Sounds Good Ch. 02: The Neighbor

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NOTE: This is a sequel, and while it is not necessary to read Part 1, it will definitely make more sense if you do! Either way, please enjoy this story. This is only my second story ever, so any and all feedback is very welcome. Thank you for the nice comments on Part 1! As I said, enjoy!

Sunday evening. Admittedly, a weird time to be excited for, but Peter had been looking forward to Sunday evening for the past week. Ever since Diane invited him over for what she called “a proposition.” He had to admit, he was a bit nervous. He liked the idea of his mature neighbor wanting him, but he wasn’t sure what for. One thing he couldn’t ignore, however, was that their last encounter was incredible, ending in a shared orgasm.

Either way, Peter counted the minutes down until it was finally 8:00. The sun was well below the horizon, and Peter ventured across their shared front yard to his neighbor’s front door. After a doorbell ringing and a short wait time, Diane opened the door and Peter was immediately thrilled that he’d accepted her invitation.

Diane was standing in her doorway in nothing more than shorts and a t-shirt. The shirt was another simple v-neck, showing off just enough cleavage that Peter’s eyes were drawn their almost immediately. In the brief glance he got, Peter wondered if Diane was wearing a bra. The running shorts were some sort of soft, tight-fitting material, that exposed her tanned legs, practically fitting like a pair of underwear. Peter needed to see Diane from behind in these things. He got his wish when she welcomed him into her home, gesturing for him to follow her past the threshold. He was almost hypnotized by her bouncing butt as she walked halfway through the foyer before stopping in front of the double doors that led into her guest bedroom.

“Hello, Peter.” Diane smiled warmly, eyeing him up and down. The young man in front of her was in jeans and a t-shirt, something decidedly simple. She couldn’t help but appreciate how innocent he seemed.

“Hi Diane. What did you want to talk about?” Peter feigned curiosity, as if he didn’t have an idea of what she probably wanted from him. Honestly, part of Peter wondered if maybe he’d misread the situation, and Diane wanted to scold him and tell him to keep his distance, that their last encounter had been a mistake. His nerves were quickly calmed by her reply.

“Well, the last time we met…” Her voice trailed off as she seemed to search for the right words. “I’ll be blunt. Peter, when you were here last time, on my kitchen floor, I’ve never had anything like that. I mean, I’ve had more orgasms than that,” Diane laughed almost to herself, as if she was remembering something fond. “But the orgasms that I did have were the most powerful, the most pleasurable, I’ve ever had.”

“I-I’m sorry, if I did something—” Peter tried to speak but Diane cut him off.

“No, no, honey.” She touched his arm softly. “Nothing to apologize for. To be candid, you’re a great lay. And that thing you were able to do, stopping yourself from cumming when I asked? You were able to maintain pace, and fuck me even harder, and still didn’t cum until I told you to. That’s really something!” She pinched his shoulder playfully, sighing. “Now, I have a question to ask you. And I’ll preface it by saying, at any time, you may back out. Tell me no, walk away, no hard feelings. Please, feel no obligation to help me out.”

Peter was beginning to get nervous again, wondering what Diane, a confident MILF, could possibly be so concerned about. “Okay. What is it?” He asked. Without a word, Diane turned and opened the double doors to their side, revealing the guest bedroom Peter had caught a glimpse of last time he was here. She gestured into the room, and the two entered. Once inside, Peter took in everything in front of him. Against the far wall, in the middle, was a large bed with a gorgeous wooden headboard, adorned with only a fitted silk sheet and a number of pillows with matching silk cases. To the side of the bed was a desk with an open laptop with a few cables coming from it. Probably the most eye-catching were the abundance of microphones, three to be exact. Peter counted one mic mounted on the desk, pointing at the middle of the bed, one mic in an arm attached to the headboard, and a boom mic attached to the ceiling, directly above the bed. Diane could read the obvious confusion on Peter’s face and cut in.

“Last time, you asked if I podcast, and I said no. Which is true, it’s not really podcasting. I make…” Diane swallowed before continuing. “I make audio erotica. It’s kind of like porn, but just the audio, not the visual.” Peter’s jaw dropped as she spoke, and he was too nervous to look her in the eye, so he just kept staring at the room around him, but he had a pressing question.

“What… What do you need me for?” Peter was almost too embarrassed to ask.

“Well, I’ve been making this audio erotica for a few months now, and it’s been fine. I make enough money to live comfortably. But I’ve always felt like my content is lacking, and xvideos porno I know what it’s missing: authenticity. You see, Peter, I can write scripts and perform stories about me, I don’t know, blowing a lifeguard at a community pool,” Peter was nervous, sure, but just hearing Diane talk about this hypothetical story got a twitch from his sleeping cock. “But even if I get a dildo and gag on it for a few minutes before pretending he cums in my mouth,” Diane’s example was really getting Peter’s blood pumping. “It’s just pretend.”

“And that’s not what you want?” Peter asked, almost a whisper. His throat was so dry.

“Pretend is fine, but it’s nothing like the real deal. I’m thinking, what if instead of just deepthroating a dildo until I decide I’m done, I deepthroat an actual cock… Your cock… The audio would be authentic. Nothing plastic, nothing fake. I think my listeners would love to hear me actually getting fucked. I think the authenticity would really give me the edge in the market.”

“And I…”

“And you would give me that authenticity. One thing important to this would be self control, as whoever I’m fucking would have to be able to cum at just the right time, sticking to the scrip strictly. And you showed that ability to cum at just the right time.” Diane was trying her best to sell it all.

Peter could hardly wrap his head around this all. His mature neighbor, maybe twice his age, was now asking him to help her make audio porn. Audio erotica as she called it. A few days ago, she asked him to help fix her sink. Then she had a mouthful of his cock, and in no time he was cumming inside her as she orgasmed with him. Now, less than a week later, she was asking him to do that regularly, for her business.

“If you need more time to think about it, I get it—” Diane started before Peter cut her off.

“I’m in.” He now spoke confidently, finding his voice. He would have to be insane to turn down his hot neighbor. Diane was sexy, Peter couldn’t believe he ever had reservations.

“Really? Are you sure? Remember, if you don’t want to, at any time, you can back out.” Diane told him.

“I’m sure. 100%.” Peter reassured her. “When can we start?”

Diane was a bit caught off guard by how forward her neighbor was being now, but nonetheless she was aroused by what it meant, how much he wanted to fuck her again. She perked up with a smile, bouncing her tits slightly, which Peter definitely noticed.

“Slow down there, cowboy. Not so fast. We have some logistics to go through before we can do anything.” Diane explained, which deflated Peter a bit. Not wanting to let him down, and to keep him enticed, Diane tempted him. “But, don’t worry. If you’re interested, I have a story we could try out today. But only if you’re ready.” She teased, knowing he’d want to.

“Well, then let’s get through these logistics.” Peter eagerly responded, making Diane smile.

“Alright. First things first, a quick room tour.” Diane gestured to the set up around them. “The main, um, set, I guess, is this bed right here. No top sheets or blankets, because those just make and stifle noise. A silk fitted sheet and silk pillow cases because they’re the perfect combination of comfortable and quiet. It’s memory foam, so no springs creaking.” She pointed to each of the microphones. “These are each hooked up to the laptop on the desk, and will record everything. Dialogue, other noises… Everything. Over there,” Diane pointed to a closet door Peter had missed earlier. “Think of that as my prop closet. You’ll see more of that later, depending on what kind of stories we get into. There’s also a guest bathroom attached,” Diane gestured next to a small side room opposite the bed. “If we need to rinse off after any, um, recording sessions, we can use that shower.”

This was a lot for Peter to take in, but, again, he had never been so intrigued. He was thrilled at the potential to fuck Diane again, to feel her mouth on his cock, his cock inside her. It was enough for him to force himself to keep up with everything.

“For a normal recording session, I’d give you a script, like this one.” Diane picked up two packets of stapled pages off the desk and handed one to Peter. He was surprised she’d already had one written and printed. She was expecting him to accept her proposition, and wanted to get something done today. The title of this script read “The Neighbor.” Peter laughed. “I know, I know, it’s a little on the nose.” Diane explained. “But it’s easy to do, and art imitates life. We’re practically already in character, no costumes or props necessary. It’s the most natural thing I could think of.” Peter had no objections.

He skimmed through the script, speed reading it as he went. It was easy enough to follow, like any porn script. He was a peeping tom, and his neighbor, Diane, wanted to teach him a lesson. He had no complaints.

“So, you’ll essentially just read along as we go. The script is pretty self-explanatory, and should make sense as we go. And because it’s just audio, yabancı porno you can read it as we go. And if you forget a line, I can edit it out. So no need to memorize anything!” Diane wanted to make this as easy possible for Peter, who was appreciative of this. “Oh! How could I forget!” Diane opened a drawer in the desk and pulled out a small bell, like the type you’d see on a hotel front desk.

“What’s that?” Peter asked.

“Think of it like my version of a clapper board.” Diane was referencing the boards used in filmmaking to help an editor sync up the audio with the film. For her, the bell functioned to allow her to see where she needed to make any cuts. “If you need to stop the scene, you ring the bell. If you ring the bell, I know to edit it out later. Not only that, it’s also a bit of a safe word. If you hear the ding, you stop whatever you’re doing.”

“That makes sense,” Peter acknowledged. He sat down on the side of the bed, and Diane sat next to him. “So, are you ready to start?”

Diane giggled, humored by his innocent eagerness. “Before we start, why don’t we make sure we know what we’re doing. You’ve read over the script, you’ve seen the setup. Why don’t we just practice with the bell?”

“Oh,” Peter blushed. “Okay. Yeah. Let’s practice.” He was excited to find out what kind of practice she wanted to try. Taking the lead, Diane reached towards his lap and began to undo his belt. In no time at all, with Peter’s help, his pants and boxers were around his knees and his cock sprang free. Diane wasted no time in wrapping her hand around his cock and stroking rhythmically.

“So, for example, we could start with this…” Diane focused on her neighbors hard cock in her hand. It wasn’t all the way hard yet, but it was getting there. The smooth shaft was topped by a sensitive head, and two full balls sat below. She was a comfortable woman, and even though this was only the second time she was seeing Peter’s cock, she had no problem getting a handful of it.

Peter, on the other hand, was stunned. Yes, less than a week ago he fucked his neighbor’s brains out on her kitchen floor, and yes, just ten minutes ago she’d asked him to help her make audio erotica. But now… Now she was gently stroking his hardening cock while biting her lip in focus. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

“For example, if we did a story about, say, a doctor and patient, I might be a doctor giving you a checkup, and I get so enamored with your big cock, I can’t help but start to stroke it.” Diane explained, in a tone a teacher or instructor might take while breaking down a word problem. Her hand was in a loose fist around his cock, pumping up and down softly. Occasionally, she would linger around his tip, just briefly teasing it, making Peter tense up. “Do you like that?”

“Y-yes.” Peter confirmed.

“And maybe I can’t help but use my other hand to…” Diane’s voice trailed off as her other hand found its way to Peter’s balls. She began to gently rub at them, fondling them, rolling them back and forth in her hand. Peter shut his eyes tight, overcome with pleasure at all the stimulation.


His eyes shot open as Diane pulled her hands away. She had rung the bell. He couldn’t help but thrust forward slightly, wishing her small hands were still wrapped around his cock.

“You see? If the bell is rung, we stop what we’re doing.” Diane smiles teasingly. “Whether it’s because one of us forgot a line, or because something doesn’t feel good, or really any number of reasons.” Peter felt like telling her that it DID feel good, but Diane continued. “And if I ring the bell again,”


“We resume.” In no time at all, before the sound of the bell had even fully left Peter’s ears, Diane’s head was in his lap, her lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. He couldn’t help but moan as she began to pump her mouth up and down, teasing every inch of him with her soft tongue. He clenched his fists and threw his head back, thrusting into her mouth as she went. He was in heaven.


Diane pulled back, and Peter gasped as he thrust forward again, dangerously close to blowing his load. Diane was so talented that only a bit of a blowjob had Peter almost over the edge.

“Remember, if the bell rings, we stop.” Diane smiled at Peter again, sitting up, again next to him on the edge of the bed. Peter could tell she enjoyed teasing him, pushing him to the edge, seeing how close she could get him, and if he could still control himself. Well, two could play at that game.

“I think I get it,” Peter pushed Diane up towards the head of the bed so she was lying with her own head on the many pillows. She laughed as he did this, excited to see what he was doing. Diane was glad how comfortable he felt, and was a little turned on at how willing he was to take charge. Peter continued. “So if, for example, the story was about, I don’t know, a yoga teacher and her student, I would do something like this?”

Peter effortlessly pulled Diane’s running shorts down yaşlı porno her smooth legs, tossing them to the floor. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, which gave Peter a perfect view. That pussy that he had cum inside just a few days ago, that he felt clench around his throbbing cock, looked even more beautiful now. It was waiting for him as he situated himself between her legs. Diane got chills as Peter lowered his head, planting soft kisses on her legs. He slowly, so slowly, made his way up her thighs before stopping dangerously close to her waiting warmth. As he planted kiss after gentle kiss closer and closer, she was practically whimpering, begging him to do something. Diane gasped loudly as Peter inserted one, then two fingers into her, gently feeling her contract around him. Her walls tensed and pulsated as he began to slowly pump his fingers in and out of her. Diane bit her lip to avoid screaming when Peter’s thumb began to softly massage her clit while he went. This young man was making her melt with just one hand. She was breathing hard in a matter of moments as he found a rhythm, playing with her wet pussy.


Diane was practically snapped out of a trance when she heard the bell ring, looking almost frustrated at Peter for what he’d done, but he gave her a devilish grin.

“Remember,” he teased. “If the bell rings, we stop.”


Peter rang the bell again, and Diane almost screamed when he planted a kiss right on her swollen pussy lips. Her breath hitched in her throat when he pushed his tongue inside her, driving her wild as he French kissed her lap. She thrust into his face, desperately grabbing a handful of his hair to more directly guide him. But Peter didn’t need guiding, as Diane was brought closer and closer to the edge. She was practically grinding against his face as he teased her clit and tasted her sweet fluids. Diane was so wet, and so close, she could barely breathe as Peter brought her closer and closer.


Diane practically screamed when Peter sat up after ringing the bell. She was so close to finishing, and he was just leaving her there. She was panting, trying to catch her breath as she realized that this must’ve been how he felt just minutes ago.

“Well,” Diane was still breathing hard as she sat up, picking up her pants from the ground and slipping them on. “I think you’ve got the idea.”

“I think so.” Peter smiled back to her, wiping a small bit of her juices off of his chin.

“Well, in that case… Why don’t we get started? You can only practice so much!” Diane laughed, and Peter laughed with her. Peter had to admit to himself that most of his nerves were gone after that practice session. Diane, still trying to clear her head, stood up from the bed. “I’m going to get the equipment set up. You have your script?”

“Yes.” Peter said. He swallowed hard, trying to prepare himself for what was about to happen. No going back from here.

“Great. Let’s give it a go.” With that, Diane pressed a few buttons on her laptop, clicked the mouse a few times, and nodded at Peter, who nodded back. “We’re recording. Action, I guess.” She announced as she stepped back from the desk and sauntered towards Peter. He was sitting on the bed, now leaning on the pile of pillows against the headboard. Diane climbed onto the bed, sitting opposite Peter, just out of reach. She looked down at her lap, took a deep breath, then looked up at Peter with heavy eyelids, pursed lips, and flaunted cleavage.

“Well hey there, neighbor,” Diane was now in full character. Although, could you call it character when it was this similar to her real self? She continued, “Thanks for coming over, I just have something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Peter watched as she readjusted herself on the bed silently. She shifted her bra slightly, which gave Peter more cleavage to gawk at. The way her breasts were pushing together, Peter remembered back to the first time he’d seen her shirtless. The first time he’d grabbed her tits. They were so soft, and had such a nice weight to them. He remembered how turned on Diane had been when he teased her nipples. He thought about how nice it’d feel to titfuck her, and how absolutely mind blowing it must feel to cum in between her tits.


Diane has rung the bell, snapping Peter out of his trance. He looked up from her ample bosom to see her staring at him, her eyebrows knitted together and her lips pursed in frustration.

“Peter, you need to focus. There’s a script for you to read for a reason.” She scolded him.

“I’m sorry,” Peter apologized, embarrassed. “I just got distracted, remembering the other day. You just have such a nice body…” his voice trailed off as he realized how lame of an excuse that was.

“Thank you.” Diane smiled, giving her breasts a teasing bounce. “But if this is going to work, if we’re going to work, you need to stay focused and keep up. I’m going to do a lot of very distracting things to you, you need to be able to remain in character. In this story alone, I’m going to blow you and then let you fuck me. And this is a simple story. If you can’t stay focused here, it’s not looking too good for future stories.” Peter blushed, definitely feeling the shame Diane wanted him to feel. He also felt the need to impress her now, to prove to her that he could keep up.

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