Spying on My High School Crush

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I was already walking to the door as the doorbell rang and I opened it a few seconds later. Standing there before me was my one of my friends from high school, Kaci. To be more precise she was one of my main high school crushes. We had both graduated from school three years ago and had gone to separate parts of the country for college, me for business and her for biology. I had recently moved to a town in Kansas and rented a house for an internship at a financial firm. After posting on Facebook and twitter about how I had moved here and what I was doing, I received a message from Kaci a few days later.

Hey! Did I see that you moved to Wichita for this summer?

Yeah! I got an internship there. Why, whats up?

That’s Awesome! So, there is a conference there I am going to and the hotel they have listed is all booked up, and money is a bit short atm (college life!). So, I was wondering if I could sleep on your couch or something?

My heart lept when I read her text, for two reasons. One, I didn’t have a couch, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Because two, I felt like there might be a possibility of something happening between us while she was over!

Of course! Just send me the dates of your conference and I’ll make sure to tidy the place up for you!

Thank you so much!! I so owe you one! I’ll txt you later with details!

Since then, I had purchased a couch, a table, and more than my one barstool so it looked like I wasn’t entirely poor. While finishing the dishes from the previous night, I began to think back at my crush on Kaci.

She was very attractive in high school. She was about 5’6, thin with nice hips, ass, and breasts to make any guy look twice. Her breasts were not overly large, but big enough to fill out shirts and make men ogle. But it wasn’t just her body that made me have a crush on her, Kaci was also just fun. She was funny, always up for an adventure, and just a great person to talk to. She was one of the few girls in high school that actually talked to me on a regular basis, not that I had much trouble with women. In high school, I had had two or three girlfriends with one being more serious (we split up right before heading to college). I would have asked Kaci out, but the timing was never right for us, she was dating while I wasn’t and vice versa, and she was a little out of my league for that matter.

These were the things I was thinking about when I heard her car pull up in the parking lot. I finished washing the last dish, dried my hands, and then walked over to the door as it rang. I opened the door with a smile that quickly switched to a glazed look as I looked at her.

I hadn’t seen Kaci for three years, and time had definitely been on her side. Her face was as beautiful as ever, but it was her body that had gotten the most benefit. Her breasts had gotten slightly bigger and had stayed as round and pert if not more. She had lost a few pounds and had clearly working out. She was wearing a tight dress that accented the curves of her body and the shape of her boobs. I gawked for a moment and then got control of myself.

“Hey Kaci!” I said, managing to control my excitement as I hugged her. I could feel her breasts pushing into my chest as we embraced.

Our hug ended, and Kaci looked at me with a wide smile “Hey, thank you so much for letting me stay here for a few days. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when the hotel was full, but thankfully you were here to rescue me!”

We both laughed and brought her multiple bags inside the house.

“Packing a bit heavy for a two-day trip aren’t we Kaci?” I said while carrying three giant bags.

Kaci laughed “Well not all of it is clothes! There’s a few notepads, writing supplies, and science stuff I need for the conference!”

“And these things couldn’t stay in your car?” I said with a smirk on my face, implying that I was kidding. Kaci and I had always been very sarcastic with each other, but it had been so long that I was just making sure that she wasn’t going to get offended or take me seriously.

“Well I actually just wanted you to carry them in, so you could carry them back out later.” Kaci quipped back at me.

“Good, I was hoping to get my workout in for today.” I was glad that even though Kaci had gotten hotter, her sarcastic nature and humor remained.

“So where is the couch that I’ll be sleeping on?” Kaci asked looking around the house.

“Well the couch is in here, but I’ll be the one sleeping on it. You will be sleeping in my bed.” I told her.

“No! I don’t want to be an intrusion. I asked for a couch and that’s what I want.” She turned and put on her serious face that was oh so attractive to me.

Just standing here and talking to her face to face was starting to remind me why had such a crush on her. It was also starting to make me horny.

“Kaci, I have already changed the sheets and cleaned the whole bedroom. It would be a intrusion if you were to not sleep in room that I have prepared for you.” I kırklareli escort told her, making her know that I would not back down.

“Alright, but it’s just for two nights, then I will be out of your hair!” She said giving me a smile as she took some her bags to the bedroom.

I gave a quite laugh, looking at her ass while she walked away from me in that tight dress.

I had given Kaci an hour to change and get herself organized for the conference the next day. I was in the living room watching tv when she came out. She was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt that she had gotten from our high school. She walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. My eyes were glued to her ass. It had looked good in the dress from earlier, but it looked amazing in those jeans. I immediately started to get hard and had to readjust the way I was sitting to hide it. She got her water bottle and sat down on the couch beside me.

“So what do you do for fun here in Wichita? Any fun clubs or bars or anything?”

I had only been living in Wichita for three weeks, and in those three weeks I have done pretty much nothing. I didn’t have a girlfriend, I didn’t enjoy going to clubs, and wasn’t old enough to get into bars in this non-college town.

“Yeah, I usually go to a bar or club or something on a Friday night.” I lied to her, “But usually I just hang around here, sit in the hot tub, work at my job.”

Kaci almost got whiplash from turning to me so quickly. “Wait, you have a hot tub!? How was this not something that was mentioned when I first got here?”

I laughed, Kaci had a hot tub in her back yard in high school. Sitting in it and talking throughout that night was one of our favorite activities together. Luckily, the guy who I was renting the house from had left his hot tub here after he moved out, saying that it was too much of a hassle to move and he would just get another one.

“Yes, I do have a hot tub, sadly though you probably didn’t bring a suit with you to this conference, did you?” I asked, silently kicking myself for not texting her this information beforehand.

Kaci stood up, “No I didn’t, but that won’t stop me!” She got her car keys and walked to the door. “I’ll be back in 30 min with a suit, you get the tub ready for when I get back!” She then slammed the door out of excitement and drove to get a new swimsuit.

45 minutes later, I was sitting on the couch in my swimsuit with my towel around my neck, waiting for her to get back. I was just about to call her when I heard her car pull up. Kaci ran through the door with a sack and then ran into the bedroom to change.

She yelled from the room “I am so excited, I haven’t been in a hot tub since my dad sold ours last year!” Kaci walked out, and my jaw almost hit the floor. Kaci had bought a hot pink bikini that showed off amazing cleavage and shaped her awesome ass. “Alright, bring me to the tub!”

I stood up and wrapped my towel around my waist to hide the tent I was making in my swimsuit, and then led Kaci out onto the patio where the hot tub was. It was one of those hot tubs where you can change the color of the lights, and I had set them to change periodically.

We both got into the hot tub and sat there in pure relaxation for a few minutes. Then we began to chat. We talked about our colleges, Kaci talked about her biology classes and I talked about my business presentations. Then we started to talk about high school for a while. We talked about our teachers and our classmates and about all the good times we had. Then we talked about out high school relationships.

“I’m not really sure why I dated him. He was really lame, and we never did anything.” Kaci said, talking about one of her boyfriends in school.

“You never did anything activity wise or romance wise?” I asked. Kaci had also been pretty open about her romantic and sex life with me. Which did dig me further into the friendzone but did give me some good wank material when she got descriptive.

“Both!” she exclaimed “We never went anywhere, and he didn’t want to do anything besides make out!”

“What an idiot” I blurted under my breath.

Kaci looked at me. “What do you mean?”

I got red in the face. “Well, I mean that he was an idiot for not wanting to do more with you. If we would have ever dated, we would have done a ton!”

“I hope you mean go out more, though I’m sure we would have been pretty wild back in the day.” Kaci joked

We both laughed. I was happy with the way the conversation was going and was planning on talking more about the two of us having sex, but then her phone buzzed.

Kaci stood up out of the water and turned around to pick up her phone from the table. She bent over and rest her arms on the side of the hot tub as she answered her text. The view of her ass at that moment was one of the best things that I had ever seen, and it took countless strength for me to not grab her ass then and there. afyon escort She sent back a text and then sat back into the hot tub.

“Sorry, that was Andrew.” She said getting back into a comfortable position in the hot tub.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she exclaimed, “you don’t know about Andrew. Andrew is my boyfriend, we’ve been dating for about four months.”

Any excitement I had for the next two days left all at once. Great, she has a boyfriend I thought to myself, she probably won’t want to mess around then.

“Oh, well congratulations” I said to her.

Kaci then went on to tell me all about Andrew and the great guy that he was. He was in school to be a doctor and was on course to graduate at the top of his class and blah blah blah.

After a while, Kaci looked at her phone and yawned. “Well, I think I’m going to take a shower and go to bed if that’s alright with you. The conference starts at nine tomorrow, so I can’t be up too late.” She slowly stood up and then stretched her back, giving me a great look at her tits in that pink bikini.

I stayed in the hot tub as to not show off my still present boner. “Yeah, sure thing, the shower through the bedroom. By the way, it was recently renovated so it’s really nice. It’s one of those showers with the clear glass walls and stuff.”

Kaci laughed, “Wow, fancy bathrooms and hot tubs, you are really living the college dream aren’t you here?”

I laughed, “It’s a hard life Kaci, a hard life.”

Kaci then turned around and walked into the house to go shower, and I watched as her perfect ass went with her.

If only I could just see her naked! I started to think to myself as I leaned back in the hot tub. She has a boyfriend though! There is no way she will want to hook up with me.

I sighed and looked over at the house. I saw Kaci walk past one of the windows on her way to the shower, giving me one last peak of her in that new bikini. Suddenly, I had an idea. The bedroom and bathroom were on the side of the house, and if I remember right. There was a window that leads from the backyard straight into the bathroom. After recently, cleaning everywhere, I had opened all the windows in the house to let it air out.

Hopefully, I left that window open and the shades up! I don’t think whoever installed that window expected there to be a clear shower that you could see right into. I started to think that there might just be a chance to see Kaci naked yet! And better than that, get some pictures!

I jumped out of the hot tub, grabbed my phone, and started to sneak around the side of the house. The entire backyard was fenced in, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone from the street seeing me, and it was probably why the window was there in the first place.

I snuck up the window to see that it was closed. I was nearly crestfallen, but then I saw that I had left the shade only half-way down, leaving plenty of room to see into the bathroom and right into the shower!

Kaci wasn’t in the bathroom yet, giving me a chance to think about what the hell I was doing. Did I really want to do this? I had been friends with Kaci for years, and she treated me like a brother most of the time. I was wrestling with my decision when Kaci opened the bathroom door and walked in. She was still wearing the pink bikini from earlier. I gazed at her covered ass and tits and made the decision that it wasn’t the right thing to do to creep on her like this.

Then Kaci bent over and slide down her bikini bottoms down over and off her feet. Any guilt or reservations I had once had were gone. In front of me was Kaci, with her naked ass just feet from my face. I got my phone out and switched to my camera app. I snapped about 20 pics of her bare ass by the time she untied the back of her bikini top and slide it off.

Her back was still to me, but that didn’t matter at the moment.

There she was, my high school crush naked just feet in front of me. The tent in my pants was so large it was starting to hurt. I quickly fished my cock out from my swim suit and started to stroke it. Then, the best thing that ever happened to me happened. Kaci turned around and I was given my first look at her prefect breasts.

Her full and firm breasts with her perfectly sized nipples almost make me pass out. But then Kaci turns back around and then steps into the shower.

I start to take picture after picture, and even a few videos while she is showering. Rubbing herself with soap and massaging her breasts. I start to masturbate harder and then cum over the side of the house. I take a few more pictures, zip up, and then move back around to the side of the house. I walk inside just as I hear the water from the shower turn off.

Good timing I thought to myself as I set my phone on the kitchen counter and went into the half-bath to change.

I was changing as Kaci knocked on the bathroom door. “What’s up?” I asked her, startled by the sudden knocking.

“Just amasya escort wanted to let you know that I’m out of the shower.” She said “Hey, can I borrow your phone to text my mom? Mine died.”

“Sure thing! It’s on the counter” I told her without thinking “WAIT! NO!” I quickly pulled on my pants and ran out of the bathroom. But it was too late, Kaci already had my phone and was standing in the kitchen with a shocked look on her face.

“Kaci, I… I can explain… It’s not what it looks like!” I pleaded with her.

Kaci continued to look through the photos and videos before finally putting the phone down.

“Are you serious right now? I can’t believe you spied on me! What, did you plan on having that window open, so you take pictures of me in the shower! I cannot believe you right now! Why! Why did you do this?”

I just stood there red in the face and extremely disappointed with myself. When I realized she wanted a answer took a deep breath and tried to figure a way out of this that didn’t involve the police.

“Look Kaci” I began, “I had a major crush on you all throughout high school. But you were always dating these other guys that I just couldn’t compete with! We were friends, which I loved, but I always wanted to be more than that! I guess it was just after all of these years of wanting you and then you showing up here hotter than ever just made me turn off all rational decision making. But no, I did not plan this out, it just happened to happen that that window was open. I am sorry, and I am more than happy to pay for some hotel room here in town if you want to leave”

I ended my speech with a deep breath and fear of what was coming next.

Kaci sighed “I guess I did kind of friend-zone you hard time in high school. And I did always enjoy getting you hot and bothered by talking about my sex life. The thing is, you just can’t spy on people like this! You never know how they will react! I could have gotten really angry at you!”

I was a little confused. “I’m pretty sure you got really angry just then”

“A little” Kaci replied, “but really, seeing those pictures of me just turned me on.”

Now I was very confused. “Really?”

Kaci was starting to breathe harder “I mean yeah, here we are, two high school friends. Alone in a city where we don’t know anyone alone in a house together. Then you go and take naked photos of me, so you obviously want to have sex so.”

“Kaci, don’t you have a boyfriend, and do you want me to get you a hotel room or…”

I was interrupted by Kaci lunging at me and kisses me on the lips. It only lasts a moment, but as soon as she pulls away, I lean down, grab her by the waist and start to kiss her deeply.

“Screw my boyfriend, he sucks as sex anyways! I want you.” she whispers in my ear.

We both make out in the kitchen for a while. I reach around and grab that perfect ass through the shorts she put on. Then I start to grab her breasts, reaching under her tank top and pawing at her naked tits.

“Let’s go to your room,” Kaci whispers in my ear.

I take her hand and lead her down the hall. Not believing that this is happening. Once we get into the room, Kaci pushes me onto the bed and we start to make out some more.

I kiss her like I have always dreamed of doing. As we kiss, she starts to slide off her tank top, so I take off the shirt I had just put on. She pulls back again and I stare in a daze as she unbuttons my jeans, and pulls them off.

Kaci sits up and pulls off her bra and I am once again blessed with the sight of her gorgeous breasts, this time up close and personal. I take my time with this, I have dreamed of seeing and touching her tits for so long that I can barely get over it. Caressing them with my hands I bury my face between her bulging globes and start kissing them passionately. Kaci is moaning with pleasure, and I feel her shudder as I start biting her nipples.

Kaci flips over on the bed so that I am now on top of her. I unbutton her jeans and pull them right off, then lean down and pull her panties off. I can now see here amazing clean-shaven pussy presented to me in its full glory.

“Eat me out! Andrew never does.” She commands me.

She lays there with her legs spread, her panties looped around one ankle as I go down on her and start licking her pussy. I go at it for a long time, licking, biting a little, and the whole time Kaci is biting her lip between moans.

“Oh! I’m cumming!” she moans louder.

Before I can think, Kaci trembles and I get a face full of her hot cum. I keep licking at her, trying not to drown in her juices, before she finally pushes my head away, unable to handle the intense stimulation any more.

I stand up, wiping my mouth. My hard dick is sticking out of my underwear, and she looks at it hungrily. Our eyes meet and she smiles. I watch in delight as Kaci kneels down in front of me and wraps her hand around my dick.

“Prepare for the best blow job of your life!” Kaci smiled at me before plunging her mouth on my cock.

I stand there and enjoy it, this is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Kaci, my high school crush is blowing me right now! I close my eyes, one hand stroking her hair, enjoying the erotic slurping sounds, then I open them again as I realize I’m going to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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