Snowfall by a Fire Ch. 02

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We moved to the bedroom, Alex leading me in with a gentle tugging, until we were standing next to the bed. She stopped and turned, facing me fully, then slipped her hands into my robe at the waist, rubbing her palms softly against my stomach, moving up to my chest, then to my neck as she nudged the robe off of my shoulders. As it fell to the floor, she cupped my face in her hands, and reached up tip-toed to give me a kiss, again more of a soft, sensual brushing and testing, almost tentative. Which, to be honest, I found to be rather curious given what had just transpired in the living room, and I immediately seized the moments hesitation by her to place my hands on her hips, drawing her to me as I would a wife, continuing the kiss briefly before pulling away and tilting my head a bit to look into her eyes.

“Alex? You OK, honey?”

She nodded, and swallowed hard, a bit of nervousness now coming to the surface. “We need to talk, dad. This isn’t what you think, and I’m hoping that you and I…well, lets just see where this goes.” She let herself sit on the bed, pulling her sweater up and off, then undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. In that moment, with the reflected light from the fire casting an orange glow over the headboard and the shadows dancing on the wall, her nude form drew me in, intoxicating the senses. She offered a small smile as she pulled back the covers and slipped beneath, then patted the bed with her hand, beckoning me to join her.

My mind was racing, not really knowing if this final step should be done, could be done, without a boatload of baggage resulting from it. I looked at the bed, then to her, then back to the bed as she tried to lighten the mood a bit.

“I’m not going to bite, you know.”

“Yeah, I know” was my answer, although I wasn’t too sure about that.

“Would you please come here, and lay down, so we can talk?”

I nodded, then slipped beneath the covers she held open and waiting for me, laying on my back and stretching out as Alex covered us both, adjusting the flannel sheet and comforter around us. When she was satisfied that we were properly tucked in, she scooted alongside, placing her head on my chest just beneath my chin, one hand beginning to idly caress my side as she pressed herself to me, draping one of her legs across my thighs. The heat of her mound against my leg caused a stirring, and I could feel my balls twitch. I hadn’t felt this good, this *young*, in a long time, and was amazed at what she was able to make my body do.

She moved her head slightly, so that she could reach one of my nipples and give a quick flick of her tongue, then locked her mouth and began a soft suckling. I sighed as I felt the tingling pleasure, and as I relaxed and closed my eyes, she slowly moved to make herself more comfortable…or so I thought. I was completely lost in the sensations she was giving, escort gaziantep özbek bayan that I really didn’t pay much mind to her movements until she was fully atop me, her legs straddling my hips and her still moist pussy positioned perfectly to take her man, her prize. As she began to push back onto me, the warm contact on my dick brought me back to reality with a vengeance, my eyes opening and my legs coming up to stop her assault. Alex responded by pushing back harder, trying to push back my now curled up legs, trying to take the man she wanted. She let out a half whimper, half growl, then stopped her suckling to lift her head and look at me.

“Would you please stop fighting this?” she whispered. “For Christs sake, take me!”

I shook my head, reaching down to grab hold of her thighs the best I could, holding her from pushing back and finishing the deed. “No! Damn it…I’m your father!”

She looked at me, a small smile tugging on the corners of her mouth. “So thats it? You’re telling me that if I wasn’t your daughter, you’d do me?”

I kept a good grip on her thighs in case this was a ruse, and I nodded once. “Damn straight. Any man would be a fool to not enjoy you right now. But you’re my daughter! We -can’t- go there, Alex! Please! Stop tempting me!”

She smiled again. “Say it. Tell me that you would fuck me.”

I didn’t know where she was going, but I obliged. “I would fuck you.”

She quirked a brow. “Just once?”

I shook my head a bit. “All night. As much as I could before passing out.”

Alex lifted a brow a bit higher, then stopped pushing back against me and trying to bury my cock in her womanhood. She relaxed and stretched herself out fully on top of my chest, and began the nibbling on my ear again. Damn…she knew what buttons to push, and when. I wasn’t responding just yet as she whispered into my ear, “I know something you don’t. Its a secret.”

I chuckled softly at that. “Oh? Has your mother been talking shit about me?”

She shook her head. “Nope…not about you. But I think you should hear it for yourself. Hand me your phone?”

Alex was smiling as she proped herself up on her hands, still stradling me. I gave her a quizzical look, and asked, “Can I trust you enough that I can relax, and you won’t do something we’ll both regret in the morning?”

“Yeah. I’ll behave. Promise.” she answered. I nodded then, and lowered my legs as I stretched over to get my phone from the nightstand and handed it to her. She dialed, and in a few moments had her mom on the phone.

“Hi mom! Its Alex.” She paused a moment. “Yeah, I’m good. I’m at dads. We’ve been…talking.” She winked at me, a grin on her face. “Well…I think he should know the truth. So, I’m going to let him have it. But it really should come from you, don’t you think?”

With porno videolar that she handed me the phone, then lowered herself to me again so that she could listen to the conversation, her ear pressed to the reciever so that we could both hear. As I took the phone I could hear her mom protesting, but she went silent as I spoke.

“Hi Sue. Its Mark. What the hell is Alex talking about?”

The response was simple, flatly stated. “I’m sorry Mark.”

I paused, then asked. “Sorry…for what?”

There was another moment of silence, then she answered. “I had an affair. It was a fling, lasted for a few months…it meant nothing. It was just sex, plain and simple.”

I quirked a brow, not really giving a damn about this revelation. “Sue…I could care less. We’re divorced. Why would it matter now?”

There was a deep sigh on the other end of the line, then a rather uncomfortable pause. Just as the light bulb went off in my head, Alex sat up and smiled at me…a warm, loving smile…as she still stradled me and slid herself down so as to begin rubbing her pussy against the length of my shaft. At the same time as Alex began dry-humping, her mom spoke softly on the other end, and revealed what I both wanted yet dreaded to hear.

“You didn’t father her, Mark. I’m so sorry.”

All I could manage to say was “OK…thank you”, and as I hit the button to hang up, Alex reached behind herself and took my shaft in her hand, lifting a bit so that the head of my cock was pressed between her inner lips. She locked her eyes to mine, smiled, then pushed herself back and impaled herself on my waiting cock, sinking down until her clit was rubbing against the coarse hair of my belly. She stopped there, taking a deep breath to calm herself and get accustomed to the organ buried in her now, then began a slow, rythmic, excrutiatingly sensual fuck, resting her hands on my chest for leverage, rocking back and forth with little effort. I began matching her movement with my own thrusts, gentle at first, then becoming a bit more forceful after a few moments. Her lust was already building again, and as I went from urgent thrusts to pounding away at her, she did the same, her breathing becoming short and quick, ragged as she was fast approaching another orgasm. Her womanhood clenched at my shaft, squeezing, milking, begging to have its seed, wanting to complete the coupling with an explosion of ecstacy.

As I sensed that her orgasm was just about to begin, I sat up so that Alex was facing me, sitting in my lap, making her full weight help to drive my dick deeper into her. I could feel the small puckered entrance to her womb as it bumped the head of my cock with each thrust, and I brought my head next to hers to whisper into her ear. “Alex, honey…I’m going to come.”

This drove her over the edge, and rus escort bayan gaziantep her body tensed as she pushed against me, making sure that I was buried as deep as I could possibly be. Her cunt spasmed, then clenched like a vise as she bucked wildly on my rod, her knees pulled up and her legs bouncing wantonly. She let out a gasp, then a half-whimper, half-sob as she came, repeating over and over, “Yes….yes…oh God, yes! Fill me! Come in me! Oh God…I love you!”

Those three little words were what did it, and I pushed hard against her as I peaked, pumping into her the sweet jism of life. We were locked together, coming together, suspended in lust and passion for what seemed to be an eternity of endless bliss, my cock emptying into her as her pussy sealed it within, my seed flowing into her womb with each spasm. We were both groaning, moaning, and whimpering as the bucking of our loins against each other subsided and a warm afterglow of shared pleasure swept over us. We were sweaty, chests heaving against each other as we held each other tightly.

It was then that I felt a warm wetness on my shoulder, and heard a soft sniffle, then a choked sob. My little girl was crying on my shoulder, like she had done so many times while growing up…after a softball game where she made the last out and they lost…after a rather sappy and heart-tugging movie…after a particularly hard break-up with a teenage crush…

I couldn’t help but hold her tight, like I had done so many times before, and just rock her gently and let her have a good cry. After a few minutes she finally stopped, pulling back to look at me with a tear stained face, eyes all puffy from the crying. “I love you” was all she said, and I nodded, giving her a smile. “Love you too, honey.”

Alex smiled now, leaned in and brushed her lips against mine softly, then sank into a full kiss. I returned the kiss warmly, and when she ended it and pulled her face away, she gave my now-soft cock a squeeze with her pussy. “I couldn’t bear to be the one to tell you, dad. But I also couldn’t stop thinking about you once I found out.” She took a deep breath now, then sighed softly. “This was more wonderful that I ever imagined it could be.”

I nodded, and smiled, wiping a few streaks off of her cheek. “Well…once the plows come through in the morning, we’ll go out and get breakfast, then I think we should clear out your place and bring your stuff here, huh?”

Alex looked at me, then grinned and nodded. “Yeah….I think so” she said as she pushed me back down against the pillows, then began leaving a trail of kisses along my neck, down to my chest, then down some more until she reached my soft member. She looked up to me then and laughed lightly.

“I think this thing needs some mouth-to-cock rescucitation” she said as she sucked the head between her pursed lips and flicked her tongue wildly in circles.

I just smiled, sighed, and gently pushed as her suckling brought my shaft back to life.

Alex stopped abruptly then, pulled back, and looked at me again as her hand moved softly along my cock, pumping as she spoke.

“Would this be a bad time to tell you that I gave up The Pill a few days ago?” she said, with a grin and a quirk of a brow.

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