Slave for a Day Pt. 02

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Big Tits

After letting Lisa sleep for a bit while I watched TV in the lounge, I decided to have some more fun with her. I walked into the bedroom and she was fast asleep under the duvet. I climbed into bed, peaking at her under the duvet to see she was just wearing panties and a t shirt. This immediately got me hard again. She turned over and placed her arm over my chest, wanting cuddles. I instead took her arm and moved it down to my now rock hard thick 8 inches. As she was sleeping her hand just flopped to the side.

This wasn’t acceptable I thought to myself. “Lisa, wake up!” I shouted in her ear. She jumped out of her skin, nearly having a heart attack. “Oh my god, what’s happened Mark?” she asked looking scared. “Nothing has happened, that’s the problem. I tried to place your hand around my cock and you did nothing. That’s not on.” She looked at me, totally annoyed and tried to rollover and go back to sleep after a few choice words were muttered under her breath.

“Lisa, remember the bet? You are my slave for 24 hours. There was nothing said that didn’t include while you were trying to sleep so get back here and start wanking me off. I am horny again!”

She looked at me in anger yet again but knew she had no choice. She positioned herself appropriately and started wanking me off, slowly at first but then speeding up as she clearly wanted this over with quickly.

I could feel myself getting close after about 10 minutes. I didn’t just want to finish anywhere so I told her to position herself hd porno on top while wanking me off so I could cum on her tits. She actually doesn’t mind me doing this to her normally just not at this time of night but she reluctantly agreed.

I am now laying on my back, her wanking me off with my cock close to her tits. Her nipples are clearly like bullets as she rubs my cock head around them. It doesn’t take much more work as I release another load all over her gorgeous tits. Spurt after spurt, shocked at how much more cum there is already. She keeps milking me dry until I roll over and go to sleep. I laugh to myself as she wanders off to the bathroom to clean up, huffing and puffing under her breath, trying not to drip any on the carpets.

The next morning when I finally wake up she is already dressed and in the kitchen getting ready for the day. She is dressed in white blouse, black pencil skirt bare legs and 3 inch heels. “Good morning Lisa, sleep well?” She just spits back a one word answer ‘Yes’ but not looking at me, continuing to prepare herself for the day.

She is due to go to work today but I decide that if she does I will lose some of my time with the bet so I tell her to call into work sick. “You can’t be serious Mark, you know I can’t do that.” She says, her eyes begging me not to do this.

“Fine, I will do it for you then!” As I pick up her phone and start texting her boss, she tries to stop me but I am too strong for her and she has no choice but to let japon porno me do it. I don’t want to get her in trouble so I just text saying she has ‘women’s problems’ and won’t be able to make it today. Luckily her boss is understanding and wishes her better.

“Now, seeing as you thought you could get away with not holding up your end of the bargain, I am going to have even more fun with you today. Now I am going to sit on the sofa, chilling out. I want you to grab me a beer and deliver it to me on your hands and knees. I will let you work out the best way to bring the drink to me while doing this.”

I sit myself down on the sofa and switch on the TV, she grabs a beer from the fridge and seeing her out the corner of my eye, she places the bottle in her cleavage. Luckily the bra she is wearing helps her keep the beer steady there. She reluctantly drops to the floor on her hands and knees and starts crawling towards me slowly trying to carefully not spill a drop.

She finally get to me and goes to hand me the beer. “Would a dog be able to hand it to me like that?! No, with your mouth!” The look in her eyes is pure humiliation as she places it back between her breasts and lifts it up with her mouth, again not spilling any of it as she just about places it in my hand. She starts to sit up on her knees but I look at her shaking my head. “Did I say you could sit up?! Back on all fours and place yourself under my legs, I need a footrest.” She crawls under my legs as I place lezbiyen porno my feet on her back. I sip my beer slowly and watch the TV while you are still on all fours. I slap her ass a few times just for fun, she yelps with every slap.

I can feel her struggling to stay upright. “I need to go to the loo, come with me and hold my cock while I go for a piss.” She doesn’t argue this time and follows me but still crawling. She sits up on her knees as she unzips me and pulls out my cock, aiming it at the toilet bowl. “Shake it off” I say as I finally finish. She puts it away and zips me back up and follows me back to the sofa, again on her hands and knees.

She crawls back to position where I would sit, expecting me to go back to using her as a footrest but this time I don’t as I lift up her skirt this time and start spanking her again. Her cheeks now red from the spanking. I need to get myself off now and the view is so inviting as I slide her panties down to her knees on the floor, unzipping myself and aiming my cock at her pussy. There is a slight wetness, clearly she is enjoying it. I slide my cock into her without any warning as I grab her hips and start fucking her hard and fast. I know it will be a quick one as having her as my slave is turning me on a lot and I don’t have to worry about getting her off at the same time either.

After a few minutes I release my load deep inside her, grunting with every thrust. Normally after sex she likes to go straight to the bathroom and clean herself up but this time I pull out and pull her panties back up, making sure that the cum stays inside her.

I sit back down on the sofa and rest my legs on her again, thinking about what I can do with her next.

To be continued… (Open to suggestions for next part)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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