Somewhere in the Badlands

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“A gift for my beautiful, bisexual fiancé Cici, a story devoted to her dark and magnificent desires.”


“I don’t understand Officer, what’s the problem?”

Cici shifted nervously. It didn’t help that the cop was so hot. A little taller than herself, the officer’s tan outfit clung to her lithe frame and small, perfectly formed breasts. The shock of platinum blonde hair on her head left a few strands dangling across her defined, 20-something face, her eyes hidden behind her mirrored sunglasses.

The longer Cici looked at her, the more she could feel the little bag hidden deep within her moistening pussy. Cici bit her bottom lip and tried to look innocent. It was becoming difficult.

“I’ll ask the questions.” whispered the cop, taking a few steps forward. Cici backed down only to gasp as her miniskirt clad cheeks bumped into the squad car behind her. The cop pulled down the aviators a little, her blue eyes devouring the squirming woman before her. “Turn around. Put your hands on the vehicle.”

Cici nodded and turned, hoping there was still some way out of this. 25 years old and she’d never once had any trouble with the authorities, at least, not back in England. The idea of being arrested in the US was hardly any more appealing, even if her captor was this delicious to look upon. Her mind flashed through desperate ideas as her hands pressed against the sun baked metal of the car. Maybe she could ditch the stash before it was discovered.

She heard the crunch of boots on gravel. Cici’s heart was pounding. She jumped as a pair of slender hands gripped her firmly by the waist. They slid gently up the fabric of her tanktop, following the contours of her small waist and up to her large firm breasts. The fingers drifted over Cici’s boobs, brushing her sensitive nipples that swelled in delight. Cici realised she could hear her own breathing as the policewoman’s investigative hands began to sink lower, caressing her thighs and calves. Her knees began to tremble as her tight round cheeks were squeezed and fondled. She felt a soft pressure against her back as the cop leaned in to wrap her hands around Cici’s waist and begin exploring Cici’s crotch. Pressed up against her, Cici couldn’t help swaying a little as she felt the blonde’s breath on her neck and her fingernails gently scraping against the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. They travelled higher and higher, Cici shaking as they inched ever closer to her panties.

Suddenly, the cop drew back her hands. Cici gasped as the tension altyazılı porno broke. “Lean yourself over the bonnet.” Said the voice behind her.

“Y, yes officer. Is, Is something the matter?” Cici leaned over as she spoke, her breasts pressing down against the bonnet. She could feel the warmth through her top. Her pierced nipple cried out for attention as the heat conducted sensuously onto it.

“We’re going to find out.” Replied the slim blonde. She snapped a latex glove onto her hand and withdrew a small bottle of lube from her belt. Cici listened, the sound of the slippery liquid slapping against latex amplified in the still silence of the deserted highway.

The cop approached, a grin on her wet lips. She raised Cici’s skirt over her hips, exposing her cute round bottom. Cici blushed; the damp patch on her mound was obvious. The sexy officer slid her fingers into the bands of the red cotton panties presented before her, grinning as she wriggled them over Cici’s perfect cheeks and letting them drop to her ankles.

Cici let the slightest moan escape her full cherry lips as her wet pussy was exposed to the beautiful figure standing. The wet folds of her snatch glistened in the hot dry air. The cop slid a slender finger across her slippery cunt, massaging her clit with each stroke. Cici groaned as pleasure crackled through her pelvis.

“Please, y, you can’t do this…” The officer grabbed Cici’s short hair, tufts of dyed red and black gripped tightly in her clenched fist. She leaned in close, her other hand still teasing Cici’s engorged clitoris. She whispered into Cici’s ear, her voice steaming with desire:

“I can do whatever I want”.

Cici let another wanton moan leave her lips. The cop released Cici’s head and plunged her fingers into the girl’s pussy. Cici gasped as her wet snatch sucked at the long fingers invading her. The officer stroked at the tight walls, her fingers constantly tickling the edges of the baggy and driving her victim wild with pleasure.

“Well, well, well… what’s this?”

Cici knew it was over. There was no escape now. But she didn’t care. She simply lay there, her hips wriggling in time with the thrusting fingers. She groaned in longing as they drew out of her. The cop knelt down beside her. “Looks like I’m going to have to go a little deeper…” the blonde’s words danced in Cici’s excited mind. The policewoman began to sensuously insert her whole hand into the dripping pussy, the lubricated latex sliding apart the hungry walls gripping zenci porno at her fist as she drove inwards. Cici squealed with delight and began to shake as a massive orgasm washed over her body. The cop twisted her arm gently, allowing her thumb to pop inside Cici and forcing another moan of delight. Cici’s big green eyes rolled as she came long and hard. Her senses exploded in waves of bliss as she lay helpless on the bonnet of the squad car, the hand of this sexy blonde cop wrist deep in her voracious cunt.

“oh fuck, oh fuck yes!” Cici cried out as the cop’s hand balled into a fist inside her pussy, her wrist pumping in and out. The officer looked down at the girl and smiled. Slowly, she began to withdraw her fingers. Cici came one final time as the gloved fist popped from her snatch. She lay there for a few moments, panting and savouring the afterglow of the hard fisting. Her eyes suddenly widened as realisation dawned on her.

The cop unfurled her latex and pussy slick hand and looked at the little bagged pill in her palm. Perfect.

Cici felt the cold metal of handcuffs snap across her wrists as the cop pulled her hands together at the small of her back. The officer flipped the bondaged girl round and dangled the little baggie before Cici’s eyes. “P, please. Please don’t take me to jail. I’ll do anything, anything you want. Please, I’ve never been in trouble before.”

The cop caressed the face of the sexy, pleading girl beneath her. She straddled the legs dangling over the side of her car and looked Cici in the eye. “I could haul you straight into cell for this. Why should I let you go?”

Cici looked up at the blonde with her big, green eyes. The cop’s hand began gently caressing and exploring her large breasts. “Please, I’m a good girl. Please let me go, I’ll do anything for you!”

“You don’t look like a good girl to me” came the reply, as the officer slid down the top of Cici’s tanktop and gently freed her breasts from the cups of her bra. The big, firm boobs jiggled gently with Cici’s ragged breaths. “You look like a dirty slut to me.”

Cici moaned as the blonde’s fingers began to pull and tease at her nipples. “I’ll do anything”

The officer tugged open her khaki shirt, exposing her athletic body and naked breasts. “Yes, yes you will”. She clambered onto the bonnet to fully straddle the bound girl. She embraced Cici, their wet lips meeting, their naked breasts pushing against each other. The cop’s tongue slid gently into Cici’s mouth as they aldatma porno tasted each other. Her fingers ran through the beautiful girl’s short hair as she writhed against her perfect skin and curvy frame. Cici lay back, letting the woman enjoy her body. Time slowed as she experienced endless pleasure at the lips and tongue of the blonde, whose hard nipples constantly rubbed against Cici’s own and created constant sensations of pleasure that danced across her nerves.

After an eternity of bliss the cop leant back, tiny strands of saliva still connecting their lips. Suddenly she slipped something into Cici’s mouth. Cici gulped. “You’re lucky you’re hot” spoke the lithe figure straddling her. “Here’s what I want.” The cop stood up from the girl beneath her and pulled her from the bonnet by her waistband.

Cici hit the dirt, her knees stinging. She placed her back against the side of the car and looked up at the officer. She was hurriedly removing her heavy belt. Cici sighed with anticipation, hoping for what was about to occur. The blonde dropped her trousers and panties, exposing her neatly shaven mound. She strode up to the kneeling figure before her and gripped Cici by the hair once more. She quickly placed a boot either side of her toy, hungrily pulling her towards her snatch. The cop’s pussy was soaking from the delicious domination and pleasuring of this sexy, dirty little perp. Cici responded obediently, immediately kissing and licking the wet folds presented to her. She tasted the cop’s sublime juices as she lapped hungrily at her slick cunt. The cop moaned and began to grind her crotch against the ecstasy of Cici’s tongue.

“Oh fuck, yeah lick it you hot little bitch.” She snarled as she held the handcuffed girl’s hair tight and rode her mouth. Cici couldn’t get enough, submitting herself to the hot dominatrix and lapping up the amazing pussy forced into her face. The cop began to pant faster and faster, holding Cici’s head ever tighter against her slippery hole. Suddenly her body rocked violently, She cried out, her pussy gushing sweet, wet fluid into Cici’s wanton mouth. Cici gulped down the cop’s pussy juice, lapping at the woman’s clit and letting the orgasm ride out against her lips. Soon, her rocking hips began to slow and she staggered back from Cici, placed her butt on the bonnet of the car and leant back in bliss, letting the blast of endorphins glow like embers.

“Mmmm… I’m starting to wonder if I should drag your hot ass to jail after all…”

Cici knelt in the dirt, her back resting on the warm metal of the car. Her face was splattered with pussy but her pussy throbbed for more. She felt her pulse begin to quicken and a soaring sense of sheer elation.

“Maybe you should. In fact, you definitely should. I am a very, very bad girl…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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