Ski Vacation in Austria Ch. 01

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This story is about a week’s skiing vacation. The first Chapters is about Saturday and Sunday from Chloé’s point of view, the second Chapter plays on Monday, from Sebastian’s point of view. Tuesday is told by Chloé again, while Wednesday is from the perspective of an older a somehow creepy another hotel guest. Thursday and Friday have changing perspectives

Who is Chloé? 18 years old, senior year of high school. Raised in Liège, Belgium. Hobbies: Swimming, meeting friends, playing the piano and also snowboarding. Body: 172 cm tall; approx. 55 kg heavy; brown hair almost to the hips; brown eyes; 70-75B bra size; 73-58-78 measurements. Chloé is smart, not shy, but often overthinking. She once had a boyfriend but only made out with him.

Saturday: Near Innsbruck, we’ve been in the car for hours. I was pretty bored, sitting on the back seat of our car. It was February, like almost every year we were on our way to the ski area in Serfaus, Austria. We were almost there. I was wearing my pink sweatpants, a top and a black warm sweater as it was pretty cold in the car. I was very happy to be back: it’s a nice hotel and I’ve always had good memories here.

Once we finally arrived at the hotel. We entered the garage and parked. Check-in was quick, I only had one bag to carry and we entered our hotel room. A double bed for my parents and a single bed for me. It was already 8, we hoped Maltepe Escort it wasn’t too late to eat and headed to the hotel restaurant. Luckily we still go table and the kitchen wasn’t closed. I looked around while eating, there weren’t many guests my age. It was also my first time seeing Sebastian. He sat at his table and I thought he was cute right away, but I wasn’t really looking for a boy here so far from home. After dinner we went to our room to sleep.

Sunday: The next day was fun, albeit unspectacular: I spend the day on my board. It took me some time to get to the same level as last year but at the end of the day I had some very good runs on the slopes.

At 5 o’clock I was already back in the hotel room. My parents stayed on the slopes a little longer. I decided to go to the spa, I put on my bikini: it was an all red bikini. The panties were quite classic, not something too revealing, but they had still had a sexy shape with knots at the side. My mom isn’t really a fan of it, but she can accept that I have chosen it now since I am old enough. The top was a regular bikini top, with a bow around the neck and a button opening in the front. I put my hair in a braid so it doesn’t get so wet. I wear the hotel bathrobe over it. I go to the spa, which had a pool, hot top, and two saunas.

I quickly find a spot next to the pool to put my bathrobe and bath slippers Cevizli Escort there. I feel a little weird walking to the pool steps in my bikini: it was mostly old people around the pool. I’m not sure whether I am just imaging it but I felt, that many people looked at my body… I walked to the pool and took a few steps in, feeling a bit relieved when my ass was covered in water.

The water is warm and I start to relax. There are massage jets at different depths on the sides of the pool; In one corner of the pool there is a separate area with a bubble bath. I decided to lie down there and get into the bubbles. While some people were in the spa, no one is in the pool. After a while I see the young guy from Diner yesterday, entering the spa area. He is wearing blue swimming trunks. He walks past the pool to the stairs that led to the second floor with a whirlpool and saunas. I was wondering if he will go to the sauna and if he will be naked. I also considered going to the sauna, but I had a feeling it could end up being quite uncomfortable. I liked the way he looks and he seemed nice, but I really didn’t plan on getting to know him. I thought about how I broke up with my last boyfriend a few months ago and how I certainly wouldn’t be smart to start dating a man that far away.

Then I notice how a guy goes into the pool, he’s in his mid-40s, he wasn’t unattractive, Atalar Escort but definitely not in my age group. He swam pretty straight to the bubble area; The bubble area was rather small, people could sit (or lay) in a circle, it has an entrance overlooking the main pool. I was on the other side of the entrance. He entered the jacuzzi and sat down directly at the entrance.

Man: hello

Chloé: hello

I find it a bit odd that he welcomed me here. I at least hoped he wouldn’t say anything more as I felt a little annoyed talking to a stranger.

Man What is your name?

I answered dry: Chloé

Man: Are you from Austria

Chloé: No, I am from Belgium

Man: A nice so you come here often?

I decide to leave as I don’t really feel like having a conversation like this now. I go to the exit from the other side than he is sitting. The water in the jacuzzi was a little shallower than in the pool, so when you exited you practically jumped into the main pool.

I say, sorry, but I think I need to go out to eat soon as I made my way to the pool.

Then I feel a hand on my butt, gapping quite hard and even slightly squeezing fingers between my legs. I swim away, I am pretty shocked and angry but I didn’t want to make a scene. I swim away without looking back. Once outside, I took my robe back. I went straight to my room. I think if it weren’t for that accident, I would have gone to the sauna to see if the young guy was really there.

When I was back in the room my parents were there. We chose to eat in the room.

The next chapter (Monday) is written from the perspective of Sebastian and will follow soon.

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