Snowed In

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“Come on, get in the car, it’s starting to snow.” Says Katie.

Alice had been doing a team building exercise with her work colleagues when the weather turned bad. Katie had offered to take her home.

Alice remembers when they first met. It was her first day and when she got introduced to Katie, they both stopped and stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity but must of only been a second or two. The look Katie had given her was similar to the looks guys often gave her when they walked past.

For the rest of that day, as well as all the others Alice had worked there, Katie would keep glancing at her when she thought Alice wasn’t looking. When she was caught, she would quickly look away and pretend she was busy doing something.

Recently, she had taken to staying behind after her shift and helping Alice tidy everything away. She would often brush hands or stand a little closer to her than was necessary.

At first, Alice just thought she was like that with everyone. But she’d soon realise that she was an exception.

Alice just found it cute at first, but lately she found herself starring at her without even realising it. Whenever Katie caught her eye, it would send a jolt of excitement through her body.

Every time she brushed fingers while clearing up with her, she would feel a tingle in her spine. She wondered if Katie felt that too, or if she was just being silly.

They would often sit together and talk. It was be all casual but then one of them would catch the others eye and they would suddenly forget what they were talking about. Alice wanted to ask if Katie felt the same way as her, but she’d always been shy. Besides, she didn’t want to look stupid if it was all in her head. Perhaps she was looking for something that wasn’t there. Sometimes it would keep her up at night. Alice didn’t even know what it was that she wanted.

Katie was cute, sure. And she had the most gorgeous smile. Alice loved it when she laughed. And the smell of her long, auburn hair… But did she really want to be something more than friends?

Sometimes she would imagine what it would feel like to kiss those lips of hers. The thought would always make Alice uncomfortable but something deep down told her that she wanted it.

She would think up scenarios where she would be able to put her arms around her and hold her tight. Perhaps she had a stressful day at work or was sad and needed comforting.

Today Katie had hugged her. It was only brief and was over much too soon but it made Alice feel so good. She had just completed a treetop adventure course and the final stage was a huge zip-line. After she had got off, the other girls were congratulating her and Katie threw her arms around her. She didn’t do that with the others. She might feel the same way after all.

After that though, the weather had changed. A storm was coming. The wind picked up and it got colder. They were a few thousand feet above sea level and the weather often took a turn for the worse. They would have to drive back through a valley. Most the girls had come in a bus, but Katie did’t live far and brought her car. She asked Alice to come back with her because she didn’t want to drive alone in a storm. Alice had immediately accepted. Any chance to be closer to her for a while.

She gets in next to Katie and closes the door. The snow had really started to come down now.

“Nice weather, huh?” Says Katie, starting the car. “Let’s hope we get home before it gets too deep.”

The visibility drops as they enter the valley. Before long, all they can see is white.

“I’m going to have to stop.” Says Katie. “I can’t see anything.” She pulls over onto the side of the road. The snow has covered the ground now and is piling higher.

“We’ll have to hope it stops soon. Otherwise it’s going to be a long night. At least I’ve got company.” Katie gives her a glance and smiles.

Alice gives her a shy smile in return.

“You’ve got something in your hair.” Katie says, leaning forward. She runs her hand slowly through Alice’s hair.

Alice realises she’s holding her breath. Katie’s so close…

“That’s better.” Says Katie. She seems to stare at her for ages. Alice can’t look away. Her bright blue eyes had her in a trance.

Suddenly Katie blinks and the moment is gone. She starts to talk about the day’s events.

They must’ve been talking for half an hour, laughing at each other’s jokes and gossiping about their coworkers. All the while the snow piles up. Then all of a sudden, everything goes quiet. Alice tries to say something to break the silence but when she catches Katie’s eye, she goes all shy.

Katie unexpectedly raises her hand bursa eskort and touches Alice’s cheek. “Are you cold? I’ve got a blanket in the back.” She asks.

Alice shakes her head. Katie takes her hand in one of her own.

“You’re shacking.” Says Katie. “You sure you don’t want a blanket? Perhaps you want something else?”

To Alice’s complete surprise, Katie leans forward and kisses her full on the lips. It wasn’t even a quick kiss, but a full on passionate snog. Alice is so shocked that she doesn’t know how to react. It’s over as soon as it began. Katie returns to her seat, looking flushed. She’s obviously embarrassed and won’t look Alice in the eye.

The kiss had awoken something inside of her though. Alice suddenly regrets not kissing her back.

I’m so stupid. She thinks. If I just had the courage to return the kiss, then we would be in each other’s arms right now and not sitting awkwardly next to each other. And then what? What would’ve happened next? Now she may never know.

Katie finally breaks the silence. “I can’t believe I did that. I’m so sorry, that was out of order.”

It’s now or never. Alice thinks. If I don’t act now then I’ll loose her forever. Alice quickly takes Katie’s hand before she looses her courage. Katie suddenly looks her right in the eye. It looks like she’s about to kiss her again when she breaks eye contact and pulls her hand away. “It’s okay, Alice. You don’t have to do this for me, I’ll be fine. Forget it happened.”

Do something. Alice tells herself. Now! With a burst of sudden courage that wasn’t like her at all, she leans in and kisses Katie on the lips. Her bravery doesn’t last long though, and she quickly sits back down before Katie can react. Alice feels her face turning red.

She messed it up. It had been a messy, horrible kiss. Now Alice wishes she hadn’t tried at all. She must look so stupid.

When she glances up, Katie is looking at her. Alice can’t think of anything to say. She wished her seat would just swallow her up.

“That was sweet.” Says Katie. “But you aren’t just doing this to make me feel better are you?”

Alice slowly shakes her head.

“Do you want me to kiss you again?” Katie asks with a whisper.

Alice’s heart seems to stop. Yes! She thinks. She still wants me! She manages a small nod. Her hands are shaking. She’s never been so nervous and excited at the same time.

Katie leans forward slowly and Alice feels her heart racing in anticipation. This time she’s ready, and returns the kiss. They start off slow and unsure but after a minute or so, Katie becomes more insistent. She puts her arms around Alice and starts kissing harder.

Alice tries to kiss with the same enthusiasm but can’t keep up. She hasn’t had much practice at this and has never kissed a girl in her life.

Suddenly Katie is on top of her. Alice can barely get a breath in. She feels Katie’s tongue force it’s way into her mouth and her nails are digging into her back.

Alice can’t hold back a gasps.

Katie climbs off her, panting. “Sorry, was that too much? I forget this is your first time. This is your first time isn’t it?” Katie asks.

Alice nods.

“Want me to go a bit more easy on you?”

Alice has never felt like this before. She desperately wants to be kissed again. Hard. She shakes her head. “It’s okay.” She says. “I liked it.” She adds, shyly.

“Okay then. Please say if I’m too rough or you want to stop.” Katie is suddenly on her lap again. She makes eye contact momentarily before kissing her hard once more.

All this kissing was making Alice braver. She slips her tongue into Katie’s mouth. She tasted sweeter than anything Alice had ever tasted before. She runs her fingers through Katie’s long, silky hair.

Katie pushes her into the back of her chair, growing more desperate with every minute. Alice wonders where this was going to go. Would Katie be content with just kissing or does she desire something more?

Alice imagines Katie ripping off her clothes and making her naked. Her hands on her body…

She realises she wants it more than anything in the world. When did she become so horny? Alice notices that she’s becoming wet between her legs. Was Katie thinking the same thing?

A few minutes later, she finds out. Katie breaks off from her kissing long enough to pull Alice’s shirt off. She holds her body for a moment before going back in for another kiss.

The thought of Katie touching her bare skin made her nervous, but there was no way she could stop now. They were taking this all the way.

Alice grabs Katie’s shirt and pulls it off, not wanting to be the only one with no clothes on.

Katie bursa escort bayan gets up and starts undoing her jeans, struggling to get them off in the confined space.

She was wet too! Alice notices. She wanted to touch Katie’s wetness, but didn’t want to be the one to make the first move.

Katie kisses her again. This time with less skill and more passion. She slowly slides her hand down Alice’s body and into her jeans. Alice let’s out a little gasp as Katie puts a finger inside of her.

No ones ever done that to her before.

“Are you sure you want this?” Katie asks.

“Yes!” Alice replies, but it comes out as more of a moan.

“Okay, lets get these off then.” Katie starts tugging at her jeans.

“Want to do this in the back where there’s more room?” Katie asks. “I’ll get you off first as it’s your first time. Then you do me. Just copy what I do.”

Alice still couldn’t believe this was happening. She had been right all along. Katie had wanted her from day one. She never imagined this would happen. It was so unexpected as well.

Katie climbs into the backseat and waits for her. Alice follows and is rewarded with another wet kiss. Then Katie gently pushes her back and lays on top of her. She puts a few fingers inside of her and kisses her once more.

It feels so good that Alice has difficulty kissing back. She keeps moaning into Katie’s mouth. She didn’t realise she’d be so rough. Alice thought she would be gentle and innocent. You would never had expected this from her pretty face.

Alice starts gasping for air. She was about to climax. Katie’s lips were still pressed firmly against hers. Every time she took a breath, she would leave a string of saliva.

Alice cries out loudly as a powerful orgasm hits her. The moan is soon muffled by Katie’s insistent lips.

When’s she’s done, Katie stops kissing and whispers in her ear. “Enjoy that? Now do me. Quickly, I’ve been waiting so long for this moment.”

Alice stares at her, wondering where to begin. Katie lies back, waiting.

“Just do the same thing I did to you.”

Alice nervously moves closer. Katie grabs her hands and pulls her down. When they’re an inch away Katie whispers. “Now kiss me. Hard.”

Alice has a taste for her now and immediately begins snogging her as if her life depended on it.

“Now finger me.” Says Katie through Alice’s lips.

Alice runs her hand down Katie’s body until she finds her wetness. Katie inhales sharply as Alice touches her clit.

Alice slips in two fingers and starts to rub her gently.

“No, harder. Do it like you mean it.” Katie moans.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Alice replies.

“You won’t. I’ll tell you if you do. Now don’t be shy.”

Alice slips in another finger and gets a bit rougher. She must be doing something right because it makes Katie moan softly.

Alice breaks off from the kiss and fingers her faster. Katie starts gasping. “Kiss me again.” She says between moans.

Alice is all too happy to oblige.

It doesn’t take much longer until Katie starts moaning loudly and digging her nails into Alice’s shoulders. She finishes with a deep sigh and a wet kiss.

They lay next to each other for a while before Katie gets up and grabs a bottle of water.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long, but didn’t know if you wanted it too.” Katie says, taking a sip. She passes it to Alice.

“Did you know I liked you?” She asks.

Alice is so thirsty that she drinks half the bottle.

“No, I had hoped but I didn’t know for sure. I didn’t even realise I was interested in you until recently.” Alice was so happy that Katie felt the same way.

“I was worried that you wouldn’t be interested. One of your friends told me you once had a boyfriend. Did you like girls before me?” Katie asks.

“No. I didn’t even know if I liked you in that way. I mean, I was curious as to what it would be like but never thought it would happen.”

“Now you know. So tell me, are you interested in girls now, or would you rather stick to boys?” Katie asks.

“I don’t know. I like you though. You’re different.”

“Am I? How so?” Katie asks with a smile.

“I’m not sure. I’m not attracted to any of the other girls at all. But you always make me nervous and excited when you’re around.” Alice realises that she’s blushing.

“Look, you’re all embarrassed now. Let’s play a game.” Says Katie with a grin. “A kissing game. I love kissing, don’t you? It’s so warm and wet. Let’s see how long we can kiss for without having a break.”

“Okay.” Says Alice. Feeling excited again.

“Come on then, kiss me.” görükle escort Katie sits opposite her, completely naked and waiting.

Alice feels a little nervous. She slowly leans forward. Katie doesn’t move and makes Alice wait for her. Alice goes to kiss her but her lips barely touch when Katie moves back a little. She tries again but Katie’s too fast.

“Come on, what’re you waiting for?” Katie teases.

Suddenly Alice lunches at her and pins her down, surprising her and herself. She stares at Katie, her mouth almost touching hers. Her hair covers Katie’s head. Katie just stares back, waiting expectantly.

Alice finally dives in and begins passionately kissing Katie full on the lips. She holds her cheeks with her hands, not letting Katie move away.

Katie half-heartedly pushes her back but Alice won’t let her go now. She lies on Katie’s chest and keeps kissing hard.

Katie rolls and suddenly Alice is the one pinned down. Katie breaks off.

“Not so fast. We won’t last long like that. Like this.” Katie kisses her softly and breaks off again. “If we’re too lusty, we’ll just want to fuck again. Oh, we will do it again, but let’s give it a while.” Katie leans in and gives Alice the softest, most gentle kiss she’s ever had.

Alice kisses back just as softly. It hard to keep herself from grabbing her and snogging her brains out. Alice had never felt so attracted to someone in her life. She never wanted this moment to stop.

After what must’ve been half an hour, she suddenly feels Katie slip a finger inside her. Alice gasps a little and pulls her closer, kissing her hard.

“No, keep it slow.” Katie manages to say before Alice is on her again. She slows down a little but it’s hard to contain herself when Katie was playing with her clit.

Katie had started off slow and gentle, teasing her. Now she was getting more insistent. Alice moans softly. Katie knew exactly what she was going.

“Harder!” Alice moans.

“I’m not done with you yet. Let’s see if you like this.” Katie turns around and Alice suddenly feels something warm and wet come inside her. Katie’s tongue! Alice closes her eyes and moans in pleasure. This was even better than last time.

She feels an orgasm coming much too soon. She doesn’t want it too stop. Her whole body shakes and she cries out loudly.

Katie immediately starts kissing her again after. Alice can taste herself on her lips. She begins humping her too. Gently at first but soon becomes more vigorous. Katie grinds herself against Alice’s leg. Alice can feel how wet she’s getting.

Katie’s in so most pleasure that she can’t concentrate on kissing. She just gasps for air. Alice kisses her neck instead.

Katie lasts longer than she did, but when she climaxes, it’s just as strong. Alice has to hold her so she doesn’t fall.

After she’s recovered, Katie looks at Alice sheepishly.

“Sorry, that wasn’t the most dignified way to get myself off was it? I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I actually found it pretty hot.” Alice replies. “Oh look, the snow’s stopped”

The wind wasn’t as strong either, the storm had passed.

“I guess we’d better get going before it starts snowing again. Want to come back to my place?” Katie asks.

“For the night?”

“Only if you want to.”

“Of course I do.” Alice replies happily.

“It’s been years since I’ve had a girl in my bed. None were as pretty as you though. Come on, get your clothes back on before you freeze to death.”

As they slowly drive back home, Alice still finds it hard to believe what had happened. When they arrive at Katie’s house, Alice asks what happens next.

“What would you like to happen next? We can just have a hot chocolate and forget what happened if you’d prefer. Or you could become my girlfriend. Perhaps something in between. It’s up to you.” Says Katie.

“I could be your girlfriend?”

“If you like.”


“I was hoping you’d say that.” Says Katie, giving Alice a kiss

“Could I have that hot chocolate as well?” Alice says with a grin.

“Of course. Come on, a hot chocolate is just what we need. I’ve got marshmallows as well. And cream.”

The hot chocolate tested sweet. Thought Alice. But not so sweet as Katie’s lips. She hoped it would snow again so she could stay another day.

Unfortunately the weather stayed clear and they had to go to work. But work wasn’t so bad. Not when she was working with her new girlfriend. Katie invited her over again. They kept exchanging glances all day.

Some of their coworkers noticed. “You two seem in a good mood today. What did you get up to after we left you yesterday?”

Katie and Alice both blushed then and their coworker gave them a knowing grin. “I always thought you two were sweet together.” She gave them a wink and left them to it.

Alice couldn’t wait till their shift ended. What would they get up to tonight? There wouldn’t be much time for sleep, that’s for sure.

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