Snowfilled Fantasy

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“IT’S SNOWING!” I hear you shout from upstairs.

I jump up from the sofa and go straight to the window. Like an excited child, I press my nose against the cold window, resting my elbows on the window sill. Moments later I hear you entering the room. It’s rare we get snow so when we do the child in me is often unveiled and this is said to be true for the both of us. We’re both working professionals, a couple in our 20’s and although we may seem professional to onlookers, deep down we’re kids at heart especially when the snow makes an appearance. I can just imagine your face having a cheeky smile at the sight that meets you. I am hidden from the waist up under the curtains, bent at the hip and my legs straight and together.

You haven’t spoken yet and neither have I. My eyes transfixed on the snow falling, a smile pasted to my face. I can’t tell where in the room you are until you touch me. I feel your warm hand on the small of my back. You run your hand up my back to my shoulder blades under the curtain and back to the small of my back. I then feel you behind me, just standing there. After a few minutes of you just standing there, you gently press your groin into my bum. I smile to myself and decide to break the silence.

“It’s beautiful out there.” Expecting you to say something back to me but you say nothing.

You continue to run your hands from the small of my back over my bum and down my thighs to behind my knees. Your hands gently tracing my body. You slide your hands up the outside of my thighs, past my bum and up my sides. You then slide your hands round under my upper body and hook your fingers over my shoulders and pull my body into yours. Your palms firmly pressed against my collar bone. As my bum meets your grinding hips I can clearly feel your arousal. I can also feel my own building. My eyes are now shut and not watching the snow at all. My breathing is shallow and I’m fully enjoying and engaged in your touch.

Finally you break your silence with a whisper and I feel your upper body pressing down on my back as you join me under the curtain at the window. “If this snow lasts maybe we can roll around in it.”

As the sentence left your lips my pussy twitched beneath the confines of my fitted leggings. My little dress at my hips and waist even started to arouse me, as it brushed against my heated skin under the pressure of your body. You know that this is my fantasy and we’ve never quite had the weather for it. I opened my eyes to check if the snow was accumulating, it was! I got visions of us in the snow already.

I feel your fingers release my shoulders and run your finger tips down the side of my body to my hips and you grasp them firmly pulling them into you making me aware once more that you want me. At the point I thought you were going to take me all the way, you let go of my body and stand there. I can feel the electricity between our bodies before you turn away from me. You leave me catching my breath on the window sill, gaining control of my body.

As I hear the TV volume roar back to life I know that your plan was to excite me and yourself in the process, but then walk away leaving the excitement under the surface. This is a game we’ve both been guilty of playing in the past. You find a movie that is just starting and you put the remote down.

“It really is looking beautiful out there with the snow falling.” You say as I pull myself from under the curtain and turn around. I look at you, then the TV, and nod in agreement.

I join you on the sofa, cuddling into your arm. I glance at your crotch and notice that your own excitement is still with us and the rest is waiting for the correct time pounce. Rearranging myself, I rest my head on your chest listening to your heart doing exactly as mine is, trying to regain its usual rhythm. I run my hand down your chest and rest at your waist while we are relaxing together. I think to myself about your payback for teasing me at the window. I know exactly what I plan on doing to you, and that it’s just a case of having to bide my time.

As the film nears another fight scene, I run my hand down over your crotch to your thigh. Leaving it there masaj porno for a moment, I run my hand back over you and up under the hem of your t-shirt and up your chest. I softly begin to massage you, gently running my nails over you alternating with long strokes on your chest. My finger tips exit your shirt at the neck and they find your neck which tilts as soon as I graze your neck with my nails. I repeat this over and over, occasionally brushing over your nipples. I tilt my head to look at you. Your eyes are now closed and you’ve lost interest in the film completely, just the reaction I was waiting for. I keep my hand on your chest but move my body and climb on top of you. This makes you open your eyes and we stare into each other’s eyes as my spare hand now brushes your waistline before joining the other hand in massaging your body.

Pulling my hands free from your shirt, I rub them up your chest over your shirt to your neck where I link my fingers and arch my back a little. Forcing my chest closer to you. I pull myself forward and softly kiss your neck, in doing so baring my own to you, feeling your warm breath on my skin sends shivers down my spine. I teasingly run the tip of my tongue down your neck a couple of inches before switching sides. Your hands are now on my back, caressing slowly as my attacks on your neck begin to retreat. I sit up and put my face just inches from yours, you lean in to kiss me but I move back, keeping the gap between us. Bringing my hands to your shoulders, I rotate and grind my hips into your crotch, all the while holding the stare we’re locked in.

Your hands clasp my hips firmly as I grind them into you. I feel your arousal pressing against the confines of your jeans. My nipples are getting harder beneath my bra, the fabric feeling nice against them. You take me a little by surprise when you buck your hips up to meet my grind, sending a massive shock wave deep into my aching pussy which makes me gasp out loud. Both of our breathing becomes affected, we’re taking short ragged breaths as we dry hump each other.

I lean into you again pressing my now solid nipples into your chest. I stop grinding into you as I plant a kiss gently on your lips and whisper, “We’ll finish this later.” With that said, I jump up from you and wander off into the kitchen to calm myself down.

Grabbing us a cold beer from the fridge, I come back into the room and hand it to you. You look at me like your in a daze. You take your cold beer and crack it open, taking 2 big mouth full’s you thank me with a smile. Taking my own I do the same, thankful for the cold liquid to be soothing and cooling me down a little. I walk to the window, once more checking how the snow was falling only to find more than expected was upon us. My excitement just doubled.

“Fancy a walk in the falling snow?” I hear from the hallway where you’re already gathering your coat and shoes.

“Sure.” I reply, “let me get something a little warmer on.” Taking another mouthful of my lager I rush past you in the hall upstairs.

My idea of warmer was actually more convenient. Getting my hopes up just a little, I didn’t want struggles out in the snow. Pulling off my leggings, I dig out my crotchless ones and replace them. Finding my warm boots. I’m downstairs in a flash pulling my arms into my coat. “Ready?” I ask.

“Ready.” You say.

Outside it wasn’t all that cold. We walked hand in hand as the snow fell. By the house there were vast fields with hills. The big hill was going to be full of kids tomorrow, but tonight it looked peaceful. You slide your hand around my waist and pull me closer to you. After a short while the snow began to ease off. On our way back past the big hill you shout, “Last to the top is a rotten egg!” Childishly, you start running.

I run a little, but not full pelt like you. You turn back to see my progress and come back for me. We laugh together as we run to the top of the hill. At the top I slip on the loose snow and land flat on my back, pulling you with me. You land on top of me. We lay laughing together for a few minutes.

The laughter stops, your stare tells me you want öğretmen porno me, I know I want you too. Together we go in for a kiss, it’s fuelled with passion from our earlier games with each other. Our tongues fighting against one another’s as we kiss harder and harder. You break the kiss and we breathe. Your fingers fumble with the buttons on my coat as mine unzips yours. I want to feel you against me as much as you want to feel me against you. Once undone, you press your body against mine and we kiss once more. You force my legs apart with your knees and you rub and press hard into me letting me know that your hard and ready for me. Keeping our hips firmly meshed together, I slip my hands under your coat pulling my body tighter against you. It is only a second before you get up onto your knees between my legs, leaving me panting laying on the ground below you.

I can see your eyes undress me, as they reach my bare pussy you smile a devilish smile. Your hands rub up my legs firmly to my groin, which I raise to meet your hands. You run your finger tips gently over my burning snatch and it makes me moan aloud. It shocks me how your cold fingers are as arousing as your actual touch. You waste no more time and you part my pussy lips and push your fingers deep into me, forcing a guttural moan from my body you begin to finger fuck me. With your other hand you begin to rub my clit, the cold sensations were coursing through my body, followed by my building orgasm. I begin to fuck your fingers, grinding hard against your hand as my orgasm builds. You feel my pussy getting tighter inside, you hear my moans flooding the snow topped hill we are on as I crash over the edge and let my orgasm take control of my body. Bucking my hips and grabbing at my breasts through my dress.

I begin to breathe again. I open my eyes and only then do you remove your hands from me. I sit up and reach for the waistband on your trousers. In seconds your jeans are undone and your hard raging cock is there just waiting for me to take advantage of. I grasp it firmly and slide my hand up and down your length before climbing on my other hand and knees, moving my head closer to your cock. I flick out my warm tongue and circle your enlarged head a couple of times. I feel you lean back, resting your hands in the snow behind you, giving me full open access to your hard cock. I take all of your cock into my mouth and throat, bobbing my head slowly up and down your length a couple of times. The hand I had grasped at the base of your cock begins to move together with my mouth and I massage your hard on. I hear your gasps and moans which are making me so horny. I use my spare hand, cold and wet from the snow, to gently rub my clit a little before replacing it to keep my balance. I’m not taking my time at all, I want you to cum and I want it now, this is something you can sense from my eagerness. I drive on faster and harder and then I feel you tense up, quickly followed by the release of your load into the back of my throat. I swallow hard and continue to massage your cock with my mouth and hand. Once you are milked dry and I’ve swallowed every drop, I release my hand and slowly I draw my mouth up and let the head of your cock pop free from my mouth.

Sitting up onto my knees I smile and you bring your head up to look at me, followed by your body. You kiss me tenderly and pull me atop your lap. Encircling my body with your arms. We kiss softly as we enjoy each others mouths and bodies being close. We sit in each others arms panting from our orgasms. We continue to kiss between our panting, quickly they become very heated, fuelled with a fresh passion. I feel you between my legs getting hard once more, so I gyrate my hips and bare pussy into your hardening cock. Feeling the flesh of your cock against me finally is amazing, with my hands on your shoulders I push down a little lifting my body just enough to allow your cock to spring up. As I feel you against my soaking wet snatch and my sensitive clit, I grind down swallowing your length instantly. You slip into me easily, we both take a deep breath as I sit there a moment just accepting your member. oral porno Your eyes roll in the back of your head as i begin to fuck you gently. I gently and slowly lift my hips from your lap. You litter my neck and collar bone with gentle butterfly kisses as you grab my hips with your firm grip and roll my hips against you. I love the feeling of your cock slipping out of me just a little before I force you back into me. My breathing and moans fill your ears and then you kiss me hard, forcing them to fill your mouth.

You are still on your knees as I fuck you. You kiss my lips softly, swapping between my lips and my neck. You graze your teeth against my neck as you suddenly force me backwards. Your length never leaving me, your now on top and your driving your hard cock into me with a force I’ve never felt before tonight. It feels like you are deeper inside me than ever before. You push my legs up onto your shoulders and then you lean down to plant a soft kiss on my forehead. You’re forcing my legs down to rest against my body. You kiss me quickly before lifting your body but holding my legs in place with your strong hands. As you lift up you shift up a gear, your girth feels amazing as it fills me with each stroke. Your power is reflected in both our grunts. You begin to tease by almost pulling your cock out of me and pushing only an inch into me, using your enlarged head to massage to my pussy entrance. Then as I got used to your new method you pushed deep into me. You continued to do this for what seemed a life time, all the while my body screaming out for you to fuck me hard.

I break my bodies silence and moan, “Fuck me….oooooooohhhhhhh….hard!” You answer with that glint in your eye and a smile.

You force your member deep inside and pull out all the way, all the while pushing down hard on my legs so they can’t rise. You begin to pick up your speed again keeping a steady rhythm. Our breathing changes, it is ragged. I know that my own orgasm isn’t far off, I just hope yours isn’t either. I can hear our skin slapping against each other, I can feel your balls against my arse. I get caught in your line of vision and we hold that intense stare as you speed up again, although it didn’t seem possible to me. I can feel my insides burning with pleasure. You buck your hips strongly against mine, your trademark sign that your very near to your much needed release. As you fuck me each thrust slaps against me harder. I begin to moan deep guttural moans out loud. I feel my body heat rushing up towards my neck and chest like a wave, following it comes the orgasm that I’ve been waiting for since our earlier games. Your eyes continue to stare me down as I orgasm beneath you. You can feel my pussy squeezing your cock, telling you that I want you to cum, too. Upon request, as my orgasm ripples through my body, you get your sweet release. I can feel your load hitting my insides. I can feel your cock pulsating as it continued to spray it’s seed deep inside me.

You push my legs aside and flop down on top of me, breathlessly you say, “You’re so hot!”

With a giggle I reply, “You ain’t so bad yourself.”

You gently lift your hips and let your cock slip from me, with a moan from me we begin to relax into each other. I slip my hands beneath your coat which, like me, you’ve managed to keep on. Your shirt feels damp to my touch and I give you a small squeeze. We lie together for minutes as our bodies recover and we catch our breaths. You push up from me so you’re again on your knees. I sit up with you and lean in gently kissing you. You kiss me back ever so gently, unlike your kisses earlier this evening. Removing my hands from inside your coat I take them to the waistband of your trousers and gently tuck you in and do them up button by button. You reach your hand between my spread legs and teasingly run your finger from my wet hole to my clit, making me moan out and shiver, putting the finger to your lips to grin wickedly.

You kiss me once more and then jump up, reaching your hand to me helping me to my feet. We brush ourselves down and begin to do up our coats. There is an air of naughtiness as we give each other another small hug and kiss before our descent down the hill. As we walk together, the snow begin to fall once more, a beautiful end to fantastic evening. We give each other a cheeky smile as we get to the door of the house. We stomp off our boots and make our way inside the warmth that awaits us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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