Soldier’s Return Ch. 02 – Dinner

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After the shower escapade, I waited for 20 minutes before Charlene made her appearance on the main floor. She had come downstairs wearing a tight leather skirt and gorgeous high collared tank top that hid her ample cleavage. I felt at that point that our relationship may have a chance of becoming successful again.

We exchanged chit chat in the car on our way to the restaurant, but nothing of substance, mainly pleasantries about being home. We arrived and had the car parked by the lot attendant.

Entering the restaurant, the maître d’ guided to our table in the back corner of the restaurant. I couldn’t help but notice how he checked her out top to bottom then semi scowled back at me. She did look gorgeous and sexy; me on the other hand was showing the ravages of age and a twenty-year military career. You could say I was rocking the “Dad Bod”.

Charlene knew I would be nervous having my back to the rest of the restaurant and offered me the seat in the corner. Charlene looked over the table at me and smiled.

“So, what do you think of our arrangement?” Charlene said air quoting arrangement.

I hesitated, not sure of what to say honestly.

“Seems weird to me. Coming home to you all confident in your sexuality and Jenifer being a key to that confidence.”

She smiled taking my hand.

“You’ll grow to love the new me!” she said confidently. I suddenly sensed her stockinged foot against my leg.

“Jenifer and I plan on making you the happiest man in the city,” she continued with her foot creeping up the inside of my leg finally resting on my suddenly growing crotch. I’m sure I was turning red.

“Hmm, seems that I can still get you excited with just a little touch. Don’t blush honey, at least not yet,” she noted with a slight sarcastic tone.

The waiter suddenly appeared to take our order. Charlene kept her pornhub foot on my cock, kneading every now and then.

As I began to place my order, she began to stroke my cock with her foot.

“I’llll have a stttteeak.” I stuttered out, eliciting a little chuckle from Charlene.

“I’ll have the lobster.” Charlene said with confidence, slowly retracting her foot from atop my twitching cock.

“Enough excitement for now,” she remarked, pulling her seat away from the table, “I need to use the little girls’ room.”

I watched as she sauntered away, her ass bobbing side to side with a newfound purpose in life. I adjusted myself and shifted in my seat. Thinking she would be long in the restroom; I was surprised to see her walking slowly towards me with a distinct smirk on her face and a change to her gait.

“Feel better babe?” I inquired as she began to lower herself into the chair. I noticed a strange expression her face and a bead of sweat form on her brow as her ass hit the seat. A quick pant came out of her as she moved to cross her legs, then a big smile.

“I have something for you honey,” she said holding out her closed fist.

I reached out and put my hand under her fist and out came the smallest thong I had ever seen.

Realizing that she had gone to take her underwear off explained the short trip. It also turned me on and I felt the pressure increase in my pants.

“I have another surprise; you might get to see it later if you behave well,” She remarked.

We continued the small talk until our food came. Every time she shifted or rocked in her seat, her breath quickened, and a look of bliss appeared on her face.

We finished our meal and ordered desert; at least I did. As the waiter turned and left, Charlene put her napkin on the table and began to slide down. I looked nervously around porno 92 trying mentally to figure out what was happening.

“What are you doooo…” her hands began pulling my zipper down cut off my sentence.

Pulling my cock out of my pants she began to quickly devour the shaft with more fury than when she picked me up. My cock, which had gone limp since her foot rubbing, quickly hardened as she sucked with the vigour of a high-end vacuum.

“I love the feel of your cock in my mouth,” she said pausing and stroking my semi-hard cock, “I want to feel you hardening as I suck.”

Once hard, she cupped my balls and lightly licked the shaft from my sack to the tip. I could feel my pressure building and I was sure my face was red. I struggled to bury my moans and my quickening breath.

“Honey, I’m getting close.” I whispered down.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped the head before slipping it gently back into my pants.

Looking up from between my legs she whispered, “we’ll keep you waiting a while longer.”

She snuck back into her seat in time for the waiter to come and clear the table. He asked if we wanted anything else and Charlene asked for cheque.

Once payed, we both stood and began walking toward the exit. Charlene had a different idea and took me by the hand towards the restrooms.

“It’s a long ride home, perhaps you should make sure you are empty” she said with a wink as she pushed me into the ladies’ room locking the door behind her.

She pushed me against the wall then took a step back while pulling her skirt up her stockinged legs. Her bald pussy glinted with moisture.

“Take out that cock, I don’t want it all cooped up in those tight pants” she whispered to me while rubbing her wet pussy lips.

I followed her directions and stood there with a fully erect qiqitv porno penis and my pants and boxers around my ankles.

She slowly turned and bent over; I suddenly realised why she was shifting in her seat happily. Seated between her ass cheeks was a jeweled butt plug. She reached behind her and started to pull gently on it, moaning with each pull.

“You like my new jewelry, don’t you? I bet you’ve always wanted to cum in my ass, haven’t you?” she asked with a wink.

She backed up to me and grasped my cock guiding it into her moist pussy. She gyrated on it for minute before pulling of my cock.

She bent further over and grabbed her ankles, “Pull the plug out baby, not too fast and not too slow.”

I grasped the plug and began to pull gently on it until it released.

“MMMMMMM,” she moaned reaching back to grab my cock. She placed the head of my penis against her asshole and pushed back until my entire cock was in. I felt ready to explode already.

She slowly pushed against me then began pulling back slowly. Her fingers were deep in her pussy as her pace of bouncing back and forth on my member quickened.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said with a pant.

Her body suddenly stiffened as she let go with a soft moan while my cock released multiple shots of cum into her ass. I heard water hit the floor and realised that she had released a huge squirt at the same time, wetting my pants as well.

She pulled off me and reinserted the plug.

“Jenifer can have that for desert later,” She said straightening her skirt and walking to the sink to make sure her make-up looked right.

I pulled my wet pants back on and looked in the mirror; I looked like I had pissed myself.

Charlene took me by the hand and led me out through the restaurant with everyone looking at me; I resisted then realised that there wasn’t much I could do.

At the door she paused, planted a deep kiss and grabbed my ass. I could see the Maître d’ huff at the public display.

Stepping through the door she leaned into me and whispered…

“Tonight, all your fantasies will come true!”

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