Soccer Coach and Her Favorite Player

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I am Katie, a 19 y/o soccer player, and this is about my coach and me.


Jen had enjoyed coaching this group of girls on their club soccer team. They were very talented and hard-working and had put together a successful season, finishing first in their division and were excited for the playoffs. She had coached girls in this age group before, but never a group like these. There were even a few cuties! Jen was 35 and single. She identified as bi, but had not been interested in any guys for awhile. She had been with several girls in past couple of years, but nothing serious, and had never fished off her coaching pier.

Katie was her favorite player. She was not the most talented with ball skills but was hard-working and enthusiastic. She matched this hard-nosed style with a sweet personality off the field. She was also really cute; she was 5’3, 115, reddish-blonde, and 32c. Jen had no reason to believe that Katie was bi or lesbian, but she had certainly fantasized about her plenty, even going on to roleplay while thinking about her. She found a girl who had similar interests and the two played online a lot together, sometimes even watching porn together. They consistently roleplayed out their individual fantasies, as the girl fantasized mecidiyeköy escort bayan about her coach. They never exchanged pictures but did have fun imagining. A few times, they even played on voice chat- they never actually talked but did listen to each other getting off.

After one particularly hot session, the two had been chatting online about what would happen if either of them ever tried to make a move on their real-life crush. They were both too timid to do so, they said, but loved thinking about it. They thought hard about what they’d wear. Jen would wear a short denim skirt and tight sweater, her young crush known as “Hot4Coach” would wear a very snug skirt that left some, but not much, to the imagination. Jen pictured meeting her crush at a dance club. The young girl imagined meeting her older crush by following her to a movie and ending up next to her. They both kept daring the other to do it, but both were afraid to do so, as they didn’t want things to end up weird on their team.

For several days, each couldn’t help but think about how hot it would be to act this out. Each of the next several nights, the girl and Jen roleplayed each of their respective fantasies, having the most fun imagining playing in a theatre. One night she couldn’t stand it, and for some reason unknown to her, “Hot4Coach”, aka Katie, decided to go to a movie. She did dress in a skirt with a thong underneath and wore a cute blue sweater with it. She went to the theater without a plan.

As she got out of the car, though, she couldn’t believe it. Katie saw her real-life crush, Jen, getting out of a car and going in alone. Her coach was wearing a denim skirt! Jen decides to follow her for a bit. She gets a ticket to a movie and watches Jen go into a different theatre than hers. Katie then goes in and sits a few rows apart from her. Jen is in the back, sitting alone. Her hands seem firmly placed on her lap, between her legs. Katie watches her squirming for awhile. Finally, Jen suddenly gets up, looking tense, and she goes out the back towards the bathroom. Katie is stunned but decides to follow her, waiting a minute.

When Katie walks into bathroom, she hears a familiar but muffled moan. She decides right then that this is her chance. She knocks on the door to the stall and says, “Coach, it’s me”. There is a long silence and Katie starts to regret things.

Jen then opens the stall door and says, “Katie, I am glad güngören escort bayan to see you are wearing what you said you’d wear. You look great and I was hoping you’d notice me.” Katie blushed and stepped inside, noting her coach’s skirt down at her ankles and seeing just a white thong pulled to side.

Jen then says, “This isn’t quite how we imagined it. Let’s go back into the theater”. She pulls her skirt up and walks out, Katie left with no choice but to follow her. They sit adjacent to one another in rear left of theater. They waste no time and start kissing each other, passionately, wetly. Jen’s hand wastes no time, easily passing under Katie’s skirt. Katie moans softly as she does, her wetness growing instantly. Katie’s legs part, and Jen’s finger deftly finds her clit. Katie slides a hand up Jen’s skirt as well, finding the soaked thong. Jen’s finger gets inside Katie’s pussy and she pulls Katie more into her seat. She angles her hand up and Katie slides down onto Jen’s finger, grinding against her, while they kiss passionately. Katie then gets on her knees and puts her head under Jen’s skirt, licking and kissing wildly. Jen’s hands move to back of Katie’s head, just in time for Katie’s tongue to find Jen’s clit. She licks the clit vigorously and Jen starts to moan, trying to muffle her pleasure. She bucks her hips and Katie is encouraged to go even harder. She sucks on the clit and finally she feels Jen’s body explode. She herself is soaked and knows the night is young…

To be continued..

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