Spring Break

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Shortly after getting settled in the motel room we’d reserved, the friend I’d come with received a text. He left shortly afterward to join the rest of the lacrosse team that had also come to spend spring break on the beach. I hadn’t expected him to ditch me, so I puttered around the room for a while. I took a shower, shaved my face, even though I really didn’t need to. I added some gel to my short strawberry blonde hair and tried not to part it so severely to one side. But it always wanted to lay that way, which left me looking much younger than my 19 years. I slipped into a clean pair of briefs, baggy cargo shorts, and a t-shirt. Just before stepping out the door, I grabbed the keycard to my room, my phone, wallet and stepped into my boat shoes.

The sun was just starting to set as I stepped onto the outdoor walkway or a 3rd-floor room. It was warm and slightly humid, which was a welcome change from the chilly weather at school. The music I heard was coming from the direction of the beach only a few blocks away. I worked my way off of the motel grounds and toward the beach. There were big crowds of people walking on both sides of the road and cars packed with college students were slowly cruising down the narrow street. I felt like I was the only person there that wasn’t included in a group.

When I arrived at the beach, I could see a huge crowd of people mobbed in front of a stage. I wasn’t familiar with the music the band was playing, but I joined the crowd and began cheering along with them. Even though I started at the back of the crowd, I soon found myself surrounded by my cheering peers.

After the sun had fully set and the band had played several songs, I began thinking about returning to my room. Standing alone in the dark, surrounded by a crowd is a very discomforting feeling. Just when I was about to turn and leave, I felt a presence move in close behind me. It was as if whoever had stepped so close to me, had done so on purpose. The music of the band was loud, but not so loud that a conversation couldn’t be held without shouting. She leaned in close to my ear and I smelled her before I heard her. Her musky perfume filled my senses and made me shiver. I’d never smelled anything so sexy. Her low, sultry voice sent a chill up my spine. “This band is really good.”

Looking back over my shoulder I was greeted by a woman, not a girl. A woman who was at least 20 years my senior. She stood several inches taller with a very fit build. The flowery print top she wore left her arms and shoulders exposed which had more muscle definition than any of my roommate’s friends on the lacrosse team. The white skirt she wore hung to just below her knees and left her muscular calves exposed. Her wavy, dark-brown hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. She had a very pretty face and wore minimal make-up. I bit my lower lip and nodded my head stupidly in response to her statement. I turned back around and prayed she wouldn’t leave.

The next song the band played must’ve been very popular. Everyone in the crowd began pumping their fists in the air to the beat of the music. I joined in and began pumping my skinny arm in the air along with all the other people.

It happened quickly. I felt this woman lay her hands on my hips and then quickly slide them up under my shirt and drag her fingernails from my collar bones to the top of my shorts. My penis became erect in an instant. I’d never had anyone touch me like that before. I had no clue how to respond. I decided to act like it didn’t happen. After a few moments, she did it again. This time letting her fingers trace my collar bones, ribs, gently pinch my nipples and finally come to rest on my hip bones. She left her hands on my hips while I tried not to do something stupid like spin around and ask her what she was doing. I didn’t want to upset her.

Just before that song ended, she took hold of the bottom of my t-shirt and began to lift it up. Higher and higher it came until I had to make a decision: confront her or simply raise my arms. I chose the latter. Raising both arms up high, she pulled my shirt up over my head and off my arms. I’m not the type of guy who goes without a shirt. I’ve always been rather skinny with fair skin and only wisps of thin, strawberry blonde body hair. But having this strange woman pull my shirt off was a freeing feeling. I suddenly felt alive and electric. And the crazy thing was, no one around us even noticed what had happened! When I turned my head, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her slip my shirt into the bag she wore over her shoulder.

The next song started and the crowd came alive once again. Fists began pumping into the air and the crowd tightened around us. The woman behind me rested her hands on my hips and I felt her warm breath on my neck and ear. She slowly and teasingly slipped the index finger of each hand under the waistband of my shorts. Moving her hands toward each other across the front of my body made goosebumps pop up all over my body. As her hands got closer to each other Pendik Escort and the front of my shorts, I unintentionally pushed my hips back against her. I heard her moan as her hands met each other. Her fingers briefly brushed across my underpants right over my super stiff penis. I swear I’d never been so horny before!

Her muscular arms kept my hips pulled back against her body while her fingers slowly undid the button on my shorts. I looked up over my shoulder and before I could utter a single word, she kissed me. Her tongue shot into my mouth and kissed me with a level of passion I never knew possible. While distracting me with that kiss, her hands quickly lowered the zipper of my shorts and spread them wide open. With that task accomplished, she dragged one hand up along my body until she held my neck. She continued to kiss me while slowly sliding her other hand under the band of my briefs and downward until she cradled my insanely stiff penis in her hand. She didn’t move her hand at all, she simply held my small penis and balls in her large, strong hand.

When our kiss broke, I was left gasping for air surrounded my hundreds, if not thousands of people. She lowered her hand from my neck pinched first one of my nipples and then the other. That hand soon slid down my body until the thumb had slipped under the waistband of both my shorts and briefs. About that same time, she’d released my penis and positioned that hand similarly on my opposite hip. I knew what she planned to do. I took hold of her wrists to keep them from stripping me naked. I looked back up over my shoulder, shook my head from side to side and silently begged her to stop what she was about to do.

She smiled down at me, kissed me quickly on the lips and responded by nodding her head. Even with my hands on her wrists, I wasn’t strong enough to stop her from lowering my shorts and briefs. I know I was blushing like crazy when the stiff prong of my pink penis popped free of my shorts. I struggled to stop her, but I was no match. When it dawned on me that my penis was out for all to see, I released her wrists and quickly covered myself with both hands. This allowed her the opportunity to lower my shorts far enough that they fell to my ankles.

Leaning in close, she licked my ear seductively and stated loud enough for me to hear over the music and crowd surrounding us, “Step out of your shorts and shoes.”

Knowing people should be gawking at the naked boy standing in the crowd, I looked around. But I didn’t see anyone looking my way. Everyone was staring straight ahead at the band on stage. Feeling like I was about to cry with shame, but more aroused then I’d ever been before in my life, I slowly slipped my foot from my shoe, out of my shorts and stepped out onto the warm sand of the beach.

Licking my ear again while dragging her fingernails from my collar bones to midway down my bare thighs, she said, “That’s a good boy. Now the other.”

Biting my lip hard while cupping my hands over my throbbing penis, I felt so embarrassed! But I did as I’d been told and slipped my other foot free of my clothes. Her hands moved to my sides and slid all the way down my legs. She picked up my shorts, briefs, and shoes from the sand and quickly put them in the bag with my shirt. She rose up behind me and laid her hands on my hips, pulling my butt back against her hips. She began to grind herself against me in time to the music. Having her hold me in that manner was somewhat reassuring. I felt safe with her so near. It’s odd, I didn’t even know her name. But I somehow knew she’d protect me if needed.

After bashfully dancing along with her for half a song, while still cupping my hands over my penis, she let her fingers begin to explore my body once again. This time her hands wandered up and down my front, while intentionally avoiding my hands and penis. They also explored my back and bottom. With my butt still pressed back against her hips, she could only fondle my cheeks so much. But while she did, she leaned in and moaned into my ear, “If I had a cock, I’d be fucking you right here, right now.” She emphasized the word ‘cock’ by thrusting her hips against my backside.

I didn’t say, “Thank goodness you don’t have a cock!” or “Ew! Gross!” No, my response was, “I’m sorry.”

Shortly after making that silly statement, she laid her hand on my neck and turned my head toward her again. Looking up into her eyes I felt so helpless and small. Her eyes left mine and focused on the necklace I wore. She quickly raised her hands and removed it, while stating, “I want my sweet boy to be completely naked.” Once removed, she added my necklace to her bag.

Moments afterward, she let her hands move to my wrists and gently pulled my hands away from my penis. I’d never felt so naked and exposed before. Still holding my wrists, she raised our hands above my head. My hips wiggled around my body shivered with arousal. With my hands above my head and my stiff penis pointing upward, I began to notice people Anadolu Yakası Escort looking in my direction. I wanted to pull my arms back down and cover myself, but my wrists were held up firmly. All I could do was try to lift a leg to cover myself. It didn’t take long for the people around us to pull out their phones and begin taking pictures and videoing my nudity. As more and more phones appeared, the woman behind me steered my body to face cameras.

First licking, then nibbling on my earlobe, she said, “My sweet boy is going to be famous! Smile for the cameras, Sweetie!”

When more and more people began surging toward us to get pictures, the crowd tightened and I felt hands of strangers groping me. I think the woman behind me panicked as much as I did. She quickly spun me around and held me close. I don’t remember if I walked backward or she carried me, but we eventually broke free of the mob of people. Even then, she didn’t slow, she kept moving at a quick pace until we found ourselves in a much less crowded area of the beach. The glow from the nearby hotels dimly lit the area which allowed us to attract less attention. But there were still small groups of people stopping to stare at the naked boy with the muscular woman. She released me and held me at arm’s length. In a concerned tone, she asked, “Are you okay? I wasn’t expecting those people to rush us like that.”

Looking into her eyes, I told her I was okay. Without another word, she wrapped her arms around my body and gave me a hug right there on the beach. I wasn’t expecting to be hugged, but I threw my arms around her neck and embraced her just as tightly. When the hug ended, I quickly lowered my hands to cover my stiff penis. Biting my lip, I whimpered, “May I ask you a question?”

She smiled before saying, “Of course Sweetie. Ask me anything.”

“May I please have my clothes?”

Her smile warmed and while shaking her head from side to side she replied, “I’m sorry Sweetie. You may not have your clothes. I’m not ready for you to cover up your perfect, little body yet.”

Knowing I really didn’t have a choice, I accepted her response and remained standing before her completely nude. Occasional groups of people were walking around us. I felt their eyes on my body. It was so embarrassing, yet terribly arousing at the same time. I’m not sure, but I think I stuttered when I asked, “M- M- May I ask another question?”

Laying her finger under my chin, she forced me to look at her. The smell of her perfume mixing with the ocean air, filling my senses again and made my penis twitch and throb. She kissed me gently on the lips and said, “Yes you may.”

“W- W- What is your name?”

She kissed me again and her free hand wiggled under my hands so she could drag her fingernail along the underside of my still rigid penis while whispering, “What would you like to call me?”

I whimpered softly from the unexpected contact and my mind ran wild trying to find an answer for her. She eventually rescued me by telling me her name was Karen. After I shared my name, Aiden, she spoke in a soft voice, “That is a very cute name for a very cute boy.”

We were beginning to attract a rather large audience and the flashes from camera phones were gathering even more attention. To avoid another mad rush, she took my hand and guided me further away from them toward the nicer, upscale hotels I couldn’t dream of affording. I sort of felt like a child being led along by his mother. At times I had to run along beside her to keep up with her pace. While running, I couldn’t keep my little erection covered. It was left bouncing around for anyone to see.

We passed small groups of people either sitting or walking along the beach. Every person we passed stopped what they were doing and watched me walk/run along beside Karen. By then, each time I moved to cover my bare penis, she squeezed my hand firmly. When I looked up at her, she shook her head from side to side.

I almost asked her for my clothes again. But just as I was opening my mouth she began, “The moment I saw you walking toward that concert all alone, I knew you were a very special boy. I could tell by the way you looked, the way you walked and the bashful way you joined the crowd. As soon as I got close to you, I couldn’t keep my hands off of you! I knew you had a cute little body under those baggy clothes and I hoped your mother had raised you to be an obedient boy. It’s pretty obvious she did. Or you wouldn’t be walking here with me without a shred of clothing on!”

Our course changed eventually as she led me toward a fancy hotel with more than a dozen floors. As we got closer and closer to the gated grounds of the hotel, I began to panic. It sounds silly, but I was kind of okay being naked outside with her on the beach. But stepping into the bright lights of a fancy hotel in my birthday suit was a completely different matter. I was scared silly! My stomach began doing somersaults and I felt ill!

She felt me pulling İstanbul Escort on her arm and must’ve seen the fear in my eyes. She had a sympathetic look when she stopped and turned to face me. “Aww, you’re scared, aren’t you? You poor thing. Baby, it’s spring break. There are naked people all over the place. It’s okay, you don’t need to be scared. And once we get to my room, I promise I’ll make everything you’ve been through worthwhile.”

I quickly chirped, “I haven’t seen anyone else naked.”

She kissed my lips gently before saying, “You haven’t been looking closely enough. There are naked girls all over this city.”

I whimpered softly, “B-b-but I’m not a girl.”

That’s when she leaned in and kissed me again. While holding my shoulders in her strong hands and looking down into my eyes, she explained, “Aiden, sweetheart, there are lots of men and women who love to see naked boys. But unfortunately, there aren’t many boys willing to be stripped naked in public. And that makes you extremely special.”

Her logic was confusing enough to make sense. And so I agreed to walk into the hotel with her. She told me not to cover my privates up or she may have to punish me when we got to her room. The idea of being punished by Karen sent a shiver through my body. I’m not sure if it was a good shiver or a bad shiver. It didn’t really matter, my penis throbbed even harder at the thought.

Using her keycard to open the gate, she led me into the pool area. With the sun having already set, there weren’t lots of people using the pool, but there were a few couples. And they all stared at my naked body while Karen held my hand and led me toward the brightly lit doors of the hotel. The anxiety of being walked around naked while everyone else was dressed was wildly arousing.

The closer we got to the brightly lit glass doors of the hotel, the faster my heart began beating. I could see dozens of people in the ornately decorated lobby talking in small groups. Of course, they were all fully clothed which made me feel all the more naked. Out of all of the people I could see through the glass doors, I didn’t see anyone even close to my age. That didn’t really surprise me, the hotel looked extremely upscale and I doubt there were many college students who could afford such a place.

When Karen reached for the door and pulled it open, I felt her squeeze my hand tightly. Looking up into her eyes, I nearly began crying from the surge of emotions washing over me. Karen held the door open for me and had me step into the lobby first. My legs felt like rubber when I took that first step over the threshold. The brightly lit lobby only emphasized my nudity and my poor penis was throbbing out of control. I couldn’t stop myself from lowering my chin and looking at my bare feet. When Karen stepped in behind me and let the door close, I began to notice the lobby becoming very quiet. Blushing like crazy and utterly humiliated, I briefly raised my chin and looked at the crowd.

The reaction to seeing me ran through that lobby like a wave. As soon as someone saw me, they froze, stopped chatting and looked right at me. Some people pointed, others simply stood there and stared at me. But one person after another, they all wound up looking right at me. When the room became completely silent and every eye in the lobby was staring at me, I thought I was going to vomit. I don’t know how long I stood there with Karen standing right behind me with her holding my hands at my sides firmly, but it felt like hours. Chills of shame and embarrassment overtook my body.

Finally, Karen moved to my side, took my hand in hers and led me directly to a desk under a sign that read ‘Concierge’. During that short walk, she squeezed my hand very tightly every time I moved to cover my stiff penis. The crowd seemed to part, making way for us to pass as we approached a very concerned looking man in a suit standing behind the counter.

As we stood near the concierge counter, Karen looked down at me and said, “Sweetheart, I want you to wait right here. Don’t try wandering off again. I need to talk to this nice man for a second and then we’ll go up to our room. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head and whimpered, “Y-Y-Yes.”

Karen then released my hand and dug around in her bag. I stood there beside her feeling alone and afraid. Everyone in the lobby was still staring and some of them began talking about me. My emotions were so powerful I felt like I may faint.

When Karen pulled out a pen and small tablet, she quickly scribbled down a list of things. She then withdrew two $100 bills from her wallet and slid the bills and the list across the counter to the man.

The man seemed to ignore the money and list. Instead, he cleared his throat while looking at me with disdain and said in a firm sounding tone, “Madam, this hotel does not permit nudity anywhere on the property other than in the guest rooms.”

Karen only smiled at him and replied, “I will be taking him directly to my room as soon as we discuss my request. Now, as the concierge, are you able to locate the items on this list for me?” The man’s eyes lowered to the list she’d written out. Before he was able to shake his head and refuse her request, Karen slid a third hundred-dollar bill on top of the first two.

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