Spin The Bottle

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We had met online and had gotten to know each other a little bit. They were a couple living about 40 minutes away. I had been looking for an attractive couple, hoping to have a threesome and they were about the most attractive I could see, judging by their photos. We swapped emails for a couple weeks, even spoke on the phone a few times; just enough to know that there was good potential.

Lily and Herm were about my age and roughly the same background. Lily talked about wanting to play their version of spin-the-bottle, for which I said I was game. Trouble was, I really had no idea what that might entail. So it was that I went to their house at their first invitation, excited, but not really knowing what to expect.

Meeting them was polite and genteel as expected. It was also a little awkward. How do you greet a couple that you’re meeting with the intention of getting intimate?

Anyway, once we moved past meeting each other, we had to find a way to break the uncomfortable tension. Sweet Lily, bless her heart, opened a bottle of wine. That alone began to melt the ice. We began talking about what wines we like and what we like to have with wine. How could Herm and I have been so dense? While Herm and I were making nicey nice about various red wines, Lily came out with, “I like to have sex with wine.”

OK, that sure was an ice breaker. It came out so matter of factly too. She just stated it as if she liked her red wine with veal or game.

Herm and I laughed a little nervously. Aren’t the guys supposed to be more forward? While we waited to see who would speak next, Lily got up and sashayed out of the room. She was back in a flash carrying an empty green Bordeaux wine bottle.

She kastamonu escort sat down Indian style on the living room carpet, placed the bottle on the floor in front of her and said, “OK guys. Time to spin.”

She explained to me that she would spin first, and whoever the bottle pointed to would be required to do what she asked. She spun and mercifully, the bottle stopped pointed at Herm.

“OK, Herm, take off your shirt.”

Without hesitation, Herm stood up and removed his shirt. He had an average build. I was glad he wasn’t fat. Too often people posted old photos online and they’ve gained 15 pounds since. Not these two.

Then Herm spun, and again mercifully, the bottle stopped at Lily. I expected him to tell Lily to take off her T-shirt, but he surprised me (and I think her too) by telling her to remove her jeans. She didn’t bother to get up. She just leaned back, unsnapped her jeans and stripped them off.

Whoa! What great legs. And she had on a pair of panties that would be hard to call panties. All they really were was a couple of small, brightly colored triangles of cloth attached by cloth strings. It was hard not staring. And it was getting hard staring too. Down boy!

Lily then spun and it pointed to Herm again. “Off with your jeans, big guy.”

Herm wasn’t nearly as adept as Lily so he stood up and stripped to his undies. He then spun and wouldn’t you know it, Lily won again. “And off with your shirt, Lil.”

Whereas I was relieved that the bottle hadn’t pointed to me at first, it was now getting uncomfortable that I was the only one fully dressed. Lily spun and before the bottle stopped, she grabbed it making sure it kayseri escort stopped at me. We all broke out in laughter because it was just such a spontaneous and cute gesture. I also laughed a nervous laugh. What would she ask for?

“OK, mister. Take off all your clothes,” she commanded.


“Everything,” she said emphatically. I thought of the Randy Newman song, You Can Keep Your Hat On. Had it been playing in the background I might even have done a sexy little strip tease to it.

As nervous as I was once I was naked, they both put me at ease with murmurs or approval it my bod. That was so nice of them.

OK my turn, finally. I spun and it pointed to Lily. I asked her to remove the rest of her clothes, which she did so quickly and matter-of-factly that I barely had time to notice her cute wispy little bra. God, she had a great figure. I was now half hard and didn’t know if I should hide it or show it off.

Lily spun and it pointed to Herm, whom she had get naked too. So, here we were, the three of us nude and spinning a bottle that was determining who would do what and to whom.

Herm spun to Lily and had her stand up, turn around with her feet shoulder width apart, and bend over slowly til she could touch the floor with her hands. As she did so, she looked back at both of us with a big, seductive smile.

Lily then spun to me. “Stand up with your hands on your hips.”

I did so and she came over and knelt in front of me. She reached up and took my semi-hard cock in her hand, smiled looking directly into my eyes, and slipped it into her sweet mouth. Oh my! My legs almost buckled. She bobbed her head a few times which caused kıbrıs escort my head to roll skywards in passion. Where did Herm ever find such a goddess?

With my cock still glistening from Lily’s sweet mouth, I had to spin. And it pointed to Lily. “Lie back and put your hands under your head,” I ordered.

Doing this made her modest boobs looks so wonderful. I wasn’t half hard anymore. I then kissed my way down from that sweet hollow where her neck meets her shoulder, til I got to her boob. I took her nipple between my lips and sucked it gently. She made the sweetest sound as I did, something that always turns me on.

That didn’t last long, certainly not long enough. Lily then spun to me. “Go touch Herm’s cock.”

Uh oh, the moment of truth. Somehow Lily had sensed two things about me. First, I adore having a woman be mildly dominant, or at least taking charge sexually. It tells me what she likes so it takes a lot of the guesswork out of trying to figure out what turns her on. And second, I have been bi-curious for a long time. Maybe even bi-eager would be a better term. Did Lily look into my imagination to know these things? She was good.

Herm stood as I approached. Without thinking about it a lot, I sunk to my knees so that his cock was at my eye level. I had never been his close to another man’s cock before. Herm put his hands on his hips like I had. I reached out and held it gently, but instead of just touching it, I did something that surprised, no shocked, even me. I put the head of his dick into my mouth. I just sucked it gently, feeling the soft velvety head, and feeling his cock grow a little bit.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself doing this. I actually had imagined myself being taken in the ass, almost by force, by another guy, but this was so different. This was my choice; and this was right in my face!

“OK, that’s enough. Game over. Get your asses into the bedroom. Matty, you’ve mastered this game.”

I wanted to take that bottle home as a souvenir.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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