Snow Gain

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Snow Gain ©2016 Literocat

[This story includes Oral, Anal, snowballing, swapping.]

I woke about noon. The sun was bright . . . no, wait. As I pulled open a curtain and stood naked at the bare window I nearly shouted, “It’s not sunny, it’s cloudy. The ground is covered in two feet of bright snow. Oh oh! Sue, come look at this. Where did this wide, white blanket come from? I hope you didn’t order it.”

“Nope, not I. In fact, didn’t you hear me wish the snow would keep UP just so it wouldn’t come down? Maybe the Big Guy misunderstood? It’s a good thing Mario and Maria didn’t drive home after all. It looks very dangerous out there. Well, we don’t see enough of them anyway, though we saw plenty last night!”

========= Yesterday ========

“Hi Sue, Al. Check this out; Mario decided he wanted to try his annual baking exercise again this year. Similar to last year’s fudge brownies with acorn squash and hot pepper, he made crumb cupcakes with butternut squash. Once again, you can’t taste the squash; thank goodness he left out the cayenne!”

“Hey, I resemble that remark! I did compensate for the extra density; I’ll give you the final recipe if you want it.”

“Come in. We’ll let you know about the cupcakes after lunch. Thanks for the thought – either way! Let’s close the door and keep some heat in. It’s very nice weather for mid December. Most of last week’s snow is gone and the sky is clear.” After Sue’s premature and optimistic weather report, we hoped to catch up with our intimate friends. I ignored my churning belly, my omen.

Maria put down the dish of cupcakes and hugged me warmly. We shared a long wet kiss and Mario and Sue did the same. As my loose shorts tented, Maria fondled my stiffness and checked to confirm that not only was Sue squeezing her husband’s growth, but he was stroking her obvious camel toe. I reached under her skirt and rubbed her panties-clad sex until she moaned and said; “Mmm, why don’t we chill out a little bit and pick this up later.” I playfully slapped Mario’s shoulder and neither of us hid our arousal as we walked to the sofas.

We met Mario and Maria nearly eight years ago when they were new neighbors. Their first impression was of my near naked wife just seconds out of the shower and wearing a head and short shower towel around her core. Two of our swinging friends were already here and helped introduce Mario to Sue’s vulva. I brought that up, “Since you moved upscale, have you guys ever met new neighbors the way you met us?”

“No Al, that was a first and still unique experience I fondly relive – often! Maria also enjoys the memories of that and the other times we got together to party.” The twinkle in his eyes and the way he slowly rubbed and bared Maria’s sexy leg told us all we were in for some repeat, intimate encounters. Just as I’d hoped.

Though my wife likes to be the first one exposed, somewhat for the attention, but more for the thrill of momentarily being the only one naked, she stared at the teasing show, licked her lips and asked, “If you’re going to do that, Mario, don’t hide the results. Push her skirt up and let us watch her wet her panties.”

Maria leaned back a bit more, conceded control of her skirt and remaining modesty to her husband. He pushed her skirt only to the edge of her panties. “This isn’t a free show! Let’s see if Sue is wet. Lunch can wait!” Grinning broadly, Sue instantly stood before him, but just out of reach. I stood behind her, gently kissed her neck and slid my hand up her waist to her tiny, covered tits. Mario stared at my hand as it pinched her nipple then went back to her waist; he squeezed Maria’s upper thigh firmly in anticipation.

Sue raised her arms above her waist to encourage me to continue. I unfastened her shorts, unzipped them and wrestled them over her shapely gluts. As they fell past her knees, our friends watched her pale blue, cotton panties shift and threaten to join the shorts. I didn’t know yet, that there was already a growing dark spot between her sexy legs. “Hold your skirt up for me, Maria.”

While one hand continued to massage her full C-cups, the other pulled her skirt above her waist. Her grey panties clung snugly to her wet and swollen labia. Her raphe split enough to allow her engorged clit to dimple her panties, just as I recalled. I couldn’t wait to see and taste her pearly nubbin again. Mario’s eyes flitted between my wife’s slit and his wife’s. As I pulled Sue’s panties up and smooth, she moved her feet apart and stared at his swelling slacks. I rubbed Sue’s slit until I felt her clit push back. It was time. Time Yozgat Escort to tease a little more!

As I slowly lifted Sue’s tank top, she began rubbing and scratching at her sex. I checked her nipples, by Braille, and firmly pinched them as she reached back and under my shorts to find and extract my manhood into the cooler room air. I pulled her top off and tossed it aside; she stepped closer to Mario and pulled my cock beside her leg for Maria’s scrutiny. Kicking off her shoes left Sue standing in just wet panties within reach of Mario; her pristine little tits, covered in blonde fuzz and perfect, tall, hard nipples stared back at our friends. I stepped around her and pulled Maria up to me for a steamy kiss. As our tongues tangled, I unhooked her skirt and let it fall away.

Mario got on his knees before Sue and joined her hand at her groin. As he reached for her panties’ waist, I whispered, “Not yet. We don’t have parity yet.” Momentarily disappointed, he accepted the promise and returned to rubbing her crotch, now with his nose, as I removed Maria’s sweater. Her blue demi bra allowed her full C-cups to swell over the constraints, yet only allowed her aureole to show thru. I admired them for four breaths, but remembering how beautiful and tasty her breasts were was all the teasing I needed to involuntarily lick my lips and set the girls free.

I inhaled her musky nipples before wrapping my tongue around them. As I nibbled on one and squeezed the other I looked to see Mario tugging Sue’s perfect nips and, with his nose still deeply in Sue’s slit, inhaling her heavenly arousal fragrance. “OK. We have parity now.” Before I finished my thought, Sue objected, saying I was more exposed than Mario was. He took the not-so-subtle hint, stood up and together they dropped his slacks. His cock sprang out since he was commando, as I was.

Maria chided that now -I- was overdressed. I let her fight my shorts off and slipped my hand into the back of her panties as she was bent over. Her muscular cheeks were as delightful as always. I stepped out of my slacks and left the women overdressed in just their panties. As Maria rose, she wrapped her warm hand around my staff, kissed it then licked and sucked it into her hot mouth. I moaned as little as possible and caught Sue quickly dropping to her knees and imitating Maria with Mario’s cock. Within seconds, we lucky men moaned loudly as both skilled women easily took us into their throats.

They well knew the path to their highest pleasure began with relieving the pressures they built up in our systems. As if well rehearsed, they both began humming the National Anthem. When they each vibrated a sustained “SEEEEEEEEEEEE” we vigorously relieved our pressures directly into their bellies and fell onto the plush, maroon sofa. Our wives kissed, passionately, as we watched; our flagged staffs quickly rose again.

We rose and put our wives on the sofas for perfect access. As a unit, probably since we’d done this before, we knelt between their knees and kissed their still, clad vulvas. Both panties were well soaked, both translucent, both fragrant and tasty.

As I licked Maria’s soaked crotch, tasted her sweet yet tangy nectar, I slowly peeled her modest V bikini down. She was bare except for a narrow, tapered, blonde tuft. Her labia fell agape as her knees opened for me; my manhood throbbed. Knowing, without seeing, that Mario was doing the same with my wife, I buried my nose in Maria. I inhaled deeply, shifted her inner labia open and tasted her sweet, warm well.

I carefully nudged her clit as I licked between and around each labium. She moaned in two octaves that became three when I inserted two fingers deep into her and twisted them. Though her clit was standing firmly, I used my thumb to retract the last of her hood and nudge it before wrapping my tongue around it and gently sucking. Sue was also noisily approaching orgasm.

Anxious as I was to move on to deeper intimacy, I wanted Maria to release on my face first. I knew she didn’t always squirt, but I loved trying to make that happen. She was already sensitive enough that I didn’t need to use my Rock-n-Roll means, just gently pumping while carefully prodding her G-spot and bumping her clit at the right time would reliably make her climax and possibly squirt. As she slowly approached her climax, I put my lips on her clit and hummed. She immediately screamed thru a locked jaw, shuddered and turned crimson, but no squirt this time. ‘Revenge’ is sooo sweet, and tasty!

I licked her overflow and kept my fingers in her as she Yozgat Escort Bayan calmed down. While watching her beautiful, beatific face shifting blissfully, I found her panties and held them against my nose. As I inhaled deeply, I marveled at how subtle and distinctly different her slightly aged, no mellowed, scent and taste were; I sighed.

Finally tranquil, sunken into my sofa, she opened her eyes with a broad, satisfied smile. “You are so different from Mario, but I love how you each make me cum.” She licked my face clean and we shared my soaked fingers until we heard Sue orgasm in a whimper. I knew the signs that said her orgasm was real. We watched Mario lick her, share her gustatory delights and hug peacefully. I got some drinks, and towels to sit on.

Sometime later, after just a few drinks, we had our late lunch and Mario’s cupcakes. “Are you sure there’s squash in these? The only clue is that they aren’t cloyingly sweet. Kudos!” There didn’t seem to be any point in playing games since we were all still naked. It was already dark outside and making the house chilly. When I returned from turning up the heat, Mario was alternately kissing and groping our wives. “How about we start out soft swinging? If you guys can spend the night, we can all squeeze into our Queen bed and alternate all night long!”

Maria spoke up, “I like that idea, but I didn’t bring my Pjs!”; she pouted. I laughed and suggested she wear her birthday suit to bed. Without waiting for the obvious answer, I pulled Sue up, kissed and fingered her deeply before bending her over the back of the sofa. There was plenty of room for Maria to bend over next to Sue. They kissed and I slid into Sue’s well-greased honeypot as Mario filled his wife’s warm, wet hole. We watched each other pump harder and harder, watched each wife’s gluts and tits bounce forcefully; we listened to the moans that filled the room with the wet squishy sounds and scents of intense sex until we filled our own wives with our cream and they each had mild orgasms.

Perhaps sharing too much, I let out “Sue’s boney ass feels so good for a long time, but if I don’t switch off, it can bruise me. That’s not news, just something we work with.” Our shrinking dicks were still in our sweaty, sexy wives.

Mario’s eyes widened, “Are you saying you want to switch off now? OK. So much for soft swinging!” He pulled out with a plop and used a napkin to clean his overflow then, palms up, signaled me to surrender Sue to his dick. I grabbed a napkin, but he pushed me to his wife and licked my cum from my wife. I forgot he may be a latent bi and likes cum from any hole. He shook his dick to awaken it and quickly filled Sue with it, sliding in fully in one thrust. As he slammed against her bones, he said “Don’t keep her waiting! Get into my wife already. I’m enjoying yours.”

I took his advice and enjoyed the warm, plush difference of Maria’s fuller ass and her clenching snatch. The booze delayed my third release and allowed her to cum again. When she calmed, I started again and she quickly came again. Though I was getting sore, I love helping and watching her cum so much, I tried again. That time I aimed for her G-spot by shifting angles. I couldn’t feel it, but I knew how to reach it and did. She screamed loudly enough to rattle windows and shook violently. The clenching and shaking overcame my pain and I filled her with my seed then immediately collapsed on her soft, sweaty back.

“Ohhh, that was so good! Did I squirt that time?” I gasped that I didn’t know and it wasn’t critical. Maybe a solid DP later would get her squirting. She moaned, but smiled at the thought.

Sue perked up “Hey if you DP one, you DP us both! That’s not a question.” We laughed and promised we would, but not for some time. She grunted as Mario slammed into her again. I rolled onto the sofa under Sue’s tiny, shaky tits and pinched her stiff nipples hard; she liked that when she was aroused. “HARDER!” she ordered both of us. We complied. My wet, sticky dick suddenly felt warm and comfortable as a midday naked tan on a hot beach day. Maria was sucking me clean. Despite my pain, I was soon in her throat.

“Sorry, Maria, I can’t keep this going. I’d love you to sit on my face, but I don’t do snowballs.” She pouted and ordered Mario to hurry up. I rolled onto the floor. “Here, Mario, lie down and let Sue ride you so Maria can sit on your face.” He happily and quickly shifted. The dual contact had him cum in minutes as he drank my cum from his wife. He had Sue sit on his face and ate his own third load from her.

We Escort Yozgat all dozed off. It was dark inside and out when we woke. We had dinner, casually fondled each other as we drank and chatted then went to bed, but not to sleep. We alternated lying on or under each wife as we filled each front hole. Maria’s favorite position had her knees on my shoulders. I love its strong points: it lets me watch her eyes and face light up; watch her labia collapse inside then get pulled out as I stoke her. By controlling her hips with both hands, I kneaded her clit or massaged her G. She came three more times to my one.

Sue prefers doggie, so Mario filled her that way. I noticed that she gasped most when we slammed her ass HARD and made her wrinkled hole wink. Mario didn’t mention, but he must have also enjoyed the little, musky puffs that escaped her when she winked. Unlike others, her gas has very little fragrance.

While Maria was on her husband, cowgirl style, and Sue was under her arm sucking her swinging tit, I climbed behind Maria. Wetting my finger by squeezing inside her while she was full made both of them moan loudly. Trying not to notice Mario’s residency, I soaked my finger and scooped what slippery slime I could onto it. They sighed and complained when I exited. There was no doubt what I intended when I spread Maria’s resplendent cheeks.

I carefully licked her perineum and across each half of her rosebud before wiping her slippery nectar across then into it. Timing my efforts with his thrusts was difficult, yet I managed to roll a fingertip inside her rear. As I rolled and gently twisted past her sphincters, I left a trail for something bigger to follow. After several, patient pauses, her rear relaxed and dilated enough to allow one then two fingers to titillate her many surrounding nerves. Finally, her portal stayed open and I positioned my stiffness there.

Unable to roll it in, I positioned my bishop there and timed it so I could slip just my bishop inside at the next wink. Mario noticed her tensing and paused so I told him to keep going. Each time she winked open, I let her flowering rosebud pull me in. Every time it closed, I moaned. It took a dozen winks before I was fully inside her and both of them groaned. I held still until she relaxed her hole again then began thrusting slowly. By then Sue had crawled up to watch. “I’ll never get used to seeing your big pole stuffed into that tiny hole. It’s fascinating to see it push in with the hole then drag so much out.”

“This isn’t the time for talking about this,” I gasped. I worked out a rhythm with Mario as we DP’d Maria. “Sue, grab some l-l-lube, warm it up and rub it on my dick as it pulls out. Yes, top and bottom.” That helped me roll across her nerves and intensify her reaction. Within seconds, she was groaning louder and louder. Her firm clenching made me and Mario groan with her. One minute more and, thru her thin membrane, I felt Mario cum; that set her off and her orgasm set me off. That’s the beauty of a grand three-way, we all blissfully cum at once.

I need not go into any more detail about the rest of the night. The gist is that we repeated our varied coupling, including Dping both women. Finally exhausted, we fell into deep sleep in the wee hours.

========= Today ============

I woke about noon. The sun was bright . . . no, wait. As I pulled open a curtain and stood naked at the bare window I nearly shouted, “It’s not sunny, it’s cloudy. The ground is covered in two feet of bright snow. Oh oh! Sue, come look at this. Where did this wide, white blanket come from? I hope you didn’t order it.”

“Nope, not I. In fact, didn’t you hear me wish the snow would keep UP just so it wouldn’t come down? Maybe the Big Guy misunderstood? It’s a good thing Mario and Maria didn’t drive home after all. It looks very dangerous out there. Well, we don’t see enough of them anyway, though we saw plenty last night!” She cuddled warmly against me.

“Ha! We sure did. I wish we lived closer so we could have them over much more often. Ohh shit! I have a book club meeting today at two, but there has to be at least two feet of snow and I see cars sliding around out there. I hate to miss this one; we were going to discuss theDragon Riders of PERN book’Dragons Dawn.’ There’s so much in there. Damn! Well, let’s make some proverbial lemonade, turn the burden of snow into a smoldering gift. Pull back the covers slowly from these sleepy heads. You go down on him and I’ll do her. We keep going even after they wake, until they cum! Then we can spend all day cumming and cumming.”


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