Skiing Ch. 02

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These stories are meant for people who are Adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or are offended by erotic or sexual material, please do not read.

I post the entire story each time so that people do not ask me to send them the earlier parts each time. The story is a work in progress that sometimes changes in addition to being added to. If you like the story please let me know. Thanks, Lynne

Nichole and I had met the day before on the ski slopes and had spent the night together, my first night with someone, and my first night with another woman. Now here we were again, together on the ski slope but so many things had changed. I was no long unsure of my sexuality. I was no longer a virgin, well technically I guess I was, but I was no longer a 22-year-old woman who had never experienced sex. The previous night had been one that I had often dreamed of but never really thought would happen. How often, alone in my bed at night, I had touched myself hoping that someone would someday touch me in the same way. Nichole had taught me in one night that my dreams of someone touching me the same way were silly. She touched me in ways I never dreamed anyone would.

Now we were on the mountain having a fun day as she skied and I snowboarded. We looked like an older and younger sister or perhaps aunt and niece. Only when we were sure we were alone and no one could see would we sneak a kiss or intimate moment. I kept thinking about last night and couldn’t wait for tonight. I kept thinking about Nichole’s body. I kept thinking about spending the night in her arms, in her bed. I kept thinking about all the things she could show and teach me. I kept thinking about how wonderful she tasted when for the first time in my life I tasted another woman.

As the day wore on Nichole started to tease me. She seemed to enjoy making me blush. As we went up in the chairlift she told me what she would do to me once she got me home. How she would undress me. How she would just sit back and look at my nude body as she masturbated in front of me, not letting me touch myself as she did it. How she would have me masturbate for her. She told me how she would expect me to cater to her every wish and whim. How she would spank me like a bad girl if I didn’t. I was getting very turned on by the idea of this older sexy woman dominating me, controlling me, making me do things I had never done before. The thing that most intrigued me most, the thing that got me so horny that I was wiggling around in the chairlift, the thing that actually made me want to touch myself right then and there, was that she planned on taking me back to her hotel, showering with me and then shaving my mound so it would be as smooth and bare as her own. I was squirming in the chair so much that it started to sway. Without warning she leaned over as if whispering into my ear, but instead her tongue ran over it. I almost fell off the lift.

As we neared the end of the day I was so excited sexually that I was sure everyone in the lift line could smell my sex. All day Nichole had been teasing me. Telling me how many orgasms I was going to have that night. Telling me how hot it made her thinking about me. Telling me about all the things she was going to do to me when we got back to the hotel. Telling me how much she wanted to run her tongue over my freshly shaven mound. Once, when I had to pee after we had stopped for Nichole to get a binding adjusted, I actually masturbated in the restroom at the ski area. I felt so naughty while doing it but I had to find some relief before I burst. It took me less than a minute to cum and I almost bit through my lip trying to be quiet. When I came out of the stall my face was flushed and I was sure it wasn’t just the wind and sun that had made me so red.

By 3:00 p.m. we were both done with skiing. We had skied hard all day and my legs were sore from going down so many bump runs. Nichole was an expert skier, although she kept saying how she couldn’t ski like she once did because of bad knees. But still, she managed to make a very smooth and effortless run down High Rustler and try as I might I couldn’t keep up and took quite a spill when I got going to fast and started to take the bumps with a lot more air and a lot less control than was prudent, especially on a snowboard in bumps. Thankfully Utah snow tends to be soft and fluffy when you land and the 8 inches of powder that had fallen during the night help make my landing relatively soft. What hurt most was my pride. But by the end of the day we were both sore in that good way that said you worked hard and had fun.

As we were walking out to the car we ran into some of my friends from school. Nichole smiled when I introduced her as a family friend. Everything was going fine until one of my friends asked how long she had known me.

“Well, lets just say that I remember Lynne when she only came up to here.” Nichole put her hand on her waist, the point where my head had come up to the night before when I had gotten izmit escort down on my knees as I had gotten my first taste of a woman. I blushed so hard that I felt as if I were a beacon in the parking lot. Nichole gave me a little wink.

We said goodbye to my friends and headed to the car. Nichole turned to me and said, “And I expect to see you come up to here again tonight. In fact, I expect you to be up to here a lot tonight.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I did know I expected to be up to there as soon as we got through the door of her hotel room.

The whole car ride back seemed to be designed to get me as hot and horny as possible. Nichole kept telling me how we were going to spend our evening. First, she was going to take me up to the room and have me undress for her, get out of my ski clothing. She intended to sit there and drink a glass of wine while I undressed for her. She then intended to have a second glass while I explored my own body for her. She would tell me where she wanted to touch, how she wanted me to touch it. She intended to have a third glass as she watched me bring myself to orgasm, and I would not be allowed to have an orgasm until the very last sip was gone from that glass. She said the hotter I made her, the thirstier she would get, and the faster she would drink her wine. The faster she drank her wine the sooner I would get to cum.

I was squirming in my seat as she drove and told me her plans. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Nichole smiled at me when she saw that I just couldn’t get comfortable. She reached over and put her hand between my legs and started to rub the fabric of my jeans. Oh god how good it felt. I spread my legs and let myself slide down in the seat as far as the seatbelt would allow.

“I bet you are very wet right now aren’t you?” Nichole said, very matter of factly.

“You know I am,” I said as I tried to raise my mound up so it would make a little more contact with her hand. “You know you were making me wet all day.”

“Well, maybe we should do something about it then.” Nichole reached up and undid the button on my jeans. She then slowly unzipped them, all the time not taking her eyes off the road. Playfully she ran a finger under the elastic of the top of my panties. “You know, I don’t think that zipper goes down far enough, why don’t you just take them off.”

I couldn’t believe what she was asking. Her rental car was a small compact and all around us people were driving by in SUV’s, pickups and even large delivery and transport trucks. But I was so horny that I really didn’t care. I scooted my bottom off the seat and slid my jeans down around my knees.

Nichole’s hand started to brush over my panty-covered mound. The crotch was soaking wet and I am sure she must have been able to feel it as she gently brushed her fingertips over my mons. I reclined the seat a little so she would have even easier access and just closed my eyes. I really didn’t want to see the eyes of the people who might look down into the car but I didn’t care what they saw. I was sure I would know none of them, at least I hoped, and if I did I am sure that they wouldn’t be looking at my face anyway.

“Just as I thought, very damp,” Nichole said as she pressed a finger between my labia majora, forcing the fabric of the panties to get even wetter. “This just will not do. I can’t have you running around in wet panties that smell like sex all night.”

She kept rubbing and I kept squirming. Her fingers seemed to know just where and when to touch me. My jeans had now fallen down around my ankles and my knees were wide, one against the door, the other against the shift lever. I heard her but it really didn’t register at first.

“Well, I guess I will just have to stop,” Nichole said and put her hand back on the steering wheel. Only then did my mind actually understand what she said, and what I had to do. I lifted my bottom as I slid my panties down, and took both those and my jeans completely off. I was naked from the waist down just as we were coming out of the canyon. Traffic was just about to get very heavy. It was rush hour and I really didn’t care.

“Now isn’t that better,” Nichole said as she reached back down between my legs. My hair was matted by my wetness and my labia were swollen and full, parting even without the help of Nichole’s fingers. My labia minora was peeking out since it too was engorged and blossoming. “Now why don’t you just relax, we should be back to the hotel in no time.” Nichole’s finger easily slid into me.

The entire ride back to town was a blur. I felt so good, with Nichole’s expert fingers probing and pushing, stroking and sticking. I soon found that my hands had pulled my sweater and t-neck up so they could get access to my super sensitive nipples. When I did look up for the most part it seemed I was going un-noticed by the passing vehicles as we drove on the highway. When we hit the exit ramp however I did look up and a truck driver was looking down. I felt like such a slut as I opened my legs even further and squeezed my breasts together so he could have a better view. Nichole took her hand away and sucked on her finger when she noticed him watching. He was seeing something that no man would ever have and I wanted it to drive him crazy. I knew it also turned Nichole on so I reached down and started to play with myself as he watched and Nichole sucked on her finger. When the light turned green I put two very wet fingers up to my own lips and licked them clean. I could hear horns honking as we drove away.

Nichole seemed content to let me play with myself for a while as we drove through city traffic. My seat was completely reclined and my fingers were busy as I tried to keep myself hot, but not cum. I wanted to save that for Nichole. She kept telling me that watching me do this was making her wet. She told me whenever a truck, pickup or SUV was coming up next to us so I could really put on a show. She would let them watch for a while and then zip away and quickly lose them in traffic. Thankfully she had learned how to drive in Boston.

I could tell that the ride was taking longer than it should, but I really didn’t care. I was making Nichole happy and I was really enjoying discovering a part of me I never really knew I had. I had been naked before around other people, but it had always been either sunbathing, skinny dipping or sitting in a hot spring on a river trip. Right now I was getting very turned on by the idea that people could get turned on just by watching me touch myself. Nichole being one of those people made it perfect.

“Here we are, finally,” Nichole said as we pulled into the garage of the hotel. “You better stop that now, or else we will never leave this car.” she sounded disappointed that the show was ending as she shut off the engine. But before she let me up, she reached over and wet one finger for a final taste.

I quickly dressed as Nichole found a place to park in the garage. I didn’t bother putting on my damp panties but rather just shoved them in the back pocket of my jeans. We grabbed our ski stuff and I grabbed my overnight bag and headed up the elevators to the main lobby. As soon as the elevator doors closed Nichole leaned over and kissed me.

Unfortunately it was a very short ride and the kiss lasted only a few seconds, but it was so sweet that I was left a little light headed when the doors opened. We had to walk across the lobby to get to the elevators that led up to the rooms. Midway through the lobby Nichole quickly snatched my panties out of my back pocket and let them fall on the floor. She kept walking, as if nothing happened, and left me to go back and pick up my panties in front of the about 30 people who were milling about the lobby. I blushed as I rushed to catch up with her before the elevator doors closed.

“That wasn’t very nice,” I said, pouting. I was embarrassed. Even though everyone in the lobby probably didn’t know my panties were wet and smelled of my sex, it was still embarrassing to have to pick them up in front of everyone. Hopefully they just thought they had dropped out of my bag and not my pocket.

As the door closed Nichole pushed me against the side of the elevator and kissed me hard. We were on the 16th floor so the ride would take a while. After a quick, but hard and passionate kiss Nichole broke it off and said, “I will do what I want with you when I want to. I don’t want to hear any whining about being embarrassed or upset. You will do what I say, when I say it.”

Now I was perhaps 4 inches taller than Nichole, and even though she was in shape I could easily have pushed her away and against the other side of the elevator if I wanted to. But I found myself excited and scared at the same time. Never had anyone been so dominant with me. I suddenly found myself wanting to please her even more. I wanted her to tell me what to do and when to do it. I wanted her to control me. “Yes ma’am,” I said meekly as I looked down at the floor.

She kissed me once more, tenderly and softly. “That is better, I would hate to have to punish you if you disobeyed.”

Punished? Suddenly I found myself wanting to be punished. Suddenly I found myself wanting to be a bad girl. My god, what was happening to me?

As soon as we entered the door to Nichole’s hotel room I was all over her. But she instantly pushed me away and started to walk toward the little kitchenette the outer room of the suite had. I stood there stunned, still holding my bag and wearing my coat at Nichole took off her coat, opened the small icebox the room had and took out a bottle of wine. She looked at me as she opened it and poured herself a glass. I was almost in tears from a combination of the rejection and sexual frustration. Nichole still hadn’t said a word as she sat down on the love seat and took her first glass of wine.

“What, did you think I was kidding when we were talking today?” Nichole said as she took her second sip. “I told you I had our evening planned out. Have you forgotten already?”

My mind suddenly started to go over the day and then I remembered. I was sure at the time she had been only teasing me. Now it was evident she had not. I had never undressed in front of anyone before as they just sat there and watched, never mind stripped in a sexual way. The only thing I had to base what I was about to do on was one night in high school. I had been staying over a friend’s house since her parents had gone out of town for the weekend. She had found a tape in her parent’s room of a movie called Showgirls. We giggled a lot that night as we watched it. I also had gotten very wet watching the women on the screen dance. I also remember how horny I had gotten watching the scenes that involved two women. Even then I knew I was different, but did not want to admit it. Later, as my friend slept in her bed and I slept on the mattress on the floor I had masturbated thinking about the women on the tape and what it would be like to dance like that for my friend, and to have her dance for me. I guess now would be my chance to see what it was like.

I put down my overnight bag and took off my coat. Then I walked over to the television and turned on the radio that was integrated into it. Figures the first thing that came on was some religious broadcasting network. I sort of giggled as I searched for something that seemed like it would be more appropriate.

I finally found something and turned to Nichole. She took another sip of wine and sat back. I started to sway with the music just as a commercial came on. This was almost getting comical. I waited for the music to start up one more time and started to dance again.

As I swayed with the music I began to undress. I felt very silly, but when I looked at how Nichole was watching me, with what could only be described as lust in her eyes, I suddenly felt less silly and more sexy. She had been teasing me all day, now it was my turn to tease her.

Even thought I wasn’t dressed in what you would consider the most provocative outfit, I tried to do the best I could. I had on my jeans, t-neck, snow boots, and bra. My panties were still stuffed in my back pocket. First I danced around the room a little, watching Nichole watch me. I ran my hands over my body and paid a lot of attention to my breasts, squeezing them and kneading them. Then I pulled out a chair to sit on and take off my boots, by far the least erotic part of the show, but Nichole didn’t seem to care, in fact when I pulled out the chair I could tell she liked the idea of the chair being there. I then stood up and undid the button on my jeans and slowly unzipped them. I let them ride on my hips as I danced a little more and lifted my t-neck to show off my nice flat belly. I played with the top of my bush, just hidden from view, as I ran my hands over the soft skin of my belly. I reached up under my t-neck and undid the clasp on the front of my bra and did the old take off your bra without removing your shirt trick. I could tell that Nichole liked seeing my very erect nipples pushing against the fabric of my t-neck. I paid particular attention to them for a while, both for Nichole and myself since I love to play with those sensitive little buds.

Another ad came on but this time I really didn’t care. I could tell that Nichole was really starting to enjoy my show. She was the one who seemed uncomfortable now as she kept shifting her position on the couch. She had almost seemed to forget the wine, something I remembered that I did not want her to do, so I walked over a dipped a finger in it. I then raised my t-neck to expose one nipple and ran the wine around it. Then I leaned down and licked it. I had never done this before, and when I did I couldn’t understand why I had waited so long. My own tongue on my nipple felt wonderful and dirty. I kept licking and sucking it as my free hand reached down inside my jeans for the first time. I stuck the finger I had dipped in the wine between my lips and it didn’t take but a second for me to get it wet. I then brought it out and repeated with my own juices what I had done with the wine. When I licked my nipple this time it tasted even sweeter.

Now I could tell I really had Nichole’s attention. I ran my hand down my belly and played with the top of my jeans. My pubic hair was barely visible at the bottom of the parted zipper. Sliding my hand inside them, I knew Nichole could see what my fingers were doing, but everything was still covered. I slid my finger deep inside myself as I spread my legs even farther. When I removed my finger it was soaked with my wetness. I walked over to Nichole, took her glass with my other hand, and ran my damp finger around the rim. That completed I once again dipped my wet finger in the golden liquid and swirled it around. Now I lifted the other side of my t-neck and leaned in close to Nichole’s face. With my nipple just inches from her I applied the mixture of liquids to my nipple. It was hard and sensitive and the cool mixture felt so good. When Nichole licked it clean it felt even better.

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