Some Early Morning Fun

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My stories do not need to be read in a particular order and I’m not writing or releasing them chronologically anyway. Still, bear in mind that some will involve the same people.


I’m going to call myself Tom for the purposes of my stories (I’m giving the other people alternate names as well). I’m British and was 19 at the time this took place.

I had finished school, back in the UK, but had decided to go to University in Czech Republic, because they offered a unique course I couldn’t take anywhere in Britain, but I wanted for my future career.

Luckily, everyone in CR speaks English, and the lectures were in English, so that wasn’t a problem. I also had relatives living near the town, which is why I chose CR rather than America or Germany.

I met a Czech girl called Violeta (Vi for short) taking the same course as me and we would “study together”. It didn’t take long for everyone at school, my roommate and her family to work out what was really going on.

My relationship with Vi was awkwardly simple to say the least. We were both attractive people with high sex drives, just having fun. We were true fuck-buddies doing it whenever we had the chance. Everyone knew what we were doing but I didn’t think of us as boyfriend and girlfriend until she casually introduced me to a friend as such. It was an unorthodox relationship, but it worked. But that’s a story for another time.

It was a Saturday night, a few months into our first year of the course. My roommate had asked if he could use the room that night with his girlfriend. I figured it was the least I could do for him, I had had the room to myself during daylight hours for most of my time here. He spent a lot of time doing sports and at parties, so Vi and I had used that room a lot.

I’d agreed to stay with Vi for the night at her parent’s house (their house was near the university, so she didn’t have to stay on site), I’d done this a few times before whenever my roommate wanted the room. Her parents were fine with it as long as we were quiet (Vi had a young sister).

So we had quiet giggling sex in her room before going to sleep.

I woke up before Vi the next morning and had to leave early for my Czech lessons (the school was giving them for free, so why not?). I’d brought fresh clothes and my washing kit, so I crossed the hall to the bathroom to take a shower before leaving.

Their cat (I can’t remember what it was called) was pawing at the bathroom window, so I let it in and kicked it out the door so I could take my shower. It was a weird animal, he would sleep all day and they had no idea what he was doing at night.

“Do you have a pet, back home?” I heard.

Vi’s mum (mom to you Americans), Marie, was leaning on the wall just outside their room. She was wearing a fluffy dressing gown and slippers and her eyes seemed to pierce Zonguldak Escort right through me. I hadn’t heard her leave her room, and I wasn’t sure if she had already been standing there, so I was a little surprised.

“No.” I said quickly, noticing that I was staring. “We used to have a dog, but she died a few years ago.”

I hadn’t seen much of Marie when I was around the house, so I was only just now realising how attractive Marie was. She had shoulder length natural blonde hair, had a curvy body not very well hidden by her gown and the piercing blue eyes Vi had clearly got from her. And of course, that ageless Slavic beauty the females in Eastern Europe were blessed with.

I quickly reminded myself that all I was wearing was my underwear and a shirt and that this was my girlfriend’s mother.

“Do you like cats?” She said.

“No” I said. “They’ve never seemed like very loving animals to me.”

The conversation at this point was feeling very forced and quite awkward, we could both sense it and I still wasn’t quite sure what Marie was up to. I made a move to close the bathroom door.

“Cats are loving animals, they just need time to show it.” She continued to force the issue, walking closer to me.

She advanced towards the cat, that was sitting near my feet, watching us both intently.

“He is a bit…” Flustering as she looked for the English word. “…strange.”

She bent down to pick up the cat, standing right in front of me but luckily her gown was long enough to fall over the back protecting her modesty and keeping my thoughts clean.

“But he loves us, really.” She said, picking up the cat.

The cat escaped her hold and lovingly ran away down the stairs. Marie stood up, looking silly, and turned around to look at me. We were within a foot of each other and the conversation had properly died now.

Our eyes were locked awkwardly as we were both struggling to find something to say (it was an awful conversation anyway). I could feel her warm breath on my shoulder and my heart rate starting to speed up. Eager to relieve the tension and diffuse the situation, I began to turn back to the bathroom.

Seeing her chance slip away, Marie abruptly grabbed me by the balls, preventing me from moving any further and making her intentions obvious. I inhaled sharply and turned back to meet her stare. Silence descended again as we looked at each other, acknowledging what had just happened, words weren’t really needed by that point.

With a wolffish grin on her face, she put her other hand on my chest and began to push me into the bathroom. We didn’t break eye contact, but she didn’t try to kiss me, only push me up against the bathroom wall, next to the sink. I clearly wasn’t resisting, so Marie finally broke eye contact to look down and see what she was working with. As she Zonguldak Escort Bayan started to rummage around inside my boxers I moved my hands to take her gown off, and see what was underneath.

She saw what I was doing, and grabbed my wrists, looking at me again.

“No touching.” She said sternly. I quietly nodded, it’s hard to disobey those eyes. Marie released my hands and knelt down, looking up at me. I knew what was coming next. She began to pull down my boxers painfully slowly, enjoying my torment so much she couldn’t help but let out a laugh. I took off my shirt to give myself a better view, while Marie continued to tease my boxers away from my groin.

My underwear was now around my ankles as the Slavic beauty started working on my cock, with a devilish grin on her face, still meeting my gaze. Marie was pumping my cock slowly back on forth with one hand and cupping and fondling my balls with the other trying to work me up to erect.

Before long, I’d forgotten All about my sleeping girlfriend in the other room and my Czech lessons. I was concentrated on the hungry looking MILF looking up at me, holding my fully erect member.

“Hold my hair.” She ordered, putting her hands on my hips and opening her mouth. I gathered up Marie’s blonde locks and bunched them into a ponytail as she began to move her head onto my cock, still looking me dead in the eye.

My cock isn’t the longest, standing at little over 6 inches long, so Marie took it with ease, gagging as the head hit the back of her throat with her nose brushing my trimmed bush. Her tongue tickled the underside of my cock as she moved outwards, making me shudder with pleasure. I tilted my head back and groaned loudly.

“Quiet!” She exclaimed, glaring up at me with those hypnotic eyes. I used one hand to close the door to muffle as much sound as possible, reminding myself that we weren’t alone. Marie, quickly went back to work.

Marie was speeding up now, taking my cock shallower than before with the occasional deepthroat thrown in while I was struggling to keep quiet or even stand for that matter. She was clearly enjoying this as much as I was, smiling up at me while continuing to send me extreme waves of pleasure. She noticed that I was growing tolerant to her tricks, so she tried something new.

The pace had slowed again because Marie had started to deepthroat me again. This time however, she was closing her mouth as she moved outwards letting my cock slide out through her puckered lips. In reply I began to run my hands through her silky hair in time with her rhythm. We continued this for a while but she couldn’t resist toying with me again.

The tease pulled her mouth completely off of my cock and began to lick the head up and down, like a cat drinks milk, while wrapping both her hands around the shaft and pumping Escort Zonguldak it back and forth. I let out a whimper which immediately told her that she was getting to me. In my vulnerable state, Marie tilted her head upwards, to look at me properly and started pouting.

“Does she do this for you?” Tightening her grip to interrogate me.

“No.” Was all I could manage.

She laughed, loving how in control she was and at the thrill of having our significant others just down the hall from us.

“I don’t do it for Hans either.” The horny housewife giggled.

Before I could say something, Marie plunged in again, going much faster than before, determined to finish me quickly.

She was using every trick in the book this time. Deepthroating me and running her soft tongue along the underside of my shaft as she moved outwards. Marie had moved her hands around from my hips to my backside, where she was scratching down my buttcheeks with her fingernails. Despite all this, we hadn’t broken eye contact, not once. My cock was swelling and my balls were tightening. I knew I couldn’t last much longer and she knew it too, moving faster still.

I tried to formulate words to warn her, but she had broke me so well, all that came out was long gasps and squeals.

Marie pulled her head away from my cock again but kept her hands away from it as well.

“Do you want to cum?” She simply couldn’t resist teasing me one last time.

“Yes!” I whimpered, completely at her mercy.

“Beg.” The smile gone from her face. She may have been the one kneeling but it was clear who was in charge.

“Please Marie,” I gasped “please let me cum.”

Happy with my submission, Marie smiled arrogantly at her victory.

With one final dive, Marie plunged my cock into the entrance of her throat and closed her mouth. The devil then stroked my cock with her tongue inside her mouth and used 1 hand to give my balls a squeeze.

With that, my muscles tightened and I lost my grip on Marie’s hair, letting it fall onto her shoulders. My cock began pulsating and shooting hot ropes of cum down her throat as I kept my eyes locked with hers. Like a goddess, Marie hadn’t even flinched and had stared me down throughout the whole sensation. She removed my cock from her mouth and swallowed all of it. I caught myself on the sink before my legs collapsed, forcing me to look away, breathing heavily, as waves of ecstasy rippled through my being.

Coming back to reality now, I looked back to Marie. She stood up, pushed her hair back using the mirror, smiled at me and without another word she left the bathroom, leaving me naked and exhausted leaning on the sink for support.

Once I’d recovered I took my shower, (I was conveniently already undressed) thinking about what had just happened. I stepped out, dried myself, shaved and got dressed. I checked my phone, and somehow I was still set to leave on time. Before I left though, I put my ear to the bathroom door and listened.

All was quiet.

I opened the door, ready to leave, but there it was, sitting there, looking at me.

The cat. As if it knew what had just happened.

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