Something New Ch. 05

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The next night I get out of shower and enter the bedroom to find my wife naked standing before the bed stroking her new big black cock.

“Let’s see if I can make you cum this time. Get on your knees and suck my cock bitch!”

I walk up to her and take her cock into my hand and go to kiss her but she pushes me back and pushes me down to my knees.

“I said suck not kiss you have to earn that right bitch. Now open that mouth.”

With her cock level with my face I open my mouth as she grabs the back of my head, and presses her big black cock into my waiting mouth. I have one hand around her cock and she removes my hand and I go to wrap both hands around her legs but she grabs both hands and holds them above my head.

“Let’s see how much you like getting your face fuck. I’m going to do everything you do to me. I’m going to treat you like a dirty little whore.”

With my arms helpless above my head and my mouth full of my wife’s cock. I was helpless to stop her fucking my mouth. Like I do to her when she used to give me blowjobs and just like I used to do each time she goes a little deeper and deeper with each thrust. I can feel the head of her dick poking the back of my throat causing me to gag.

“That’s it, choke on my big black cock. Let’s see how much of this cock you can swallow slut.”

Realizing her intention to try and make me swallow her whole dick I try to relax my throat and inhale when she’s bearing down on me. Literally trying to swallow her dick whole. Getting caught up in the coordination I don’t even realize the progress I’m making until she stops and slowly pulls my head deeper and I feel my nose touch her stomach and the fake balls hit my chin.

“Oh my god baby you just deepthroated a dick bigger than your own. You are such a cocksucker.”

She holds my face there and I start to realize I can’t breathe And try to pull back but she just holds my head tighter.

“Oh fuck just a bit longer babe. Hold it right there.. oh fuck that’s it. Don’t struggle. Oh fuck that’s so hot”

In a panic break free and push her hard away pulling her massive black cock out of my throat and I take a deep breath choking and coughing. I’m heaving on the floor.

“I’m sorry babe I just got caught up in the situation. Are you okay? That was just so hot and I’m really impressed.”

I put a thumb up and then a finger indicating I just need a minute. She helps me up to my feet and gets me to the bed but then aggressively pushes me over so I am bent over the bed with my feet on the floor.

“It’s time sweetie, I’m going to fuck you so hard with this big black cock. I want you to beg for it.” As she gives my ass a hard smack. “Beg for my cock up your ass”

“Please baby fuck my ass. Make me your filthy butt slut.” I beg wiggling my ass at her with my head turned to face her as she strokes her big cock with lube.

She steps up behind me and I face front to brace myself. I know I can take it but it’s still really big, much bigger than myself. I feel her slowly but firmly pressing the head of her big cock into me. She’s pressing and pressing and nothing is giving. Until it does. All at once she breaks the seal of my ass and with the momentum she quickly plunged deep into my ass jabing my prostate. My head jerks Beşiktaş escort back in surprise and I feel my wife nearly fall on top of me.

“I’m sorry baby did that hurt? It wasn’t going in. I didn’t expect it to just plunge in. Are you okay?”

I can only nod my head


I feel her kissing my back as she stands up and sensually dragging her hands down my back to my hips giving my ass cheek a firm slap.

“Mmm I love having you bent over in front of me. I feel so powerful being in control. I feel her hand reach around and touch my rock hard erection and she grabs it and gives it a few strokes before returning her hands to my hips and pushing me away before violently pulling me back onto her shaft. Plumbing her big black cock deep inside of me.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard bitch. I’m not stopping until I cum hands free just like you did last night. I don’t care how many times you cum I’m the one in control. You are my bitch. Say it whore. Say you’re my bitch. “

” I’m. Your..ah. Bitch. I’m. Ah. Your. Cock. Sucking. Hmm. Ass. Fucking. Whore. Please. Make. Me. Cum. Like. Your. Anal. Whore. Slut. ” I reply to the beat she sets out with every thrust into me.

“Yes, that’s right. You’re my bitch. I have a bigger cock makes me the one in control. You’re my anal whore. I’m going to make you cum like a girl.”

It felt like we were fucking like this for a long time because I could feel my wife slowing down. getting tired with all the pumping she was giving me. I turned back to face her and asked if she wanted to change positions. She agreed and pulled out of me. I just hung there feeling the emptiness in my ass. I clenched involuntarily feeling my rectum struggle to close all the way. I was well stretched out.

I felt my wife crawl onto the bed and lay on her back and grasp her standing cock at the base and wave it in the air beckoning to sit on it. I smile and crawl up on the bed and then straddle her. I liked this position because I really did feel what she must feel like when she is in this position. I curl back to guide her thick member into my ass.

Once I got the head lodged in, I slowly lowered myself down. but I didn’t get very far before my wife in her impatience bucked up hard into me, causing me to roll my head back and gasp and moan. Keeping her cock balls deep inside of me we lower down my own hard dick resting on her stomach.she grabs my prick and gives it a little squeeze before slowly stroking it.

“ride my cock. But don’t you dare cum yet I have a plan for when you are ready to cum first.”

She said at first that she really expected me to cum more than once, which I have done but it took a lot of work and none of us wanted to reach that point.

I took up my charge and started to grind on my wife’s cock which allowed for her to keep her hand still and while I was fucking myself in the ass I was fucking her hand at the same time.

when she released my dick I looked disappointed and she put her hands on my hips and I could tell she was preparing to buck into me. I raised myself off just a little to provide the room for her and then it happened, hard. I leaned over her and she wrapped her arms around me as she bucked and pumped into me.

“Do you like that? Beşiktaş escort bayan Do you like how deep my cock is inside you? You better not cum.”

That was a hard task because in this position every thrust was hitting my prostate. It really was like she was hitting a g-spot in me. I was panting hard and I was nodding. I couldn’t speak.

“Are you gonna cum baby? Are you gonna cum like a little whore getting her ass fucked?”

I just nodded harder. I could feel the pressure building. I really was going to cum. What helped was that my dick was trapped between us and it was getting stroked from the friction, but then she stopped suddenly. Not to be deterred I tried taking over trying to finish but she pushed me off of her. I fell onto my side and my wife got up so fast and grabbed something off the counter and positioned it on the wall. Then she rolled me onto my back, positioning my face just under the other big black dildo she stuck to the wall. I looked up at her and she was raising my legs up into the air and putting a pillow under my back. I was now inverted with my legs in the air and the dick on the wall poking my chin. It was as big as the one in my ass and this came all the way from the top of my head to my chin.

“Im going to fuck you until you cum. I want you to suck on that cock while I do it. Deepthroat that cock like you deepthroated me. A fucking whore like you should be able to handle 2 big black cocks at once.”

With a single push my wife shoved her cock inside of me and I took the other cock into my mouth. With every thrust from my wife it was driving the other cock into my throat. I was getting fucked from both ends and I could feel that pressure building up again.

“That’s it slut take that cock. I want you to cum from taking all this dick. You are such a whore.”

I was moaning so much it was obvious I was about to cum. My wife, recognizing the situation, raised my legs up higher over my head. Now she was piledriving me even harder. I could barely hold the other dick into my mouth from this angle but I was focused on my building orgasm. Just as I felt the point of no return, I realized my wife’s plan.

My own dick was pointing right at my face. Before I could do anything else I shot my first load and like an on controlled hose it just kept spraying. Shot after shot after shot, load after load hitting my face covering my lips and cheeks and nose in strings of cum. As my orgasm abated my wife grabbed my dick and stroked it fast and hard making a few more loads of cum drip out onto my face. My face was glazed with white stringy jizz.

She lowered my legs down and let me catch my breath, which was easier with my body not curled in on itself. I just laid there panting taking in the situation I was in. I don’t know how I felt about this. I didn’t hate it like I thought I should. Then I felt my wife lay on top of me.

“That was such a hot baby. Are you okay? I didn’t know how you might take that. It was so hot I nearly came myself.”

She apparently likes it so I guess I liked it too.

“I’m fine actually. That was intense. I wasn’t expecting that or that much.”

“Oh good I’m glad…but there is one problem.” she said as she raised herself up. “The deal was we weren’t Escort beşiktaş going to stop until I came and I didnt so…” and at that she rolled me over and brought my hips up and tried to push into me again.

Not expecting my hole to be as tight as it was from orgasming. “oh baby you are so tight I can barely get it back in….oh there it goes. You’re ass was made for getting fucked.”

She grabbed my head and pointed it up to the cock on the wall and I got the idea. She wanted to spit roast me. So I opened my mouth and took it back into my throat with every thrust into the wall.

“Oh god, that’s so hot! You look so hot sucking that dick with your face covered in cum like a whore. Is that what you are? A cum covered whore?”

She leans over me and pulls my head back enough to look at her and whisper in my ear but not enough to dislodge the dick in my mouth.

“Imagine this for real. You getting fucked in the ass while you suck a real cock with another mans cum plastering your face. Oh fuck that would be so hot. Would you like that baby? Would you let me film you getting fucked from both ends by two big black cocks like a sissy faggot? Oh fuck thats it! Oh tell me you want to be my sissy faggot. I’m going to cum!”

Willing to just play along, I tell her what she wants to hear.

“Yes baby! I want to be your sissy faggot. I want to get fucked for real. I want you to pimp me out.”

“You wanna get gangbanged by black guys? Faggot! Oh fuck! Yes, just like that!”

My wife is now hammering away at my ass. I have cum running into my eyes and into my mouth and I’m choking on a hard dildo. But I can tell she is about to cum and to my surprise I think I am too. So I keep going.

“Yes baby, Fuck my ass. Prepare my ass for the real thing. Make me your bitch. Im a dirty little slut and I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“…And you want to be fucked by black men…”

“Yes baby, I want black men to run a train on me. I want to be gangbanged like the sissy white faggot I am. Fuck me baby! Harder! Harder! I’m cumming.”

My wife doesn’t stop her abuse of my ass as I orgasm but this time I’m not squirting. I can feel it just spilling out of my slapping semi hard penis. Then my wife stiffens and holds me tight and I realize as my ass is squeezing her big black rubber cock that she is cumming too. We hold there for what seems like a long time panting and moaning and spasming. Then we both collapse in a mess on the bed. I fell right into the pool of my own cum but I have it on my face so what does it matter now?

Once we finally catch our breathes I roll over to my wife clearly in ecstasy and I ask her, “do you really want to watch me get fucked by a man?”

I hear her catch her breath and obviously trying to think of the right thing to say. she does, why else would she hesitate?

“I mean I thought it would be hot but I hadn’t really thought of it. I mean, would you be open to that?”

“Uh, I dont know, Im not gay. Just because I, apparently, like it when you fuck me doesn’t make me gay. but…”


“I mean maybe if you were into it but I don’t know.”

“We don’t have to talk about it. It’s not a big deal. I just got caught up in the moment. Being so dominant.”

“Oh, okay yeah I get that”

We just lay there in silence for a bit when her phone rings. Grumbling, she rolls over and sighs.

“It’s my sister…hey sis, what’s up? no you’re not interrupting anything. what? Yeah we have a guest room why? You need a place to stay? For how long?……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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