Stag Party

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Copyright © 2018 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Author’s Note: Another short flash story for you. Have fun. This was originally written for another site where they didn’t allow true incest, hence the stepmom/ stepson.

Stag Party

I’m adopted, when I was born, my birth mother gave me up so she wouldn’t be entangled with a child at sixteen. My stepparents, especially my stepmom, who I call mom or mother, loved me and nurtured me my whole life. When I turned eighteen, they sat me down and told me about being adopted and my birth mother. I even met with her. The meeting was a disaster. I found myself repulsed by her. All I could think about was her giving me up so long ago. I found that I had no feelings for her, no desire to see her or to have her be a part of my life. Her feelings appeared to be the same.

My mom, the woman who raised me, is a beautiful woman. Sophisticated, intelligent, well educated and loves me with all her heart. I adore her. My dad, I knew nothing of my birth father and that was fine with me, is a powerful man, physically, who owns his own successful business. We aren’t rich, money wise, but we are well off. I didn’t go to the best schools but was smart enough to earn myself a scholarship to a reputable college where I majored in business. I was going to follow my dad and would eventually inherit the company he owned.

It was just after graduation, I had graduated magna cum laude, my best friend, James, asked me to be one of his groom’s men at his pending nuptials to his college sweetheart Heather. I would have been his best man if his brother hadn’t just returned from Iraq. I understood completely. I did volunteer to help Bill, James’ brother, organized the stag party. Bill foisted the organization of the place and the food and drink on me. He said he would handle the entertainment and the invites.

When mom found out what I was trying to do, she insisted on taking over. She lined up the caterer who took care of everything. I just had to book the suite at the hotel in town for the event. Mom was the jewel of my life. She was always willing to lend a helping hand when I needed it most. Two nights before James’ wedding everything was set. Bill and I had decided to hold the party on Thursday so James would have a day to recover before his wedding. So, it was, I found myself in a hotel suite on a Thursday night, waiting for the guests to arrive.


The food and refreshments had been delivered earlier, so everything was set and waiting when Bill and I arrived. Over the next hour, the other guests arrived and the party was in full swing. On the big screen TV, there was a porn movie playing. Bill poked me in the ribs and smiled as we watched the flick.

“That’s the entertainment for tonight,” he told me pointing at the TV.

“Huh, which one?” I asked

“The little redhead with the mask on, she is so hot,” he winked at me as he leered at the screen. “Along with the brunette next to her on the bed. There’s a blond too, but she isn’t in this one.”

“Great,” I replied, as I stared at the two women on the big screen.

About a half an hour after the party started to get rolling, the women showed up and Bill hustled them into the bedroom. I didn’t get a good look at them as I was on the other side of the living room when they entered. When I saw him come out, I cued the DJ to start the music. Bill stood in the middle of the living room motioning everyone to move back, so the ladies would have a clear space to dance.

“All right guys, this is what you have been waiting for. James, if you will come sit in this chair…and…enjoy the show,” Bill laughed as his brother sat in the straight-backed chair to one side of the cleared area.

The little redhead came out first. She wore her mask, which I understood to be a key part of her act. She wished to be anonymous and mysterious. She was dressed in a royal blue sequined gown and as the music played, she flowed around the cleared space dancing and touching the guys in the crowd. When she danced past me, her hand cupped my cock and balls for an instant before she moved on to the next guy. I was a little surprised by this as she only touched two others besides me in that way, James and his brother Bill.

After the first song, escort gaziantep ucuz bayan she slipped her gown off her shoulders and kicked it toward the hall leading to the master bedroom. The suite had two bedrooms, one on either side of the main room. Now, just dressed in a small royal blue thong, her breasts jiggling as she danced, she moved around the room allowing the guys to touch her. By the time, she danced over to me her tits had been mauled by the crowd. Gently, I caressed her breasts with one hand, while the other cupped her vulva softly. She shivered and moaned softly, her eyes hooded with desire.

As the third song started, she stopped in front of James, shook her tits and told him to slide her thong down her legs. She was shaved bare and her labia were puffy and engorged with her excitement. Standing in front of James, she swayed to the music as she allowed him to touch and caress her. Smiling down at him, she straddled his lap and sat. Placing her arms around his neck, she leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips.

James’ hands were all over her spectacular body as they tongued each other. Watching intently, I caught movement in James’ lap. The woman’s hand was slowly sliding up and down his now exposed cock. A cheer went up from the roomful of horny guys. Slowly, the masked bombshell slid James’ pants down his legs as she still stroked him. I was fascinated with her body and the way she was playing James. With a cry of ecstasy, James came, his cum splashing against the woman’s naked body.

Giggling, she backed away from him and hurried through the crowd to the bathroom to clean herself. Just as she disappeared, the blond and the brunette came into the room, as if on cue. Dancing around the room the two girls, they were noticeably younger than the first dancer, quickly stripped off their clothing. James came staggering toward me, with his brother in tow.

“Time for us to get a little from the redhead, Sean, she’s waiting for us in the bedroom,” he said walking away.

Hurrying I followed him to the bedroom. Lying on the bed, the covers stripped off, was the redhead, naked except for her mask.

“Well, who is going first?” she asked her voice husky with lust.

“I’ll go first,” Bill volunteered, as James was not yet recovered from his experience in the living room.

“Sure,” I agreed, staring at the lovely woman in front of me.

Bill was quickly naked and climbing on the bed with the redhead. I watched as they kissed and caressed each other. Bill was now on his knees his cock plunging in and out of the woman’s mouth. She looked so hot, as she held his balls in one hand, sucking on his engorged manhood. Bill was staring down at her, his right hand cupping her vulva, his middle finger inside her body. She was moaning, his thumb pressing and pushing against her clit as he fingered her pussy.

Suddenly, Bill roared, shooting his cum into her willing mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” he shouted, looking down into the eyes of the redhead.

Smiling she licked his cock as he flopped back onto the bed. James was quickly standing so his cock dangled in her face. Laughing she sucked his manhood into her mouth and went to work. James was grunting with pleasure as she squeezed his balls. Bill now had his face pressed against her pussy, his tongue lapping at her juices.

The redhead was moaning loudly around James’ cock. Her hips were bucking against Bill’s face as he tried to shove his tongue deep into her pussy. I quickly stripped and stood by the bed watching my two friends ravage this little beauty. As I stroked my cock slowly, she looked up at me smiling around the cock shoved deep into her wonderful mouth.

It wasn’t long before James shot his second wad of the night into the petite redhead’s mouth. As James staggered backward, Bill climbed between the spread legs of the pretty woman. Reaching out, she grabbed my cock, pulling it toward her mouth. Smiling I watched as my cock disappeared into her warm, wet mouth. I also watched Bill’s cock slide slowly into her pussy.

Within minutes, Bill was slamming into her as hard and as fast as he could, no lovemaking here, just pure animal lust for Bill. Closing my eyes and tilting my head back, I reveled in the feelings shooting through my groin. This woman knew how to suck a cock. Now I’m not saying I was an expert, but I wasn’t a virgin either and so far, this was the escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan best head I ever had.

Quickly, Bill was slamming into her one last time as he emptied his balls a second time. Roaring at the ceiling, he rolled to the side and lay exhausted in the bed. Looking over at James, I saw he was in no shape to continue for the night, he was lying on the floor asleep. Pulling my cock from her mouth, I moved to climb between her legs. Rolling to the side, she looked at me and shook her head.

“Wait, I want to clean up before you…well before you enjoy me,” she said, her voice even huskier with lust than before.

Nodding I watched as she went to the attached bathroom. It was then that I noticed the noise from the living room. It sounded like the rest of the guests were enjoying the other two women immensely. Slowly, Bill rolled off the bed and started to dress. Smiling sheepishly, he nodded at me and left the room. James did likewise a few minutes later. As the door closed behind him, the redhead came out of the bathroom. Smiling to find me, alone she crawled back into bed. Crooking her finger at me, I followed her.

I lie down next to her staring into her green eyes. Smiling up at me she pulled my lips to hers, moaning deeply as they touched hers. We were soon making out. I was squeezing and caressing her breasts as we kissed, our tongues dancing with each other in her wonderful mouth. For the longest time, I just let my hands wander her body, our lips never parting. Then I was kissing her neck, my nose nuzzling her ear, my finger slipping into her warm, wet pussy.

“Oh god,” she cried softly as I nibbled her ear breathing heavily.

Her hand was gently squeezing and pulling on my hard cock. Pushing up, I looked down into her eyes.

“Why don’t you fuck me now,” she whispered smiling up at me.

Slipping between her spread legs, she reached between us, lining my hard cock with her opening.

“Push it in,” she said huskily.

I push forward and down. My hard cock slipped past her entrance. She sighed as if she had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“God yes, that’s it, push it all the way in,” she huffed in my ear.

I kept pushing until I felt the head of my cock press against her cervix. She moaned clenching her vaginal muscles around my hardness. I groaned, then pushed in just a little farther. She cried out, not in pain, just a little yip of excitement.

“Fuck me, dear,” she told me.

I was so excited I knew, if I did, I wouldn’t last more than a couple of minutes. Not wanting our pleasure to end so soon, I pressed into her body firmly, kissing her lips passionately to forestall my orgasm. She responded by bucking her hips against me. She was coming and coming hard as I pressed into her body.

“So good, so good,” she huffed between kisses.

My impending orgasm receded. I pulled my hardness from her body and slammed into her. Her cries of ecstasy spurred me on as I slammed into her over and over again. Soon, I was on the verge of orgasm and started to slow down.

“No, cum in me, fill me with your seed,” she cried.

That did it for me. I slammed into her grunting as my prostate pulsed again and again pumping my seed into her pulsing pussy. As the first splash of my warm, milky seed hit her cervix, the beautiful redhead sighed with pleasure and started to shake with orgasm.

“Oh yes,” she cried simply, sighing once again.

Propping myself up on my outstretched arms, I looked down into the green eyes smiling up at me. I could see the sudden welling up of tears in her eyes as I looked down at her.

“Yes,” she whispered again, only now her voice was different, almost familiar.

“What?” I cried, my cock still inside her and starting to return to hardness.

“Nothing dear boy, nothing,” she said again in the husky voice she used earlier.

I was once again hard and filling her pussy with my hot pulsing cock. She pulled my lips to hers once again, moaning as my cock pulsed inside her.

“Fuck me again,” she whispered hoarsely.

Slowly I pulled out of her cum filled pussy. Just as slowly, I pushed back into her. We both moaned as I pressed against her cervix once more. This time I made love to her. As I fucked her hot, wet, creamy pussy, I nibbled her earlobes, sucked her nipples gently and looked deeply into escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan her eyes.

It wasn’t long before I pressed into her once more, shooting my seed deep into her pussy. Pulse after pulse it splashed against her cervix. She cried out in pleasure wrapping her slim muscular legs around my waist.

“Yes,” she hissed pulling me down on top of her.

She started to shake and shudder as her orgasm racked her body. She just whimpered this time, her pussy pulsing around my still hard cock. Our juices were pushed from her body, to roll down her ass onto the sheet below.

“My god, so good, so good,” she whispered.

Suddenly, my passion subsided, I caught the familiar lilt of her voice. Pushing myself up, I stared down at her, shocked at the thought of who she was. Looking deeply into her eyes I watched as she reached up and slid the mask from her face. I almost screamed when it revealed my mother. I jumped up and out of bed in one smooth movement.

“Wait, Sean, please wait,” she cried.

“Mom, what the fuck?” I cried as I backed away from the bed.

“Dear, I can explain…”

“How can you explain? Dad…oh my god…”

“He knows…”


“He knows about the movies. He filmed them.”

“What? No…not that…wait…he knows about the movies?”

“Yes, dear he knows about the movies.”

“Oh god, I just fucked my own mother. Holy shit, I watched her being fucked by other men. What the fuck…”

“Calm down dear. Come. Sit down and let me explain.”

“Explain…how are you going to explain fucking your own son?”

“Step-son, dear…”

“That’s beside the point…”

“So, you didn’t enjoy it?”

That shut me up. I had enjoyed it. I had enjoyed it very much and even now, I wanted to do it again. As I stood there staring at my mom, my cock was starting to pulse with renewed arousal.

“Mom…Mom…god mom,” I stammered and hung my head in shame at the thoughts racing through my mind.

As my cock grew hard, mom was suddenly on her knees in front of me. Looking up into my eyes her mouth opened and engulfed my hardness. I groaned as her warm tongue swirled around my cock.

Suddenly, I was that little boy again, having just woke from a nightmare and being cradled in my mommy’s arms. I stared down into her lovely green eyes as she sucked and licked my hardness and caressed my balls. Shit, I was enjoying this, but deep down inside me I knew I shouldn’t, but I was and I wanted it to continue for as long as I could.

Backing away, my cock popped out of mom’s mouth. Looking up at me, she cocked her head to the side, a forlorn look on her face. Offering her my hand, she took it and rose to her feet. I pulled her to me, hugging her. Her arms quickly wrapped around me, her lips pressed to mine. Moaning deeply she kissed me passionately, as I kissed her back. I loved my mom very much. God, she was so hot.

I swear, until this instant I had never had a sexual thought about my mom, but now, I couldn’t get enough of her. Pushing her backward, we were quickly back in bed, beside each other. Not a word was spoken by either of us, as we kissed and petted each other.

As I slid my cock into her once more, I looked down into her eyes.

“I love you mom,” I told her.

“I love you too, Sean.”

The party wound down and the rest of the guests spent the night in the living room or the other bedroom. Once, during the night mom donned her mask and joined the other two women in pulling a train on the living room floor. I watched as mom was fucked by a number of guys I knew.

Laughing, I took my turn with the women. When everyone had their fill, I returned with mom to the bedroom, locking the door and spent the remainder of the night in her arms.


Five years later, it was my turn to get married and James and his brother arranged my stag party. They were sure to invite the three women from James’ party. Even though I have continued my sexual relationship with my mother, the night of my stag party was special. Not only was I fucking my mother, but my wife to be, the brunette, was in the second bedroom being fucked by all the other guests.

It turned out that dad’s business was in the sex industry. Mom was his number one attraction and she did hundreds of movies and stag parties whenever asked. My bride to be was also in the industry, as I would be when I inherit the company from my dad. Until then I enjoy my mother and all her friends. Susie, my wife to be, and I met that night at James’ stag party. She was adorable and even though I spent the night with mom, she had captured my heart as she bounced under me on the floor next to mom.

So here I am, slowly sliding my hard cock in and out of my mom, while I can hear the cries of ecstasy from my wife to be in the next room.

### The End ###

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