Sometimes, Auto Repairs Can Be Fun!

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The a/c on my vehicle was blowing tepid air. So, I had no choice but to call the local auto repair shop for an appointment to have the work done. I arrived at the shop on the designated day and walked into the waiting room. I was the only one there. I peeked over the counter but could only see a portion of the office as the rest was blocked by a room divider. So I waited.

After a few minutes I heard the laughter of a woman’s voice from somewhere on the other side of the divider and approaching footsteps. I looked up as the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen came around the divider, looked at me, smiled and said “may I help you?” I was stunned by her looks. She was about 5’7″, 125lbs., blonde, curly, shoulder length hair and the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen. She was wearing a long, flowing short sleeved summer dress that accentuated what appeared to be perky breasts. She was definitely a head turner.

I returned a smile and told her I’d made an appointment to have my a/c repaired. She asked my name and looked it up and said that it would take most of the day for the work to be completed and I would be welcome to wait there or she could get one of the mechanics to give me a ride home. I opted for the ride.

She excused herself and left to get one the mechanics. A few minutes later she returned and said all the mechanics were too busy to leave and that she would be happy to drive me but I’d have to wait a few minutes. altyazılı porno I replied that would be fine. I sat down and began to read one of the newspapers that lay on the seat I occupied. I pretended to read the paper while I surreptitiously watched the beautiful woman. We made small talk while she worked and it soon became apparent that we were both attracted to each other. There was lots of mild flirting and jovial conversation. I learned that she was the owner, along with her husband who worked in the shop. Her name was June. The more we talked the more aroused I became, just being near her was enough to excite me.

After about 15 minutes she said she was ready. I followed her through the office and into the shop. As I walked behind her I could see her lovely round ass through the dress she wore. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. My cock pointed in her direction like some kind of sexual divining rod. We climbed into her station wagon and drove off. As she drove she looked at me and said, “You seem to have a problem.” “What do you mean?” I replied. She reached over to my crotch and grabbed my still hard cock and said, “there seems to be something going on in your pants.” Shocked that she was so bold I said that she was the cause of my problem. She laughed and continued to stroke my engorged cock.

I could feel the pre-cum soaking my underwear as she pumped my dick through my pants. I was in heaven. I reached over zenci porno and slid her dress up over her knees and rubbed her gorgeous leg on the inside of her thigh. We were rapidly nearing my house and a few seconds later she pulled into my driveway. She asked if anyone was home. “No”, I replied and invited her in. She readily agreed. I opened the door and proceeded to my home office which is at the back of the house. I entered the room, turned and looked at her.

She asked if I had ever seen a shaved pussy. “No”, I said. She proceed to lift her skirt revealing her long, perfectly shaped legs. She reached over to my shoulder to steady herself while she removed her pink panties. She handed them to me in my left hand and took my right hand and placed it on her dripping wet pussy. The blood was pounding in my ears and my cock was straining against my jeans. I cupped her wet pussy and inserted two fingers into her as she threw her head back and let out a long, low moan. I rubbed her clit as I slid my fingers in and out of her.

She began to hump my hand as she smiled at me. I dropped to my knees, threw her skirt over my head, grabbed each of her ass cheeks and drove my tongue into her. She tasted sweet. Her pussy juices ran down my chin as I ran my tongue over her clit and into the finest pussy I’d ever eaten.

She held the back of my head and pushed my face into her moaning, “yesss, yesss that aldatma porno feels sooo good. I nibbled her clit with my lips as as she humped my face with more frantic moves, I could tell she was about to cum. I spread her ass cheeks farther apart and inserted one finger into her anus as I licked for all I was worth. She came in a torrent of juices that ran down my face and chin and actually dripped from my beard. She was shouting now, “Ohhh, ohhh fuck my pussy with your tongue, yess, yesssss! When she was done I stood up and pulled her to me and we kissed. A long, deep, probing kiss.

She reached for my belt and unbuckled it, unzipped my jeans, pulled them down along with my shorts. She fell to her knees and wrapped those beautiful, full lips around my now dancing cock and took the whole thing in her mouth. She proceeded to lick, suck, pump her face on my throbbing wet cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long. She ran her tongue on the underside of my cock up to the tip and inserted her tongue in the slit at the end of my pulsing dick. Then she engulfed it once more and began to hum while she stroked my balls. That was it. I exploded in her mouth.

More cum than I’d ever produced rained down her throat as she swallowed every drop. My breathing was rapid. My heart was pounding. I was completely satiated. When I was finished cumming she licked my dick clean and stood. We kissed once again. Longer than the last one as we mashed our bodies together. She said she had to get back to work or she’d be missed. I thanked her and she thanked me and said she would be completely relaxed for the rest of the day. I walked her to the door and she left. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to pick my car up later that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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