Sports Car Girls

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My given name is Michelle, but everyone who knows me calls me Mikie. I’m short, just under 5′, and I weigh 105 pounds. I’m red haired with the pale skin and freckles that come with that. I have small breasts, think A cup, but my nipples get really long and hard. I have a superb ass. All that working out makes that happen. My hair is cut short, and my pussy is shaved. People think I am butch. I guess I am, if you can be butch and love a hard cock deep in your pussy. When I want a guy’s dick, I tell him. I usually get it.

I live in a small town, so I have to be careful about my sex partners. I have a small business. I don’t want everyone to know I am a horny slut. I met Anya when we worked together on the spring folk music festival. My little town has some sort of festival every month from April through September, and a Christmas festival as well. We’ve become a tourist town — and a volunteer town. Everyone pitches in. I do the folk music festival in May, the boat race in July and the car show in September.

Anya and I hit it off. She was new to town and joined just to make friends. We worked the credential table together. So, we had lot of time to talk. Frankly, I find women a pain in the ass most of the time. We make things way more difficult than they are. We introduce layers of meaning that just aren’t there. And we can be bitches without provocation.

I knew that Anya and I would be friends when I said, after a second 10-hour shift on credentials, “How is it that Anya is such a cool name, but Tanya is the name of a trailer-park whore?” She laughed and told me I was fabulous, that she was happy to have made such a great, unique friend. I’m not sure I am a great friend. Unique? Probably. But great? I haven’t had enough close female friends to say for sure.

Let me describe Anya. First, she is incredibly intelligent, without being showy about it. It wasn’t until the second day of working with her that I learned she had a masters’ degree in English literature. “That didn’t get me my job,” she said. “I just talked my way into the marketing job at the factory. Don’t tell.” But she knows much about many things, like I do. Conversation with her was verbal jousting. What a rush!

Did I mention that she is beautiful? She’s only about 5’4″ and most of that is leg. For a short woman, she has the longest legs I have ever seen. She is of pale complexion but with an olive undertone, with long, curly dark hair that cascades over her shoulders. She has dark eyes with incredibly long lashes. She has full lips which she accentuates with red lipstick. She has long, slender fingers which she uses to punctuate her conversation.

It was warm that weekend, so her incredibly short, tight shorts showed me that she had a great, tight ass. Her low cut top showed me that she had very pretty breasts, a bit bigger than mine, and the lack of a bra showed me at various times that she could have very erect nipples.

All of my friends are guys. I belch and fart right along with them. And I even choose a few of them to fuck. sex izle Those I have chosen all say I fuck like a guy would, if he had a pussy. But all of a sudden, I’m friends with a beautiful girl?

But Anya was great. No drama; no girl whining. Just a very intelligent woman who was a fabulous conversationalist and happened to be beautiful. I suggested we go on a picnic the next weekend. I have a client who owns very secluded property to which he has given me access. It seemed like a great place to get to know my new friend better. Anya accepted readily.

She came to my house the next Sunday morning late. We packed everything in the ‘boot’ of my ’74 Midget MG and put the top down. We crossed the bridge and I drove fast along the curvy winding road along the river bottoms.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a nudist. When I drive my MG with the top down, I like to have my top down. I hate bras. I love to have my little titties bared to the wind as I drive. I love the feeling of my nipples hardening in the wind. I looked over at Anya and realized that she had on one of those tan-through tops, and no bra. Her nipples were already hard. “I wish I had thought of the tan-through top,” I said as I pulled over. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, revealing my bare chest. “You can’t get more tan than me. It’s not fair.”

“Mikie, I’m Greek. I start out more tan than you, Irish girl. My olive skin may seem pale now, but a little sun will bronze me. You aren’t going to win this one. But if it makes you feel better, I’ll go topless too,” and she peeled off her top.

I never really looked at another girl’s tits before. Sure, we saw each other in the locker room after sports, but we didn’t really look. I looked at Anya’s tits. They were beautiful. They were positioned well on her chest. They stood firm and proud and tall. They weren’t big, probably a C cup. But they were capped by brown nipples. I had assumed all white-ish girls had pink nipples like mine. Hers were definitely brown.

I pulled back out on the country road, driving fast to keep our nipples hard. We astonished a few farmers on tractors or other farming equipment who passed us. They looked down from their high posts to see two young women, topless, driving fast in a vintage British sports car. They are probably still talking about it.

The bottom land stretched out for several miles, and I stole several looks at Anya’s tits. They were truly beautiful. Once or twice, I caught her looking at mine.

The road literally ended at my client’s property. There was a gate to which I had the key. I stepped out, opened the gate, drove through and locked it behind us. We were completely alone. My client had created a personal, three-hole golf course down there in the river bottoms. We pulled up next to the first tee.

Anya and I, still topless, got the pick-nick supplies out of the trunk, spread a blanket out on the manicured grass in the shade near the tee, and ate.

I had brought French cheese and bread, ham and cheese sandwiches, and strawberries. fransız porno Anya had brought chicken salad on croissants. We had several bottles of chardonnay and merlot. After a period of gluttony, Anya said, “We need to lay out in the sun. We have complete privacy. We can get tan all over.” She took a blanket out into the sunshine, spread it out, wriggled out of her tight blue jean shorts and her thong undies, and lay down on her back in the sunshine, completely nude. I quickly followed her lead, stripping bare. But, I added a layer of sunscreen. An Irish girls doesn’t get tan. She can add more freckles or burn, no in between. I chose more freckles.

We lay side by side, nude, dozing in the sun for nearly an hour. Finally, Anya asked, “Will you rub some lotion into my back before I roll over?” “Sure,” I replied. As I rubbed lotion into her bare shoulders, her back, buttocks and legs, I realized I was getting hot. I wanted to have sex with Anya. I had never had sexual feelings about another woman before, but I was sure I wanted Anya.

“You need some?” she asked. A red-haired Irish girl in the sun needs all the protection she can get, so I answered yes.

Anya didn’t just rub sunscreen onto me, she kneaded it into my muscles. I felt as if I were getting a massage. And when she came close to my private parts, she wasn’t shy. She sure didn’t want my ass cheeks or my pubic mound to burn in the sun.

As we lay side by side, catching the rays, I couldn’t help but steal glances at her gorgeous body. Once, I caught her looking at me. We just grinned and giggled. Me. I giggled. I don’t giggle.

Finally, Anya said she thought she had had enough sun. I was sure I was over my limit. We gathered up our things and headed for the car, still both of us nude.

I packed everything but our clothes in the trunk. I walked up to Anya and said, “You have the most wonderful breasts I have ever seen. May I touch them?”

She leaned back against the front fender of the little car and said, “I wish you would. And if you would want to kiss or even suck on my nipples, I would be pleased.”

I approached her and began to fondle and suck on her tits. I used both hands to explore each inch of her breasts, although they did not require both hands due to their diminutive size. Still, I explored. As each nipple grew harder and longer, I could not resist the temptation to suck each nipple deeply into my mouth. I rolled each nipple between my teeth as if it were a peeled grape. Anya put her hands into her deep, rich curls, pulling her curl locks over her face. And she moaned.

Finally, I pushed her back against the windscreen, pushed her leg over the fender and began to rub my wet pussy against hers. I kissed her deeply, my tongue driving into her mouth and hers reciprocating.

Mind you, I had never had sex with another girl, and had hardly ever imagined it. But this was exciting. As we French kissed, I brought my leg over her hip so that our pussies could touch more completely. teen porno I rubbed my hard clit against hers and felt her hardness. I reached down and spread my pussy lips so they were kissing Anya’s pussy lips. We shared our pussies and clits and we came together, more than once.

Once we caught our breaths, Anya sat up and began her own exploration of my little titties. She fondled them and pushed them together, giving me a cleavage I never thought I’d have, and licked both nipples at the same time. I came again, just a little.

Finally she told me, “Bend over the car.” I did, my hard nipples on the still warm metal of the hood, and my ass in the air. Anya began to explore my pussy with her fingers. She taunted my clit and drove her fingers deep into my pussy, one at a time, then adding multiples. When she began to drive her tongue up my small, brown hole, I went crazy. Orgasm after orgasm spread through me. I couldn’t control myself. I’m sure I flopped like a fish out of water. When I regained composure, my bare ass was in the gravel and my back was against the car. My knees were spread. Anya’s pussy was pushed hard up against my own. Her arms were around me, and my face was cradled in her neck. I had tears on my cheeks.

“What happened?” I asked as I gazed into those deep brown eyes. “I’m not sure, but I think you just had history’s best orgasm. You didn’t calm down until I crammed my pussy against yours. This is really uncomfortable. Can I stop now?” Anya asked.

She relaxed, although our legs were still intertwined and our pussies inches apart.

“I’ve never had sex with a girl before. I didn’t think it would be that great. But you are amazing. I’d like to fuck more.” I’ve never been subtle, so I just told Anya what I was thinking.

“I’ve never had sex with another girl before either. But that was pretty amazing. No guy has ever gone for my tits like you have. That’s sexy. I’m not saying I’m ready to give up good, hard cock. But I’d really like to taste your pussy juice. We’ve got blankets and plenty of perfect grass and shade. I’ll share mine with you if you’ll share yours with me.”

In no time, we were in 69 position, sharing our unique mixtures with one another. Then we took turns lapping at each other’s moist petals. When finally we were spent, we gathered our things and put them in the trunk (boot) of the car as the sun dipped below the horizon. We drove back to my place nude, even though our sweaty bodies stuck to the leather seats. We wanted the opportunity to revel in each other’s bodies as much as we could. Once we returned to my house, we dressed. I drove Anya home.

Leaning me back against my car, Anya drove her tongue deep into my mouth, her chest hard into mine and her pubic bone up against mine. Her dark curls framed her sharp face, her skin already turning from pale to deep olive. Her deep red lips were full and needed no gloss. She pulled her face close to mine. Her hard nipples pressed against my hard nipples.

“I’m not gay, and I don’t think you are. But any time you want to fuck a girl again, I’m your girl.” With that, she sucked my lips into her mouth, then gently kissed my eyelids. If I could ever fall in love with another girl, Anya would be the girl.

With that, she was gone. We were going to do this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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