Skin Tight

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I first saw Rosie in the Red Lion lounge while I was out with my girlfriends on Friday night, on a girl’s night out. I was with Marie and Susie, and we were having a good time, but Marie had a migraine. The girl at the table next to us was about our age, in our thirties, and cute enough to not be alone on a Friday night, but then, so were we. There weren’t many guys out that night, and we were dancing with each other. We are a friendly group, so we eventually asked her to join us and became a foursome. I’m Kim, thirty-two, blonde, single and fairly attractive. Rosie had deep brown hair past her shoulders, hazel eyes and a figure that someone ten years younger would have been proud of. She was one of the cutest women I’d ever seen … not that I was attracted to women, just that facts are facts.

The plan was for Susie to be our designated driver for the evening, and as the night wore on I had a few cocktails, as did Rosie and Marie. Usually we are a late night bunch, but as it got to be around eleven, Marie’s headache got worse and she wanted to go home.

“I’ll get a taxi so you guys can stay and have fun,” Marie said.

“Nonsense,” Susie said, “I’m not going to stick you in a taxi. I’ll take you home and come back for Kim.”

“No, you guys live way across town and I live just a few blocks away, you can’t come back for me,” I said, “I’ll go home too.”

“Bummer,” Rosie said, “That’ll leave me all alone.” She made a cute little pouty face.

“I’ll just get a taxi,” Marie said again.

“No, you won’t!” Susie said.

“Wait,” Rosie said, “How about if Kim stays and I take her home?”

“What about the designated driver rule?” Susie asked.

“I’ll just have ginger ale the rest of the evening,” Rosie said, “Please? I really don’t want to be alone the rest of the evening.”

“Well, I could stay,” I said, “It’s not very far to my apartment, and I am having fun. You sure you wouldn’t mind?”

“Mind? I’d be thrilled!”

“Ok then, sounds like a plan to me,” Susie said, “If you’re sure about this, Kim. I don’t want to abandon you.”

“I’m sure. You guys go ahead and get Marie home, and I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.”

After they left, Rosie and I danced some more and I had a few more cocktails. “Gee, I sure feel bad about making you stop drinking, Rosie. Tell you what, you go ahead and have some drinks and I’ll take a taxi home when the bar closes.” I was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol, but I wasn’t drunk yet, I just had a nice buzz going.

“Well, I promised to drive you home and I will. You won’t take a taxi and that’s final!”

“Well, hell, get a drink anyway. I’ll just get a room for the night and you can drive me home in the morning.”

“Now that’s a great idea. But why not just share my room for the night, I have two queen beds, and it won’t cost you anything.”

“Works for me,” I said. And that was what sealed my fate. Had I been able to read my future, I would have been so scared, I’d have run right then and there … but I couldn’t, and I didn’t … and so began the most incredible night of my life.

As the night wore on we discovered we had more in common than we thought. We were both divorced and both hadn’t been laid in months … many months! The talk centered on sex and men for most of the night, and the drinks were starting to get to me by the time the bar closed, and I was getting way too horny for another damn, lonely Friday night.

Rosie’s room was a nice big roomy one with two big queen beds, but we were having too much fun talking to be sleepy, so she suggested bursa escort we each take a shower before bed, and have a glass of wine she had in her luggage. That sounded like a nice plan to me, so I jumped in the shower first. She had a long t-shirt for me to sleep in when I came out in my towel.

“You can sleep in this, or in the buff, whichever you prefer,” she said, and went in for her shower.

I put the t-shirt on and slipped into a sitting position in bed, sipping on the wine she had poured for me, and listened to the soft music on the radio. I was feeling very mellow with all the alcohol I’d had, and the nice warm shower, and had turned the lights down to a soft glow, when Rosie walked out of the bathroom without a stitch on. I was twice shocked! Once, that she was naked … and once, that in the soft lighting, she was so damn beautiful. Her skin was a tan brown, and smooth all over … and I do mean all over. Her breasts were small, but perfectly shaped and her nipples were tiny rosettes of red that were hard and peaked as if they had just been played with.

“I always sleep in the buff,” she said, “But if that bothers you, I’ll put something on. It’s no big deal.”

I guess it was the alcohol and the mellow mood, but I said, “No, it’s no problem, whatever you’re used to is fine with me. Hell, we’re both adults here, right?”

“Right,” she said, “But I guess I better put something on if you’re wearing something, or I’ll feel like a lesbian trying to hit on you or something.”

I know it was the alcohol when I said, “Oh, hell with that. Wouldn’t want you feeling like a lesbian.” And with that, I peeled off the t-shirt and sailed it across the room as we both cracked up with laughter.

I tried not to stare as she walked to her bed and slipped in and got her wine. We continued to talk for a while about our ex’s faults, and our almost boyfriends, and our lack of sex and some idle girl talk while we finished off the bottle of wine. My head was buzzing pretty good from all the alcohol, and my pussy was giving out nice warm feelings from all the sex talk … for all the good it was going to do me stuck in a hotel room with another female for the night. Rosie got out of bed and got our glasses and padded to the bathroom to rinse them out … God she had a great ass! When she came back out she turned out the light and slipped back into bed, and I lay there in the dark trying to sleep.

“Kim? Are you asleep yet?”

“No. I’m wound up a little too tight to sleep, I think.”

“Me too. Some nights my skin just seems like it’s way too tight for me to breathe, much less relax.”

“That’s exactly how I feel tonight,” I said, “Like my skin is just too tight for my body. I wish I could just relax.”

She laughed and said, “What you need is what my sister used to give me when I got that way … a skin massage.”

“A what? I’ve heard of every kind of massage in the book, but never that one.”

“Oh, it’s heaven, trust me.”

“Well, you’ll have to show me sometime,” I said.

Rosie didn’t say anything for a few minutes, and I thought she’d fallen asleep, when she softly spoke up. “If you trust me I’ll show you now. But you have to trust me.”

“Wow,” I said, “That sounds ominous, but how can I refuse a mysterious challenge like that? Of course I trust you.” And that easily is innocence lost!

I felt the bed sway as Rosie slid in beside me and pulled the covers down off the bottom of the bed. Through my alcoholic haze, I realized I was lying naked and exposed next to another naked and exposed, and very bursa escort bayan sexy woman, in the darkness, and now wondered exactly what she meant by trust. Talk about my skin getting tight … damn was it ever getting tight now!

When she spoke, it was soft and right in my ear.

“Now you have to trust me through this. You have to believe that I’m not trying to seduce you or feel you up, or anything like that, ok?”

“Uh, what do you mean?” My voice was now a bit shaky and I was damn nervous. I wasn’t lesbian and had never even had fantasies about it, and didn’t intend to start now.

“This is very sensuous and tender, but trust me … I’m not coming on to you. You have to relax and let me have complete control for it to work, but I can promise you it’s the most wonderful experience you’ve ever had short of sex.”

Again the alcohol spoke up. “Well, hell. We’re adults here, right? So go ahead and do your worst, I can take it if you can.”

“Ok, lay on your back with your hands at your sides, close your eyes and breath slowly. Concentrate on just my fingertips, and trust me.”

There was that word again. Ok.

I felt her fingers lightly brush my forehead and start to make little circles as her fingers gently opened and closed, covering more and then less of the skin on my forehead and temples. She wasn’t rubbing deeply enough to work any muscles, just enough to make my skin tingle and move slightly with her movements. Her fingers put more pressure than you would if you were tickling, but not enough as you would if you were rubbing lotion in, it was very nice, and very strange at first. The bed moved as she shifted to a sitting position in order to use both hands to work both sides of my face at the same time.

She took her time and worked every inch of my face and then around to my ears—wow that got some trust going, my ears and neck always have been key erogenous zones for me, and this was starting to increase that warm feeling I had earlier. I thought I understood the trust thing now, but I didn’t know the half of it yet.

Her fingers kept up that soft massage down onto my neck and throat, and along my collarbones and shoulders. Rosie still kept just enough pressure to ensure that the only thing that got the effect was the skin and my nerve endings, which were going crazy by now. I didn’t know how much more of this she was going to do, but it was erotic as hell, and I was enjoying it immensely. She worked her way down the outside of my arms to my hands and paid particular attention to the palms and insides of my fingers. Her fingers played with the soft inside of my own and traced a pattern through my palms up the inside of my wrist, and stopped to play there in that soft area where the pulse quickened, and then moved on up the inside of my arm to the tender skin in the crook of my elbow. Here she let her finger nails take over and played a tune on my skin that had my nerves singing a song that had my eyelids fluttering in time with her fingers. I was finding it hard to keep my breath soft and slow.

Those nails trailed up the inside of my arm to my body and traced a path along the outer edge of my breasts as she took my breath away by moving them underneath both my breasts and up between them to my chest. As she did this, both her forearms accidentally raked across my now very erect nipples (at least I thought it was accidentally). I gave out a ragged gasp as an electric pulse shot from my nipples to my groin and erupted there to flow outward to my fingers and toes. It was as close bursa merkez escort to an orgasm as I’d come in a very long time, and I started having serious doubts about this trust thing … but damn this felt good, and I was afraid if I said anything, she’d stop.

Rosie didn’t say a word as she continued now with a combination of fingertips and fingernails on my chest and around my breasts. She slowly moved to the soft skin on the sides of my breasts and teased the edges of my areolas all around the tight, hard pearls, but not touching them entirely. Lesbian fantasies or no, I was being torn out of my frame here, and was ready for her to make a move, and I didn’t think I was going to stop her if she did. I almost cried when she moved away from my breasts without touching my nipples; this trust thing was starting to suck.

Her fingers now moved to play a tattoo on my stomach and around my belly button close to the epicenter of the bodyquake I could feel starting to work itself up inside me. Those soft fingers worked their magic out to my hips and to the soft, tender area around my groin. Talk about your tight skin … as she worked her wonders, the skin on my pussy was swollen so tight it felt about to burst, and I was glad it was dark so she couldn’t see how wet I was—I was positively dripping, I could feel it on my thighs.

The bed moved again as she moved lower to better reach my legs, and I took advantage of the darkness to ease my hands to my swollen nipples and roll them in my fingers, all pretense of a “skin massage” gone in my mind. I was hot as hell, and I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I knew I was scared as hell at what might happen, but also scared as hell at what might NOT happen.

Those magic fingers went down the outside of my legs with the same slow pace she had shown every other inch of me so far, and then began to come up the inside of my knees and the inside of my thighs. My legs were together, and we had reached a moment of truth, or trust, I suppose. She stopped and waited … and I waited … finally with a long sigh and a full surrender of my whole body, I moved my legs apart … wide apart, and waited. I could hear her suck in her breath in the dark, and then her fingers moved up my thighs, slowly and sensuously until they reached the wetness I knew had dripped there, and then she stopped. My breath froze in my throat, her hands were inches from my pussy, and I didn’t know what she was going to do, or what I wanted her to do … then my voice betrayed me!

“Please, Rosie … please.”

“Oh, my sweet baby,” she said, “Yes!”

Her hand moved onto my now very wet pussy, and my breath came in a ragged gasp as her fingers slipped inside my lips to slide slowly, ever so slowly up to my clitoris to press it between her magic fingers and roll it like a nipple. The orgasm started as she slid those fingers back down my labia lips along the swollen tissue and placed her thumb on my clit and rolled it around and around. It built inside me as she slid those same fingers inside me ever so gently to rake the front of my vaginal wall. It completely exploded as I felt her lips cover my pussy and suck my clitoris inside them like a tiny hard candy and she a hungry child. Her tongue took over from her thumb and continued to roll my clit around and around and around until my hips rose up from the bed and I bucked and tossed in the throws of the most massive orgasm of my life. Rosie stayed right with me through it all, with those magic fingers inside me, and that more magic tongue twirling me to heaven.

I thought I would surely die, but finally I could breath again as she released me from her “little death” grip, and I recovered in ragged, gasping breaths. She slid up to embrace me and gave me a long, soft kiss.

“Well, how is your tight skin now?” she said.

I could hear her grin in the dark. Trust my ass!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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