daphne followed her hand down to place her face between Sarah’s legs.

“Come here.” Sarah whispered and pulled Calliope to her. “Sit on my face Cali.”

Calliope straddled Sarah’s face and Daphne hungrily licked her sex. Calliope began to grind on Sarah’s face. “Fuck yeah! You’re so good at that Sarah!” Daphne shoved three fingers in Sarah’s pussy and drug them against her G-spot. Calliope leaned down and shoved her tongue in with Daphne’s. The two sisters licked Sarah’s clit in unison which drove the young girl crazy.

“Oh my god! That is amazing!” She bucked hard as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. She reached up, wrapped her arms around Calliope’s thighs and pulled her pussy hard down on her face and savagely devoured it. Calliope echoed Sarah and quickly came as well. Calliope collapsed off to the side, and Daphne climbed up and laid next to Sarah. Sarah reached out and kissed Daphne, “That was…”

Calliope slid up and laid next to Sarah and kissed her shoulder, “Amazing!”

“Yeah…” Sarah agreed. The girls giggled as they exchanged kisses.

“What the hell is going on here?!”

The girls sat up and attempted to cover themselves, “Mom!” Daphne exclaimed.

“It’s not what it looks-“

“It looks like the three of you just had sex.”

“Okay, it is what it looks-“

“Shut up Cali.” Daphne grumbled.

“Tell me I am not seeing what I am seeing.”

“We can’t.” Daphne replied as she stood and pulled on a t shirt. “Mom, listen to me.”

“Make it quick young lady.”

“Calliope and I are in love. We’ve talked at length, and we both feel the same way.”

“In love?! That’s not possible!”

“Why not?” Calliope asked.

“That… that’s incest! That’s illegal!”

“But why? Daph and I love each other and-“

“Of course you do, you’re sisters. But this…” She gestured at the bed, “This is wrong.”

“Mom, as I said, Cali and I are in love. We know the pitfalls gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan and we’re willing to risk it.”

Cali dipped her head and swallowed hard, Sarah noticed but kept quiet.

“Okay, you’re ‘in love’, but what the hell is going on here… with Sarah?”

“She was curious what it was like to be with another girl, and things got a little out of hand.” Calliope explained.

“This is not going well.” Daphne muttered.

Their mother stepped in the room, “Wait, so THAT is what I smelled earlier, not perfume, but sex!” she declared angrily as she sat down at Daphne’s make up table. The girls fell silent, waiting for their mother to yell at the once again. Sarah broke the silence first, “I should go.” she slid off the bed and searched for her clothes. As she got dressed, she raced from the room. “Call you later Cali!”

“Sure.” she replied.

“Girls, please… tell me how this happened.”

“What do you mean?” Calliope replied as she got dressed.

“This, how did you fall… hrmph… in love?”

Daphne sat across from her in the chair she sat in to draw Calliope. “Mom, you know Cali and I have always been super close.”

“Of course, your father and I were thrilled about how well you got along.”

“Well, while I’ve been away at school, I have been thinking about it. Calliope is on my mind constantly. Not just in a missing family way, but a romantic, and longingly way.”

“Same, I knew things between us were more than just sisters.” Calliope added.

“But you ARE sisters, how do you not understand how wrong this is?!”

“Mom,” Daphne approached and sat on the floor at her feet. “I need you to understand something. Calliope and I are in love.”

“You said that.”

“We know what incest is…”

Calliope shifted uncomfortably.

“We don’t care. Why should love, true love be illegal?”

“Sweetie, I don’t know, it just is. You’re blood related, this should not be going on. It’s just wrong… morally.”

“Morally? Come on mom.”

“Don’t Daphne.” Their mother rose to her feet and looked to Calliope, “Your sister is obviously uncomfortable, maybe she’s not completely okay with this.”

“What?” Daphne turned her attention to her younger sister, “Cali?”

Calliope shifted again, and shrugged.


“You see? I’m beginning to think you coerced her into all this.”


“Mom, please. I do love Daphne. Please to confuse the subject.” Calliope pleaded.

“Confuse the subject?” She sighed and sat back down. “Honey, Daphne is your older sister, I know you look up to her, do you think it’s possible that she influenced you into having… sex with her?”


“Mom, I respect Cali way too much to try and seduce or influence her. She’s my best friend.” Daphne explained.

Calliope moved to sit next to Daphne on the floor at their mother’s feet. “Mom,” Cali kissed Daphne on the cheek, “I love her, I really do.”

“Stop that!” She scolded her younger daughter.

“Mom…” Daphne blushed.

“Yes dear?”

“You really are beautiful.”

“Yeah, you are mom.”

“Stop girls! You’re not dragging me down with you.” she shook her head in disgust.

“Dragging you down? Mom, we’re just stating a fact.” Daphne explained.

The three women sat silently for a few moments. Their mother disgusted, angry and slightly curious, her daughters are exceptionally beautiful after all. She really is sexy, I guess I never noticed before, but mom is a hotty! Daphne smiled and bit her lip. I never realized just how much Daphne looks like mom, beautiful. Calliope thought to her self before being interrupted by her mom.

“Okay girls, please tell me this is over.”

“No, I can’t do that. I will not stop loving Cali, I can’t deny how I feel, no matter what you or the law says. She’s the love of my life.”

“Calliope, what do you feel for your sister?”

“I-” Calliope shifted a little closer to Daphne, “I do love her, I feel… so different when I am with her. I can’t explain it. It’s like excitement, fear, comfort and uncertainty.”

Daphne looked longingly at her younger sister, “Do you mean that? Fear and uncertainty?”

“Yeah, but in a good way.”


“I mean, I worry about what will happen if we come out as a couple, and …”

“That will never happen, it’s just not possible.”


“Daphne, please, let me continue.” She took a deep breath, “Okay, here it is. I see how you two look at each other, and just listening to you tells me a great deal of what’s going on here.”

“And?” Daphne pried.

“And… It IS obvious you are in love, or at least very much infatuated with the thought of being in love.”

“That’s what we’ve been saying.” Calliope stated.

“You have to understand something girls, people will not like this. They will not understand.”

“So?” Daphne replied angrily.

“So… The legal issues could surface when people find out.”

“Legal issues? How can there be any charges if they don’t know if we’re having sex?” Daphne replied.

“I’m just concerned and I want you to understand everything that comes from being out.” She stood, pushed the chair aside and sat on the floor with the girls and smiled sweetly. “Now, if you want to keep your activities at home, I suppose I can be okay with it. Plus it will be much safer.” She smiled and held out her arms. The girls both smiled and hugged their mother tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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