Sorted at the Funhouse Ch. 02

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This story can stand alone but will be much more enjoyable if you have read the first part; “Sorted out at the Fun House” found at my Authors site (dodge1191) on Litererotica.


I think anyone interested in reading this story realizes that I would return many times to the Fun House. It was just so erotic. About two or three times a week I would go there, stand in the cocksucker’s line and service cock. It was great to pretty much always have the taste of cum in your mouth or at least in your thoughts.

On that fateful day I had just entered when one of the staff approached me at the lockers. “Mr. Smith, the boss wants to see you.”

I was horny as hell but went with him through the front door and down another hallway; I did notice that the “cock” line was filling up. We went into what looked like a reception room and I just followed him into a very large plush office that looked like a partner’s suite in a major law office. The rug was thick and the same maroon color as the drapes. One wall was completely filled with walnut book cases and there was a black leather couch and chair in front of a huge wooden desk.

The man who I assumed was the “boss” came out from behind the desk and shook my hand while dismissing his employee with a wave of the hand as he sat on the leather chair opposite me.

He began talking as soon as I had sat down. “My name is Mark and I’m glad to see you Mr. Smith; I had your membership flagged so I could get you here to talk. I can guess that you might be a bit confused about all this but let me assure you it’ll all work out to both our advantage. What happened to trigger your being here is that you dropped one of your business cards on your last visit; I see you’re a Business Planning and Development expert besides being my customer and I’m in need of some Planning and development here.”

“I’m a businessman who purchased this place from an estate a couple of years ago. I initially only wanted this big warehouse but was pleasantly surprised at the cash flow of the existing sex club located in it. After going through the “Cock” line a few times myself I realized just what a great business this could be. There’s real money in connecting straight guys with cocksuckers. That being said this business only fills a small part of this building and I’m interested in building the business, increasing the revenue,” He said.

Even though I was very horny I was fascinated by his analysis as he continued. “I’m straight and while I very much enjoy a cocksucker mouthing my prick, I just can’t get my head around what you guys want and why you want it. I do understand that the key to this business is to always have a cocksucker available for a straight guys cock, that way no customer is disappointed. You’re the perfect consultant; you suck cock yourself and have a great business background. What I want to do is grow the business on this site so I can utilize more of the space and generate a greater income. I’m prepared to offer you a 15% piece of the business at the end of a ninety day probation period; for the probation I’ll pay you the fee listed on your website, $2000 a week plus expenses. Are you in,” he asked?

“Yeah, I’m in, it sounds like fun,” I answered a little too quickly.

“Now that were partners let’s get right on a first name basis, I’m Mark and I know you’re John, lets shake on it eh.”

We shook hands and he lightly squeezed my hand with a big smile. I took this time to access my new partner, about forty, average height, thin brown hair and a little paunch.

He was still tightly holding my hand as he talked. “We can really seal our little bargain with a blow job, John. It’ll save both of us some time. You were in the cocksucker’s line anyway.”

Mark dropped his pants and sat down in his big “boss” chair spreading his legs nice and wide. I knew you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but I had been thinking about cock all day. I slipped onto my knees and shuffled forward to his crotch. My mind wasn’t on business as I sucked his cockhead into my mouth running the tip of my tongue into his piss-slit before beginning a slow, intense suck.

His cock was average at a little over five inches and a big head; it fit nicely into my mouth without that wonderful, erotic worry of choking on a huge cock; Mark’s was simply comfortable. After about five minutes of sucking him off I felt the familiar throbbing of the big cock vein as he tensed up, ready to cum. He sighed and began spurting warm, sticky cum into my mouth. The salty, sticky issue tasted great, our deal was now sealed for sure.


I got right into my new task the next day. I was familiar with the “fun House” and only had to sit quietly stroking my cock as I considered the improvements that might entice more cocksucker business. As always when running ideas in my head I had a pad to jot down them down. —Enhanced water sports and toilet room. —An görükle escort upscale blow job fantasy room. —Have a cocksucker rating system with a written skill list that the clients could peruse before picking out a cocksucker. —A full service man’s spa where your cocksucker could wash, pamper and service you has a cockslave. —A set of suites where a guy could bring his wife or girlfriend and fuck. A cocksucker would be there to keep the cock hard and lick his cum out of her cunt. —A “cocksucker academy” where the sub guys could hone their skill-set with properly assertive trainer / coaches.

Now that I had an outline I could think it through and present it to Mark as a series of stand-alone business plans before building cash flow numbers for each “small business unit.” ————————————————————————-

The “Enhanced Water sport and toilet room” PLAN:

I handed the rough, typewritten business plan to Mark. This room would build on what we already have with the full-face urinals. Right now the cocksuckers wait in the room with their face in the urinal. I propose that we add toilet boxes where a cocksucker could lie down under a toilet seat to simply rim and lick a man’s asshole.

Yet another change I would there make is to let the men pick out their cocksucker for the toilet room. I kinda visualize a little lineup of ass lickers and piss boys where a guy could interview them before they serviced him.

He would be encouraged to look closely at the cocksuckers tongue length and ask questions about how his prospective cocksucker would swallow his piss. It might work to have the cocksucker kneel behind the man and gently spread his cheeks to run his tongue up and down his ass crack. This audition would be a demonstration of his boy’s skill before being picked to lie in the rim seat.

The same thing would hold for the piss suckers, an interview where they would have to admit that they wanted to have a man piss in their mouth would have both parties hotter than hell. The cocksucker would revel in the humiliation of admitting what an ass or piss slut he was while the “cock” would feel completely in control of “his” cocksucker and how he wanted to be serviced.

It would be an immediate hit with both groups. Very few things are more exciting and humiliating than having to talk about your fantasies, actually verbalize what perverted thoughts float through your mind on a regular basis. Inner secrets are powerfully erotic.

“I tell you Mark, we’ll have customers returning as much for the humiliation as for what used to be their secret sex thoughts.”


“An upscale blow job fantasy room:” “Here’s the rough outline of this plan Mark, sorry about the typos but it’s only an “idea” outline at this point.”

Our blow job room is wildly popular with the men (cocks) and the cocksuckers. My plan would build on this and offer an enhancement to what we have. If a guy is getting an exemplary blow job he can offer his suck-boy a chit which allows the boy into a special room for a nice, slow suckoff in comfort. Of course the chit will be only available at an additional cost to the man.

Inside of this room there would be nice, comfy chairs with padded areas right in front of them. Of course the cocksucker would already be naked and there would be lockers for the man’s clothes. It would be customary for the cocksucker to perform the ritual undressing of his man. Just picture in your mind when the cocksucker finds himself kneeling before his man and finally gets to take off his man’s undershorts and socks. The lights would be dim but the cocksucker would be aware of his man watching him.

There would be a recording playing on the loudspeakers over and over on a loop; a deep, sexy voice repeating over and over the same message.

“You’re a cocksucker. You live to service the pricks of men needing to be serviced. As you slowly strip your man take a good look at his hairy balls, they will soon be spewing cum into your mouth. Look at his piss slit and think about running the tip of your tongue through it. This cock will soon be the center of your thoughts. A cocksucker must only think of pleasuring his man’s prick. This cock in front of you is your responsibility; you were born to suck cock and submit to men. You must lick his balls lovingly until they are as wet as from a shower. In this world there are some guys that are meant to be sucked off and others that are meant to do the sucking. You’re the sissy-boy and must submit. If you gag on his cock remember that your throat spasms are pleasant stimulation on his cockhead; they signify your devotion to his pleasure. When he comes in your mouth look at his eyes and be grateful as your mouth fills and you swirl your tongue around in your sticky mouth. Good Cocksucker, good boy.”

The message then repeated on its loop, over and over in that bursa escort bayan soft, masculine, commanding voice.

On his knees facing his alpha-male the boy would be slowly lowering his tidy whites, very close to the cock and balls that he will soon be servicing, his reason for being. Trust me Mark both guys will be hotter than hell by this time and when the guy sits his cocksucker will be drooling as he settles onto his knees before his crotch.

There will be other guys in the room being sucked off so there will be a smell of sex that will overlay the room as the men talk about how their service is. The sounds of wet, sloppy cocksuckers will fill the room.

I think that the suckers picked to perform blow jobs in this room will be the kind that are fully capable of Cumming themselves just by sucking on a cock; that’s the ultimate compliment to a straight man being blown.

This will be a very popular room; our cocksucker customer base will try awful hard to be picked to perform as blow-boys in. The competition to provide the best blow job would be fierce.

“I agree John; it certainly sounds hot to me; in fact I would enjoy a sample of how this would work, how about it?”

I was very agreeable; all this talk of cock had me horny. True to my plan I went to the corner and took off my clothes before I began stripping Mark down. As I knew it would, the eroticism of being on my knees with his cock close enough to me to smell that familiar, wonderful musky male crotch aroma had both of us hard.

He sat down and spread his legs wide; I noticed a little smirk on my business partner’s face as I leaned in to blow him. I opened my mouth and saw the fact that he was pleased on his face. He pulled my head in and his cock slid into my mouth, meeting no resistance.

He said “good cocksucker” as he held my head with both hands and began to pump his powerful cock, way too hot for a slow suck he just wanted to cum. He was pumping into what was now really his, my mouth. I just knelt there as he used my mouth and in about five minutes he pumped his hot, sticky load of jism into my mouth. True to my business plan for the room, I looked Mark in the eye as I swallowed his cum. The self satisfied smirk was back on his face as I swallowed his warm, cummy liquid. We were really partners now; I felt like just another cocksucker owned by a man’s cock.


“A set of suites where a guy could bring his wife or girlfriend for an assisted fuck:”

“Well Mark here’s how I went about planning for the couple’s spa room. I felt that this setup would be very profitable for the Funhouse but I was flummoxed as to how to design it; I was after all a cocksucker with almost no experience with females and I needed some research. It came to me the next day; I had a college friend that was my roommate for a couple of years that could help. We had kept in touch and actually met a couple of times a year. In college we moved in different circles but were great friends.”

“That was because I was his stress reliever, his cocksucker. Mike enjoyed nothing better than living with a guy who didn’t mind sucking him off a couple times a day. He had a beautiful prick, long, straight and blessed with a huge cockhead. His piss hole looked liked like a cannon barrel. Mike had a streak of domination that fit seamlessly with my submissive nature. He simply ordered me to service him in the way he enjoyed it; it was all about him.”

“I e-mailed Mike with my dilemma and he quickly agreed to help me out; we arranged for me to stay with him and his wife on the weekend. It was a 350 mile drive but I was looking forward to it. I had been at his wedding and knew his wife, Janine. She was a good looking Irish girl with a reddish complexion and a bit plump. She wasn’t fat at all, just slightly plump and Mike said she loved to fuck.”

“We went into their living room to get reacquainted and started making small talk while drinking a really good red wine. Mike was very “up” and happy; he was still smiling when he zipped down his fly and pulled out that big snake I used to service. I was watching him stroke his cock while talking about some inane TV show when he brought me out of my trance.”

Mike quickly took control as he talked. “Here John, come on over here and suck my cock again, don’t worry, Janine knows all about your cocksucking and thinks it’s exciting.”

I looked over at his wife and she just nodded at me with a wry smile. Mike stood up and dropped his pants before settling back into his big chair. What could I do; I went to my knees and moved over to Mike. He held that big cockhead up to me and I took it into my mouth.

“Just like old times huh, John? You know Janine John used to blow me everyday at least twice a day. I could wake up in the middle of the night with a hardon and just walk over to his bed and stuff it into his mouth while he was still sleeping. bursa escort He’d nurse on it a little while as he was waking up then let me blow my load in his mouth. Why don’t you get ready for a fucking honey, we’ll be right up.”

Mike began holding my head and ever so slowly going deeper and deeper.

“Remember what I taught you John, do it now,” he told me.

I did remember and slipped quickly back to it. I put my hands behind my back and looked into his eyes. Mike liked his cocksucker to only use his mouth and he really enjoyed watching my face as he forced his cock through my throat opening and I gagged on its thickness. He would then pull my head back letting me get a gasp of breath before plugging my gullet again. I was choking with my eyes watering as I sensed Janine was back. I tried to turn to her and Mike slapped my face.

“Don’t worry about anything but my cock John, keep your focus. I think though it’s time to show you how a cocksucker can help a couple fuck don’t you honey? You’re so fucked up by cock John that you can’t concentrate; we’ll start slow so you can learn.”

“We’ll be enjoying your service even as you’re doing your hokey research. When we get finished you’ll be an expert,” Mike said. I was mesmerized by my situation as I stood there with my head bowed, listening to my old roommate describe how I would be serving them.

Janine sat on a high, wide, bed room chair, opened her robe and spread her legs. Mike roughly led me to her and pushed me to my knees.

“OK John get a good look, before were done you’ll be more familiar with her crotch than with your own face.”

I couldn’t help salivating as I gazed on the beautiful, pink, hairless cunt of my friend’s wife as she spoke. “Get your nose up there and get used to my scent, it’s a perfume that you’ll learn to love, eau of crotch eh.”

Mike sat on the chair edge and watched me; the fact that I was being watched added a very erotic aspect to my humiliation.

The cunt had a musky odor with just a hint of stale piss smell; it wasn’t unpleasant. I shuddered as Mike grabbed one of my ears and led me to those delicious, soft folds with the one word command “lick.”

I was soon lost in the act as I licked up and down her cunt slit using my tongue to service her. I noticed that she had begun to gush cum juice; I lapped it up like it was a fine, French sauce.

“He looks good down there, how is he doing?” Mike asked her.

“Pretty good, he has a nice, wide, long tongue. With a little coaching he will be as good a cunt-lapper as he is a cocksucker. I want to get fucked now; his tongue has put me in the mood,” she replied.

I was roughly pushed away being told to watch as a real man fucked a cunt. Sitting on the floor I watched as Mike approached with his enormous cock sticking out. I was commanded to wet the head so it could slide easily into her. I sucked and licked Mike’s cock until he pushed me down on my back; she climbed on top with her cunt at my mouth. He mounted her from the rear as I slurped on cunt.

For the first time in my life, I had a close-up view of a cock fucking a cunt. I was so close that I could hear the wet sucking sounds of her cunt and felt the spray of their juices on my face with each plunge. Mike started to tease her by slowly pulling his cock from her pussy until just the head remained inside. Then he’d wait until she started whimpering for more before shoving it back in as hard as he could. Each time she would moan loudly.

His cock was so thick it stretched her pussy lips far apart, and, when he pulled out, her cunt lips stuck to his shaft and stretched far from her pubic mound. The sight of this was awesome. I was so hot. His cock was rubbing across my lips when he pulled out and her cunt juices dripped on my face.

As Mike fucked Janine, she panted and gasped for air and made sounds that I never heard before. Mike fucked faster until, with a growl, he plunged in right to the hilt, almost squeezing his tightened nut sack into her cunt, as well. I knew he was spraying his spunk inside her pussy now and I knew I was seconds away from eating his leftovers. He had already told me I was to be the “clean up” boy.

When Mike pulled out his slimy meat, a long string of cum followed it out and splashed on my face. I quickly attached my mouth to her gaping gash and proceeded to suck out the warm scum. It tasted similar to what I had sucked directly from his cock but somewhat sweeter. It slid like syrup down my throat along with Janine’s own sauce. God, it was delicious! Janine then sat up and a rush of sperm flowed out of her pussy and down my throat. He must have shot a huge load deep into her!

After I cleaned everything out of her pussy, she raised her crotch off my face and looked down at me with a smirk on her face. My face was drenched with their juices.

“Did you have fun down there sissy boy?” she said and then giggled. She motioned me to immediately go to work on Mike’s semi-stiff rod. His dick was wet with mixed cum and pussy juice, which I slowly licked up. I worked my way down to his balls and gently lapped at each one until his cock started swelling.

I thought to myself, “this is really hot; our sissy customers will love this scene.”

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