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This story is based on true events. I’ve modified it a bit to make it a little more interesting. My first story, so go easy on me! LOL


For my wife and I, our nightly routine involves me reading a book and her on her iPhone. She sleeps in bra and panties, and me in just underwear. Often I finish reading before her and cuddle up to her in a spooning position with her being the little spoon. Before I go too far, I should note that she has an amazing ass! Good size, nice and round. I admit I’m into bigger butts!

While in this position, I often get aroused. As my erection grows, I push my crotch harder and harder into her ass, my penis squeezing into crack. At this point in our marriage, she is not surprised by this and often lets me grind out a good orgasm while we both have our underwear on.

One night I was grinding against her as usual when something different happened. She pushed me back a little and started to remove her panties. Being even more excited I pushed back against her, but again she pushed me back a little, and this time tugging down at my underwear. Clearly getting the picture, I removed the last of my clothing.

As I slowly pushed my bare cock into her crack, I looked over her shoulder to see that she was still watching her iPhone. She was reading an email. Curious what had made her take these actions, I looked over her shoulder more and read a bit of it. She was reading an erotic story sent from one of her friends!

Not even a minute of grinding her had passed, and I felt her hand move back and grab my very hard cock. Having lifted one of her legs over mine to spread her gaziantep rus escort legs open, she slowly guided my cock to her pussy which was extremely wet. She dipped the head between her lips to get it wet and then used it to rub her clit. So far, neither of us had said a word or even made a sound, but she broke the silence with some moaning as the tip of my member was massaging her clit. As the moaning got louder and louder, I was convinced she was going to have an orgasm, but didn’t, yet.

She finally stopped rubbing her clit and realigned my cock to the entrance of her very wet hole. I slowly pushed in and heard a gasp from her mouth. As I started a nice slow but deep rhythm, I proceeded to remove her bra to massage her D-size breasts. At this point her moaning had returned, faster paced and louder. I started to rub her hard nipples between my fingers and started pumping harder into her. I looked over her shoulder again, she was still reading the email.

Suddenly the moaning stopped and she was holding her breath and I started to feel the contractions around my penis as her orgasm hit her. Her body curled up and I could feel her juices flowing between our legs. Several seconds later, I hear another loud gasp as I knew her orgasm had come to an end.

We lay there still for a minute, cock still in her. Thinking it was now my turn, I started slowly pumping in and out of her, but again she pushed me back again. Having no idea what surprise was coming next, I stopped and pulled out. She had then put her iPhone down and I assumed she would roll onto her back for her favorite position. But again she surprised me. Without moving from laying on her side, I heard her night-table drawer open. Vibrator? Dildo? Womanizer? None of those. I see her pull out a bottle of lube.

She squirts a generous amount into her hand, reaches back and massages the lube all over my cock which is already quite wet from being in her. The massaging felt great, but I was eager to resume. Without letting go, she guides my cock once more, but this time she leads me to her anus. I was in shock and starting to think it was a mistake, because she never wants anal. We’ve done it 2 or 3 times, but she never enjoyed it and has turned me down for years.

Figuring that she must be doing it just for my benefit, I very slowly started to push at the entrance of her butt hole. As the head of my cock slipped in, she let go. I once again heard her night-table drawer open and she pulled out her largest dildo. She took a few long sucks at it and moved it down to her crotch and slid it in all the way in one quick stroke. She lay there motionless getting used to the feeling of both holes being used as I slowly went deeper and deeper into her.

As I finally get my whole member into her anus, she starts playing with her nipple, my hand playing with the other. I begin another slow rhythm of pumping in and out of her. My mind is going wild hardly believing this is happening. Feels so amazing, but feel bad that she doesn’t enjoy this. Thinking that I’m going to do this slow and gentle the whole time, she suddenly starts pushing her ass back into me increasing force with each push. I also then noticed that her hand had moved down to her crotch, and she’s now pumping the dildo in and out in time with my penis in her ass.

Her moaning had already returned and seconds later she held her breath again as her second orgasm hit. I could feel her anus contracting around my cock. I was getting very close to cumming, and she once again pushed me back, but pulled me back in before I could pull out, sensing that she wanted me to slow down to prolong my hardness.

We lay again motionless for a minute, until she took my hand from her breast and guided it to her crotch where she had removed the dildo. I pushed 3 fingers into her and started massaging her G-spot. At the same time she started rubbing her clit vigorously and seconds later her third orgasm hit her. This time I could feel intense contractions around my fingers and my cock.

This was way more than I could handle and she knew this as she started pumping her ass into my crotch with so much intensity. I hit my peak and my orgasm started. I pushed into her ass as hard as I could at the same time as she pushed back. I shot my load deep in her, more than I have ever in my life. She was again holding her breath but I was unsure if her third orgasm was still going or she had another. I pulled my fingers out of her and finally a gasp left her lips as another flood of juices from her pussy hit our legs.

We laid there motionless again as we caught our breath. When I finally pulled out I realized that neither of us had said a word. She rolled over to face me and gave me a kiss on the lips and had a big smile on her face.

“Must have been a great email that you got,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her naked body against mine.

She replies with an almost evil grin, “And I’m not even halfway through it…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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