Small Town Fourth of July

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It was the Fourth of July. In this small town in the Pacific Northwest that meant a morning parade, food trucks and vendors at the park in the center of town, and fireworks at the high school. I was there from out of town with my cousin, whose in-laws lived here.

At the parade that morning I saw this girl in the back of one of the pick-up trucks advertising the local feed store. She was standing up tossing candy to children lined up in front of their parents in camp chairs on the sidewalk. Dirty-blonde, blue-eyed farm girl around 18-19 years old. She was wearing a pair of high waisted denim short shorts which showed the bottom of her butt cheeks and a white half t-shirt with “FREEDOM” in red and blue lettering with fireworks in the background. The shirt was a little too big and hung off of her 5’6″, 34c-26-36 frame. She had curves wear it counted. I couldn’t immediately tell if she was wearing a bra.

Later on at the park with my cousin and his family I saw her again. Her and a guy I assumed to be her boyfriend walked past us on the way to the food carts until they got to the back of the line for a bbq food truck. They talked for a bit and she walked off to talk to a friend while he waited in line for food.

The friend had a dog with her, and the blond in the half shirt bent down to pet it. From the angle I was at I could see up her half shirt as she bent at the waist. She was definitely not wearing a bra! I couldn’t Yozgat Escort believe how brazen she was to wear that shirt with no bra! It hung a couple inches below the bottom of her C-cup breasts, and from my angle I couldn’t quite see her nipple.

After the friend and the dog left she walked over to a minivan parked along the roads that line the park. It was bumper to bumper parking. I approached her as she lit the cigarette she’d taken from the vans front seat, “I love your shirt.” I said, “How free are you?” I was facing her and put my hand on her side, just under the cutoff hem of her t-shirt.

She looks me up and down. I’m medium framed and muscular. 5’9″ 180lbs. I’m wearing a pair of blue Adidas basketball shorts and a white, sleeveless, fitted t-shirt. She says, “I’m as free as an eagle on the Fourth of July!”

“I can tell, seeing as your not wearing a bra under your half shirt.” With this I raised my hand up a couple inches. To cup her full, but perky tit. “I want to see how free you’re willing to get.”

“My boyfriend is in line to get us something to eat. How free can I get?” She said it as a more of challenge than a question. I look down and can clearly see nipples poking through her white t-shirt.

“This free?” I say as I move my hand up and start lightly pinching her nipple. If anyone had looked our direction they would’ve seen me with my hand up the front of her shirt. Obviously playing Yozgat Escort Bayan with her tits.

“We need some privacy,” she says, she stomps out her cigarette and opens the sliding door of the mini van. The middle row of seats had been removed to haul supplies for their vendor booth, so there was only the bench seat in the third row with a flat floor in front of it. We climbed in and I immediately appreciated the window tint on the rear and side windows.

She pulls the door shut and takes off her half shirt to reveal her gorgeous C-cup breasts. “I’m so wild and free,” she says, “that I’ll suck you off in this van while my boyfriend waits in line for hot dogs.”

If I wasn’t hard before I was hard as a rock now! I sit on the rear bench seat and she gets on her knees in front of me. She reaches up the leg of my baggy shorts and wraps her hand around my cock. She smiles seductively and says, “Take these shorts off.”

I lost the shorts, but not before grabbing my phone out of the pocket. She was too distracted by my cut, 8 inch cock in front of her face to notice me put the phone in video mode and start recording. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, said, “I feel like such a slut,” and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth. She sucked on it a little bit before licking her way down to my balls. She had my whole sack in her mouth when she finally looked up and caught me recording her. Escort Yozgat My dick was covering half her face. She looked into the camera and gave my balls a good suck before taking them out of her mouth and saying, “My boyfriend better not see this.” She then licked me from taint to tip and took my entire length in one stroke, looking at the camera the entire time. Then she started bobbing up and down on cock. Every few strokes swallowing me down the back of her throat. Almost no gag reflex.

I glanced out the tinted windows and saw the boyfriend at the front of the line for bbq. Looking around obviously searching for his slutty girlfriend who was topless with a strangers cock down her throat in the back of a van. That thought was about all I could take and I started cumming.

She tried to swallow, but I have some pretty heavy loads and she couldn’t keep up. She spit my cock out and I kept cumming. Plastering her face and tits with my spunk. Once I was finished she cleaned my cock off with her mouth and I put my shorts back on.

She looked at my camera with her face and tits covered in cum and said, “my boyfriend should thank you. You got him laid tonight.” I turned the camera off and got out of the van. Leaving her to clean herself up, I went back to where my cousin and his family were. A couple minutes later she gets out of the van, cleaned up with her shirt back on. She hadn’t pulled it all the way down on one side and there was some underboob showing. All I could think of was, ‘What a slut!’ as she found her boyfriend and gave him a kiss on the lips. As they walked back past us she gave me a seductive wink and I could see a drop of my cum still on her neck that she’d missed.

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