Sophie’s Valentine

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It was the evening of Valentine’s Day and all his friends were out on dates while Jimmy babysat for his neighbor. It wasn’t as if he had nothing else to do. In fact, he had even turned away a few offers for this evening. Although not the college star quarterback, Jimmy was tall, well built, good-looking and smart. He was popular with the opposite sex but he had a soft spot for Sophie, the single-mother who lived a few apartments away.

Ever since he was old enough to have an erection, Jimmy had had a crush on Sophie. While most of his friends fantasized about big-busted blondes, Jimmy fell in love with the slim and leggy brunette. Sophie wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but she had natural down-to-earth beauty that made his knees go weak every time he saw her.

And ever since he discovered masturbation, Jimmy had been dreaming of Sophie’s lithe figure and beautiful tan skin. Her face was slightly gaunt, highlighted by her high cheekbones and expressive eyebrows above warm brown eyes. She had soft, brown, shoulder-length hair, dimpled cheeks and pink lips set upon a feminine jaw. Her broad and bony shoulders simply invited caresses and he often fantasized about massaging and kissing them. Admittedly, her breasts were small but he was never much a breast-man. Where she lacked in mammary glands, she made up for it in legs. Sophie had long, athletic legs; the kind Jimmy wanted to run his tongue from toe to thigh or wherever, if ever, she would permit it. Given the choice, though, Jimmy would choose to work his tongue on Sophie’s delicious lips. Her mouth would seem a little too large at first glance but she gave the sexiest smiles and the naughtiest winks.

Too bad Sophie seldom smiled nowadays, at least not the real ones anyways. She gave mostly tired, polite ones when she met her neighbors. At 33 and a divorced mom, she spent most of her time working or doting on her daughter. She hardly had time to herself. Sophie had not dated much since her husband left three years ago. There weren’t many men who were interested in a divorced woman with extra luggage but she did receive her fair share of attention. Jimmy watched as Sophie passed up on each one and each time he silently cheered.

So when Sophie asked if he’d mind baby-sitting while she went out, he almost died inside. He had agreed, hiding his disappointment well. He was one of the few people Sophie trusted to look after her kid in her absence. Of course he had agreed, even though he had to cancel his date a whole week in advance. Sophie did not even realize that she had asked him to baby-sit on Valentine’s Day.


Jimmy looked up at the wall clock above the TV that he zapped mindlessly. It was almost nine-thirty, his ward was fast asleep and there was nothing good on. He was dozing off himself when he heard the click of the lock and the door opening. A dejected Sophie tiptoed softly into the living room.

She wore a simple, single-piece, magenta evening dress that showed off her bare shoulders with matching open-toed shoes that emphasized her long legs. On her neck, she wore a simple choker that matched the color of her dress. She gave him a tired smile when he got up to greet her.

“Hey there, hot mama,” Jimmy whispered as he switched off the TV.

Sophie gave him a little wave in greeting as she slipped off her shoes. She tiptoed barefoot over to Jimmy, keeping her voice low.

“Thanks for babysitting, Jimmy. I didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you had better things to do.” She squeezed his hand in thanks.

“Don’t mention it. I read her a fairy tale and she fell asleep almost immediately.”

Sophie looked over at the direction of her daughter’s bedroom. The door remained closed. “Guess I shouldn’t disturb her then.”

How did your date go? I didn’t expect you back until waaaay after midnight,” Jimmy quickly changed the subject.

She let out a sigh. “Nah, he wasn’t Prince Charming so I gave him the adana escort boot instead of a glass slipper.”

Jimmy gave a little laugh as Sophie collapsed onto the sofa. She patted the seat beside her, indicating to Jimmy that he could join her. He was ever ready to spend time with her even though he had not even the smallest hope getting anywhere with her.

“What were you watching?” she asked as if making polite conversation.

“There’s nothing on. They’re putting out all sorts of mushy, lovey-dovey films this evening; it just gets the non-involved people like me depressed.” He regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth, mentally berating himself, as he realized Sophie was even less involved than he was.

They sat together in silence, each lost within their thoughts. Jimmy found himself studying Sophie, etching every detail of her being into his brain. At first, he sat watching the curve of her lips. Eventually his eyes wandered the length of her legs to the breadth of her chest. He took in the way her hair felt to one side, exposing a most enticing neck. His eyes played across her bare shoulders, noting the vein in her arm, accentuating both femininity and strength. It was the first time he was so close to the object of his desires and he was registering every nanosecond for replay later.


Sophie noticed Jimmy’s gaze roaming her body. Ordinarily, she should have been angry but she found herself actually quite flattered. Her date that evening turned out to be yet another pig out to get between her legs. Yet here was Jimmy looking at her with something more than just plain lust in his eyes. There was something else there, a dreamy kind of look. A strapping young man paying this kind of attention to her was outrageously flattering! She started to see Jimmy in new light – not the nice kid next-door but a handsome stud with broad shoulders and an inviting smile.

Her mind struggled to deal with the situation. This horny eighteen-year old was stirring up all kinds of weird emotions inside her. Jimmy was the boy-next-door who was always ready to lend a helping hand. She was contemplating something quite beyond neighborly love.

Sophie tried to dismiss the incident as an example of raging hormones – his as well as her own. At his age, Jimmy would probably screw anything in a skirt although deep down she knew he wasn’t like that. She wondered what it would be like to be in his strong arms, to feel his lips on hers… Sophie felt a warm glow between her legs. She snuck a look down at Jimmy’s crotch and sure enough, there was a bulge in his pants. Question was, what should she do about it?


Meanwhile, Jimmy remained oblivious to the conflict raging within Sophie’s head. He sat transfixed by the soft, pale mounds of her breasts and between them, the valley of many-hidden-delights. He was aware of his own growing erection but he was pretty sure it wasn’t noticeable under his baggy pants.

“You like what you see?”

Jimmy snapped out of his trance and looked wild-eyed at Sophie. What did she say?

Sophie was looking directly at him. Jimmy realized too late that he’d been caught while checking her out. He was going to die of shame. Yet she gave him a kind of smirk, a cross between admonishment and consent.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean… but of course I did… no disrespect meant..,” he stuttered.

She flashed him a smile that told him that everything was okay. “Relax, I’m used to it. I just didn’t expect to get this from you.”

Jimmy looked sheepish. “I really feel bad about this…”

“Don’t. You’re a good kid and you’re growing up. It’s a natural thing, you know, hormones and all that.”

“Yeah, hormones.” Jimmy sounded so downcast that Sophie had to stop herself from reaching across and wrapping her arms around him. Wait a minute, she thought to herself, did she want to mother him or sleep with ankara escort him? At that precise moment, she made up her mind what she wanted of Jimmy.

“Hey, it’s okay,” she repeated with a soft smile. “In fact, I’m giving you express permission to look.”

She leaned forward and turned her head provocatively aside so he could see right down the front of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath that dress. Jimmy saw what she had intended him to see and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He swallowed audibly.

“Maybe this will give you a better view…” she leaned closer. “Better?”

“Yeah… much better!” Jimmy seemed to have gotten over his initial embarrassment. He stood up and looked her seriously.

“Before we go any further, I want you to know that I’ve always admired and respected you and whatever happens today, I’ll take full responsibility of my actions.”

Sophie suppressed a laugh. “Silly boy,” she said as she held his hand, “I don’t need a man right now. I just need a lover.”

“Now shut up and kiss me!” She threw her arms around him. Their lips met in a tentative kiss, as if feeling out each other; then a second, this one just as tender yet more daring; then a third – lip-crushing, teeth-gnashing kiss – their tongues probing deep into the other.


Sophie was the first to break off their embrace. It left her breathless but wanting more. She climbed on top of him, hiking her dress up a little higher as she straddled him. This exposed a lot of leg and a hint of underwear. She put Jimmy’s big, warm hands on her waist then left them there to run her hands through his hair while engaging him in another passionate kiss.


Jimmy’s hands took on a life of their own. They felt round to her back and then slid down the curve of her butt. When they reached the hem, he slid them under the material and proceeded to hike up her dress. This exposed more thigh and he waited awhile for a signal from her. When she nodded her consent, he lifted her dress higher still. Now he could see her G-string and her shaven bikini line. He continued to hike up her dress, past her slim waist and tan, smooth abs. His fingertips brushed against the silky smoothness of her skin as his eyes following the ascent of her dress. It was electrifying.

Jimmy lifted Sophie’s dress all the way up to reveal her small, pert breasts. Her dark nipples were erect, standing out prominently from her lighter-brown areola. Jimmy slowly lifted the dress above and over her shoulders then dropped it behind her. He traced a finger from her shoulder along her collarbone, down into the valley between her breasts and slowly circled her left nipple. He was extra careful not to touch it, knowing well the expectancy this would build.


Sophie closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation if being touched. Jimmy was good with his hands. They felt warm and strong, yet delicate and tender. She was becoming so excited she almost cheered when he cupped her breast and bent over to take her teat into his mouth. He tongued her nipple, stroked from the sides and licked it across his tongue. Sophie could feel each movement vividly as it sent waves of pleasure through her. The waves broke against the shore of her restraint when he took the nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gently twisted it. She gasped with pleasure and surprise.

She could feel herself becoming wet. She broke away from his attentions and proceeded to take the situation in hand. She pushed herself off him and knelt down between his legs. Jimmy sat back to watch as she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and yanked them down. She left them crumpled around his ankles. Jimmy’s erection stood stiff from under his briefs. She took a few moments to run her hands along his muscular legs and thighs but her intentions soon turned towards his crotch. She massaged the stiffening tent-pole. antalya escort Jimmy moaned as he felt her hands on him.

Sophie pulled off Jimmy’s briefs and admired his stiff erection. She winked at him as she put her face ever so close to his organ but never quite touching it.

“Don’t play with me like that,” he pleaded. He was as hard as he would ever get and damn near to bursting. Sophie ran her finger up the underside of his shaft before enveloping her hand around his cock and pulling down the foreskin. Jimmy shuddered from the pleasure. She then gently massaged his balls while keeping his foreskin held down.

She ran her tongue up the side of his shaft. When she reached the engorged head, she circled it with her tongue and then slowly, ever so slowly, took his entire length into her mouth. Jimmy had never been so turned on watching someone, especially himself, get blown.

Sophie stopped abruptly and got off the floor. She held Jimmy’s gaze as she pulled off her panties and threw them aside. His eyes drank in every inch of her long, slim legs. Now she was wearing only the choker around her neck. She gave him a good look at her shaved pussy before she climbed on top of him again.


Jimmy’s eyes never left hers as she guided his cock into her. His hands went automatically to her breasts, fondling them to his heart’s content. When she lowered herself onto him, he kissed those lips he had dreamt of for so long. He entered her easily. She was already so slick he practically slid into her. Slowly, she began a slow rhythmic pace. Up and down, in and out. Each time she lowered herself, his cock penetrate ever deeper. Her pussy was tight and he could feel her from all sides.


Gradually, Sophie took Jimmy’s entire length into her. Her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, sticking her hair close to her skin. She had been in a position of control but now she was losing it. Something else, something basic was taking over. As she rubbed her clit along the length of his dick, she felt a familiar yet long-forgotten feeling begin to swell up from inside her. As the feeling grew, she picked up the pace, moving faster, thrusting deeper, harder.


Jimmy could only watch, helpless except to enjoy the moment. Even though Sophie was still looking into his eyes, she was in another world now. He did not mind, he found it hard to focus as well. He kept his hands on her breasts, massaging and pinching her nipples, stroking them to increase her pleasure. He liked touching her and watching her. He felt like he could go on forever but soon, a familiar pressure began to grow. He let out a low moan.


Sophie heard Jimmy moan. As if on cue, this brought on her orgasm. It grew from deep within her body and began to spread outwards. Her lips formed an ‘O’ and her orgasm began to grow. Her moans grew louder as pleasure washed over her in waves, emanating throughout every pore of her skin. Her vision became a blur of dancing colors.


Jimmy tried to hold on for as long as he could but to no avail. When he heard Sophie cry out, he gave in to the gigantic pressure growing in his cock. There was a moment where he felt he was about to burst and then release! He ejaculated into her and it felt like he was pouring out his essence, his soul. Each spurt felt like a little death but what a death. At that moment, he even forgot to breathe.


They held each other in silence, panting softly from their exertions. Then Sophie stirred and gave him a little kiss on the lips.

“This is the best Valentine’s I’ve had in quite a while,” she smiled at him. Her smile still had a look of fatigue to it but there was happiness there as well. Strands of hair stuck to her face and her body glistened with sweat. Jimmy thought she looked more beautiful now than he had ever seen her before.

“… and if I had my way, it won’t be the last,” he added.

She held his gaze for a moment then gave him one of her famous naughty winks. “We’ll see… but in the meantime, why don’t we just enjoy tonight?”

Sophie got up, took his hand and led him towards her bedroom. Jimmy kicked away his pants that had gathered around his ankles and followed her naked figure into the dark.

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