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The campsite was breathtaking and looked off right onto the lake. Dusk was settling in through the trees, the sky glowed pink over the elms bordering the site. My boyfriend, Aiden and I were finally pleased with our set up of the campsite. We had the tent to the far left, facing the water, and the tarp-covered picnic table was to the right along the tree line. I sat in a red lawn chair that we had set up by the fire pit and glanced at Aiden, kneeling on one knee, trying to spark up some newspaper to get the fire going. He looked at me looking at him and smiled the big Hollywood smile that had me hooked from day one.

Finally, the kindling next to the newspaper sparked up with an orange glow, and the sound of crackling wood echoed through the campsite. Aiden and I settled into our chairs, each with a drink in hand, and watched the hypnotic flames dance. We were drinking quite a few drinks.

He looked at me with a devilish grin and pulled a joint out of his pocket.

“You wanna smoke this with me, babe?” already putting it to his lips and lighting it.

“Yes, I guess we could, why the hell not?” I said back with a smile, pretending like I wasn’t waiting all night for him to suggest smoking the joint I knew he had rolled earlier.

“Twist your arm, eh?” He chuckled back through a cloud of smoke.

He passed it over to me, and I took a deep inhale into my lungs. I wasn’t as much as a seasoned smoker as my boyfriend, so I coughed a few times before passing the joint back to Aiden. We continued puffing on it and then giving it back and forth until it was nothing but a small, smoking nub. I took one last hit off of it and chucked the roach into the fire. Moments after, I felt myself start to feel spacey yet very hungry, and I knew the weed was hitting. I loved that feeling.

Both of us were high and giggling at funny stories we told each other. It was our first time camping together, and we were already having such a good time. I walked to the car’s trunk and pulled out one of our roasting sticks, and placed a hot dog over the prongs. I roasted it until it was crispy but not burnt and put it in a bun. It was not long before I had it scarfed down.

Weed had a few effects on me. The first was the munchies, and the other was severe horniness. Since I had already fulfilled the first need with the hot dog, I started to realize that the other need was making itself known. I felt the wetness between my legs growing from deep within. I stood up with full intentions of getting another beer but ended up leaning towards Aiden for a kiss.

His lips greeted mine, softly at first, and then his rough hands grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me closer into him. Our mouths intertwined, and time seemed to stand still. After three years, his kiss gave me intense butterflies in the depths of my stomach. He pulled back for a split second to look at me with hunger before returning his mouth to mine with great passion. An innocent kiss now was turning into a passionate make-out session. He bit my lower lip hard enough to make a statement that he was in charge.

My body instinctively lowered down onto him, so my legs straddled his lap in the camp chair. I kept my feet firm on the ground to ensure that the cheap chair would not break under the extra body weight. We were chest to chest, and I could feel xhamster porno his breath quickening as our mouths worked in unison. He grabbed my left hand and directed it down to his crotch. I could feel his hard cock straining against his shorts, begging for freedom.

Aiden broke the kiss and took a break from as he pulled my ear down to his mouth. In a low growl, he whispered, “do you feel how hard you made me baby? You’re so sexy.”

Hearing him pant with desire made me even wetter. My braless nipples hardened under my sweater. We had talked before about hooking up in public, but we had yet to get even this far into the fantasy due to lack of opportunity and not wanting to be obnoxious in crowds. Although it was dark under the night sky, it was still sexy to be rubbing him where anyone could walk by and see. I stroked him over his jeans and felt his full-length straining against the zipper. He groaned quietly, and I could feel him twitch against my hand. I wasn’t even in his pants yet, and I knew I was driving him crazy.

One of Aiden’s hands snaked up the back of my hoodie and almost instantly went around front and found my tits while the other grabbed my ponytail with a tug. He took my hard nipple in between his finger and thumb and rolled it around. He pulled on it, and my pain tolerance heightened, as it always did when I was turned on. It sent chills down my spine right down to my crotch, which was becoming more and more soaked.

I opened the zipper of his jeans and finally freed his swollen manhood from his shorts and boxers. I fondled his heavy balls in one hand and continued stroking him with the other. A drop of liquid appeared at the head of his cock, and I wiped it and brought it directly to my extended tongue. I made a show of enjoying his precum, and Aiden moaned again, this time more audibly. I seductively placed the same finger to my lips and shushed him in a way to remind him to be quiet even though hearing his throaty groans brought me closer and closer to jumping him right there.

Before I knew it, his mouth left mine again, and his hands lifted my sweater to expose my uncovered chest. He did not take my shirt off, but it was bunched around my shoulders, and my double D tits hung in his face. He looked me in my eye as he took my right nipple slowly into his mouth. He sucked it and flicked it with his tongue. It was now my turn to moan, and I grabbed his head, pushing my breast further into his mouth. I knew there would be a hickey right above my nipple from the way he was sucking the skin. He bit the pink bud playfully, and my body rolled against him. Subconsciously, I began grinding into his hard cock, rocking back and forth on his hardness.

By now, my cunt was dripping. I could practically smell my sex. I needed Aiden’s fingers in me. He instinctively was on the same page and moved his hand to the back of my thigh. I pulled the material of my shorts and my panties over to one side, and his fingers stroked the velvetiness of my bare lips. He teased me, dancing around the place I needed his fingers most. He would get close to entering me but then would run his hands down my legs again. He was making me insane, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Finally, two of his fingers entered me with force. His fingers penetrated through the slickness yaşlı porno that was gathering at the opening of my slit. I leaned down so he could hear the shallowness of my breathing in his ear.

I ground onto his fingers as he stroked the inside of my soaking wet pussy. He moved his fingers quicker and quicker in me, and I could feel the orgasm building as he was hitting my g-spot with his long fingers. I was gripping on his shoulders and back of his head, just trying to stay sturdy through the immense stimulation. My knees were starting to feel weak, but his fingers were relentless.

“Oh baby, you like me finger fucking you right here like a dirty whore? You like riding my fingers, and anyone could walk by and see me in your tight pussy? You’re such a good little slut, baby.”

I moaned in response, indicating yes to all of his rhetoric questions.

“I am going to cum!” I whispered in the pure ecstasy of the pressure inside plus the dirty talk.

“Cum on my fingers, baby. Cum right now! I permit you.”

He knew that I couldn’t help myself when his dominant side came out. My head threw back, and my eyes rolled into my head. With one final stroke of Aiden’s fingers, I came hard just as he wanted. I squirted, and the liquid left my body. It dripped down his hand and down onto his leg, which I was still straddling. Luckily, he had pulled the material of his shorts up because he knew I was a squirter, especially when high.

He laughed, but in a way that showed he was impressed with how hard I had cum. His hard cock bounced from watching my orgasm ripple through my body. My insides tightened and released, his fingers still inside of me. As I came down from my pulsating orgasm, I started back in stroking him up and down. I increased speed and pressure on him.

Aiden rested his head back in the camp chair and closed his eyes, enjoying me jerk him off. I knew just what he liked and what made him squirm. Since his eyes were closed, I decided to surprise him even more. I got up from his lap and kneeled in front of him. The rocks dug into my knees, but it almost was a good pain since I was still so horny. Plus, I knew it would be worth it to please my man.

I took his full penis into my eager little mouth. I sucked him with suction and ran my tongue along the underside of his hard cock. I could feel his veins with my tongue, and I knew that he had saved up his cum for me a few days. His balls were heavy in one hand, and his cock seemed to be getting even harder in the other as I paired my stroking movement with my mouth. I twisted my hands around him, creating friction with salvia coating his cock. I could feel him prodding into my throat. His hands grabbed handfuls of my hair as I looked up into his sexy, blue eyes. I batted my eyelashes up at him in an innocent way, knowing what I was doing to him. I sucked and licked him to when he started spouting out sexy phrases between moans.

“You are going to make me cum right here, holy shit.”

“Don’t stop.”

“Just like that babe holy fuck, you want all this hot cum?”

“My little slut is going to take all my cum down her throat.”

He was gasping for air between moaning whatever words he could muster up.

With desperation to cum, he began throat fucking me and thrust up into my mouth repeatedly. aldatma porno I relaxed my jaw and let him penetrate me just like he does with my tight cunt. My head was pushed as deep into his lap as it could be and held in place with his hands. With a few more quick flicks from my skilled tongue on his cock’s underside, I felt a hot explosion in my mouth. I counted 9 or 10 pulses, and I could feel the cum filling my mouth. I gagged slightly on Aiden’s shaking member as the hot semen streams hit my uvula with pressure. He moaned loudly now; I was thankful we didn’t have any direct neighbors.

I swallowed his big load and continued looking up at him with my big doe eyes. I wiped a bit of cum from my chin that had dribbled out of my mouth and sucked my finger. He twitched again as his cock began to get hard once more. He knew how much I loved his cum and feeling it run down my throat as I swallowed.

“Get in the tent right now. I need to fuck that sweet pussy.”

Of course, I followed his orders. I walked to the tent and laid down on our air mattress. I heard him extinguishing the fire with what I assumed was a water bottle from the nearby cooler. The wood sizzled loud enough I could hear it from inside the canvas tent. That sound was joined by the sound of the tent zipper opening again. Aiden swooped in the door, and in one swift motion, he had my shorts and underwear tossed to the side. He was attacking me with passion, and it was clear that he needed to be inside of my still wet pussy. His cock was out in his hands, and he stroked it to get it hard as it was outside.

He leaned down, and our lips were connected again. His hard cock was poking at my entrance, and I was already wet enough from my last orgasm that he slid right into me with vigor. He pumped into me, and his cock stretched out my tightness. I could feel his size filling my cunt, but I loosened up to accommodate each thrust with each thrust. His hand closed around my throat as he thrust into me very deep. My legs were open wide, and it felt like he couldn’t be buried any deeper in my pussy. His balls slapped my ass cheeks, and our moans only drowned out the sound of skin on skin. Neither of us could hold back the noises, and other campers probably could hear us. We were too into each other that it didn’t even matter.

The air mattress gave a good flow, and he was leveraging his weight into it, thrusting harder than it felt he ever had. Our bodies were tight to each other, and my nails were digging into his bareback. He pulled himself just about almost out of me and then buried his hard cock deep into my cunt one last time before I felt another orgasm sneaking up on me.

My pussy tightened around him, and that was enough for him too. He filled me with another hot load and circled my clit twice with his finger before I came also. My orgasm was right behind his, and it was even stronger than the first one was out by the fire. My body spasmed around him, and we both panted. He collapsed on top of me and slowly pulled himself out. There was a puddle of both of our cum on the sheet.

Once our breathing was under control, we got out of the tent and brushed our teeth from the water jug, and I cleaned up the jizz out of my vagina. Immediately, as we laid back on the air mattress, both of us drifted off to sleep. I was lying on my sexy man’s chest and fell asleep to his slowing heartbeat. In the morning, we awoke to the birds chirping and the early morning sun shining through the mesh. I rolled over to look at Aiden and felt very much in love with him. This trip would be the first of many camping trips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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