Stamina Ch. 04

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Over the next week, a simmering tension grew between the two friends. There was no denying that they could not shake what had passed between them. With every attempted block on the court, every press of ankle to calf, chest to shoulder, hand to hand, both David and Riley knew, though separately, that they wanted something more than just basketball. But neither was willing to say what that was.

Well, neither was willing to say very much. It was Friday, and hot, with the kind of laziness you only find in July. They were halfway through their usual pick-up game. David was two points behind.

“Yo,” David said. “Riley. You wanna…make things interesting again?”

Almost too little time passed. Riley responded, “Yeah. Hell, yeah.” And he charged down the court.

But it was to his detriment. Riley lost. And he found himself, once again, in his room and on his knees. He was going to service David.

After several minutes of enjoying the view of Riley’s firm shoulders and rippling back, and his square jaw and warm lips working on his meat, David pulled to his feet. He lay down on Riley’s bed. “Go on,” he said. Riley didn’t need any more prompting.

Riley got on all fours to suck his friend’s cock. When David’s eyes were closed, Riley looked up at David’s torso, from the well-defined curve of his pecs to the undulating valleys between each abdominal muscle, to the cum-gutter V that beckoned towards the very manhood he now had in his mouth. He drank it all in. David’s moans grew louder, his breathing more insistent. Riley knew he was going to cum soon, and the thought of not removing his mouth flashed through his mind.

But he relented, and, right on cue, the leak of David’s precum became a torrent.

Riley found that he couldn’t stop thinking about sucking David off, and he ended up having more opportunities to do so. They played two more games of basketball that week, with Riley-intentionally or not-losing both times.

So David got used to getting his cock sucked by Riley, under the pretense that Riley didn’t actually enjoy it, and was just waiting for the day when he’d be able to get back at David. However, the second time, he was on his knees once more while David put his hands behind his back and gently thrusted into his mouth. He heard David’s breathing becoming the shallow, strained breaths that signaled impending release.

“I’m-about to-“

And David took a step back, only to feel Riley’s hands firmly grasping his buttcheeks, the fingers nearly kneading into his muscular ass. David looked down in confusion to see what was going on. He was met by Riley’s blue eyes, normally so cool, but this time filled with lust. Riley nodded: Do it.

“Fuck, man. You sure?”

Riley nodded again, continuing to work his mouth up and down the seven inches of dick. David brought both hands forward and placed them on Riley’s head.

“This is gonna be a big load,” David managed to gasp out. He heard a muffled ataşehir escort sound from David’s throat. Whether or not Riley liked that, he was choosing not to take the cock out of his mouth.

“Last chance,” David said, his eyes starting to glaze over. He felt Riley pull off.

“Fuck,” Riley spat out. It sounded like his throat was raw. “Just give it to me.” And he took David back in his mouth in one swallow.

The lips were back in their place at the base of David’s manhood; the tip of Riley’s nose buried in dark pubic hair. And David could feel the warmth of Riley’s throat enveloping the tip of his cock. His balls were tightening so hard and so fast that he felt like his ejaculation would surely knock Riley backwards. But then he was swearing, and everything was black, and all he could feel was his orgasm rocketing out of cock down to his toes, and up through his core, and chest, until it burned his own throat.

Riley, still at David’s feet, could feel his own eyes widen as David’s cumshot began to pour in.

When he saw David open his eyes, he stood up as quickly as he could, and pushed him down onto the bed. David looked at him in confusion, but Riley lay down beside him. His hand was already wrapped around his cock, pumping furiously.

In seconds, he could feel his scrotum tightening and his ejaculate growing, like a flood, at the base of his penis. As he came, his orgasm rocketed through his body, and he arched his back. His vision clouded over; all he could see was David giving him a cocky grin, and David’s hand reaching towards him to stroke his chest.

That mere touch sent another shudder through Riley’s body, and he could feel his cum projecting onto his abs and pecs, even his own chin. In the distance, he heard David say, “Fuck yeah.”

When he was finally able to open his eyes fully, David was still grinning at him. “Nice cumshot, dude. I think you even got some on me.”

David ran a fingertip through some cum, swirling it around. He let out a sigh of contentment and lay further back in the pillows. He watched Riley’s slowing and steady breathing, the way the soft fuzz on his navel rose and fell, catching the light as it did. Riley, who in one moment looked like the cockiest, sexiest stud to ever get down on his knees and

Soon, David found himself thinking about sucking Riley’s cock too.

The games continued, under the pretense of playing more basketball. Riley lost again, and David planted his hard cock firmly between Riley’s eager lips once more. This time, David didn’t even make it to the bedroom. As soon as they shut the front door, he swung Riley around so that his back was to the door, put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, and yanked down his own shorts. Get to it, Riley.

“Feels great to win,” David said.

About halfway through the blowjob, as David was playing with his nipples and making soft moans, Riley stopped sucking and told David to come with him. They ataşehir escort speed-walked back into Riley’s bedroom, both still in their sweaty jerseys, where Riley took off his own shorts and lay on the bed on his back, with his head over the edge. His cock was eight inches of throbbing manhood.

“Fuck my mouth, David,” he said.

“Yeah? I’ve earned the right to fuck your mouth?”

“You have,” Riley said hoarsely.

David stepped forward and laid the head of cock, still engorged, onto Riley’s red and plump lips. “I can’t believe it. If you had told me two years ago that I’d get to facefuck the hottest water polo player on our team, I’d have laughed in your face.”

“Sure, but then you’d probably go and jerk off thinking about it afterwards,” Riley said with a laugh.

David responded by patting Riley on the cheek and then slipping his cock into Riley’s mouth. Riley spluttered a few times, but once he learned to accommodate to this new angle and David’s girth, David was able to watch with pleasure as his cock rippled through David’s throat. All the while, Riley’s hands ranged up and down his muscular torso, outlining the valleys between his abs that had been deluged with cum not 24 hours before. David leaned forward a bit to introduce his own hands to Riley’s chiseled body, leaving Riley free to start stroking his cock.

Riley loved feeling David lean forward more and more until all of his length was inserted into his throat, the undulation of David’s hips gently rocking his chin. Then, he felt a new sensation: there was a wetness on the tip of his cock.

David had leaned forward enough to drop some spit onto Riley’s member, the lubrication mixing with his precum.

Riley watched as David wetted his lips and lowered his mouth towards the engorged head of his penis.

“Looks like you’ve suffered enough abuse,” David said, his voice dropping to a whisper. “I think I’ll return the favor.”

But the sight of David’s muscular chest and abs looming overhead, the weight of his thick cock down his throat, and his open mouth approaching his cock, ready to take it in, proved too much for Riley. He felt a sudden a great roar tear through the base of his groin and abdomen, and the orgasm was like rogue wave coming off the sea, blinding him and rendering his body immobile.

When Riley regained his senses, he looked up to see David still over him, his mouth clamped over Riley’s dick, swallowing down as much of the hot cum as he could.

“You came in my mouth, Riley,” David said.

Riley could see David wiping at the corner of his mouth, but with his face still turned away from him, he couldn’t tell if David was furious about the surprise. He quickly swiveled out from under David and said, “Fuck, I’m so sorry.”

“You fucker.”

But Riley could see that David was only teasing. In fact, he seemed to be even more turned on by having had to swallow Riley’s load.

“You’re gonna anadolu yakası escort pay for that,” David said. He repositioned Riley’s head between his thighs and smacked his cock against Riley’s face, eliciting a wince. Riley slowly opened his mouth once more, wanting to tease David a bit before he went back to sucking him, but David tightened his grip on Riley’s hair and forced his cock all the way down his throat. Riley had no choice but to let David continue to piston his cock into his mouth.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, here it comes.” David had Riley’s head in a vise grip, and Riley steeled himself to receive another onslaught of cum to torrent down his throat. But instead, David jerked hip hips back so that the tip of his cock just rested on Riley’s mouth. Riley, still coming out of his own orgasmic haze, realized what would happen next There was a great roar from the football player as ropes of his cum splattered onto Riley’s cheeks. His nose and lips were coated next, along with his Adam’s apple and shoulders before David returned to finish painting his lips in white.

Open up, Riley heard David say, and he did to let the head of David’s cock back into mouth. David’s cum was hot and salty and everything David: tangy, coarse, metallic, with a sweet underfinish. Riley felt like he was out of his own body, like he had become someone else; he wanted nothing more than to taste and feel all of this. To forever be subjected to David’s strong hands and pulsing cock in his mouth.

But then he came back to his senses: he had never wanted to be with a guy before, and he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to be with one now. All he knew was that he enjoyed being on his knees in front of David, looking up at his strong and sturdy body and his handsome face, enraptured as he screwed Riley’s mouth.

Both had cum on their cheeks and lips. They suddenly realized what they had been doing, that they had spent the last hour getting closer and closer in ways that they had never expected to. David hurried to get dressed.

“All right,” he said, after a minute’s silence. Leave it up to Riley to interpret as he would.

“Yeah. I’m all right,” Riley said. Let it be a question.

And David pulled Riley in for a quick hug. The tension dissolved. “Don’t overthink it,” he said to Riley. “Yeah?”


Once Riley lay back down on his bed and shut his eyes, letting it all sink in. Don’t think about it-easier said than done. All he could think about, already, was the next time he would get to feel David’s mouth wrapped around his cock, his tongue lapping at his balls, his lips tracing meandering circles up his defined core and chest and neck, until-

Riley’s eyes snapped back open. Until what, exactly? Until David’s lips reached his own? What would those lips, which felt like heaven when they were working on his cock, feel like on his own mouth? Would he enjoy it, or would it finally be too much for both of them? It felt like there would only be one way to find out where David was going with this. He lay on his bed for a few more minutes, thinking, and then drafted a series of texts to David. He read them, and then read them again, so that he was sure that he wanted to do this. His thumb hovered over the send button.

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