Ski Trip Reconnection

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The first ski trip with the ex had gone as well as could be expected. I had asked Tina to come along so there was another set of eyes on our daughter, Zaida. It had been her first time skiing, and I’m not that great of a skier, so I was worried about losing her on the mountain. There hadn’t been any squabbles, and just a couple of tense moments.

Fast forward a year, and Zaida wanted to go skiing again. I considered just the two of us going, but I was still a bit concerned about losing her if I fell. So I invited her mother again. She was pissed that I did not extend the invitation to her mother as well, but I stood my ground.

“You can come along…same deal as last time…but I don’t want your mother’s drama along for the ride.”

It had taken Tina a week to respond, and I’m sure she was thinking I would cave on my demands, but I waited her out.

“I’d like to go. We had fun last time, and I appreciate you being so concerned for Zaida’s safety.”

…as if I wouldn’t be… she’s my daughter. But I was learning to choose my battles, and this wasn’t one I wanted to engage.

I reserved a cabin in Taos with a bedroom for each of us and a hot tub on the deck from which the view was magnificent. Tina flew to Albuquerque, and we picked her up and made the drive to Taos. The travel had worn us out, and we wanted to get an early start to get our gear, so after we ate a delivered pizza, we each headed to our respective rooms.

The next day, a Tuesday, the traffic at the rental counter wasn’t too bad, and we got our gear in under an hour and headed to the bunny slope. Zaida picked up her snowplow in a few minutes, and I was shushing shortly afterward. We headed to the lift and rode to the top of the mountain.

The day flew by, and we had fun. Tina actually laughed at herself after a fall on an easy stretch, and that broke the ice. At 4pm, the closing announcement was made, and we headed to the truck to head back to the cabin.

About halfway to the cabin, I spied a Chinese restaurant and pulled in. “Any objections to Chinese?” I knew better than to ask what everyone wanted.

“I like that idea,” Yalova Escort Tina smiles as she replied.

“Sounds good, Dad!” Zaida chimed in.

We ate a lot, having burned up more calories than we thought we had, and left satisfied. Once at the cabin, Zaida headed to the shower. I changed and headed out to run a few miles, and Tina settled on the couch. I returned an hour later, having accomplished a solid six miles on the dirt roads near the cabin, and headed to the now-vacant shower. I could tell by the mess and wet towels in the bathroom that Tina and Zaida had been there. So I cleaned up, threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the living room. The three of us watched TV for an hour, then Zaida headed off to bed. I didn’t want the awkwardness of sitting with Tina on the couch, the only furniture in the living room, so I changed into my swim trunks and stepped outside to enjoy the hot tub.

A half hour later, the quiet of the night was interrupted by the sound of the back door opening. Tina walked out onto the deck in her bathrobe.

“Mind if I join you?”

I wasn’t sure, and frankly didn’t want the company. Her company usually came with a fair bit of bitching, and I didn’t want anything to ruin what had been a really good day. But I’m also not an asshole, and I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no.

“Not at all. I can head in and give you the tub to yourself.” I offered.

“Please stay. We always enjoyed watching the stars together. And we haven’t had any time alone.”

Tina dropped her robe, and she was wearing a very tight black bathing suit, and given how its thin fabric revealed every curve on her body, I wondered if she had bought a size too small, removed the lining, had ulterior motives, or all three. Once wet, the shape of her 36DD breasts were openly visible through the swimsuit, and I could have sworn that she had a camel toe showing how she had recently shaved her pussy bald. I was glad that the water and my baggy swim trunks hid my now engorged manhood, but I dared not move for fear of revealing my weakness. Tina sat down by me, and we had small Yalova Escort Bayan talk for a few minutes. I knew better than to presume she was coming on to me, so I figured I would make my exit and just rub one out when I got to bed.

I was wrong.

“Jesse,” Tina started,

“Yeah?” I replied, not sure where this was going.

“I really fucked up.” Tina rarely used the f-bomb. “I took you for granted, I treated you like shit, and I didn’t let you be yourself.” Tina went on. She had finally realized that she had thrown away what she wanted all along. For the first time, she seemed to genuinely regret what she had done. There was no way to know if she was going to become kinder or less demeaning, so my guard was still up. At the same time, I wasn’t thinking very clearly because I was watching the water rise and fall in her ample cleavage. And frankly, I was tired of trying to figure out if she was sincere or not. I decided to shut her up.

I dove into her, kissed her passionately, and pinned her against the side of the hot tub. Tina returned the kiss and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I felt her huge tits crushed against my chest, and my member was straining to escape my swim trunks and enter her pussy. We explored each other’s mouths, and I massaged her ass.

As I moved to kiss her neck, she whispered into my ear, “Fuck me Jesse. Do whatever you want to me.”

For once, I didn’t second-guess her intentions or myself. I pulled off my swim trunks, yanked her swimsuit crotch to one side and thrust my cock into her. She was warm, wet, and tight. She stared into my eyes as I pushed into her.

“Show me your tits.” I ordered.

Tina complied, pulling down her shoulder straps. Her huge tits bounced free, and I took a nipple into my mouth. Tina gasped with pleasure, begging me, “Please, Jesse, please fuck me hard. Use me.”

I held her arms behind her back and kept her pinned to the side of the hot tub. She was my prisoner, paying her dues for years of withholding sex and my giving her a free ski vacation. I pounded her pussy, loving the image of her wet tits move in Escort Yalova waves with each thrust.

“Oh god, Jesse, you feel so fucking good! I am yours to use however you want. I’m going to cum on your huge cock!” Her whispers in my ear we’re getting louder and more breathy. “Please don’t stop fucking me!” She begged.

I was using her, satisfying myself with her pussy and tits.

“Pull up your knees.” I demanded.

Tina complied, and I pushed my cock balls-deep into her.

“God, you’re so big and hard!” Tina cried.

I kept pushing, thrusting, getting harder. Her words became unintelligible, but it was clear she was close to a monumental climax. Her pussy clamped down on my cock, her legs gripped me like a vice, and she pulled my chest into her tits, “HHnnnnmmmm…god, yes…fffuuucckk me Jesse… cum inside me, please!”

I felt her squirt her juices, covering my cock, making her pussy wetter, warmer, and tighter. I quickened my pace, losing control. I slammed my cock into her and gave her the ultimatum, “Tina, you’ll let me fuck you whenever I want! You’re mine, and you will be a good, kind wife for me. You’ll wear what I tell you, let me see you naked, and let me love you!”

“Yes, Jesse! Yes, own me!” She cried throwing her head back in another climax.

I exploded inside her, pushing deeper than ever before. I convulsed with each spurt of cum, pushing my seed deep into her womb. “Oh god I love fucking you.” I gasped.

“Wow!” She panted. “That was wedding night, get-me-pregnant amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I’ve never cum that hard before.” I was trying to catch my breath.

“I love you Jesse. I’m sorry I mistreated you. I’m sorry I withheld sex. You’re a wonderful man and an amazing father to Zaida. I promise I will show you the respect you deserve and need.” She whispered as she stayed still, holding my cock inside her. “Please give me another chance. And yes, I will pleasure you whenever you need me to.”

“We’ll keep building.” I replied as I moved to the tub seat and pulled her to me to hold her.

We watched the stars and enjoyed the tranquility of the mountains for another half hour before we went inside. Once dried off and changed, I headed to my room. Tina followed me. I tend to overthink things, and I almost asked what she was doing. But I stopped myself and simply held the door for her. We crawled into bed, and I held her.

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